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Neighbours Episode 8525 from 2020 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8525
Australian airdate: 29/12/20
UK airdate: 27/01/21
Writer: Stephen Vagg
Director: Chris Langman
Guests: Amy Greenwood: Jacinta Stapleton
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Sheila is distraught to find Jane and Clive having a romantic liaison at the Flametree
- Clive apologises to Sheila, but she thinks they're both as bad as each other
- Sheila tells Jane that the only thing she can do to make this better is break up with Clive
- Clive tells Jane they should focus on their relationship, and face the fallout together
- Kirsha asks Dipi if she's willing to get back together with Shane; Dipi admits she might be
- Terese is impressed with Amy's surprise demo of her second uniform, and agrees to buy it
- Celebrating after their success, Shane and Amy go in for a pash
In the hotel room, Shane and Amy separate following their kiss.
SHANE: Sorry.
AMY: My bad. Not that it was bad.
SHANE: No, no, it's just a bit -
AMY: Just a bit inappropes?
SHANE: Maybe. Yeah, anyway, I'm gonna go and, uh... just go and buy some cheese.
AMY: Okay. You gotta do what you gotta do.
SHANE: I don't even know why I said that. I don't need cheese. But you're good?
AMY: Absolutely.
SHANE: Good. Yeah, I'm good, too. So... yeah, good times.
AMY: Uh- huh.
It's all very awkward as Shane leaves the hotel room. Once he's gone, Amy exhales, bewildered and perhaps excited by what's just happened.
No 32
Clive and Jane have arrived home from their romantic mini- break, and entered via the sunroom. Jane wishes their break had been longer, so they could avoid work, responsibility and Nicolette's legal woes - not to mention Sheila.
JANE: What is our Sheila policy going to be?
CLIVE: Well, we're not hiding, obviously. But we have to be discreet.
JANE: Absolutely.
CLIVE: So, no flaunting anything.
JANE: Yep (...) Just so long as you know what I'm thinking every time I look at you.
CLIVE: Let's just ignore the real world.
JANE: For one more night.
CLIVE: Yes, please.
They head on into the main house.
No 26
Sheila apologises to Dipi for missing Kirsha while she was home, saying it must've been great to have the whole family there for Christmas.
DIPI: Yeah. It made me realise a few things, too (...) I might possibly be ready to try again with Shane.
SHEILA: Are you sure?
DIPI: Yeah. It feels so much better than it did. He's taking his own life in hand, just like how he used to be.
SHEILA: Well, if you really want this, you need to do it fast. Because middle- aged men don't like to hang around being single for too long. They panic and they hook up with the first ageing strumpet that seduces them with their favourite bottle of wine.
Somehow sensing that the conversation has moved onto Sheila's own romantic woes, Dipi tells Sheila that Jane does value her friendship, and that she's sure she didn't mean to hurt her.
SHEILA: So she claims. But we'll see if she breaks up with Clive, won't we?
DIPI: Do you think she would do that?
SHEILA: Well, I said we couldn't be friends if she didn't.
DIPI: That might be a problem, then... I, uh, I think they might've gone away on a trip together.
Dipi explains that she saw them carrying overnight bags into No 32 just before. Bea and Levi have appeared at the door, and add their unhelpful twopenceworth.
BEA: Maybe it's, like, a break- up trip? You know, kind of like break- up sex?
LEVI: Not that they were actually having sex... Just try not to think about it, Gran.
DIPI: Yeah, just try to focus on the positive things in your life.
SHEILA: Like what? And how do I do that?
BEA: Start by staying off social media.
DIPI: Yeah, and try to stay away from them as much as possible.
Sheila takes a large gulp of white wine.
Lassiter's Complex
The following morning, Jane and Clive are in the car, having parked at the complex. Jane is stressing about Nicolette's collapse, saying she should've told her - and remarks that she didn't look well at breakfast. Clive thinks she might just be worried about the court case.
CLIVE: Hey, don't let the real world crowd in until we have to, remember?
But Sheila has appeared in front of the car, and glances at them anxiously, before going on her way.
JANE: Too late. Oh, so much for being discreet. Our friendship is never gonna survive this.
CLIVE: She might come round.
JANE: Huh. In which decade?
Meanwhile, outside Harold's, Yashvi asks Shane if he knows where Jay is; he explains Jay's gone to the beach with Mackenzie.
Yashvi asks how things went with Amy last night in the hotel room. Shane doesn't immediately twig that Yashvi's talking about the uniform pitch, thinking she somehow knows about the kiss. But Yashvi clarifies, and Shane tells her Terese gave Amy the contract back. Yashvi shows Shane a picture of the whole family in their Christmas jumpers, that Kirsha has sent her.
YASHVI: We look hot, don't we? Like, literally.
Shane says it was nice of Kirsha to give him his token for having been off the drugs for four months.
YASHVI: We're really proud of you - me, Mum. How was it, with Mum at Christmas, after everything?
SHANE: Good.
YASHVI: It's nice to see you guys are getting along.
Shane agrees, but is feeling awkward because of what happened with Amy, though of course he doesn't tell Yashvi this. He awkwardly says he has to go and talk to Amy. Yashvi looks perplexed.
The Waterhole
Sheila, Levi, Kyle and Roxy are having breakfast at the pub. Sheila moans about having run into Clive and Jane, 'rubbing my face in it'. Roxy changes the subject, saying that the council is running a 'Best Dish of Erinsborough' competition for the local restaurants. Sheila can't summon up the enthusiasm to care about whether The Waterhole will enter.
While Sheila goes to fetch butter, Kyle says that he thinks The 82 might have a chance of winning the 'Best Dish' contest. Meanwhile, Sheila has found David at the bar, and accosts him.
SHEILA: How often is Clive over at your house? I mean, is he staying over? Does he put in for groceries? Has he got a drawer?
DAVID (nervous): I don't think I want to get involved -
SHEILA: Because you know he'll steal your toothpaste and eat all the pesto. The sooner you are rid of him, the better.
DAVID: Jane and Clive's personal life is their business. I'm staying out of it.
SHEILA: It's your house! Is that the kind of environment you want to raise your child in? Jane Harris on heat, seducing a befuddled, lonely old man?
DAVID: Sheila, please!
Kyle notices what's going on, and sends Levi over to rescue David!
SHEILA (to Levi): I want David to ban Clive from his house.
DAVID: Sheila, I'm sorry that you're hurting, truly - but I can't do that.
SHEILA: So you're on Jane's side, too, are you?
DAVID: It's not about being on sides -
SHEILA: Well, if you're not with me, you're against me.
LEVI: Come on, Gran, I don't think anyone's against you.
SHEILA (to David): Get outta my pub!
DAVID: What?!
SHEILA: You heard! We have a dress code. Patrons are required to have a spine!
David and Levi look bemused as Sheila marches away.
Shane comes to see Amy in her room. She's adjusting the trousers from his uniform.
AMY: Hey! I was just getting in your pants. Too soon?
SHANE: Ha! I just, umm... (closes the door behind him) ... I think we should debrief about yesterday.
AMY: What happened yesterday? Oh, the four- legged animal with the tusks and the trunk in the room.
SHANE (laughs): Yeah. Umm... I've been thinking about it, and, umm... it was nice.
AMY: Uh- huh.
SHANE: And you're nice. And great. And we've become really good friends. And that means a lot to me. So I don't wanna ruin that. And I'm hoping we can file *it* under 'one- time mistake'.
AMY: ... I prefer 'non- repeating phenomenon'.
SHANE: Ha. Good, yes. Consider it designated.
AMY: Welcome back to the friendzone (!)
SHANE: Uh, one more thing. I'm gonna tell Dipi.
AMY: But you're separated.
SHANE: ... I know. I just got into a bad habit of keeping things from her, and I want to break that.
AMY: Mm... but will my life be in danger? She asks, only fifty percent joking.
SHANE: No. Mine on the other hand, not so sure about!
There's a knock at the door. It's Terese, who has come to give Amy the fresh uniform contract to sign. Terese asks if she's interrupted something, but they assure her not, and Shane leaves the two women to talk. Amy looks perturbed as he goes.
The Waterhole
Bea has joined Levi, Kyle and Roxy at their table, and they are filling her in on Sheila's eruption at David. Kyle is feeling sorry for 'Davo', but Roxy is more concerned about Sheila.
ROXY: She's heartbroken.
KYLE: That does not give her a green light to just go off at someone.
ROXY: Yeah, I know. But she still needs our unconditional support.
But when Sheila returns to the table, Kyle gives her a telling off for her treatment of David.
KYLE: Gran, that was worse than the time you went off at the umpire in the under- 14 grand final!
SHEILA: I just wanted him to know how I feel.
LEVI: You were way over the top, Gran.
KYLE: You can't tell everyone that you disagree with to get out of your pub.
ROXY: Guys, I thought we were gonna be supportive.
KYLE: We are. Family tell other family when they've stuffed up.
SHEILA: Well, thank you very much (!)
LEVI: Kyle's right, Gran. Look, we love you, and we'd do anything for you. But the position you put David in wasn't cool.
Lassiter's Complex
Yashvi and Ned are out walking; she tells him she has a good feeling about her parents' possible reunion, citing the way they've been looking at one another, and Dipi's decision to sell Pierce's necklace.
Dipi comes out of the café and asks them if Shane is at home. Yashvi tells her no, as he's gone to find Amy. Dipi's surprised as Shane has invited her over to the house; she decides to go and wait for him there anyway.
Yashvi smiles and wonders aloud whether Shane's invited Dipi over because he's happy that the two of them are getting closer again. Yashvi admits Kirsha told her about the grilling she gave Dipi en route to the airport last night.
DIPI: Yeah, I have been thinking about your dad and I.
DIPI: And... I want to give it another try.
YASHVI (excited, to Ned): Yes! I told you!
DIPI: But I don't want you kids to get your hopes up (...) It might simply just mean counselling.
YASHVI: Yeah, or moving back in.
DIPI: Or somewhere in between.
YASHVI: Well, you can't just move into the middle of the street.
DIPI: Look, I don't even know how your dad feels about me.
YASHVI: What, you didn't see how he was looking at you at Christmas?
DIPI: ... He was?
YASHVI: Absolutely.
Ned intervenes, evidently not wanting Yashvi to get her hopes up, either. He says they should let Dipi get going, and they wander off. But Dipi is smiling at the thought of getting back with Shane...
No 32
Clive and Jane are doing a crossword on the sofa, when David comes in. Clive has to go to work, but they agree to have dinner later. He asks if Jane has a particular venue in mind.
JANE: Tasmania sounds safe.
CLIVE: Look, don't be upset by this morning, okay?
JANE: It's hard when we know how hurt and angry she is.
DAVID: If you two are talking about Sheila, you should go wherever you want. She has no right to tell you how to live your lives (...) No- one wants to upset Sheila deliberately, but she can't control everything. Even though she tries.
David explains about his run- in with Sheila earlier, when she barred him from the pub because he wouldn't ban Clive from the house.
DAVID: If you two want to be with each other, be with each other. And you are welcome here any time, boss.
No 30
Dipi is in the sunroom when Shane arrives home, and he comes out to join her. She tells him she's glad he wanted to talk, because she does, too.
DIPI: I thought it'd be great to do that after Christmas, as a 'state of the nation'.
SHANE: It was a nice Christmas.
DIPI: It really was. So, I was thinking that -
SHANE: I kissed Amy Greenwood yesterday.
DIPI: ...
SHANE: Sorry, I didn't know how to say it. So I thought I'd just say it.
Dipi's face has fallen...
The Waterhole
Sheila is still holding court at the breakfast table with Roxy, Bea, Levi and Kyle. She wants them to get a present for Mark and Paige's baby, and had thought of knitting him a hat.
BEA: Or Levi could make a baby billy cart!
LEVI: One project at a time, thanks.
But Roxy drags the topic of conversation, most unhelpfully, back to Clive. Kyle doesn't want to rake over it again, and neither does Levi - so they both get up and leave. But Roxy beckons Bea closer so they can thrash out the state of play.
ROXY (to Sheila): Look, you and Clive are soulmates.
SHEILA: Yeah, but he's mating another soul at the moment.
ROXY: Rebound! What do him and Jane have in common, anyway?
BEA: Thirty years of friendship?
ROXY: Yeah, and that whole time, they never got together. What does that tell you?
BEA: Jane was living in another country.
ROXY: They have nothing on 'Shlive'. What would their couple name be, anyway? Clane, Jive? Meh.
SHEILA: Jane looked really happy.
ROXY: Her great love is Des, not Clive. I know it (...) They were married, weren't they? And they were happy. The only thing that split them up was because Nicolette said some dumb stuff. Jane said to me once, 'Good things don't come around often, so when they do, don't wreck them just because you're afraid.' (...) I think she was talking about Des.
SHEILA (hopeful): She was?
ROXY: Yeah, of course! She wrecked the relationship because Nicolette scared her off. And now she's confused one missed opportunity from the eighties with another!
SHEILA: That's right! It makes perfect sense now! Umm... I just need to go and do something.
As Sheila rushes off, Roxy looks pleased with herself - but Bea is annoyed.
BEA: Why did you say that? The boys were trying to calm her down.
ROXY: I just wanted to give her hope. I know there's still something there.
BEA: Jane never spoke about Des like that around me.
ROXY: Well, I'm pretty sure she implied it to me. I'm eighty- seven percent sure that Jane's not over Des!
BEA: And I'm pretty sure that's a made- up number.
ROXY: Sheila and Clive are Meant To Be Together™. He'll see that eventually.
No 30
Dipi and Shane are discussing his kiss with Amy. Dipi hopefully suggests it was just celebratory, following the Lassiter's uniform contract win, and asks if it was a peck on the cheek. But Shane admits it was on the lips, and not one- sided, either.
SHANE: But it was quick. And it stopped. Then it happened again, but...
DIPI: And now?
SHANE: Oh, we agreed it was a mistake. We're just friends. I just wanted to be upfront with you.
DIPI: No, thank you for telling me.
SHANE: You're not angry.
DIPI: I don't have a right to be. We're not together.
SHANE: That doesn't really answer the question.
DIPI: ... Yeah, I was surprised. But we took time apart to grow. And this is growing.
But neither of them look very satisfied with this.
SHANE: ... Okay. Umm... so, you wanted to talk 'state of the nation'?
But Dipi plays down the significance, suggesting she only wanted to talk about them potentially taking a family trip to Sydney together...
Erinsborough Hospital
Clive is outside the main doors, making a restaurant booking for dinner tonight, when Jane turns up.
CLIVE: Sheila didn't leave any horses' heads in your bedroom or anything, did she?
JANE: I was thinking about tonight.
Clive says he's reserved them a table at an eatery in Williamstown, but Jane thinks they should stay local.
JANE: With full, non- discreet hand- holding above the table!
CLIVE: You sure?
JANE: No. But I want to try. I used to let my grandmother bully me about who I could date.
CLIVE: I remember. I used to feel sorry for you and Mike.
JANE: I don't want to do that again! I hate that I've hurt a friend... but I want to give us the best possible chance.
Jane suggests they head to his office to 'take a break'.
CLIVE: I thought we weren't doing the closed- door thing anymore?
JANE: Sometimes closed doors can be fun!
Clive readily goes along with this!
Lassiter's Complex
Dipi is cleaning tables outside Harold's, when Yashvi and Ned appear; Yashvi approaches Dipi, wanting to know how the chat went with Shane, while Ned stands a distance away.
DIPI: ... He kissed Amy Greenwood.
Dipi admits that Shane said it was a one- off and wouldn't happen again, and claims she's glad he was honest with her. But she says she couldn't tell him about wanting to get back together after hearing that; she now has 'no idea' whether she'll bring it up. Yashvi looks disappointed.
DIPI: Even after what I've done, I just... I didn't think your dad would move on. And especially not this fast. So, I... Yeah, I dunno.
YASHVI: This is just so annoying.
DIPI: Well, I'm hardly one to judge.
YASHVI: You're allowed to be upset.
DIPI: No, I'm not.
YASHVI: Yeah, you are.
The Waterhole
Amy is at a table on her laptop, when Shane appears. Amy asks how the conversation with Dipi went. Shane claims it was 'fine' and that she thanked him for being honest.
AMY: Were you looking for a different reaction?
SHANE: I dunno what I was looking for. I never thought I'd have to say anything like that to her.
AMY: She's not gonna come after me or anything, is she?
SHANE: Nah, nah. She seemed fine.
AMY: So, what now between you two?
SHANE: Honestly don't know.
AMY: Okay. Well, umm, can we keep being friends? Provided you can keep your hands off me.
They both laugh; Shane reckons he can be trusted. Amy's pleased, as she was looking forward to working on the lip- sync contest for the Sonya Foundation together. Amy suggests that all the contestants could sing Sonya's favourite songs. Shane thinks it's an awesome idea, and is sure Toadie will agree. Shane goes to get some drinks, and Amy looks slightly wistful.
No 32 / Lassiter's Complex
David, who is at home, takes a phone call from Sheila, who's at the complex. She apologises for the way she spoke to him earlier, saying she had no right to bar him from the pub.
SHEILA: I was just so angry and frustrated, and I took it out on you, and I'm so sorry!
DAVID (weary): Heartache's made me do silly things, too. So... thank you.
SHEILA: Still friends?
DAVID: Well, I have told Clive he's welcome here any time...
SHEILA: I appreciate you telling me that.
DAVID: Then, still friends?
Sheila promises to buy him some 'apology doughnuts', and won't take no for an answer! The call ends amicably. Terese appears next to Sheila, telling her she's just sent her the phone number she wanted.
TERESE: Do you mind if I ask you why you want to talk to Des Clarke?
Sheila claims she wanted his advice on mortgages, but it's clearly an excuse - and once Terese has gone, Sheila eagerly rings Des.
SHEILA: Des? ... Yes, it's Sheila Canning... Yeah, we met at your wedding... Yeah, with Clive... I have some interesting information about Jane Harris for you...
Coming up on Neighbours
- Clive suggests to Jane they 'take it a step further'; she asks if he wants to end things
- Nicolette consoles a tearful Jane, who's upset about Clive
- Harlow tells Terese she's really worried about Hendrix
- The blackjack continues; Kane tells Hendrix he wants him to win so he can get his money back
- Jay tells Hendrix to stop playing, but Hendrix says Kane 'owns' him and won't let him
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Shane Rebecchi, Amy Greenwood in Neighbours Episode 8525
Shane Rebecchi, Amy Greenwood

Shane Rebecchi, Amy Greenwood in Neighbours Episode 8525
Shane Rebecchi, Amy Greenwood

Clive Gibbons, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 8525
Clive Gibbons, Jane Harris

Sheila Canning, Dipi Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8525
Sheila Canning, Dipi Rebecchi

Levi Canning, Bea Nilsson in Neighbours Episode 8525
Levi Canning, Bea Nilsson

Jane Harris, Sheila Canning, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 8525
Jane Harris, Sheila Canning, Clive Gibbons

Shane Rebecchi, Yashvi Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8525
Shane Rebecchi, Yashvi Rebecchi

Levi Canning, Kyle Canning, Roxy Willis, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 8525
Levi Canning, Kyle Canning, Roxy Willis, Sheila Canning

Levi Canning, Sheila Canning, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8525
Levi Canning, Sheila Canning, David Tanaka

Amy Greenwood, Shane Rebecchi, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8525
Amy Greenwood, Shane Rebecchi, Terese Willis

Bea Nilsson, Levi Canning, Kyle Canning, Roxy Willis in Neighbours Episode 8525
Bea Nilsson, Levi Canning, Kyle Canning, Roxy Willis

Yashvi Rebecchi, Ned Willis in Neighbours Episode 8525
Yashvi Rebecchi, Ned Willis

Yashvi Rebecchi, Dipi Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8525
Yashvi Rebecchi, Dipi Rebecchi

David Tanaka, Clive Gibbons, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 8525
David Tanaka, Clive Gibbons, Jane Harris

Shane Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8525
Shane Rebecchi

Dipi Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8525
Dipi Rebecchi

Bea Nilsson, Roxy Willis, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 8525
Bea Nilsson, Roxy Willis, Sheila Canning

Shane Rebecchi, Dipi Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8525
Shane Rebecchi, Dipi Rebecchi

Clive Gibbons, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 8525
Clive Gibbons, Jane Harris

Dipi Rebecchi, Yashvi Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8525
Dipi Rebecchi, Yashvi Rebecchi

Shane Rebecchi, Amy Greenwood in Neighbours Episode 8525
Shane Rebecchi, Amy Greenwood

Sheila Canning, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8525
Sheila Canning, Terese Willis

Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 8525
Sheila Canning

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