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Neighbours Episode 8297 from 2020 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8297
Australian and UK airdate: 12/02/20
Writer: Sandy Webster
Director: Nick Colla
Guests: Jane Harris: Annie Jones
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Shane begs Dipi to come home; she calls him 'unbelievable'
- Karl offers to 'keep an ear out' for Shane on what Gary and Dipi are getting up to next door
- Chloe tells Elly that her new concept to drive custom at Lassiter's involves weddings
- Chloe tells Pierce and Paul that she wants Princess Mary's dress as centrepiece of a wedding expo
- But Paul isn't convinced, thinking the whole plan could fall over
- An upset Jane tells Terese to mind her own business
- Jane collapses in floods of tears in her hotel room
Harold's Café
Paul is whingeing to Pierce that Chloe's budget report for the hotel is late. Pierce tells him it will be ready tomorrow; Chloe's been otherwise occupied trying to get Princess Mary of Denmark's dress for the wedding expo.
PAUL: You and I both know that this expo's never going to happen.
PIERCE: No - you're on your own there. And I'm actually disappointed in you.
PAUL: Oh, Pierce, I'm not your wayward son!
PIERCE: No, you're my business partner - letting your own personal emotions get in the way of what could be a major coup. Weddings are a huge money- spinner, and we should be doing everything we can to crack that market.
But Paul points out that it's all hinging on Chloe getting her hands on the royal wedding dress.
PAUL: The only thing we're gonna crack is our international phone budget.
PIERCE: Yeah, well, you don't win big by thinking small. And Chloe's gone outside the box on this one. I admire that.
PAUL: Yeah, and I will too, if it comes off. But excuse me if I don't hold my breath, hey?
Terese comes in, and Pierce leaves. Terese tells Paul about how Jane tried to get a refund on the bottle of champagne, and then bit her head off. She's now back in her hotel room, Terese explains; and she thinks it had something to do with the meeting Jane had this morning. 'What meeting?', asks Paul.
Chloe has come to see Jane in her room. Jane is kicking off about the 'ridiculous frippery' - the rose petals all over her bed, etc - which haven't been cleaned out of her room yet, despite three requests.
JANE: I don't want apologies; I just want it sorted.
CHLOE: Absolutely. I'll get onto it straight away.
But at this point Paul turns up, and takes Chloe outside to tear strips off her for not ensuring Jane is being looked after.
CHLOE: This isn't our fault (...) She ordered everything in that room. It's exactly how she wanted it set up.
PAUL: And as a guest, she is entitled to change her mind.
CHLOE: Housekeeping were well within their timeframe to get to the room - she just kept calling. She's really upset!
PAUL: Yes, of course she is upset! She thinks that the hotel and its manager are incompetent!
CHLOE: I think it's more than that.
PAUL: You know what? Just go, will you? I'll take care of this myself. Go!
Ramsay Street
Karl suggests to Finn that they catch up for a beer later, but Finn doesn't seem to be in the mood. Karl asks whether Finn's sure he doesn't want to contact his dad.
FINN: I wouldn't say I'm sure. I just know I'm not ready. Right now, I want to focus on all the good things in my life (...) like the people who I know have got my back... You know what? Maybe I will let you buy me that beer!
KARL: Hmm. I don't recall saying I'd shout.
Meanwhile, Gary is on his phone when Dipi rushes out of No 26, asking where he keeps the breadcrumbs - she's going to cook him dinner tonight. Karl is still lurking in the front garden, and Finn, who's about to head inside, notices he's watching Gary and Dipi. Karl claims he was just 'taking time to smell the roses', then reluctantly follows Finn back indoors.
In the office, Pierce reassures Chloe that Paul's in the wrong for blaming every hotel issue on her; they need to forget about him, and concentrate on the wedding expo. Chloe admits she's left 'a zillion voicemails' and emails in pursuit of Princess Mary's wedding dress, but has hit a dead end. Pierce reminds her she has a contact and tells her not to give up hope.
At that moment, Chloe gets a message on her phone.
CHLOE: It's Princess Mary's office. They're agreeing to talk! (...) Looks like they're open to it - but there's a catch...
Meanwhile, in Jane's room, Jane thanks Paul for staying with her but assures him she's okay. Paul tells Jane that Terese mentioned their encounter in the pub.
PAUL: She's worried about you. And quite frankly, after this, so am I.
JANE: I'll apologise to Terese, and to Chloe.
PAUL: Yeah, look - we'd rather know if there's something wrong.
JANE: Well, there isn't. No, no - I'm just... I'm just moody. I haven't been sleeping very well. And then to come back to my room looking like this didn't help.
PAUL: Yeah, why did you order it?
JANE: Oh, no, no - I didn't. No, the housekeeping have obviously decorated the wrong room.
PAUL: Terese also mentioned you had a meeting earlier.
JANE: Yes, well, that... that was cancelled.
Paul suggests he and Terese take Jane for lunch on the terrace. But Jane just wants to stay in her room and rest.
PAUL: You know you can call me any time? You do know that, don't you?
JANE: Yes, I do.
Paul leaves Jane to her thoughts. Once he's gone, Jane gets a text from 'Metwealth Bank', telling her that her credit card has been declined on recent transactions, and to contact them. Jane gasps worriedly.
The Waterhole
Karl has come to report the latest goings on at No 26 to Shane, but Shane tells him he doesn't want a blow- by- blow account of Gary and Dipi's activities. However, Karl persists, telling Shane that they took one of Gary's pigeons to the vet together this morning, and then that he saw them discussing dinner together.
KARL: But the important thing here is that there was absolutely no sign of any intimacy.
SHANE: Look, Karl... I wasn't really that comfortable when you said you wanted to do this the other day.
KARL: Oh, I'm happy to do it. And neither of them know.
SHANE: Yeah, but I do. And it's kinda doing my head in. So if you just want to cool your jets on the updates? (...) I'm trying to play by the rules. She asked for space and I'm trying to give it to her.
Karl grudgingly agrees, and says he was only trying to be a good friend. Shane says he appreciates it.
As Karl leaves, Roxy turns up for work and is surprised to see Shane there; he explains he's covering for Riley, who has called in sick. Roxy offers to leave, but Shane says he needs the help - suggesting she stick to the beer garden so they don't cross paths.
ROXY: You won't even know I'm here.
No 26
Gary is cooing to Lassiter's Jr, the sick pigeon, who's having a bit of time out from the other pigeons while his wing heals. Dipi is cooing, too.
Dipi apologises to Gary for the some of the awkwardness around the topic of Shane lately, and says she thinks she's nearly ready to talk to Shane again, especially now Shane and Roxy aren't working the same shifts anymore. Gary encourages her to do so. Dipi goes to get a shower.
Karl comes in, on the pretext of wanting to store some excess hash browns in Gary's freezer, as he's run out of space at home!
KARL: I've counted them, though, so mind!
Dipi shouts from the bathroom, saying she's forgotten to take in a towel and asking Gary to pass her one. Karl looks suspicious as Gary goes to attend to this.
Harold's Café
Paul and Terese are talking about Jane's mystery cancelled meeting, and who it might've been with. But Paul tells Terese that Jane asked for her room to be decorated 'like a Mills & Boon novel', then tried to claim it was a mistake by housekeeping - but he double- checked with the staff and they're sure it wasn't.
Dipi comes in, and is surprised to learn from Paul that Jane is back in town, as she hadn't said anything on social media despite their keeping in touch. She asks if Jane is okay...
The Waterhole
Karl comes in to see Shane again.
SHANE: You'd better be here for coffee, Karl.
KARL: I know you asked me to back off, and I had every intention of doing that. It's just that... I was over at Gary's place, and... he gave Dipi a towel.
SHANE: A towel? So what?
KARL: Mate, it was a bath towel. Dipi was gonna have a shower; she asked him to get her a towel. I'm not saying anything untoward happened; it's just the whole thing seemed terribly - I dunno - cosy. I'm sorry.
SHANE: Sorry?! Karl, this is the exact image I didn't want in my head. This is why I didn't want you saying anything!
KARL: Well, I thought you should know!
SHANE: Well, I don't need to know! Cos now I just wanna go and tear Gary a whole new one! Bugger off, Karl! I don't care what it is - just, from now on, keep it to yourself, alright?
Karl slinks off. Roxy, who has overheard, says Shane shouldn't have a go at Gary over this; there can't seriously be anything going on between Dipi and Gary. Shane agrees, but doesn't look entirely sure. Roxy tells him not to do anything he'll regret.
In the office, Chloe and Pierce are looking down an extensive list of terms and conditions for use of Princess Mary's wedding dress. Pierce says it'll be close to impossible to fulfilling them all - but Chloe decides that they're going to do it, despite a worried look from Pierce.
CHLOE: I'm the GM. I can authorise everything we need to tick this off, and crack the whip to make it happen in time. It won't be easy, but it'll be worth it. I'm gonna show Paul I'm a force to be reckoned with.
Meanwhile, Dipi pays Jane a visit in her room. Jane seems really happy to see her, but quickly guesses Paul's spoken to Dipi; Dipi admits Paul's worried about Jane, and thought she might need someone to talk to.
JANE: This, erm, really isn't something you can fix, Dipi.
But Dipi takes a seat, and gestures for Jane to sit down too.
JANE: Towards the end of last year, I met a man online (...) from the Erinsborough Facebook page, Pavilion page. I posted something and he liked it, and then he contacted me privately. We connected straight away. Before long, we were talking on the phone and - well, he's charming and he's humble, and he likes to travel. We have so much in common.
DIPI: You never mentioned any of this to me!
JANE: I was embarrassed about how we met.
DIPI: What's his name?
JANE: Richard.
DIPI: Have you met?
JANE: That's why I'm here. We'd arranged to meet for the first time this morning. I barely slept last night; I don't think I've ever looked forward to anything as much.
DIPI: But it didn't go well?
JANE: It didn't happen at all. He sent me a text at the last minute saying that he doesn't want any further contact, but Dipi... oh, Dipi, it gets so much worse.
Dipi comforts an upset Jane and tells her to carry on.
JANE: Richard wanted to set us up for our future. He'd been investing a lot of his own money in blockchain technologies...
DIPI: Oh, Jane.
JANE: I did all the research. It seems completely legitimate.
DIPI: How much did you give him?
JANE: Everything. I've given him all of my savings. He said that he loved me; and I love him. And I just... I don't understand why this is happening!
Jane bursts into tears, and Dipi hugs her.
Lassiter's Complex
Terese and Gary are in the middle of a conversation about someone unknown. Karl is passing, and stops to earwig.
GARY: I can't help the way I feel about her. I hate the thought of hurting anyone, but it's like there's something telling me to go for it.
TERESE: You want my advice? Don't rush it - let things play out. I mean, if it's gonna happen, it's gonna happen. Remember, though, it's not just the two of you that you have to worry about.
GARY: No, you're right. Thanks for listening, Terese.
Gary notices Karl lingering, and asks if he's alright. Karl pretends he's doing a social media post, but Gary's suspicious.
GARY: He's been popping out of the woodwork all day. If I didn't know better, I'd say he's almost keeping tabs.
TERESE: Don't be ridiculous. Why would he be doing that?
GARY: ...
The Waterhole
Jane and Dipi are chatting over a drink in the pub. Jane's sorry to hear about the situation between Dipi and Shane. Shane is watching them uneasily from the bar. Dipi says she might call Shane after his shift finishes; and that they'll find a way forward.
DIPI: Jane, do you think you should go to the police about Richard?
JANE: No. No, this is a... a misunderstanding that I can handle.
DIPI: What if he's not the man he says he is? (...) Online scams are very common and convincing.
JANE: No. No... Richard and I have spent hours talking on the phone. We've exchanged photos. What we have is real.
DIPI: Yeah, I'm sure it is. But the money, Jane - the police could look into it, and it might be worth it to make a report, just in case.
JANE: ... Yes. Yes, you're right - I will report it. But please, Dipi - I don't want anyone else to know.
Dipi promises to keep quiet. Seeing Paul and Terese come in, Dipi goes over. When they ask if she's found out what's wrong with Jane, Dipi says Jane doesn't want people making a fuss, and asks them to trust her; they should be there as a friend for Jane, but without asking any questions.
The 82
Finn has come to the tram with Karl for a beer, but Karl is too busy snooping through the tram for clues of what Gary and Dipi might be up to - and Finn correctly guesses what he's up to. Karl says he's convinced there's something going on between Gary and Dipi.
FINN: Bea and I were convinced about Kyle and that CPR doll.
KARL: Yeah, but this is different.
Karl tells Finn about the conversation he overheard between Terese and Gary at the complex, and how it seemed she only just stopped short of encouraging Gary to progress things with Dipi. Karl asks Finn what he thinks he should do; Finn replies 'nothing' - he thinks Karl should heed Shane's request to leave it be.
KARL: But that was before I had proof. Maybe I should take it to Dipi.
FINN: Maybe you should leave it alone!
KARL: No, I can't just sit by and watch this train- wreck like this! It'll destroy any chance of Shane and Dipi repairing their marriage.
FINN: Karl, they are adults entitled to their privacy. You have to let them figure it out for themselves.
KARL: I have been through the exact same thing myself. More than once.
FINN: Look, if someone had've gone to you, or Susan, can you seriously say you would've thanked them?
KARL: I can stop two of my friends making the same mistake I did.
FINN: It's not about you, Karl. You've gotta let it go.
Lassiter's Complex
Roxy is clearing tables outside the pub, when Shane comes out to help.
SHANE: Listen, umm... thanks for your two cents about Gary. Made me stop and think.
ROXY: As long as it stopped you from doing something stupid.
SHANE: Did that, too.
ROXY: I really hope you and Dipi work things out.
SHANE: Yeah. Yeah, me too.
They touch one another's arms in solidarity; but unseen by them, Dipi is walking past - and has misinterpreted this closeness as something else.
No 26
In the garden, Dipi moans to Gary about Shane and Roxy.
DIPI: To see them together smiling and touching is just a massive slap to the face!
GARY: What, Shane didn't tell you they were back working together?
DIPI: Nothing! And he had every chance to; he saw me and Jane at the pub. He still doesn't think hanging out with Roxy is a big deal.
GARY: Yeah, well, I guess working together is not exactly hanging out.
DIPI: It's exactly what our trust issues are about, Gary! But Shane is obviously not taking it as seriously as I thought he was.
GARY: Well, in that case, he's pretty hypocritical (...) I could be wrong, but I reckon Shane's asked Karl to spy on us (...) He's already been over a couple of times today, and I got the distinct impression that he was following me around in the complex earlier.
DIPI (angry): This just gets better and better (!)
GARY: You know what? You just need to take some time out, and relax.
Gary offers to fire up the spa so that Dipi can have a nice, relaxing soak in it and forget about everything.
DIPI: Okay. We can keep debriefing in the spa. Thank you, Gary - I'll be back in a tick.
GARY (to himself): ... We?!
The Waterhole
Paul and Terese are at a table with Jane. Terese is keen to get some of Jane's teacherly input on some of the programmes for teens that the Sonya foundation is running. But Jane is distractedly fiddling on her phone, and presently escapes to the bathroom.
PAUL: She has not stopped looking at that phone. There's obviously something bothering her. I can't just sit by and do nothing.
TERESE: Paul, yes you can - because we promised Dipi that we would.
PAUL: Jane's my friend, and if something's the matter, then - I don't understand why she won't just talk to me.
Outside the bathroom, an anxious Jane is trying to make a phone call, but...
RECORDED VOICE: The number you have called is not connected. Please check the number and try again.
No 26
Dipi and Gary are in the spa together in their swimming gear, drinking wine.
DIPI: I really thought I was working through things. I mean, I was even ready to start talking to Shane.
GARY: Well, maybe you still are?
DIPI: Is this how it's always gonna be every time I see the two of them together?
GARY: Nah.
DIPI: I mean, even if they're not working together, Roxy lives on the same street! Do we have to move? Is that the only way I'm gonna be able to get this out of my head? Every time - every time I close my eyes - all I see is the two of them kissing.
GARY: You don't need to talk about it - I could put some music on!
DIPI: You know, Shane is the only guy I've kissed in the last twenty years.
GARY: Like I was saying -
DIPI: Twenty years! All I've done is work hard, raise my kids and be faithful to that man!
GARY: Yeah, well, twenty years is a long time -
DIPI: Do you really think this situation couldn't have happened to me? Of course it could've, but I didn't let it, because twenty years means a lot to me, but obviously it doesn't to Shane!
GARY: Yeah, I hear what you're saying, but -
DIPI: He wasn't even thinking about me! All he was thinking about was Roxy!
GARY: No, no.
Impulsively, Dipi grabs Gary and kisses him on the lips. We cut to Karl watching from over the fence!
Coming up on Neighbours
- Jane turns up at the school to see Susan
- Elly warns Jane she'll have her to deal with if she's trying to steal Susan's job or anything shady
- Bea asks Finn if they're okay
- Finn angrily throws something in the garden
- Ned asks Yashvi what she's got herself into; she replies it's all because of him and to stay out of it
- Ned is at the fight club warehouse; there's the silhouette of someone with a gun on the wall
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