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Neighbours Episode 8295 from 2020 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8295
Australian and UK airdate: 10/02/20
Writer: Sam Carroll
Director: Nick Colla
Guests: Jane Harris: Annie Jones
Zenin Alexio: Axle Whitehead
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
- Harlow asking questions about Finn's childhood.
- Finn then going on to think about his dad.
- Yashvi hearing she's been accepted to train as a policewoman.
- Toadie giving Ned the background to the gun.
- Ned recognising the name of the person who owned the gun.
- Zenin sending Ned a threatening text message.
- Toadie's office being ransacked.
- Ned concluding that Zenin thinks he knows that he's the one behind the 3D guns.
Lassiters Complex
Kyle and Ned are continuing their conversation when Yashvi runs into them wondering why they have sad faces, so explain about Toadie's office being broken into. Toad then joins them after making a statement to police - they have found the suspect on the CCTV, but they knew where all the cameras were thus avoided their face being seen. The police seem to thank it was targeted but as far as Toadie could see, nothing was taken, they just made a mess of the place.
Number 28
Susan and Bea are interested to hear about Finn's dad since he has never said anything before. Finn explains that he is an alcoholic as a result of Claudia leaving. He goes onto say that they fought a lot, nothing physical though, especially when Finn was in high school, consequently he then tried to avoid his dad. Due to the memory loss, he isn't sure what happened during his years at university, although does say that Shaun contacted him while he was in the coma but got the feeling that dad was avoiding him because of what Finn had done.
Bea now gets why Finn found the session with Harlow difficult and Susan admits she did wonder if he'd want to contact his dad at some point. Finn isn't sure if he wants that, but Bea immediately offers him her support and Susan asks that he doesn't let this affect his tutoring sessions with Harlow.
Number 22
Yashvi thinks she is already in the police by commenting on how she'd solve the case when she, Ned and Kyle enter the house. Ned subtly manages to get rid of Yashvi for a bit (making a booking for a celebratory dinner) so that he and Kyle can talk freely.
Kyle demands that Ned tell Toadie, but he doesn't want to as Toad will immediately get the police involved and thus Yashvi will end up getting dragged into things. "We need to make sure that he is running the guns before we do anything," Ned warns but he replies that they can't wait - Toadie's office has been broken into and it could be #30 next which would then drag the kids into things. Ned isn't convinced though despite Kyle's emphatic pleas.
Harold's Cafe
Terese is still fending calls following on from 'GunGate' and Paul reassures her that things will quieten down soon enough. The pair are then surprised when Jane approaches them after entering the café and Paul is the one to ask, "what are you doing here?"
Number 22
Harlow isn't too amused to see Hendrix arrive (he jumped over the fence!) and refuses to help him look for the cat as he can't find her.
The lass then receives another visitor - Finn, who she is happy to see! He is around to talk to her about the tutoring - explaining that there is a lot that he doesn't know about himself yet, so while he wants to continue, he isn't happy talking about his childhood or dad, so as long as she promises to avoid those topics, he is happy to continue the sessions. She gets where Finn is coming from, so asks that if she crosses the boundaries he has to simply let her know.
Zenin and Ned secretively meet up with one another down some laneway. Ned demands to know why he broke into Toadie's. "Because your lawyer's been talking to the cops," Zenin replies, so Ned is forced to explained why that came about.
It then turns into a bit of 'who will blink first' with Ned denying that his statement is at #30 while Zenin threatens that he "could kill three birds with one stone - the lawyer, your girlfriend and the statement." Zenin is the one that walks away with a smile on his face while Ned looks like he wants to go to the toilet urgently!!!
Harold's Cafe
We hear that Jane has popped over to the other side of Australia after paying a visit to Des, who is despondent after breaking up with Fiona. Paul is relieved to hear Jane describe how things happened when she was last in town as "water under the bridge."
JANE: Our friendship outlasts however long a relationship did.
The trio then start talking about Paul and Terese's marriage before its Terese this time that asks how long Jane is going to be in town for. Jane doesn't put a timeframe, simply explaining that she's bought a one- way ticket and is going to "go with the flow."
"That was very un- Jane like," is how Terese describes things after Jane heads off to unpack. Paul is bemused by her happy demeanour too but adds that "whoever she is, I like her!"
Number 28
Bea and Susan are surprised at how down Finn looks after returning from talking to Harlow. We then find out why - he is debating whether to call his dad or not (Shaun passed on his phone number). Bea suggests that he pays Elly a visit to see if she remembers anything he said about his dad while they were together. Susan warns about rushing in, especially after Shaun said he should give it time, but Finn asks how long should he wait, because he "can't stop thinking about it." Bea asks if that's "going to change in a week? Or a month?" and he replies, "probably not," so she then tells him to call his dad, they are there to support him.
SUSAN: It has to be your decision though.
Finn decides that Bea is right, he is going to make the call, so he can at least "stop obsessing."
Number 30
Toadie is glad to hear that Terese is handing the post 'GunGate' stuff well when she calls round to give him an update.
After Terese leaves, Toadie is surprised to see Yashvi all dressed up, so she explains about the meal with Ned to celebrate her good news. Toadie thought they'd be having a family celebration until Yashvi points out that Shane would be crying into his beer and Dipi would likely not come over.
Ramsay Street
Harlow again isn't amused to run into Hendrix - he's still looking for the cat but this time she agrees to help look for it.
The Waterhole
Susan and Toadie are talking about the break- in when Jane arrives in the bar and goes over to talk to them. Jane's questions about how the school is going somewhat bamboozle Susan and she tells her about Elly becoming a mum when Jane enquires about her. Naturally, she passes on her condolences to Toadie before deciding to head off.
Just like with Paul, Susan is bemused by this happy Jane that has returned!
Ramsay Street
After his chat with Zenin, Ned is really freaking out at the threat he left hanging. Kyle wants them to call the police, pointing out to Ned that he is "out of options."
NED: There is one last thing we could try...
Number 28
Susan hopes the fact Finn isn't around when she returns is a sign that the call to Trent (his dad) is going well. "It has to go well," Bea declares given he's got no relationship with his mum and Shaun is dead.
Just at that, Finn comes out from his bedroom, but we hear that he froze and couldn't call - it's not the right time yet to call but knows that at some point he will have to.
Lassiters Park
Its Kyle this time who meets up with Zenin, but he lies over how his number was obtained. Kyle hands over the cash but instead of a gun, is given a post- it note with the location of where it is at.
Ned has been secretly filming the meet- up but tells Kyle to go alone to pick up the gun.
Number 22
In the sunroom, Terese is still trying to get to the bottom of the 'new Jane' that appeared, so in the end, Paul tells her ask Jane. "She's not going to tell me!" is her response to his suggestion and all talk of Jane is gone when Harlow and Hendrix appear back (Paul has gone inside to do some work) having had no luck trying to find the cat. Turns out the cat is at the vets after being ill earlier and Hendrix agrees to go with Terese to pick her up.
Number 28
Susan is concerned at how quiet Finn is as they sort dinner out. He is still weighing things up over the call to his dad and what to do, but Susan decides to concentrate on what she can do - feeding him! They head outside with the food, but rather than follow right behind them with the drinks, Bea hangs back and after thinking about it for a moment or two, grabs Finn's wallet to get Trent's phone number before calling it.
Lassiters hotel, room 401
Paul pay's Jane a subtle visit to see how she is settling in. Everything with the room is fine, so she asks him if there is anything wrong. Plucking up the courage, he comments on her rather happy demeanour, to which her reply is she is simply seeing the world through different eyes. Satisfied with her explanation, Paul leaves her to it.
After Paul leaves, Jane calls someone and she seems somewhat delirious to hear their voice. Whoever it is she is calling, they seem to live locally, however they aren't happy that the money Jane was transferring to them hasn't gone through yet. She finishes the call saying that she can't wait to meet whoever it is she is talking to.
Number 22
Ned is put out of his misery waiting for Kyle to return, when he comes through the door with the gun inside a box. He is more than relived to get it back to Ned and the pair then head out to go to the police.
Just as they are about to head out of the house, Yashvi appears commenting on how poorly Ned is dressed for their celebratory meal. He's forgotten all about it but covers well in saying to her that Kyle has simply held him up. She then thinks the box Ned has in his hands is a congratulatory pressie for her and goes to take it, but he isn't letting go of it, so tells Yashvi it's not for her.
YASHVI: What's going on?
NED: Nothing. Nothing. Don't worry about it.
YASHVI: Kyle?!
NED: No Vi, I've got this covered okay.
YASHVI: So why don't you tell me what's in the box then?
NED: Because if you get asked, you can't know anything.
"Anything about what," she says while literally grabbing the box out of Ned's hands. Ned pleads with her to give him a couple of hours, but too late, she opens the box and sees the gun.
Coming up on Neighbours
- Everyone trying to work out why Jane is back.
- Chloe determined to show Paul what she can do.
- Paul repeating that Jane is describing Chloe and the hotel as "incompetent!"
- Elly displeased at what her sister has done.
- Bea confessing to Finn.
- Dipi yelling to Gary that she's forgotten her towel... all overheard by Karl!
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