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Neighbours Episode 8440 from 2020 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
Episode title: 8440
Australian airdate: 31/08/20
UK airdate: 21/09/20
Writer: Sue Hore
Director: Iain Pirret and Tenika Smith
Guests: Rose Walker: Lucy Durack
- "Strange Dreams" by Nic Cester
- "Wolverines" by George Hadfield
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
- Yashvi almost catching Ned naked as he takes photos for his Fandangle fan.
- Toadie thrilled with Rose, his new PA... who unknowingly is trying to get into his computer!
- Dipi devastated by what Shane has done and taking it out on Roxy.
- Dipi breaking down.
Harold's café
Dipi apologises to Pierce over him over what he saw and reassures her she has nothing to apologise for and jokes with her that there are more broken plates than at a Greek wedding! That at least gets a laugh before she gets up off the floor and goes to check she hasn't scared off the customers... and then to go and speak to Roxy. The newly arrived Toadie explains that Kyle's taken Roxy home, as she was shaken up. Dipi admits she shouldn't have taken her temper out on the lass. "Right now, you need to focus on you," and Toadie plans on taking her home after Pierce volunteers to clean the kitchen up.
Number 26
After hearing what happened to Roxy, when she and Kyle arrived home, Sheila offers to make the lass a cuppa... which is really an excuse to get the full story from Kyle in the kitchen. "Dipi must be going through hell right now," Sheila remarks after hearing what happened.
Number 22/Number 28
Ned is somewhat bemused to open an envelope and find some pictures of Karl in it (from his The Right Prescription days) until he gets a call explaining why - they are to replace the ones in the Ramsay Street book he has borrowed from Toadie for his exhibition. Karl volunteers to come over and help him pick one but Ned manages to put him off.
Ned's happy mood is quickly dampened when he gets an email from Eden Hills Catering asking for payment upfront ($4000) for his forthcoming event!
Number 30
Toadie has gotten Dipi home but her silence is somewhat freaking him out. She explains to him that Shane knew how to react when [he knew] something was bothering her - rubbing her back and dishing out the reassurance, thus knowing he had her back.
DIPI: I don't have that any more.
TOADIE: Yes you do, Shane is just off getting treatment, he will be back.
DIPI: What if it doesn't work? Nothing's certain right now except I'm alone. I hate him so much for doing this, but I just feel so empty without him.
Their chat is interrupted when Sheila calls round to see how her friend is doing. Toad uses this visit to show Dipi that she isn't alone like she thinks, she's got plenty of people by her side.
SHEILA: We're all here for you love.
Dipi thanks her friend for stopping by, but explains "it's not the same," before deciding to head to bed.
Number 22 (next day)
Kyle comes over to see how Ned is doing on his opening day only to find him looking rather dishevelled as everything is staring to get on top of him. However, it looks like at least his financial woes could be solved... if he does a video of him stripping for his Fandangle fan. "Don't tell me you're thinking about doing it," a concerned Kyle says but Ned is already seeing $'s in his eyes... all 2000 of them towards the necessary burden of what is needed to get his career launched. Kyle reminds him he hasn't said anything to Yashvi about the photo, so how will he tell her about the video! "Yashvi will understand," Ned replies and once she sees the exhibition, will agree that what Ned did was "worth it."
KYLE: You drop one ball mate and you're stuffed.
Rebecchi Law
Toadie gets the scare of his life when he goes into his desk drawer and sees a spider... but its just a fake one thanks to Rose!
The Waterhole
Roxy, Pierce and Sheila are comparing notes on Dipi and how she isn't handling things. The lass is really down about her role in things and Pierce tries to explain that Dipi is the strong one in the family and needs an outlet. "Something to ease the pressure?" Sheila adds in for clarification. "I think I have an idea," Roxy says having had a brainwave.
Erinsborough Hive
The lyrics of 'Strange dreams' seem quite apt as Ned gets his equipment ready to take the video for his Fandangle fan. Any hesitation in what he is about to do goes out the window after a text message from Eden Hills Catering demanding payment.
Rebecchi Law
Rose seems quite worried when Toadie asks for a chat before she starts work for the day... that is until she finds out what he wants to talk about - the joke she played on him by placing the spider in his drawer.
"Can of worms," Toadie mutters after he gets is own back on Rose - scaring her with exploding worms when she opened her desk drawer.
The Waterhole
From the conversation Sheila and Roxy have... they've got a cunning plan to help Dipi, but we just don't know what it actually is!
Roxy decides it's best if she goes count something to not be there when Dipi arrives and seconds after she's left, Pierce escorts Dipi into the bar. She isn't sure why she is in the bar but seconds later all is revealed - they have set the place up to do karaoke! Dipi isn't at all impressed at being dragged to the pub for this, so they explain the rationale behind their idea.
SHEILA: Put the miserable back into Les Misérables.
Erinsborough Hive
Ned receives a message from his Fandangle fan to say that the money has been transferred.
Harold's café
Toadie does the intros between Rose and Karl after she came into the café and confirms the office is animal free (they've to explain that bit to Karl). Rose finds a bit of ammunition to get back at Toadie with when Karl informs her that for every cream slice Toadie has, he's to do a 5km bike ride.
After she heads to the counter to order, Karl tells Toadie that he likes her. Toad puts quick stop to Karl trying any matchmaking after reminding his friend that he is Rose's boss and it would be highly inappropriate.
The Waterhole
Sheila's performance has gone down well with those gathered and it's time for Dipi to strut her stuff now, albeit very reluctantly. However a smile appears on her face once she starts to get into the swing of things.
Erinsborough Hive
Kyle is impressed with how Ned has set the place up when he calls by for a visit... but isn't impressed to hear that his friend did the video. Ned assures his mate that even if the video goes viral, his identity is hidden (Ned made sure the video was only capturing from his shoulders downwards).
NED: I've failed enough times in my life, I'm not going to fail with this exhibition. I did what I had to do.
Rebecchi Law
Temptation finally gets to Toadie and he tentatively opens the cake box that Rose brought back from Harold's... and finds it contains an actual vanilla slice! He was sure there was going to be some sort of revenge prank in the box, so seems chuffed that there isn't... even if it means a 5km bike ride!
Rose's phone goes off (a private call) and he tells her to take it while he ducks out for a coffee to have with his vanilla slice. Whoever it is, Rose isn't amused that they called - they are checking up to see if she got into Toadie's computer yet (no) and informs the caller they'll be told once that happens. Before she hangs up, she warns the caller not to call again!
The Waterhole
"I am all sung out," Dipi declares after taking a well- earned seat. She has a huge smile on her face now, compared to how she was when she first started singing and admits that she does feel better before thanking Sheila and Pierce for talking her into singing.
DIPI: I've got a long way to go but I have to admit, you were both right. Shane's not here but at least I know that he's not the only one on my team.
She then sincerely thanks them, but they have to confess that the idea wasn't there's and both look round to where Roxy is standing behind the bar.
Dipi makes her way over to the bar and admits to Roxy when asked, that she wouldn't have participated if she'd known whose idea it was. "I'm so sorry for how I handled things with Shane," Roxy says sincerely to Dipi, conceding though that it was wrong to keep quiet. "It's okay," Dipi replies back, admitting that things could have been worse if Shane didn't have her as a friend.
DIPI: Thank you for being there for him.
Number 22
Ned gets a message back from his Fandangle fan saying that the video was very nice. The message also says, 'can't wait to meet you' and that it 'feels like we have a deep connection.' Just as he is about to close his laptop he gets notification of another message from his fan:
C U in Erinsborough soon.
Cue a worried Ned as the episode ends!
Coming up on Neighbours
- Yashvi trying to get Levi onboard to help her dad.
- River on the phone wanting protection.
- Kyle urging Ned to come clean to Yashvi.
- Pierce wanting answers from his wife.
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