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Neighbours Episode 8553 from 2021 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8553
Australian airdate: 08/02/21
UK airdate: 08/03/21
Writer: Wendy Hanna
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Melanie Pearson: Lucinda Cowden
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
- Melanie going on a date with Toadie.
- Toadie undecided on whether he will go out on a date with Melanie again.
- Paul doing his best to ignore Melanie.
- Bea wishing she could give Levi the cold shoulder after he wants to talk and she doesn't.
- Roxy feeling that its only a matter of time before Kyle ends things with her.
- Roxy coming up with a plan to save the tram... but it backfiring.
The Waterhole (exterior)
Roxy spots Ned exiting the bar and tells him about accidentally propositioning Mira due to her shirt malfunction! Ned is trying very hard not to laugh as she tells him the story and is sure she is overacting, and once she explains herself "everyone will understand." Roxy thinks otherwise and is sure the tram will end up being closed for good.
Number 26 (garden)
Mackenzie drops round to ask Kyle if he knows what Roxy was planning for her meeting with Mira. This is of course news to him and eventually gets it from Mackenzie (she overheard the story while in the office) about Roxy trying to "bribe her." "Roxy offered her money?" a confused Kyle asks and Mackenzie eventually replies that it was "sexual favours." Kyle can't believe what he has just heard as Mackenzie finishes by adding that Mira was "really upset." Neither can believe that Roxy would "offer herself to get the tram off the hook" and Kyle goes off to call get things clarified.
Terese's office
Terese is somewhat surprised to hear that Paul is giving himself a break from social media (mainly to avoid Melanie) after she spots a photo of Jimmy's new hairstyle on Facebook. She then teases her husband about wanting to go on a double date with Toadie and Melanie, so she can see if Melanie really is "a hoot" as Paul is describing her! Paul is confident that since Toadie "is not a fool," he will have firmly moved on from Melanie.
Number 26 (inside)
While Kyle is being very apologetic to Mira on the phone, Sheila fills Levi in on how exactly Roxy was dressed. When he comes off the phone, promising to get to the bottom of things, Kyle ignores Sheila wanting to talk about it, instead hurriedly going to check the tram's insurance.
KYLE: I might have an even bigger problem now!
Number 28
After seeing more texts from Levi come in and be ignored, Karl decides its time for a chat with Bea. She is still peeved at Levi for dobbing Kyle in and can't believe when Karl informs her that if Levi hadn't dobbed, he would have as "it was the right thing to do."
KARL: I have a duty of care.
Karl acknowledges why she thinks Levi has let her down, which he disagrees with, as the lad "followed his moral compass," even if he was aware of what the consequences were of doing that.
KARL: I though you liked him because he is genuine, and he's honest and does the right thing by people.
BEA: Yes, I guess...
KARL: Well by his actions, he's shown he's that guy. I don't think that's anything to be disappointed in.
Lassiters Complex
After leaving the hotel and spotting Toadie and Melanie chatting outside Harold's, Paul thinks that 'Madam Zolga' has put a spell on Toadie and thus why he "is going out with her again."
TERESE: She can't be that bad!
PAUL: (scoffing) If her messages are anything to go by, she's as much of a vapid fruitcake as ever!
TERESE: It's not like you to scared of something like that!
PAUL: I am not scared... I'm merely avoiding an irritating situation!
And as if to reinforce that, he drags Terese off in the opposite direction that they were originally planning on taking!
Number 26 (garden)
"What were you thinking?!" Sheila greets Roxy with when the lass comes over to the house and accuses her of going back to her old ways at the first sign of trouble! Eventually, after Kyle stops his Gran from getting fully on her high horse, Roxy gets a chance to explain.
ROXY: I never meant to make Mira think that I was coming onto her.
Levi points out that her actions mean that it's going to cause difficulties in getting the tram back. Kyle has had enough of his relatives quizzing Roxy and asks to speak to her in private.
Number 26 (inside)
Roxy reiterates that she really didn't mean to give Mira the "wrong impression" during their chat and adds that she only went to see Mira was because he cut her out. Kyle wishes she hadn't helped out and stops her from thinking how she can make things up with him because it is too late. In her chat with Mira, Roxy said she wasn't an employee and on checking, his insurance only covers employees.
KYLE: So now I'm not covered for any financial loses or fines and all of that will be in the council's report.
Roxy pleads with him to be allowed to do something to fix things, but Kyle doesn't want her "making it worse than it already is." He then literally orders her to stay away, saying he will "call her tomorrow."
Number 28
Levi somewhat nervously arrives to meet Bea in the garden, hoping that she is now ready to talk. Bea begins by apologising to him, she gets that he didn't turn Kyle in out of revenge, but still seems to question why he dobbed a family member in. "Its not about that," he tries to explain, he's simply "tired of keeping secrets" and "risking people's safety." She isn't sure when he's done that and he has a quick reply " his epilepsy and points out too that it was her that told him to come clean, shuddering at the memory of the school siege. "That makes total sense," she says after getting what he said and likewise he why she'd peeved at him.
LEVI: Can we get past this?
BEA: Well I can if you can.
LEVI: Of course.
Rebecchi Law
Karl talks over the ramifications of what has happened at the tram (and how its going to hit him in the pocket) while Toadie is busy re- arranging his office which is still located inside the hotel... apparently the maintenance work "is taking forever" hence why he's still there.
The pair receive a visitor " Paul, who drops by to quiz Toadie about Melanie and to see if he is dating her, despite his request. Toadie gives Paul his word that he won't date Melanie in the complex from now on, which Paul describes as "incredibly decent" before leaving for another appointment.
The 82
Roxy is standing looking at the closed tram when Ned approaches and tells her to "stop torturing yourself." The lass is so down on herself, and the repercussions of what she did, that she calls herself "a screw up."
ROXY: I don't mean to hurt people but every single thing that I touch just turns to flames.
"That's not true," Ned quickly replies to her and she begs him to leave her alone, as she doesn't want to be around people. Somewhat reluctantly, he agrees to her request but adds that she knows where to find him.
Harold's café
It's very awkward when Roxy and Mackenzie run into each other at Harold's, given Mackenzie knows what happened. Roxy quickly explains that she is devastated at Mira feeling uncomfortable and it seems like Mackenzie is putting it down as one of those "stupid things" we do "when we're stressed and not thinking." However, as they continue chatting, it seems like Mackenzie isn't truly believing Roxy and bluntly says that she "can't take sides here."
ROXY: You do believe me... right?
Mackenzie struggles for a response, eventually bring up that Roxy can make crazy decisions but is sure that things will sort themselves out before hurriedly exiting from the café.
Poor Roxy looks so down she wants to cry in the middle of the café, but she walks over to where the fridges are and makes a call instead, asking whoever she is talking to (we don't know who that is) for a favour.
Lassiters Complex
Roxy has another person fighting against her " Paul after his pocket to has been hurt because of her actions, although Terese orders him to "keep it to yourself" as the lass needs their "support" not "another doomsayer." Paul then then gets a nasty shock when he sees Melanie chatting to Toadie in the hotel foyer.
PAUL: You are kidding me!!!
TERESE: Paul, will you just get over it!
Paul whines at what he perceives as Toadie breaking his promise and instead doing this [seeing Melanie on hotel property] deliberately "to wind me up." That wins him little sympathy from his wife and instead, she suggests he gets it over and done with by going inside and saying hello!
PAUL: You have not experienced the irritating ding- dong that is Melanie Pearson!
Terese simply makes fun of him, which causes Paul to say that he'd rather talk to Sheila's gnomes! When Terese goes to walk towards the hotel, he literally pulls her back and tries to bribe Terese with buying her favourite drink at Harold's to avoid Melanie seeing them.
TERESE: Are you serious?!
"Come on Terese," he pleads but she's had enough of his shenanigans and leaves him standing, walking off towards the hotel as she has work to do!
Rebecchi Law
Paul barges into Toadie's office, demanding to know why he broke the promise he made! Toadie makes it very clear that he hasn't broken any promises and just at that the person in question enters the office, very delighted to see "Paul Stuart Robinson!"
Number 26 (inside)
"Nice to see you two in a good mood," Sheila marks on coming into the kitchen and seeing how playful Bea and Levi are with each other now they've cleared the air between them.
Kyle asks if Bea has spoken to Roxy as she isn't answering the calls he has made to her. Sheila isn't too surprised at Roxy laying low, indeed, calls it "a sensible idea" before she then totally rips into the lass until Kyle is again forced to stop his Gran. Bea points out that it works both ways when Kyle mumps that Roxy isn't answering his calls and has a suggestion why she isn't answering " either too embarrassed after what happened... or the fact the person calling believes the insinuation.
KYLE: That's not what happened okay. And anyway, I believe her!
BEA: Does she know that? I mean I know that you're upset, you're frustrated and you guys haven't spoken much lately but I feel like that's the kinda thing that you need to make clear to her.
Rebecchi Law
Melanie winds Paul up by pretending to use her 'psychic powers' to get from him (since she last saw him) which wife he is on and information about his grandkids until he twigs that she got it from his social media account. Thankfully Toadie interrupts before she totally goes down memory lane (including gate crashing one of his honeymoon's) to tell her that Mackenzie is away getting the office manual and when she returns with it, Melanie will be "all set to start." This comment confuses Paul until Toadie elaborates.
TOADIE: Paul, allow me to introduce you to my new PA!
Paul is again confused; he is under the impression they are simply dating. Melanie explains that their relationship is sadly just "destined to be purely professional." Toadie follows that up by saying with Mackenzie busy with her council role, he needed a new PA and after Paul's 'exceptional PA' comment, he knew exactly who to hire! Paul isn't exactly looking forward to seeing Melanie every day "just like good times" unlike her!
Number 26
Kyle is desperately trying to get hold of Roxy but she is still ignoring his calls, so he looks very much relieved to see Ned drop by (so he can ask about Roxy). Ned explains that Roxy has emailed Mira with a full apology and explanation.
KYLE: Why are you telling me this?
NED: 'Cos Roxy's gone. She left about half an hour ago.
KYLE: (confused) Gone where?
NED: Eh, she's getting a flight to Darwin.
"When?" Kyle asks and the reply from Ned is "soon." Kyle is one confused person, especially over him telling Roxy to stay away... when he didn't mean that far!
KYLE: When's she coming back?
NED: She's not planning to.
Coming up on Neighbours
- Jane clarifying that Hendrix is happy.
- Toadie and Amy arguing over how Dipi and Shane split up.
- Terese telling Dipi that she can't fix it.
- Yashvi asking what her mum did?
- Toadie urging Dipi to tell the truth to Shane.
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