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Neighbours Episode 8548 from 2021 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8548
Australian airdate: 01/02/21
UK airdate: 01/03/21
Writer: Megan Palinkas
Director: Guy Strachan
Guests: Amy Greenwood: Jacinta Stapleton
Mira Dhaliwal (food inspector): Ashleyrose Gilham
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
- Ned suggesting Yashvi gives Amy a go to help improve her relationship with Shane.
- Amy suggesting to Yashvi that they go watch a game together.
- Yashvi feeling like she's betraying Dipi when she admits to liking Amy.
- Bea slipping up in her cover story over how she got ill.
- Kyle adamant Roo pies are off the menu!
- Bea having a relapse.
- Kyle coming clean to Levi.
Hospital (interior)
Now he's heard the full story, Levi isn't at all happy at Kyle (and Roxy) especially them keeping quiet about it too. The pair make it clear it was Bea's idea to cover up the truth, explaining why, but Levi still isn't happy and wants them to go to the police.
The Waterhole
Amy and Shane have agreed to go bungee jumping, so she suggests that he comes along to her cardio class tomorrow (a high intensity interval training) to help get him prepared.
Hospital (interior)
Since Bea is now stable, the K's say their farewells and head home to check on Hendrix. Levi isn't leaving though and tells Bea that he knows the full story about how she really got ill. "It was my idea," she makes very clear to him but he still isn't seeing her rationale. "Please don't tell anyone about this," she begs of him.
(Next day)
As Bea sleeps in her room, out in the corridor Karl updates Levi and Susan that Bea has remained stable overnight. He adds that she is responding well to treatment, although there is a risk that she could yet suffer permanent kidney damage " they will find out more in a few hours when the latest test results come back.
The 82
Roxy and Kyle are debating which one of them should go to the police and fess up. Kyle is very despondent at letting his dad down, but Sheila thinks Gary would be so proud of what his lad has done with the tram... and as if needing some back- up, Gary the pigeon swoons in on the trio! Sheila thinks that is a sign everything is going to be okay and even persuades the duo to go to the hospital and see how Bea is doing.
Hospital (exterior)
"Turned yourself in yet?" Levi asks when the trio run into him as they arrive at the hospital. Sheila is confused over what her grandsons are on about, so Levi is the one to tell her that it was Kyle who poisoned Bea and warns that if he isn't going to come clean, "I'll do it for you."
Commercial break later, Kyle and Roxy are trying to convince Levi that going to the police isn't what Bea wants.
LEVI: You're just trying to make yourself feel better mate.
KYLE: I'm not saying we should get off Scot free, but if you get the health department involved, you know that that means.
LEVI: Karl just came out and said that Bea could lose her kidney. So, why shouldn't you lose your business?
Roxy seems stunned at hearing this new news about Bea, and Sheila pleads with Levi to wait until they know more before going to the station " plus she is sure he'd rather be by Bea's beside than down the station doing the paperwork. "Fine," he almost begrudgingly says and walks past them to head back into the hospital.
Number 30
As they get ready to do a warm up ahead of their high intensity interval training class, Shane and Amy talk about how great the dinner with Yashvi and Ned went last night. He confirms that Yashvi does like her, and in return, Amy agrees that she likes Yashvi too.
Woohoo after a very long absence, we finally are reminded that Toadie has kids " as we welcome back Hugo and Nell to our screens. He puts the kids to work, getting the table ready for breakfast, while being amused to find out that Shane had agreed to the HIIT class. "It's just exercise," Shane confidently replies back to his brother and Amy adds in that Shane knows what he is in for. "Prepare to puke!" Toadie warns complete with sound effects, something little Hugo finds very amusing!
Lassiters Complex
Yashvi and Ned are buying Bea some flowers when they're interrupted when Dipi calls her daughter. During the call, Dipi must have asked what they did last night and Yashvi lies saying they stayed home. Ned questions why Yashvi said that and her response is that Dipi will be upset if she knew they had dinner with Shane and Amy. He points out that Dipi is going to be upset even more if she finds the truth out from someone else, but Yashvi is confident that won't happen given Dipi isn't talking to either of them!
YASHVI: Can you give me a break ‘cos this is a really tricky situation and I'm trying to figure out how to manage it.
Number 30
Shane looks ready to collapse after he and Amy come back in from running round the block a few times. Toadie suggests his brother call it a day, but he still wants to carry on and the pair head out to the garden.
Hospital (exterior)
Sheila tries to lighten the situation by joking with Roxy that given her current stress levels, she is relieved to have her pacemaker fitted! That just actually makes Roxy more despondent and no matter how much Sheila tries to tell the lass that its not her fault, she isn't listening and calls herself "stupid." She is grateful though for Sheila talking Levi down, but Sheila can already see that if Bea doesn't improve, then Levi is going to come down on Kyle "like a ton of bricks."
SHEILA: And worse still, he may never forgive him.
Hospital (interior)
Karl arrives to give Bea an update on her tests " everything is good and he's confident that she is now safe. Susan is relived at the news and tells Bea she's not to go foraging for food in the wild again! "Never, ever again," she is quick to reply with, which earns her the wrath of Levi for keeping up the lie.
When it appears Bea isn't going to come clean, he is the one to tell a confused Karl and Susan that it was Roxy who picked the mushrooms and how Bea ended up consuming them. Bea reaffirms that she doesn't want Kyle's business going under and asks that everyone keeps quiet, especially since she was the one that got ill.
BEA: It should be my decision.
Number 30
It looks like Toadie's premonition might come true after a very knackered Shane (and Amy) enter the sunroom after the latest round of exercise.
SHANE: I'm going to throw up.
Amy advises that he keeps moving, so Shane relocates himself indoors and she senses that Toadie isn't too impressed with her. Getting straight to the point, she asks if he approves of them dating " the thought hadn't come to her that he'd be the one to object.
TOADIE: Amy, if I think you're great...
AMY: Just not great for Shane.
"As long as he's happy, that's the main thing," Toadie says before confirming that yes, he isn't happy at their relationship because Shane and Dipi haven't been separated for too long. "What, you think he's moving too fast?" Amy asks and Toadie explains that "Dipi was part of my family for over 20 years," and thus part of him wants them both to reunite. "Didn't exactly sound like a bed of roses!" Amy comes back with and while agreeing with her that, "like any marriage, they had their issues," does add in that when "it was good, it was great."
AMY: Thanks for being honest... I guess.
"Amy, it's nothing personal," he says to her after noticing that she has become upset after what he's said.
Hospital (exterior)
Ned and Yashvi hear Bea's good news, and that she might get home soon, as they wheel her outside for their visit. To celebrate the news, Yashvi wants a selfie (with just Bea!) and when she goes to post it online, notices that Amy has posted the photo taken during dinner last night (and tagged Shane in) thus her mum will know that she lied.
YASHIVI (to Ned): Don't say I told you so!
Ned rightly decides to keep quiet as Bea adds in that Dipi might not see it plus it wasn't Yashvi who posted it. "It's the fact we're hanging out with Amy at all," that has Yashvi worried that its going to hurt Dipi.
The 82
"That's a relief," Sheila declares after Levi calls by to update them on the good news about Bea. When he then hears why Kyle didn't go to the police (because of the visit from Gary the pigeon) he isn't at all impressed. "Are you still going to report us?" Roxy asks and before he can reply, Sheila adds in to remind Levi that that "two people got sick and they both recovered." Kyle also adds in that he's done everything possible to ensure it never happens again.
KYLE: I really am sorry.
"Yes, I believe you mate," Levi replies... but his body language says anything but that!
Number 28
The Kennedys are home from the hospital, still discussing what Bea asked of them. "I understand her logic," Susan admits and while Karl agrees, he is more annoyed at Kyle letting her cover what happened up, "shirking his responsibilities as a business owner." He also isn't amused (given his connection to it) of The Tram's reputation being damaged and is swithering, since Bea won't do it, whether he is the one to do the reporting so that Kyle can "face some consequences."
Number 30
"You were right about feeling great afterwards," Shane says to Amy even if he was somewhat gingerly walking to the sunroom to join her! He can sense she is down and her explanation is she feels bad for what she put him through earlier (the exercises) by pushing him too hard. "I stay active in different way," he admits, given he is "a country boy at heart." Amy is impressed to hear that he writes his own bush ballads and asks that he writes her one.
The 82
Just as Kyle delivers coffees to Sheila, he gets a text from Karl asking that they talk ASAP. "Do you reckon he knows?" Roxy asks but Sheila doesn't know how he would know as apart from the 3 of them the only others that know are Bea and Levi.
A visitor then asks the trio for Kyle, and after he identifies himself, the visitor then explains that she is the food inspector from Erinsborough Council and is visiting due to "a report of poisonous mushrooms in your food."
HEALTH INSPECTOR: You need to cease trading immediately while we conduct a full investigation.
"Who reported this?!" an angry Sheila demands to know but the food inspector isn't saying, so Sheila asks if it was Karl? We find out who it was, when they suddenly creep into the scene:
LEVI: It was me.
Coming up on Neighbours
- Kyle not happy at being closed down.
- Roxy knowing that Kyle is angry with her for ruining his life
- Amy commenting on Shane's feelings for her.
- Amy telling Shane that Toadie thinks she isn't right for him.
- Paul spying on Nicolette and Brent talking.
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