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Neighbours Episode 8757 from 2022 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8757
Australian airdate: 11/01/22
UK airdate: 10/01/22
Writer: Rene Zandveld
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Glen Donnelly: Richard Huggett (Didn't appear in the episode)
Britney Barnes: Montana Cox
Gemma Willis: Beth Buchanan
Vera Punt: Sally-Anne Upton
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
- Leo coming up with a new plan for the vineyard
- Britney wanting to rekindle things with Leo.
- Harlow rebuffing Roxy.
- Kyle wondering if Roxy will ask Harlow again.
- Roxy asking Mackenzie to be her bridesmaid.
- Roxy introducing her mum to Sheila.
- Gemma questioning Kyle and Roxy.
- Gemma informing Roxy that she is here to stop the wedding!
Number 22
Roxy can't believe what her mum is saying to her. Gemma explains why - Roxy is too young to get married plus the pair of them haven't thought things properly through either.
GEMMA: You're just jumping in blind.
"We know what we're doing!" Roxy defiantly replies and when Gemma counteracts with the fact they've not even thought of were to live post- wedding, another defiant reply is "who cares" back from Roxy.
ROXY: Wherever we are, its him and me and that's the basics.
Gemma suggests they have "a long engagement" instead to see how things go living together. Roxy's response to that is "none of us know how long we've got left," and with what Kyle has been through, they're "seizing the moment." Gemma gets that, but feels that if Roxy doesn't postpone the wedding, she's "going to live to regret it."
Number 32 (next day)
Nicolette can't believe her mum is lining herself up to be a potential investors in Leo's project. He is relieved to hear she is coming along as the sign- up rate isn't as high as he thought, although Britney adds in she's been plugging it on social media so they might get some more folk along. Realising that she is now going to be missing out, Nicolette decides to invite herself along... but makes it clear she won't be investing!
Number 22
Kyle turns down Roxy's offer to accompany him on his last chemo session as he's got things covered with Sheila and Chloe. This also lets Roxy concentrate on dress shopping with the newly arrived hyper Mackenzie, whom Kyle asks that she makes sure Roxy doesn't pick something "too wild!"
MACKENZIE: Wrong! If the bride wants a hi- vis veil and a train with a flame decal, that's what the bride is going to get!
The bubbly atmosphere goes stone dead when Gemma comes into the kitchen, so Kyle decides to do the intros with Mackenzie to fill the silence with. Once they are done, Gemma asks what the plans are for dress shopping only to be told she's not getting to go along!
"I feel like I'm in Tuscany," Melanie declares having seen the beautiful view at the vineyard plus being impressed at the degustation menu Leo is serving. About the only person not happy is Harlow - there under sufferance because Paul asked her to help Leo.
Leo is impressed that there are more folk there than he thought (Britney takes the credit!) and he starts schmoosing the gathered.
Kyle isn't exactly jumping for joy at hopefully his last chemo session despite the enthusiasm of Sheila, Chloe and Karl who popped out of his office to wish him well.
When they are alone (Sheila nips off to the shop for supplies) Kyle admits to Chloe that it's not the thought of chemo that is getting to him, but the fact Gemma isn't too keen on them getting married. Chloe tells him to talk to Gemma but Kyle is fearful of doing that in case he is wrong... or right! However given Roxy is keeping quiet on the subject too, he thinks waiting it out might be the best solution, but Chloe has an idea!
CHLOE: I think we need to call in the big guns. Its mama- mama chat time!
Ramsay Street
Gemma follows Roxy out of the house wanting to go dress shopping with her, but Roxy is standing firm... that is unless her mum has changed her mind overnight. "I didn't think so," Roxy comments when nothing is forthcoming but Gemma isn't giving up because "it's coming from a place of love."
ROXY: It's coming from a place of crap! And I don't have time for your negativity, I have a wedding to plan! To think that I was going to ask you to walk me down the aisle... what a joke.
Leo and Britney are describing to the gathered... well the ladies from Ramsay Street that are there (Melanie, Harlow, Jane and Nicolette) about gin distillation when a new guest arrives - Vera Punt! She orders Leo to start again and to make it quick, he's got 30 minutes to convince her to part with the cash... which she has an abundance of thanks to Lassiters!
VERA: Let's hope for your sake, you don't repeat your role in the death traps that run in the family!
The Waterhole
Chloe has obviously clued Sheila in with her idea and so is ready and primed for her subtle chat with Gemma.
Sheila admits the speed things are happening is "making my head spin" and that not how she'd like them to get married either. In return, Gemma admits she isn't thrilled about it either because Roxy is too young and they're rushing into it. Sheila points out that isn't what she meant, she'd prefer to see them have "a long leisurely engagement" and disagrees with Gemma about whether they've thought things through or not. That gets right up Gemma's nose and she bluntly tells Sheila that her advice is not required!
GEMMA: I know what Roxy needs and it's not this.
After a blow up between Vera and Melanie (the latter was whittling on about her osteoporosis), Britney pulls Nicolette aside to ask for her help in keeping everyone in check so not to spoil Leo's day. "I'll do my best to stop an all- out brawl from happening but I'm not a miracle worker," Nicolette says although she's really more interested in how well Britney and Leo are getting on - Britney is hoping the assistance she is giving Leo reminds him of how good a team they make working together.
With their being a break in Leo's presentation, Vera is after the juicy gossip about what happened with Terese on the rooftop of Lassiters. Jane is the one that stands up for Terese because Harlow isn't doing so and questions where her loyalty is! "What's it got to do with loyalty, its Vera Punt... who cares what she thinks?!" is Harlow's reply which of course rubs Vera up the wrong way!
The Waterhole
Sheila decides to be blunt with Gemma - the real reason she is really objecting is because her own marriage "didn't go the distance" and thus was "very, very hurt" and now she's "projecting that onto Roxy and Kyle assuming the same thing will happen to them." Gemma is adamant her concerns are not related to her own marriage issues; she doesn't want her daughter "going into this blindly and then regretting it 25 years later like I did."
GEMMA: I'm not going to slip on a pair of rose coloured glasses and sit back and watch my daughter make a mistake.
Roxy and Kyle at this point enter the bar and catch the tail end of what Gemma said and Sheila's reply:
SHEILA: You're not going to be watching anything if she kicks you out of the wedding
GEMMA: She wouldn't do that!
SHEILA: Oh says the woman who's sitting here drinking coffee with me instead of sitting champagne in a ritzy frock salon!
Gemma thinks Sheila is talking rubbish, but Sheila warns Gemma that she risks being kick out not just of the wedding but Roxy's life too. At this point Roxy has heard enough and the visibly upset lass interrupts to tell her mum to stop talking.
ROXY: Just when I thought this day couldn't get any worse.
We come back to the vineyard to see the woman react two ways to the amount they've had to drink - while Melanie gushes praise on Nicolette over how well their parenting arrangement is going, Vera takes the opposite stance and lays into Nicolette for the hell she put the boys through and for taking Britney's child from her when she was too muddled to think straight.
BRITNEY: Nic, let it go.
Despite Leo trying his hardest to get the session back on track, its turning into a right slanging match between Vera and the others, so much so that a furious Nicolette throws her drink into Vera's face!!!
VERA: You'll keep!!!
The Waterhole
A now composed Roxy wants to head home but Sheila orders her to talk to her mum and very reluctantly, she heads to the table Gemma is sitting at.
Gemma begins by apologising for putting a damper on Roxy's day before adding that all she's said is because Roxy is her baby and thus wants to protect her. "I don't need that from you mum," Roxy reminds her and Gemma realises that now, thanks to what Sheila said to her.
GEMMA: You've been making your own decisions for years and I should respect this one.
Roxy thinks Gemma is trying to "sweet- talk her" but she flatly denies that, explains that she doesn't want to wreck their relationship. "What does that mean?" Roxy asks, seeking clarification whether Gemma is going to "pretend" to being okay with them getting married or "you sitting there expecting it to crash and burn?"
GEMMA: I'm always going to worry about you because I'm your mum but I'm committing right now to supporting you.
ROXY: Really?
GEMMA: Really.
Cue happy faces from mum and daughter and an agreement to start things afresh. Roxy calls the 'weren't listening' Sheila (and Kyle) over to thank her sincerely for "going into bat for me."
ROXY: I love that you always have my back.
SHEILA: I always will.
Roxy has one final request of Sheila and asks her to be her "Mama of Honour" which she is thrilled to accept.
Without exactly blaming Nicolette directly, Leo (and Britney) are very fearful that Vera could now ruin his business given her reputation. Nicolette then makes a very public apology not just to Vera, but to the others because of her behaviour.
NICOLETTE: I lost my temper and I am so sorry.
VERA: Whoop- de- doo.
Nicolette tries to remind everyone of what a great time they were having prior to that and wants them to go back to that. Cue Britney asking if they wanted to hear more from Leo, which Vera immediately objects to and walks out yelling:
VERA: I am never stepping foot inside this dive again! SO YOU CAN STICK THAT BOTANICAL IN YOUR GIN AND DRINK IT!!!
Nicolette tries to turn Vera's negativity into something everyone should now be interested and excited about. Melanie asks if she could buy a small investment to give as a wedding pressie for Kyle and Roxy. "That's an odd gift," Harlow replies with, but Melanie doesn't and adds in that Mackenzie thinks so too... then inadvertently mentions that she is Roxy's bridesmaid.
Lassiters Complex
Sitting outside The Brasserie, David seems almost jealous of the quiet day he (and Aaron) had babysitting the girls after hearing [offscreen] what happened. Leo takes the opportunity to sincerely thank Britney for her efforts and brings up what a great team they make.
Nicolette pulls Britney aside on a false pretence to tell her about the chemistry she has with Leo.
NICOLETTE: You make a beautiful couple.
BRITNEY: Told you!
With Nicolette firmly in her corner, Britney is ordered to "get your man" and tell him how she feels. Britney is unsure whether to wait for the right time or not. "That's boring!" is Nicolette's view and wants Britney to make her move now, commenting that she's never been so "invested in a hetro couple before."
The Waterhole
It's a very happy Roxy now and her next task is choosing, with the aid of Sheila and Mackenzie which bouquets to select from the samples Mick conjured up. Unfortunately the happy bubble is burst when a peeved Harlow arrives in the bar annoyed that she isn't in the bridal party.
HARLOW: I thought we were supposed to be family?
ROXY: We are family.
HARLOW: No we're not. And I'm perfectly okay with that. Stuff your stupid wedding!
Coming up on Neighbours
- Melanie warning Glen he's playing with fire.
- Terese commenting on how great Glen's company is.
- Zara pleading with Amy to forget about her boyfriends and be just with her.
- Zara spotting Amy hugging Levi and Ned.
<<8756 - 8759>>
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