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Neighbours Episode 8838 from 2022 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8838
Australian airdate: 01/06/22
UK airdate: 03/05/22
Writer: Sarah Mayberry
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Montana Marcel: Tammin Sursok
Corey Smythe-Jones: Laurence Boxhall
Mick Allsop: Joel Creasey
Narelle Campbell: Janeth Mayo
Summary/Images by: Clare/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Montana realises she is part of Paul's revenge plan for Terese
- Karl tells Paul he's an investor
- Montana tells Paul the Kennedys' money is no longer there
- Paul interrupts a kiss between Leo and Montana
- Ned wants to talk to Amy before things progress between them
- Amy and Ned kiss
- As Harlow parades struts, her and Ned's kiss is projected onto her dress
- Amy wants the truth
Lassiter's Complex (Amy's Tent)
Ned is trying to apologise to Amy but Amy angrily shrugs him off. Montana comes over and tells Amy she needs to compose herself instead of walking out of her own show.
MONTANA: No one knows that anything is wrong unless you show them.
Montana tells Amy she needs to go and put on a brave face and take a bow onstage. Amy does this but can hardly look at Harlow as they bow together. Harlow tries to talk to Ned offstage but he promises to talk it through at a later time. Mick is after juicy gossip but stony silence from Montana.
Levi and two officers arrive, Montana notes they're earlier than expected. They're looking in Montana's direction.
Lassiter's Complex (Behind the Scenes Tent)
Amy is crying, Zara is with her. Ned arrives.
NED: I'm so sorry.
AMY: What exactly are you sorry for?
ZARA: Say it. You're sorry for cheating on Mum with Harlow.
AMY: How long has it been going on? (Harlow arrives)
HARLOW: Before you two got back together.
Ned wants Harlow to leave. Zara thinks Harlow is responsible for what happened but Harlow denies this. Harlow tries to apologise but Amy demands that she leaves. Amy realises that he's been seeing Harlow before and when they were together. Ned tries to explain they didn't plan for it. Amy realises that Ned's t- shirt he is wearing was also on the projection and had happened that very day. Zara screams at Ned to leave so he does. Amy starts sobbing again and Zara comforts her.
Lassiter's Complex (Amy's Tent)
Montana wants Levi to be discreet. He tells her they need to close the event and have an arrest warrant. Montana wasn't expecting this. He tells her she isn't allowed to create more costs that she will be unable to repay.
MICK: You're bankrupt?!
TERESE: What's going on here?
LEVI: Montana Marcel you are under arrest for conspiracy to commit fraud and tax evasion.
He reads out the details as Paul looks on with a smirk.
Harold's Cafe
Corey joins Harlow at a table. Corey has been trying to find her. Harlow can't get Amy's face out of her head. Everyone knows what happened.
HARLOW: I don't know why everyone would want to do this to Amy or to us.
COREY: Do you have any enemies?
Harlow doesn't think they would be capable of this kind of stunt. Harlow decides to check the socials to see if she can spot someone suspiciously hanging around the tent. Corey suggests Katrina who works in the hotel, Harlow agrees it is a possibility.
Lassiter's Office
Narelle arrives and Terese promises to send a brief out to the staff soon. Chloe tells them suppliers have been calling to find out if they will be paid. Terese promises to sort it out. Paul doesn't believe so due to Montana being insolvent.
Leo arrives and reports that the top designers are packing up. Terese thinks they can save this mess. Paul has let Lucy know what is going on by text. Lucy and Paul are not happy about what is going on. Paul demands to know why they didn't do more research into Montana. Terese tells him they didn't know her financial situation, Paul thinks they should have managed to find out.
PAUL: I should have never given you and Chloe such free rein.
TERESE: I will never be supervised. Especially by you.
Lassiter's Complex
Karl tries to get Chloe's attention but can't really stop. She tells them about Montana's arrest for fraud and tax evasion. There is an injunction against Fashion Week continuing. She heads off. Karl tries to suggest this is a separate issue.
SUSAN: We're never going to get that $200,000 back.
(Advert Break)
The Waterhole
Mackenzie thinks there's an error somewhere but Hendrix doesn't think so. Mackenzie tries to make excuses, Freya points out that Mackenzie got to be a model before this happened. Paul is sitting at the bar, Mackenzie asks him if he knows where the police took Montana. Paul suggests that Mackenzie moves past Montana. Mackenzie wants to help if possible.
PAUL: The only reason you got the modelling gig was because Montana didn't want you anywhere near her business affairs... Montana Marcel isn't the woman you think she is.
Amy still seems to be in shock as Zara brings her a hot drink. Amy tried to help Harlow sort things out with Ned when she was away in London. Amy can't believe she was that stupid, Zara reassures her that's not the case.
Ned arrives and wants to talk, just him and Amy. Amy is happy for the others to stay as everyone knew what happened.
NED: This isn't something that I planned or wanted to happen.
AMY: You told me that you loved me... and wanted to try and have a baby with me. Were you ever going to tell me? Or planning to juggle us both?
Ned didn't want to spoil her day. Amy still found it the most humiliating day ever. Ned apologises again and Amy tells him to leave.
(Toadie is there but doesn't speak during this scene.)
Karl is trying to get through to someone to sort this out on the phone.
KARL: Maybe they've gone home for the day.
SUSAN: Maybe they've gone home permanently.
Karl is still convinced that Montana was genuine.
Lassiter's Complex
Levi is leading Montana who is uncuffed to the police car. Harlow is telling Terese that Katrina knew what was happening with Amy and showing Terese on her phone. Terese promises to speak to Katrina but needs to talk to Harlow first about what's going on with Ned.
HARLOW: We're serious about each other.
Paul wants to talk to Harlow but Harlow says she needs to head off.
Montana is telling Levi that she needs to use the bathroom as he talks into the radio. Levi isn't listening as that's already happened twice. Mick comes over and has a go but Levi stops him. Terese heads off with him. Montana escapes from the police car and gets into the Drinks Diva. She drives erratically in it but then the engine cuts off which frustrates her.
Leo wants to talk to Montana. Levi agrees and Levi heads over to the van.
LEO: Where were you going to go?
MONTANA: Anywhere but here.
Leo points out that it's not an easy van to hide in! Montana admits that he was the one she was escaping from. She doesn't want to bring him down after all the effort he's put into his business. Leo would have been happy to help.
MONTANA: There was so much I have done wrong in my life but you weren't one of them.
Levi tells Montana the time has come for her to leave the van. He handcuffs her this time which doesn't impress her. Melanie hopes the van hasn't been damaged!
Ramsay Street
Harlow comes to talk to Ned and see how things are going. Ned is doing ok but realises things are finished with Amy. Harlow apologises and blames it on Katrina. The person responsible doesn't bother Ned, this still happened.
HARLOW: At least it's out in the open now.
Ned is worried about being so public. Paul arrives home and orders Ned away from Harlow. Paul thinks Ned took advantage but Harlow tells him that isn't the case.
HARLOW: I know what I want.
Paul keeps insisting. Ned nods and walks away. Harlow refuses to let Paul ban her from seeing Ned.
Toadie has sorted out the clothes racks, Amy thanks him. He gives her a comforting hug.
Paul has come to see how the Kennedys are. Susan wants an update on Montana. All Paul knows is that she's in custody.
SUSAN: I'm she's got a team of lawyers fighting to get her out.
Paul tells them that liquidators will be appointed by the court to assess their situation. They will need to pay off various bills etc. So shareholders won't be a priority. Karl is hopeful that some of their money might be returned. Paul has to admit that she's been in the red for a few months. Susan wants to know how Paul got hold of this information. Paul claims he guessed that's what happened. Karl suggests they talk to Toadie to see if anything can be done. Paul offers to help if he can and heads off. Susan looks thoughtful.
Lassiter's Office
Terese tells Narelle that Katrina has been very rude so she's been escorted off the property. They agree that Katrina will be suspended for the time being. The staff are trying to get their heads around what happened.
Susan arrives to see Terese, Narelle decides to head off. Terese feels responsible for what's happened to them. Susan blames Karl as he wrote the actual cheque. Susan wants to know if Terese might have any foresight about this.
TERESE: I would not have let you invest if I had any inkling that Montana was insolvent.
Susan tells Terese that Paul came to see them. Susan thinks that Paul was behaving strangely and speculates whether Paul knew Montana was insolvent. Terese looks devastated as it dawns on her that Paul knew for quite a while.
TERESE: He let me walk right into it.
The Waterhole
An upset Mackenzie is realising that Montana was ridiculing her all along. Hendrix thinks Paul might have been stirring. Freya shows Mackenzie social media about Fashion Week. Mackenzie features more than any other model. Freya reads out the encouraging comments praising Mackenzie. Mackenzie wants to see them so Freya hands over her phone.
HENDRIX: If you want a career in modelling you don't need Montana Marcel's help.
MACKENZIE: I thought Montana saw something special in me. It was all a lie.
Lassiter's Office
Terese is apologising to someone on the phone and promises to update them. Paul arrives and Terese can't believe his nerve.
PAUL: I wasn't the one who dragged the hotel into disaster.
TERESE: You made me the face of the event as you were setting me up to fail. Do you really hate me that much? That you're prepared to hurt our business to hurt me. What you've done. I will never forgive you. This is war.
Coming up on Neighbours:
- Lucy plans to put damage limitation into place
- John tells Glen that Nicolette is digging
- Susan tells Karl to move out
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