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Neighbours Episode 8418 from 2020 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8418
Australian airdate: 30/07/20
UK airdate:
Writer: Linda Stainton
Director: Guy Strachan and Scott Major
Guests: Jenna Donaldson: Anna Lise Phillips
Emmett Donaldson: Ezra Justin
Brent Colefax: Texas Watterson
Summary/Images by: Carly/Graham
- Paul inviting Harlow to shadow him at work
- Susan offering Jane a job at the school
- Aaron finding a photo of Emmett's mum to put in the house
- Harlow being nice to Brent
- Brent harassing Harlow and scaring her
- Brent smashing things and accidentally elbowing Aaron's face
Ramsay Street
Aaron chases Brent up the Number 32 driveway and tells him that running away won't solve anything. Emmett follows them to find out what's going on. Brent angrily says he's being kicked out, but Aaron adds that there's way more to the story. Emmett looks distraught as Brent walks away and mutters "how could you?" to Aaron before heading back inside, leaving Aaron stressed.
Number 32
David is cleaning up Brent's mess in the kitchen when Emmett finds him and demands they get his brother back. Aaron listens from the hallway as David explains that Brent can't stay with them anymore. Emmett wants to know why.
DAVID: It's complicated but he did the wrong thing.
EMMETT: I've done the wrong thing heaps of times and you haven't kicked me out.
DAVID: This was different.
DAVID: It's better if you don't know.
EMMETT: Tell me.
DAVID: ... Your brother was being inappropriate with Harlow.
Emmett doesn't know how to respond to this news and walks out. Aaron tells David he'll let Harlow know what has transpired.
Number 28
Karl tries to be subtle about arranging to meet Susan and Bea for morning tea, but Susan smiles, knowing he's making an effort to check in on her. Susan claims she's fine now that the Department is off her back. She's also pleased that Jane is on relief duty today for Year 9 English. Karl thinks it'll be nice they'll have each other to debrief with, which Susan agrees with. She just wishes she could offer Jane a more permanent position. Jane's happy with being flexible, though, in case Nicolette wants to build bridges one day. Susan chirpily says they should get their day started, but can't help but appear slightly worried when Jane and Karl aren't focusing on her.
Number 22
Paul's incredibly angry about what Brent did to Harlow and says the "little creep" should pay for what he did. Harlow says he already is: Aaron and David have asked him to leave. Paul starts to get on another rant before Terese shuts him down. She says what Brent did was unacceptable, but David and Aaron can't erase the fact that Brent and Emmett are family. Paul thinks that he should postpone Harlow shadowing him at work that afternoon in light of what went on this morning. Harlow insists that she's fine and wants to carry on, but Paul puts his foot down and says he wants her to relax after school and look after herself.
Number 32 Backyard
Aaron holds an icepack to his face after he and David tried to explain the events leading up to Brent's departure to Emmett. Aaron is frustrated with himself for the way he handled everything and thinks he should have tried harder to make things right. David says the agency will handle things from here on out, and is upset that Harlow was put in that position with Brent. Aaron knows what Brent did was horrible, and he's not defending him, but he believes the teen needs help.
AARON: Sure, we can let him go and he won't be our problem anymore, but he might go and do the same thing over and over again.
DAVID: I don't know about us. But do you remember Leila telling us about therapeutic residential care? Brent would get access to therapy and then his foster carers would be trained how to handle him once he got out.
AARON: I don't know. He's nearly eighteen, they might just want to wash their hands of him.
David looks unsure so Aaron says he'll give Leila another call.
Erinsborough High
Hendrix is upset that Harlow didn't tell him about what happened with Brent earlier, but Harlow says she had it handled.
HENDRIX: I should have been there. I would have handled it.
HARLOW: No, I did just fine on my own.
HENDRIX: Still, if I was there I would have...
HARLOW: Why? Because I'm a girl and you're a guy?
HENDRIX: ... Maybe.
Harlow appreciates Hendrix wanting to protect her but it's over now. Hendrix double checks that she's all right and says he's sorry she had to go through it. Harlow admits that she's more worried about Paul not letting her shadow him at work later on. She believes his 'sympathy' could all be an act so he doesn't have to implement any changes at the hotel. Hendrix smiles and says that if she thinks Paul is playing games then she should start her own I.e. just turn up after school and follow him around anyway.
Meanwhile, Susan speaks with Jane in her office and tells her she has a follow- up conference call with the Department today. Jane wishes her luck but Susan was actually wondering if Jane would sit in on the call with her. Jane's confused as she's only there as a relief teacher, but Susan explains that Jane was such a big help last time. Susan's relieved when Jane says yes.
Ramsay Street
Emmett finds David and Aaron out the front of the house and tells them he tried to call Brent but he didn't answer. His brother did text, though, and say he was fine. David asks if Brent said where he was, but Emmett says that Brent told him not to worry about it. Aaron explains that he just spoke to Leila and she's trying to track him down. A taxi pulls up out the front of the house and Emmett's hopes are raised when he thinks it could be Brent. But a blonde woman steps out instead and smiles at Emmett, calling him "little dude". "Mum?" Emmett says in surprise, as David and Aaron look shocked. Emmett's mum (Jenna) immediately goes in to hug Emmett, but David warns them not to, citing Emmett's healing back injury. She asks if Emmett's okay but Emmett claims the pain isn't too bad.
JENNA: So you're the gay guys?
DAVID: Uh... Yeah? I'm David and this is Aaron.
JENNA: I've got some questions for you.
AARON: Look I was just on the phone to Leila. She didn't mention anything about a visit.
JENNA: I didn't tell her. I'm not gonna jump through hoops when my son needs me. Brent told me you two had a go at him.
AARON: That's not what...
JENNA: He said you're not fit to take care of a fish and I reckon he's bang on. How could you let him get a broken neck?
AARON: Brent actually encouraged Emmett to climb up on the roof, which he fell from.
DAVID: Surely the agency talked to you about that?
JENNA: We also talked about how Em's been chucked out of school on your watch, and I'm not real happy about that either.
David and Aaron exchange incredulous looks while Jenna takes it upon herself to invite herself into their house so she can talk to Emmett. The guys know Jenna can't be there without prearranging a visit but don't know whether they should kick her out or not.
Erinsborough High
The call to the Department is done and Jane hopes she didn't hijack the conversation with her enthusiasm, but Susan is grateful that Jane took the floor. Jane's pleased to be of some use and Susan says it's very comforting having her around. Jane is also happy that having this mental stimulation is taking her mind off Nicolette, Des and everything else that's gone wrong in her life lately. Susan's face falls when she sees some books on a classroom desk, thinking it's the book about Finn, but she's relieved when they're not. Jane says it's terrible to think that book even exists and looks worried about how anxious Susan has become.
Number 32 Backyard
Jenna chats with Emmett by the pool while David and Aaron watch them from the house. She says she's missed Emmett a lot and it's been killing her not seeing him. Emmett asks if she's been looking after herself and Jenna smiles.
JENNA: I haven't been on a bender if that's what you're getting at. But yeah, I've been good. Stone cold sober this whole time.
EMMETT: (grinning) That's great.
JENNA: Yeah it is. And if you like that you're gonna love this - I ditched Craig. For good. That's why I've been laying low, you know how hard he is to shake.
EMMETT: And you won't go back this time?
JENNA: No way. And he knows it.
David says to Aaron that Jenna can't just bypass them; they're Emmett's guardians. So they decide to head over and take charge of the situation. Jenna sees them coming and asks Emmett how everything's been with him. Emmett says it sucks that Brent is gone but knows he brought it on himself.
JENNA: Is that what they told you?
EMMETT: Yeah, but Aaron and David are nice. I've got my own room, the house is awesome, David's dad buys me stuff!
JENNA: I wouldn't let you fall off any roof.
Aaron and David tell Jenna that they want to talk properly with her and explain a few things. Jenna scoffs at them but says she's listening.
The Waterhole
Harlow notices that Karl has a plastic straw in his drink and asks if he's heard about the new management policy of no more single use straws. Karl says he has and was surprised that the staff gave him one. Paul is mortified when he walks in and sees Harlow pluck the straw right out of Karl's drink. Harlow is annoyed the straws are still around but Paul says they still had stock to use up; keep them, throw them out, either way they're going to be landfill.
HARLOW: You might be okay with murdering the turtles, but I'm not.
PAUL: Come on, you cannot just come in here badgering our customers.
KARL: I don't feel badgered.
Paul throws a murderous glare Karl's way before chasing Harlow to the bar where she's quite happily gathering up the cups of straws. They argue about the fact that Harlow was supposed to shadow Paul, but Harlow tells him she has zero confidence he'll follow through with anything. Paul doesn't understand why she'd think that but Harlow says he made his stance pretty clear when he fobbed her off this morning.
PAUL: Darling I didn't fob you off, you had a shock and I thought that you needed some time.
HARLOW: And I told you I didn't!
PAUL: Yeah well the way you're acting says otherwise. You are clearly more upset about what happened then you're letting on, aren't you?
HARLOW: Do you have any idea how patronising you're being right now?
Terese hears them arguing and walks over to intervene. They get a few more barbs in before she tells them to can it, "you are both acting like children!" She tells them nothing good will come of their arguing today so they better calm down, cool off and try again another time.
Number 32 Backyard
Jenna is fired up about the fact that she gave permission for Emmett to change schools only for him to be suspended almost immediately. David and Aaron try to explain that there have just been some adjustment issues because Emmett is quite behind at school. David adds that Emmett is being given an integration aide, but Jenna is more concerned about the other kids picking on her son because of that fact. Emmett watches them from the shed looking worried. David gets a phone call from Paul and walks away to talk, leaving Aaron to try and keep the conversation flowing.
AARON: Look, nobody thinks Emmett is a loser. But he actually does need the extra help, and we think that's going to help him socially too.
JENNA: You think do you? Well guess what, I'm not interested in what you think. I can tell just by looking at you that you've got no idea how things work in the real world.
Brent suddenly saunters in out of nowhere.
BRENT: Well you did pick it didn't you?
EMMETT: Brent?
BRENT: Hey. (To Jenna) See? Now you know what I was talking about this whole damn time.
AARON: You shouldn't be here Brent.
JENNA: If you lay a finger on my son...
AARON: Excuse me, I never would do that.
JENNA: Oh yeah? How'd you kick him out before then? Shove him away with a hankie?
AARON: Hold on, as a matter of fact your son whacked me in the face.
JENNA: (yelling) Oh yeah? And what did you do to make him hit you?
AARON: Nothing!
He wants them all to calm down so they can start over, but Jenna tells him to save it. She informs him that he's not fit to take care of her kids and she's going to make sure the agency knows it: "I'm lodging a complaint." Emmett looks anxious, as does Aaron.
A short while later Paul joins David and Aaron for a chat. He's up in arms about the fact that Jenna just arrived out of nowhere and started calling the shots. David says that Jenna loves her kids, it's just a difficult situation. Paul rolls his eyes and says that's an understatement if he ever heard one. Aaron heads inside to where Jenna, Emmett and Brent are. Brent is packing his belongings before heading back to residential care. Paul asks David how he's holding up and David admits that it's frustrating Jenna won't listen to them.
PAUL: You and Aaron are doing a wonderful job with Emmett. I hardly think they're going to hand him back to the root of all his problems.
DAVID: Well the end goal was always to reunite him with his family.
PAUL: But what if his mother's unfit?
DAVID: She says she's sober and that her abusive partner's off the scene, which even if it's true, it must still be pretty recent. I'm sure she needs more time to prove herself. If the complaint sticks it's more likely that Emmett will be moved to another placement.
PAUL: I wouldn't worry about that. I'm sure the agency will see through it.
DAVID: They'll still ask him whether he feels comfortable in his current situation.
PAUL: Well he's happy here isn't he?
DAVID: He loves his mum. And if she influences him the child's wishes hold a lot of weight.
PAUL: She should be grateful that he's with good people like you.
DAVID: She doesn't share your opinion. We could be in for a long fight.
Aaron comes back out to announce that the boys are fine but Jenna's gone "to make things right", whatever that means.
Erinsborough High
Susan tells Jane that Marty has just had a confrontation with Emmett's mum, who Jane identifies as the "rather irate woman" waiting outside Susan's office. Jane discovers the woman's son is Emmett and Susan explains that it's a tricky situation because Jenna's not technically his guardian. Jane is taken aback when Susan suddenly announces that she's got something else to deal with, asking Jane to speak to Jenna on her behalf. Jane quite rightly reminds Susan she knows nothing about Emmett, but Susan hand waves her concerns away. She says all Jane has to do is explain the school's position on how they can't legally hand over information, and thanks her profusely for her help before rushing out.
Ramsay Street
Brent promises Emmett that he'll call him every day. Aaron offers Brent a lift but he says he's fine catching the bus. Brent sarcastically wonders where his goodbye is from David but Aaron says he's inside on the phone to the agency making sure everything's okay for Brent's return to resi. Aaron tells Brent that he's welcome to come and visit Emmett any time, he just needs to clear it with Leila first. Brent glances at Emmett, both of them sad, before Brent reminds Aaron to look after his little brother. Jenna appears at the top of the driveway just as Brent's leaving. He gives her a curt "see ya later", but Jenna has more to say.
JENNA: Maybe 'see ya soon'? When you turn eighteen you can come live with me... If you want to.
BRENT: Yeah, I'll think about it.
JENNA: Think hard. Emmy will be coming home soon and we can be a family.
BRENT: (trying not to be too hopeful) Sounds good, mum.
Brent offers one last goodbye to his brother before walking away.
Number 32 Backyard
Aaron brings Jenna out to the yard and introduces her to Paul. She wants to head inside and comfort Emmett, but David says he can do it. Aaron says that Emmett has had a big couple of days and they want to make sure he understands everything that has happened. "Your version?" Jenna retorts, but Aaron says they just don't want him blaming himself. But Jenna believes they want to get in her son's ear and talk trash about her. She makes another attempt to head inside, but David insists that they've been gracious enough to let her stay even though she didn't go through official channels. So she should allow them to do their jobs as Emmett's guardians.
JENNA: I can get you blacklisted.
DAVID: No you can't, we've done nothing wrong.
JENNA: Says you.
AARON: Have you spoken to Leila?
JENNA: No but I've got her number. Now I'm gonna go comfort my kid. I've stayed away long enough and I'm not going anywhere, so you two can just suck it up.
Paul stares after her in disdain as she walks away.
Harold's Cafe
Susan is more than pleased with the firm but fair way Jane handled the meeting with Jenna. She then talks about the upcoming school formal and how they have to present a drug and alcohol strategy to the Department. They have one in place but it needs an update, so Susan thought Jane would be perfect for the job.
JANE: It's a little out of the bounds of a relief teacher isn't it?
SUSAN: Yes, yes it is above your pay scale, which is why I'd put you on a higher rate. You'd be stepping up and, well, you'd be doing me a huge favour.
JANE: Well, in that case how can I say no?
Susan is relieved once more, but you can see on her face that she's also aware of how bad it is she keeps hand- balling her work to Jane.
Number 32 Backyard
Paul finds a moment alone with Jenna to have "a word", aka a lecture. He tells her she has some nerve turning up out of the blue and throwing her weight around like she's owed something.
JENNA: What, like a say in my own son's future?
PAUL: Surely you can see how much David and Aaron have done for Emmett.
JENNA: Yeah, and I don't like it.
PAUL: Really? Because they have turned their life upside down to make sure they put Emmett first and give him a stable life. Whereas all you've done is swan in here and judge them and undermine them. Do you honestly think that Emmett would be better off somewhere else? Or worse still, with you? See I know your game. You want something out of this don't you?
JENNA: What are you talking about?
PAUL: Oh come on, let's just cut to the chase. How much?
PAUL: How much would it take for you to leave them alone - forever?
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Brent Colefax, Aaron Brennan, Emmett Donaldson in Neighbours Episode 8418
Brent Colefax, Aaron Brennan, Emmett Donaldson

Aaron Brennan, Emmett Donaldson, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8418
Aaron Brennan, Emmett Donaldson, David Tanaka

Jane Harris, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8418
Jane Harris, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Paul Robinson, Harlow Robinson, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8418
Paul Robinson, Harlow Robinson, Terese Willis

Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8418
Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka

Harlow Robinson, Hendrix Greyson in Neighbours Episode 8418
Harlow Robinson, Hendrix Greyson

Jane Harris, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8418
Jane Harris, Susan Kennedy

Jenna Donaldson in Neighbours Episode 8418
Jenna Donaldson

Jenna Donaldson, David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan, Emmett Donaldson in Neighbours Episode 8418
Jenna Donaldson, David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan, Emmett Donaldson

Jane Harris, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8418
Jane Harris, Susan Kennedy

Emmett Donaldson, Jenna Donaldson in Neighbours Episode 8418
Emmett Donaldson, Jenna Donaldson

Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka, Emmett Donaldson, Jenna Donaldson in Neighbours Episode 8418
Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka, Emmett Donaldson, Jenna Donaldson

Karl Kennedy, Paul Robinson, Harlow Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8418
Karl Kennedy, Paul Robinson, Harlow Robinson

Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka, Jenna Donaldson in Neighbours Episode 8418
Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka, Jenna Donaldson

Brent Colefax in Neighbours Episode 8418
Brent Colefax

Paul Robinson, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8418
Paul Robinson, David Tanaka

Jane Harris, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8418
Jane Harris, Susan Kennedy

Brent Colefax, Aaron Brennan, Emmett Donaldson, Jenna Donaldson in Neighbours Episode 8418
Brent Colefax, Aaron Brennan, Emmett Donaldson, Jenna Donaldson

Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka, Paul Robinson, Jenna Donaldson in Neighbours Episode 8418
Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka, Paul Robinson, Jenna Donaldson

Jane Harris, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8418
Jane Harris, Susan Kennedy

Paul Robinson, Jenna Donaldson in Neighbours Episode 8418
Paul Robinson, Jenna Donaldson

Paul Robinson, Jenna Donaldson in Neighbours Episode 8418
Paul Robinson, Jenna Donaldson

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