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Neighbours Episode 8299 from 2020 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
Episode title: 8299
Australian and UK airdate: 14/02/20
Writer: Rene Zandveld
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Jane Harris: Annie Jones
Aster Conway: Isla Goulas
- "Suddenly Strangers" by Lauren Aquilina
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Dipi spontaneously kisses Gary, then decides she needs to tell Shane about it; Gary disagrees
- Having witnessed this over the fence, Karl tells Shane what he saw
- Shane turns up and throws his weight around with Gary; Dipi screams that she instigated the kiss
- Gary asks Dipi if she's heard from Shane; she says no, but that she's not waiting any longer
- Jane admits to Dipi that she met a man online and gave him all of her savings
- Dipi gently suggests to Jane that she may have been scammed
- Sure enough, Jane later calls her online beau, to find his phone has been disconnected
- Elly warns Finn's dad Trent not to reveal that he blew all Finn's ransom money in Colombia
- When Finn asks Trent about the ransom, Trent suggests they talk about it on his next visit
- But Finn sees Elly and Trent talking heatedly, and demands she tell him what it was about
No 28
Finn continues to demand that Elly and Bea tell him what's going on. Elly doesn't think he's 'in the right headspace' to hear it, but Finn threatens to call Trent unless they tell him.
BEA: He was there. Your dad went to Colombia with the ransom. He raised the money, but he lost it.
FINN: So... so what, he just left?... He could've asked for more time; he could've looked for me!
BEA: He had no way of raising that much money again.
FINN: He just left me!
ELLY: I'm so sorry, Finn.
FINN: He didn't even have the guts to tell me himself.
BEA: We told him not to, because we thought you might not be able to handle it.
ELLY: And we know how much your mum hurt you.
Finn is absolutely devastated and, unable to deal with this right now, walks out of the house.
No 30
Dipi turns up to see Shane.
DIPI: Shane, if our marriage still means something to you, we need to find a way through this.
She follows him into the house.
DIPI: I know there's nothing going on between you and Roxy. But I still think you should've told me about the kiss.
SHANE: You can understand why I didn't.
DIPI: You didn't want to hurt me over a mistake that meant nothing.
Shane nods.
DIPI: After what happened with Gary, I understand that now.
SHANE: The thing is, I didn't kiss Roxy; she kissed me. But you kissed Gary.
Dipi is becoming tearful.
DIPI: You're right.
DIPI: I just... I let my temper get the better of me.
SHANE: You wanted to hurt me.
Dipi nods.
SHANE: How did it feel?
DIPI: It felt terrible... I wish this never happened.
SHANE: We let it happen, both of us. I'm sorry... you heard about me and Roxy from her. I should've told you straight away.
DIPI: So where does that leave us?
SHANE: ... I dunno.
Harold's Café
Harlow is having a pre- school coffee with Terese. She mentions she saw Gary with a suitcase this morning, and asks if he's gone away. Terese says she's not sure; he might just be trying to give Dipi and Shane some space. Terese changes the subject to how Harlow's schoolwork is going - well, is the answer.
Dipi and Jane come in; Dipi is telling Jane about her chat with Shane before, and how they've made a start in talking about their problems. Jane has her fingers crossed for them.
While Dipi gets to work, Jane goes over and introduces herself to Harlow, whom she's gathered is Paul's granddaughter. Jane says she and Paul have been friends for a long time, having met on Ramsay Street when she was about Harlow's age. Terese asks if Jane is still willing to look over her planned programmes for the Sonya foundation; Jane says she'd be happy to.
Jane goes over to Dipi at the counter, who compliments her on how well she's handling the situation with 'Richard', her online boyfriend. But Jane is still in denial.
JANE: Well, there's nothing to handle, really.
DIPI: He took your money and ran!
JANE: Oh, just because I haven't heard from him, doesn't mean that I won't. The connection that Richard and I had, that spark, it's something that can't be faked.
DIPI: But you've gone to the police and reported the money stolen?
JANE: ...
DIPI: Jane!
JANE: Well, Richard must be having some sort of money issues to do what he did. All we need to do is talk and sort everything out. I mean, everything will be fine.
Dipi asks how Jane's doing financially in the meantime; Jane admits funds are running a little low, but has had an idea about how to address that...
Erinsborough High School
Elly is telling Susan about Finn walking out over the news about his dad. Elly thinks she has an idea where he might've gone, so is going to go and look for him. Susan expresses concern that Elly may not be the right person for the job, but she insists she can handle it.
Jane turns up, wanting to see Susan - Elly barely manages a 'hello' following their earlier acrimony. Jane gets straight to the point; she's after a job, having heard from her friend at The Department™ that there's a humanities position available. Susan confirms this but says it's a junior role, so Jane wouldn't be interested.
But, desperate for work, Jane says she's more than happy to take it on, and rather over- eggs her reasons for this, not letting on that she really needs the money. Elly looks displeased.
SUSAN: I'd be crazy not to hire you. Welcome aboard!
JANE: Thank you. Can't wait to get stuck in!
Susan promises to organise the paperwork and get in touch soon. Jane thanks her and rushes off.
SUSAN: Was that a bit odd?
Ramsay Street
Karl comes back from a bike ride to find Shane loading boxes into his car. Karl thinks Shane's moving out, and Shane sadly tells him he's leaving Erinsborough for good - before revealing that he's only joking! Indeed, he tells Karl, things are looking more positive with Dipi after their chat.
SHANE: We both made a mess, so it's gonna take the two of us to clean it up.
To kick- start the process, he explains he's organised a Valentine's Day surprise for Dipi down at the pavilion.
Community Centre
Elly finds Finn clearing up at the centre.
FINN: We shouldn't be alone together.
ELLY: Well, you shouldn't be alone; you're upset. I'm not going anywhere until I know you're alright.
FINN: I'll get over it.
ELLY: Finn, I can't imagine how hard this is for you. You must be so angry at your dad - at Bea, for not telling you. But the reason Bea and I didn't want your dad to say anything is because we were worried about you.
FINN: I just feel so stupid, Elly (...) To think that I could matter to him. I knew I'd never have a real relationship with Mum. Not after she saved Shaun and left me to rot. But Dad? I -
ELLY: But he raised the money.
FINN: Yeah, and when everything went wrong, he left me! Just like Mum! They both knew what I was going through - that I was tortured. They just let it happen! Why did they do that to me?! Why didn't I matter to them?
Finn is becoming tearful, so Elly hugs him.
Lassiter's Complex
Jane arrives as Dipi is clearing tables outside the café. Jane tells her that she's scored a job at the school, and Dipi congratulates her. Jane also reveals that Richard's phone has been disconnected, but is still in denial and thinks Richard must be having some temporary difficulties.
Dipi asks if Jane has a picture of Richard, which she does - he looks remarkably like Neighbours' executive producer Jason Herbison! Dipi does an image search with the photo, to reveal that it's nothing more than a stock image.
JANE: ... Maybe he's a model?
DIPI: I don't think he's a model, Jane. That's not the person you've been speaking to. You've been catfished.
JANE: How could I be so stupid?
DIPI: No, you're not stupid! They're really smart at what they're doing. This could've happened to anyone.
Dipi offers to cancel her meeting with Shane and come to the police station with Jane - but at that moment, Jane gets a call from Susan, asking if she'd be able to start at the school today as a relief teacher has called in sick. But Jane promises that she'll go to the police after school.
No 28
Elly brings Finn back, and Bea and Karl are relieved to see him. He's calmed down a little and tells Elly it was good to talk about it. Elly goes home to liberate Aaron from Aster, and Karl leaves the room - allowing Finn and Bea a chance to talk.
BEA: I shouldn't have contacted Trent. I was trying to do the right thing; I know it was wrong. I'm so sorry.
FINN: Well, at least I know the truth now. You know what? I don't even care about him anymore. I have to focus on me.
BEA: Yeah. And what about us - are we okay?
FINN: Yeah. Yeah, course we are.
Finn hugs Bea as she apologises again, but he looks troubled.
Meanwhile, in the garden, Karl and Susan are discussing how they can help Finn through the shock he's had. Finn emerges, and sees Susan's come home from work for his sake.
SUSAN: We just want to make sure that you know you can talk to us.
FINN: I do. Thank you.
KARL: We have a duty of care to you, and that's never more important than at a time like this.
FINN: That's why I know I'm gonna be okay. I don't feel like I have parents - not after everything. But you two have always been there for me, whenever I've needed. If I didn't have you guys -
SUSAN: Well, you do. That's all that matters.
KARL: We're gonna get through this, together.
FINN: I'll never be able to thank you enough.
SUSAN: You don't have to, Finn. You're part of this family.
Back indoors, later on, Elly calls round again to check how Finn's doing. He thanks her for having his back with Trent; but on the sofa, we can see that Bea isn't looking too comfortable with the direction of conversation. Finn goes over to reassure Bea that he knows she contacted Trent for all the right reasons, and thanks her for it.
FINN: Why don't we go out for a drink? Just us.
BEA: Are you sure?
FINN: Yeah. It's still Valentine's Day.
Now it's Elly's turn to look uncomfortable. Finn goes to get changed.
ELLY: You don't seem convinced.
BEA: Well, he's saying all the right things. It just feels like he's holding it against me.
ELLY: Well, bringing Trent here was a mistake.
BEA: Yeah. I should've listened to you.
ELLY: Yeah, but your relationship's stronger than one bad decision. You and Finn, you're solid. You'll get past this.
Bea still doesn't look sure.
Shane has Dipi blindfolded, and takes it off to reveal a selection of their possessions from home.
SHANE: I'm taking us for a walk down memory lane, if that's alright with you.
He puts his hat on, and begins to perform a bush- ballad, 'The Ballad of Us'!
SHANE: In a dusty old town,
Nowhere near The City,
I met the girl of my dreams -
As smart as she was pretty.
Dipi notices he's brought some of the costumes from the first play they worked on together.
SHANE: A star of the stage,
I stood in the wings.
She made the crowd cry;
She made my heart sing.
She's given me everything I value in life.
My best friend, my soulmate - my beautiful wife.
Dipi notices that Shane has brought some slippers with him, too, and asks why!
SHANE: Oh, this? This, umm, is the bit that hasn't been written yet. These slippers are what we're gonna be wearing when we're a hundred years old, and we've got the great- grandkids on our knee, and we're telling 'em our stories. I love ya. You're the only one I'll ever love.
DIPI: I love you so much.
They fall into a kiss.
Erinsborough High School
Susan is telling Jane about the Year 7 class she's about to teach, who are 'a delight'.
SUSAN: They've made each other Valentine's cards - they haven't handed them out yet, so you're gonna have that pleasure.
JANE: Valentine's Day cards in a humanities class?
SUSAN: Yes, they had to include a poem in each of the cards for their friend.
JANE: Well, wasting school time and resources on a fake tradition designed to sell chocolates and flowers would definitely not be on my curriculum!
SUSAN: ... They put a lot of work into them. I think you're being a bit harsh.
JANE: Yes. No, of course. Anything that promotes positivity is a good thing.
Jane thanks a now- slightly- frosty Susan again for taking her on, and they agree to catch up later for a debrief. As she walks into the classroom, Jane finds one of the Valentine's cards on the floor and slaps it down on the desk frustratedly. Harlow appears at the door and says hello, having heard Jane was starting back at the school.
HARLOW: You're not taking any Year 12 classes, are you?
JANE: ... Some of the students had a few stories for you, did they?
HARLOW: No, no - we weren't gossiping. I mean, no- one actually said anything, now I think about it.
JANE: It's alright. I probably wasn't the most popular teacher last time I was here, but - to answer your question - no, I don't have any senior classes.
HARLOW (relieved): Oh, good! ... I mean, for you!! Less work, more excursions... I should get back to class.
As Harlow awkwardly leaves, the conversation seems to have got Jane thinking...
Meanwhile, Terese turns up to see Susan in her office, to drop off some easels she'd borrowed for a fundraiser art class. Terese has spotted Jane on her way in, and Susan explains she's taken up a junior position. Terese remarks that that's a bit below her pay scale.
SUSAN: Mm. That was my first thought.
TERESE: Any second thoughts?
SUSAN: ... I'm not sure. Is it too paranoid to wonder if maybe she's playing some sort of long game?
TERESE: What? You don't think she's after your job again?
SUSAN: I dunno what to think!
Terese admits that Jane's mood has been a bit erratic since she's been here - on top of the world one minute, and biting people's heads off the next. But Susan admits Jane's a good teacher and very keen, so the school's lucky to have her in that role.
No 28
Finn is wandering in the garden, still worked up about his dad, as a mini musical montage kicks off. Indoors, Bea is on the sofa, still pensive.
No 32
Elly is playing with Aster on a baby mat on the floor.
No 28
Finn is still upset in the garden.
No 32
Elly takes a photo of herself with Aster to send to Bea.
No 28
Bea receives the photo and smiles.
No 32
Elly takes more photos.
No 28
Finn is still pacing outside. He takes the Alcoholics Anonymous coin his dad gave him from his pocket, and stares at it in his hand. Indoors, Bea looks wistfully at a photo on her phone background, of her and Finn looking happy together. She looks worried.
No 32
Now Elly is looking at a photo of Finn holding Aster. She looks conflicted.
No 28
In a fit of rage, Finn throws his dad's AA coin across the yard.
Ramsay Street
Shane smiles at Dipi as she drags her suitcase back towards No 30. Karl accosts them outside his house, pleased to see they've resolved their differences - although Dipi looks less than pleased to see Karl, after his role in all the drama!
KARL: Does this mean what I think it does?
DIPI: ... Yeah. It's time to move on, and time to move back home.
KARL: I am so sorry I stuck my nose in where it didn't belong.
SHANE: All in the past, mate.
KARL: I'm just so happy you've worked things out.
SHANE: Yeah, so are we! Shall we?
DIPI: Yes, we shall.
Dipi eagerly walks away from Karl, and back into No 30, arm- in- arm with Shane.
Erinsborough High School
Jane knocks on the door of Susan's office, and is just about to go in when Harlow appears, asking how her first day went. Jane says it went well, and Harlow asks if she's waiting to see Susan - explaining she's outside on bus duty. Jane says she'll go and find Susan there - but as soon as Harlow's gone, she lets herself into the office anyway.
Jane makes straight for the filing cabinet and starts rifling through it - but at that moment, Susan walks in.
SUSAN: Jane! What on earth are you doing?
JANE: ...
Coming up on Neighbours
- Harlow tells Terese she hates both Clementine and Hendrix!
- Hendrix angrily tells Harlow, 'you saw the chance and you took it'
- Harlow replies, 'I'd never deliberately hurt her'
- Finn tells Elly she looks beautiful
- Chloe yells at Paul for not supporting her; Paul says she's only here because she's married to Pierce
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