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Neighbours Episode 8469 from 2020 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8469
Australian airdate: 09/10/20
UK airdate: 30/10/20
Writer: Jessica Paine
Director: Tony Gardiner and Scott Major
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- David and Aaron's ceiling caves in, showering them with discount supermarket goods
- Aaron and David angrily confront Karl and Jane about storing canned food in their roof
- Nicolette tells Sheila that Levi and Clive could both lose their jobs due to her meddling
- Levi asks Sheila when she's going to learn
- Clive tells Sheila they are not breaking up; she replies, 'yes we are'
- Nicolette overhears Pierce suggesting to Chloe that Nic is more important to her than he is
- Chloe's unimpressed when Pierce tries to placate her with an expensive necklace after their row
- But Dipi's watching, and is unimpressed with Chloe's lack of gratitude
- At the pub, Chloe admits to Shane that Pierce is staying at the hotel after their awful fight
- A conflicted Pierce contemplates calling Dipi
- In the hotel room with Pierce, Dipi tries on Chloe's necklace, then begins to undress...
- Pierce tells Dipi, 'I don't want you to stop', as they look at one another lustfully
In Pierce's hotel room, we pan across the floor, where clothes are strewn everywhere, and up towards the bed. A topless Pierce is under the covers, looking conflicted. A half- drunk bottle of wine stands on the desk. Dipi emerges from the bathroom in a bathrobe.
DIPI: So, that was...
PIERCE ... Yeah.
Dipi goes to put the necklace back in the box, commenting again how beautiful it is. She sits on the bed next to Pierce.
PIERCE: Are you okay?
DIPI: I honestly don't now.
PIERCE: Yeah, well - that makes two of us.
DIPI: It was a mistake, obviously. But, I think I just... Before Shane, I hadn't been with many other men. It was one awkward encounter, actually. I was young. I didn't know what I was doing, and neither did he. And then... and then there was Shane... I don't know why I'm telling you all this.
PIERCE: It's okay. It's...
DIPI: ... Maybe put a shirt on?
Pierce obeys.
PIERCE: Look, if it makes you feel better, I've never done anything like this, either.
DIPI: We polished off those bottles a little too quickly.
PIERCE: We both know this started before we cracked open the bottles.
DIPI: I'm not... This isn't the start of...
DIPI: I... I love my husband.
PIERCE: And I love my wife.
DIPI: Is it strange I'm more certain of that now?
PIERCE: Maybe this is the key. You know, we've done it, and it's like all that pressure that's been building up between us, it's now...
DIPI: It's out of our system.
PIERCE: Exactly.
DIPI: I feel guilty, but... I feel lighter somehow.
PIERCE: Yeah, me too.
DIPI: Because it was a one- time thing.
PIERCE: And now we can focus properly on the right people.
No 28
Susan is on the phone to Elly, while Jane makes a tea, and Hendrix hangs out on the sofa. Susan finishes up the call, and notes that Elly sounded 'a bit off'. We learn that Hendrix and Susan have been watching the reality TV show 'Love Capsule' together until the phone call came through.
HENDRIX: What did Mickey think was gonna happen? He knows there was no bathroom door on that capsule.
SUSAN: Lara could've looked away!
HENDRIX: Oh, and lose the eye contact challenge?
JANE: I really don't understand the appeal of this show.
SUSAN: You're the one who suggested I watch it, so that I could keep up with the students!
JANE: Yes, well, I meant once or twice, just to get the gist of it. I never expected you to become president of the fan club!
But Hendrix calls time on the 'negative energy', saying he gets enough of that at home.
Karl comes in, and quietly shows Jane a message he's had from Nicolette - it's a bill for the ceiling repairs at No 32. He's annoyed that she's gone ahead and done the work, and sent him an invoice, depriving him of the opportunity to cut costs by organising it himself! He's even more annoyed when Jane notes that Nicolette has billed him for 'catering' as part of the invoice!
KARL: That's outrageous! Cheek of the girl!
Susan rolls her eyes as she listens to all this.
JANE: Well, that's Nicolette for you - always pushing the boundaries.
KARL: I'm gonna demand to see receipts.
JANE: That way, madness lies. She won't budge.
SUSAN: Nor should she!
KARL: Your sympathy is noted, dear.
Karl whispers to Jane that they can't let Nicolette get away with this; she has to talk to her.
JANE: Oh, no, I'm not getting in the middle of this.
KARL: You're not in the middle - you're on my side! (...) Jane, you hate overpaying as much as I do!
Susan and Hendrix exchange a weary glance as Karl chases Jane out of the room.
SUSAN: And people reckon reality TV's ridiculous!
No 30
The following morning at breakfast, Mackenzie gets a message from Rose Walker, and informs Toadie that things are 'better than ever' with Rose.
TOADIE: Oh, good! Nothing makes a woman realise that she still loves her husband more than going on a date with me, eh?
Shane finds this highly amusing, but Dipi is obviously distracted. Mackenzie remarks that it's a shame Yashvi had to start work early, as everyone's working so hard and they never get any family time. Shane apologises if he woke Dipi last night, coming home from the late shift. She says she didn't notice.
TOADIE (to Dipi): You had a late one last night, too, didn't ya?
DIPI: ... Yeah, uh, I decided to treat myself to a massage on the way home.
Toadie asks 'how hard' the massage was, saying he's looking for masseuse recommendations.
DIPI: I won't be going back for more.
Dipi suggests to Shane that they do something fun together this morning. He suggests going for a walk.
DIPI: Or we could work on that jewellery box together.
SHANE: Really? You want to do that?
DIPI: If I'm doing it with you. I know you hit a bit of a wall with it, but... together, we can push through anything, can't we?
SHANE: You and me? Damn straight.
Mackenzie and Toadie decide to make themselves scarce and give Shane and Dipi some space, Toadie explaining on his way out that Nell and Hugo are being looked after by David today, so they have the whole house to themselves. Shane and Dipi get his drift, but Dipi pretends not to.
DIPI: Means we could, uh, spread out the craft supplies properly.
Shane smiles, and she leaves the room, looking conflicted.
The Waterhole
Clive comes in and finds Sheila at work. He wants to know why he had to hear from David that she was back from Frankston. Sheila reminds Clive that they've broken up.
CLIVE: Well, can't we make up? That's the fun part.
SHEILA: This isn't a joke, Clive.
CLIVE: You're not a cruel person, but this is beginning to feel like torture. At least tell me why - what happened?
SHEILA: It's over. That's all there is to say.
Clive walks out, frustrated; and Sheila is even more frustrated, taking out her anger by shouting at the sugar sachets on one of the tables! Terese witnesses this and checks in with Sheila, saying she knows break- ups are hard but urging her to calm down. Sheila continues to fume as Terese walks away.
No 26
Clive is trying to persuade Kyle to intervene with Sheila on his behalf. Kyle says he's been trying to persuade Sheila to change her mind about breaking up with Clive, but got nowhere.
KYLE: Better luck headbutting a hardwood floor!
Clive asks if Sheila has told him why she ended it. Kyle says it's not his place to say.
CLIVE: Is she happy?
KYLE: Well, Auntie Jackie made me promise to keep her away from sharp objects.
CLIVE: Okay. That tells you something needs to be done.
Kyle grudgingly agrees to talk to Sheila for him.
No 24 / New York
At No 24, Hendrix is chatting via video link to Harlow. She's in New York, on her way to the airport in a taxi to fly back to Australia, following her work as environmental consultant at Lassiter's HQ.
HENDRIX: I was worried Greta inspired you to flag a boat.
Harlow brags about all the amazing people she met at Lassiter's; it's made her realise she wants to do environmental science when she leaves school. This means she really needs to ace her biology exam. Hendrix assures her she'll smash it, provided she makes it home in time.
As Hendrix goes to his room, Pierce comes in, and greets Chloe who's in the kitchen. He apologises for his stunt with the necklace.
PIERCE: I hate that I made you feel like I was trying to buy you, okay? Even Hendrix could see it was a mistake, and I just...
CHLOE: Defaulted to your factory settings?
PIERCE: Yeah. And the thing with Audrey - it was uncalled for.
Chloe admits that she felt like Pierce was ignoring the issue when he presented her with the necklace.
CHLOE: Nicolette asked me to hang out last night. I said no, because you are my priority. I need you to believe me when I tell you, you always are.
PIERCE: And you're always mine.
CHLOE: Well, look at us - talking about things like real grown- ups! Maybe you should spend the night at the hotel more often!
Pierce looks shifty.
The Waterhole
Kyle comes in, and quickly ascertains Sheila's in a bad mood.
KYLE: I might stick to this side of the table.
SHEILA: Don't underestimate my throwing arm.
KYLE: I'm here on behalf of Clive. You stuffed up, Gran. We all do it.
SHEILA: Me more than others.
KYLE: Messing with Levi's evaluation was a doozy. But it's done now. And no- one was hurt.
SHEILA: Doesn't make it right!
KYLE: But surely it makes it a little less wrong. Which has to mean you can stop punishing yourself. He just wants to talk. Why can't you be together? He never has to know what you did.
SHEILA: But I'll know. And it's not just about that. It's about all the other stupid things I've done. He deserves so much better.
KYLE: Yeah, he does. He's a wreck! Let's be honest, Gran - you both are.
SHEILA: I'll get over it. So will Clive.
KYLE: Do you still love him?
SHEILA: Of course I do.
KYLE: Isn't that all that matters?
SHEILA: No. It's not.
She walks away sadly.
Lassiter's Complex
Kyle reports back to Clive that while he doesn't want to get his hopes up, he thinks he's still in with a shot.
KYLE: Gran still loves you.
CLIVE: Well, she's got a funny way of showing it.
Kyle tells Clive it's time to 'go big or go home', with extreme measures like skywriting or fireworks.
KYLE: Actually, how's your singing voice?
CLIVE: Horrific.
KYLE: Sometimes that can work.
Kyle asks what 'big, romantic gestures' have worked for Clive in the past. He recalls the time when Sheila dressed as a gorilla, which in turn recalled his own stint as a gorillagram. This gives Kyle an idea.
CLIVE: No, the gorilla's done.
KYLE: No, no, this is even better.
Kyle asks a passing Terese if she'd give Sheila the afternoon off. Terese is happy to, since Sheila's foul mood is turning the pub into a ghost town - she can have the whole day!
KYLE: Okay, next question. Do either of you own a cage?
No 30
Dipi and Shane are working on the jewellery box together. Dipi says it looks exactly like her grandmother's - he's done a beautiful job.
SHANE: Technically, we both have. Now all I need to do is get you a diamond necklace to go in it.
DIPI: ... Something made with love means far more than anything like that.
SHANE: Well, that's good. Because all I'm rich with at the moment is promises.
They recall the IOUs Shane used to give Dipi in lieu of gifts when they were younger.
SHANE: I snuck in a few bedroom- related ones, too.
DIPI: ... I remember.
SHANE: Strikes me I left some of them unpaid. And we do have the house to themselves.
Dipi looks uncomfortable, but covers by saying...
DIPI: I want to finish making this. It feels important for us.
Shane gets stuck to the jewellery box with glue, and Dipi goes to fetch the solvent!
No 28
Karl and Jane are arguing about which of them should be paying the lion's share of the ceiling repair costs at No 32! Jane thinks Karl should.
JANE: I paid for the greater share of the stock in the first place!
KARL: Well, yeah, exactly! The stock ruined the ceiling, and most of it was yours, so you should pay the higher percentage.
Susan is standing nearby listening to this, distinctly unimpressed. When Jane suggests working out the total weight of the items and then cross- referencing that with the receipts, Susan can take no more!
SUSAN: Stop it! Just stop it right now!
She tells them they've sunk to a whole new low. Karl suggests Susan is impartial so can arbitrate! She tells him absolutely not - she has had enough.
SUSAN: My life has been challenging enough living with one cheapskate - I can't deal with another one. Either this ends, or... or... Jane moves out.
No 24
Pierce and Chloe seem in a much better place, and are discussing the likelihood that Hendrix has been trying to entice them to go on 'Love Capsule'.
PIERCE: Explains the random text asking how I feel about confined spaces!
The conversation leads on to Chloe explaining how she told Hendrix, during his attempt to secretly personality- test her for the show, that she plans on loving Pierce for the rest of her life. Pierce replies he couldn't love her more than he does right now - but looks a bit sheepish.
No 28
Jane and Karl come crawling to Susan; they've discussed it between themselves, and agree that she has a point!
JANE: I feel terrible, Susan. You've taken me in, you've given me work, and I've repaid you with stress. It's unacceptable, I know.
KARL: Nicolette's been paid. No more arguments.
SUSAN: Wonderful.
JANE: ... And you'll be pleased to know we've decided on a boundary for any future household shopping.
KARL: Yes. Our bargain buys will be limited to what we can fit under the house.
SUSAN: ... No. No, I don't think so (...) Under the house is off- limits to both of you.
KARL: Did you hear the bit about how we're gonna rein it in?
SUSAN: Don't need you to rein it in. I need you to stop. We have to treat this like the addiction that it is.
JANE: So, there's no time for us to... wean?
SUSAN: No. Cold turkey. No ifs, no buts.
KARL: ... No more bulk buys. I could live with that.
JANE: Sensible weekly grocery shopping. Understood.
Karl and Jane look devastated!
SUSAN: Good! Sanity prevails at last.
Susan smiles to herself as Karl and Jane slink off to their respective bedrooms, and returns to her book!
The Waterhole
Terese is annoying Sheila by hanging around the bar area to work.
SHEILA: Don't you have an office here?
TERESE: I guess I'm just a sucker for good company (!)
Kyle comes rushing in, telling Sheila she's got to come home now.
KYLE: It's Clive! He's kidnapping your garden gnomes! And he won't give them back until he talks to you!
Sheila is sceptical, until Kyle shows her a picture on his phone of several gnomes locked in a cage! Nonetheless, she can't leave as she's understaffed, she says. But Terese intervenes, saying it sounds important and that Sheila should go now - Terese will cover things here. Sheila rushes off with Kyle to rescue the gnomes...
Lassiter's Lake
Pierce and Chloe are out for a walk, and run into Shane and Dipi, who've had the same idea. Chloe thanks Shane for letting her whine to him at the bar last night, and invites Shane and Dipi to join them for a coffee. Dipi and Pierce look uncomfortable, but Shane takes her up on the offer before either can object.
Deciding to sit outside, Chloe and Shane go to fetch the coffees, leaving Pierce and Dipi to grab a bench. As they walk away, Chloe tells Shane he was right - having some space did her and Pierce a lot of good, and they clicked again this morning. Shane says he and Dipi had similar success over their arts and crafts session.
SHANE: Even though I did accidentally glue myself to Dipi's box!
Meanwhile, at the bench...
PIERCE: I wanted to text, but what I wanted to say just felt...
DIPI: Weird?
PIERCE: Yeah, to put it mildly. How have things been for you and Shane since last night?
DIPI: Oddly good. It all felt easier today.
PIERCE: Yeah, for us, too.
DIPI: Well, that's great. It's like we got it out of our system. I know that sounds crazy, saying it out loud.
PIERCE: I mean, it's hard to deny the results.
DIPI: Now we never need to speak of it again.
PIERCE: Putting it behind us.
DIPI: We're all moving forward.
No 28
Karl and Jane are at home when Mackenzie turns up - Karl's discount wholesale catalogue has been delivered to No 30 by mistake. Karl goes to take it from Mackenzie, but Jane objects!
KARL: We can peruse the catalogue, can't we?
JANE: I think Susan would argue that perusing is a slippery slope.
KARL: Well, we're lucky Susan's not here, aren't we?
MACKENZIE: I don't want to cause a problem.
KARL: No, no, there's no problem - I'll take that off your hands.
JANE (to Mackenzie): Don't give it to him. (to Karl) You promised. We promised.
Jane reminds Karl that she could get the boot if Susan catches them - so forces a mortified Karl to ask Mackenzie to take the catalogue away and shred it!
MACKENZIE (confused): Okay... I will take care of it.
Mackenzie leaves. Karl looks like he's almost grieving.
JANE: This isn't easy for me, either, Karl. We have to be strong.
No 26
Sheila arrives in the back garden to find Clive cooking on the barbecue - dressed up in a gnome costume!
CLIVE: The whole gnome- napping thing was a ruse to get you here. I know that they are some of your favourite things, and I would like to be one of your favourite things, too. You still care for me, and we both 'gnome' it.
SHEILA: You are the sweetest man ever.
CLIVE: And I am much sweeter if I'm allowed to be by your side.
Sheila looks as if she's about to relent, but then declares...
SHEILA: No, no - this is not gonna work!
She rushes away from Clive, and he goes to chase her, but knocks into the barbecue in the process. Kyle, who has been watching their conversation from a distance, rushes in to stop the barbecue toppling over. But in vain - Clive and the barbecue fall to the floor, and Kyle shrieks in agony as he's burned by the hot barbecue...
Coming up on Neighbours
- Someone asks Ned what happened; he replies, 'someone hit me'
- Levi tells Bea that if Ned's innocent, he'll celebrate clearing his name
- A troubled- looking Ned tells Yashvi he's made a decision
- We see Ned in handcuffs
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 in Neighbours Episode 8469

Pierce Greyson, Dipi Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8469
Pierce Greyson, Dipi Rebecchi

Susan Kennedy, Hendrix Greyson, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 8469
Susan Kennedy, Hendrix Greyson, Jane Harris

Hendrix Greyson, Jane Harris, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8469
Hendrix Greyson, Jane Harris, Karl Kennedy

Toadie Rebecchi, Mackenzie Hargreaves, Shane Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8469
Toadie Rebecchi, Mackenzie Hargreaves, Shane Rebecchi

Dipi Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8469
Dipi Rebecchi

Sheila Canning, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 8469
Sheila Canning, Clive Gibbons

Sheila Canning, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8469
Sheila Canning, Terese Willis

Clive Gibbons, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 8469
Clive Gibbons, Kyle Canning

Harlow Robinson, Hendrix Greyson in Neighbours Episode 8469
Harlow Robinson, Hendrix Greyson

Harlow Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8469
Harlow Robinson

Chloe Brennan, Pierce Greyson in Neighbours Episode 8469
Chloe Brennan, Pierce Greyson

Kyle Canning, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 8469
Kyle Canning, Sheila Canning

Kyle Canning, Terese Willis, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 8469
Kyle Canning, Terese Willis, Clive Gibbons

Dipi Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8469
Dipi Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi

Jane Harris, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8469
Jane Harris, Karl Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8469
Susan Kennedy

Chloe Brennan, Pierce Greyson in Neighbours Episode 8469
Chloe Brennan, Pierce Greyson

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 8469
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Jane Harris

Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 8469
Sheila Canning

Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8469
Terese Willis

Shane Rebecchi, Dipi Rebecchi, Chloe Brennan, Pierce Greyson in Neighbours Episode 8469
Shane Rebecchi, Dipi Rebecchi, Chloe Brennan, Pierce Greyson

Dipi Rebecchi, Pierce Greyson in Neighbours Episode 8469
Dipi Rebecchi, Pierce Greyson

Karl Kennedy, Mackenzie Hargreaves, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 8469
Karl Kennedy, Mackenzie Hargreaves, Jane Harris

Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 8469
Clive Gibbons

Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 8469
Kyle Canning

Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 8469
Sheila Canning

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