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Neighbours Episode 8275 from 2020 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8275
Australian and UK airdate: 13/01/20
Writer: Sarah Mayberry
Director: Scott Major
- "Better" by Andrea Rocha
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
- Roxy telling the family she was a match for David.
- Harlow not happy that Roxy didn't tell her.
- Chloe happy with the customer satisfaction survey... that Roxy has rigged!
- Terese suggesting Kyle does a trial run before the buddy club launch.
- Kyle suggesting that they could do something in the yard as long as Amy consents.
- Kyle babysitting Nell and Hugo in the yard.
- Nell escaping!
- Kyle panicking as he hunts for Nell.
There is still no sign of Nell despite Kyle asking at the nearby shops. He wonders if she'd gotten into a car but Terese discounts that because Nell has received good training from her parents about stranger danger.
When he arrives at the yard, Toadie immediately senses something is up, and is told that Nell is missing. He thinks she is just hiding somewhere in the yard but Terese tells him they've already looked, and the lass isn't there. Toadie also goes to head towards the shops until he's told she isn't there - now Toadie starts to worry and cancels a call from Ned to call the police instead.
Terese plans to take Hugo home and suggests that Toadie and Kyle drive around and check the local parks.
The Waterhole
As they collect glasses outside, Sheila gives Shane the bad news that Paul cottoned onto their dodgy customer survey scam and both he and Roxy have received official warnings. "That's a bit harsh!" is Shane's reaction to the news, especially as he thinks Chloe's targets are unrealistic to meet in the first place, but eventually accepts his punishment.
Number 22
Roxy is bored out of her mind being at home however isn't convincing Harlow to do something with her. Terese (and Hugo) returns home with news of Nell being missing and the pair immediately volunteer to go out and help look for her.
Lassiters Park
Kyle and Toadie check the park and ask a few folk but there is no sign of the little lass. Toadie asks Kyle to run through exactly what happened, all while trying to cancel Ned's incoming calls. Eventually, Toadie answers the phone and then hurriedly rushes off...
Road outside the Community Centre
... to where Nell is waiting with Ned. Toadie is mightily relieved to see his daughter and warns her about running off like that before asking why she ran off. "I wanted to see Mama," is her reply and Toadie then notices the HUGE mural of Sonya on the wall outside the Community Centre. Ned explains he tried to call to let him know where the lass was, but he wouldn't answer the call.
Toadie is literally blown away with the mural, describing it as "perfect" because it's got "her face" and "her eyes."
NELL: I miss mummy and now we can come here and see her. Can we?
KYLE: Yes, we can.
TOADIE: Yes, we all can. We can come here and talk about her and remember some of the funny things that she used to do.
Toadie then apologises to Ned for not taking his calls and asks how she was. "Fine," Ned replies then adds that she was "inspecting my work like the world's smallest art critic!" Toadie reassures the lass (and Kyle!) that everything is fine but equally gets it over to her that she needs to tell him if she wants to go off and do what she did.
The Waterhole
Roxy hears from Shane that Nell has been found so she is looking for something new to do - going to a bar in the city for cocktails. She cheekily invites Shane along, but he turns the offer down as he's working and before she leaves, lets her know about their official warnings because of the customer survey scam.
Dipi has been watching the pair and doesn't exactly look too happy at their close friendship. She tries to subtly warn him off the lass, but Shane is firmly in Roxy's corner.
SHANE: Roxy might act like she's a tough nut, but trust me, she is far from it. I've seen it first- hand.
Road outside the Community Centre
Harlow and Terese (with Hugo) have arrived to see Sonya's mural and are full of praise for the job Ned has done.
Toadie makes Nell apologise to Kyle for running off (which she does) but he is still remorseful about the lass disappearing, however Toadie wants a line drawn under it, so they can move on.
Number 30
Sheila is over for a cuppa with Dipi, but it seems more like a subtle way for Dipi to get off her chest how close Shane and Roxy are. "Those two have been thick as thieves lately," Sheila replies and Dipi adds in that it seems to be both during and after working hours.
DIPI: It's like he's taken on a role as her personal defender.
Dipi then confesses that things are a bit distant in the bedroom department too.
SHEILA: The feather has lost its magic?!
DIPI: No, it's not that things aren't working, they're just not happening. We're having a bit of a dry spell.
When Dipi reveals the dry spell has been 2 weeks, Sheila scoffs her as that isn't long, although Dipi's comeback is that it is for them! Dipi has spoken to Shane about it, but he doesn't seem to think there is a problem although Dipi wonders if that's because they aren't on the same page?
Lassiters Complex
Gary checks how Kyle is doing after he heard about what happened with Nell. "Great!" is Kyle's reply but then confesses to his dad that being in the yard reminded him so much of Amy, that he let his mind wonder, and is squarely blaming himself.
The Waterhole
Shane is surprised to see Roxy in the beer garden when he comes out to collect empties. The ticking off from Sheila has left her down in the dumps and bemoans that "I feel like I can't get anything right in life," both at work and at home.
Number 30
Dipi warmly greets her niece and warns her off running away again when Toadie and the kids enter the house.
Sheila asks how Kyle is and Toadie explains that he is shook up and is still kicking himself despite being told not to. "That's not something you easily forgive yourself for," she laments and Toadie promises to have another word with Kyle once the kids are bathed.
Just before she leaves, Sheila gives Dipi some advice on what they were chatting about earlier - if she's concerned about the dry spell, she suggests that Dipi instigates things. "That's easier said than done with our busy work schedules," Dipi replies but is told to "get creative!"
SHEILA: Think outside the box. Come up with some great surprise for that hunk of a husband of yours.
Number 22
Roxy warns her housemates that due to her crap day she is going to be hogging the TV tonight and eating lots of cheese! Harlow isn't impressed at Roxy mimicking her and decides to have it out. Roxy wants to know why she's "still in the freezer" despite apologising over the David stuff.
HARLOW: And that's enough is it?!
ROXY: It's all I've got! I can't change what happened, what more do you want from me?!
"Time," is what Harlow replies, she needs more of it and preferably without Roxy "yapping in my ear." Harlow is about to tell Roxy a few home truths but Terese jumps in to stop her and to warn the pair that "arguing isn't going to help." Roxy has still had enough though and hurriedly exits the house.
Back Lane Bar
Roxy enters her former bar and while the other punters look like they are having a good time... she clearly isn't.
The Waterhole/Back Lane Bar
Shane and Gary are talking about how Kyle is doing after what happened earlier. Gary admits that he doesn't know what to say to his son and Shane's advice is to stand back and let the lad sort things out for himself.
Shane then receives a call on his mobile - it's Roxy with an invite to join her for drinks. The lass is on a real downer and Shane begs her not to do anything stupid, but she downs another shot and hangs up.
"Sounds like she's in a pretty bad way," Gary comments when Shane gets off the phone. Shane confirms the lass has a lot going on but isn't drinking with anyone after Gary asks. "I just hope she doesn't write herself off," Shane laments.
Number 30
Terese pops over for a quick chat with Toadie to see if he's talked to Kyle yet? Toad replies that he has but doesn't think it's done much good. Terese then raises her concerns with Toadie, that Kyle might not be ready yet to lead the buddy club - they can't afford to put a foot wrong with looking after other folks' kids. "He made a mistake today," Toadie replies and thinks Kyle "deserves a second chance."
At this point Kyle knocks and enters the house (he's been standing at the front door for a few minutes as the pair chatted). Toadie at least acknowledges that they've been talking about him when he enters the house and he is pleased to see that they are both there.
KYLE: I've been thinking about today. I really let you down mate.
KYLE: Just let me finish. I know how important buddy club is to you. I'm not up to it, so I'm going to pull out.
The Waterhole
The bar has closed for the night when Dipi makes her way into the bar... obviously ready to follow the advice Sheila gave earlier. She gets herself suitably de- robed and asks Shane if he's "ready for your nightcap" except it is Gary who is locking up not Shane!!!
I am not sure who is more surprised Gary or Dipi! He quickly averts his eyes as Dipi pulls her jacket back on and he explains why he is locking up - Roxy called in a bad way and Shane went to help her, worried that she'd "right herself off."
DIPI: Shane's with Roxy?
Back Lane Bar
An inebriated Roxy is happy pleased to see Shane when he enters the bar.
ROXY: You're such a kind man.
Shane suggests they go get some coffee before he takes her home, but she wants more alcohol and wants him to have a drink with her too.
ROXY: Please! I can't let Harlow see me like this. You don't understand how exhausting it is to have to apologise for everything you do.
SHANE: No, I think I actually do, the time called 'my twenties' and I'm pretty sure none of this is going to make you feel any better.
"You don't have to stay and watch," she tells him, but Shane doesn't plan on leaving her alone, so heads to the bar for a couple of waters.
Number 30
Shane is surprised to see his wife up when he gets home. Dipi explains that she couldn't sleep, and subtly gets in that its late and asks if there was a problem at the pub?
SHANE: I wasn't actually at the pub.
Dipi looks almost relived that he isn't lying to her, then reveals that she knew he was in the city with Roxy. "Why didn't you call and let me know?" she asks, and he replies that he thought she'd be asleep.
SHANE: How'd you find out?
DIPI: I came to the pub to see you and Gary told me you'd rushed off to go rescue her.
SHANE: Yes. Yes, she was upset.
DIPI: That doesn't make her your responsibility?
SHANE: No, she called me. She needed a mate tonight.
DIPI: Yeah, she seems to need you a lot lately, ever since she confided in you about being a match for David. You seem to be her go to person.
SHANE: She's a friend.
DIPI: You were at a bar until 2 in the morning with a young woman. That's more than friendship Shane. Why can't you see that?!
Coming up on Neighbours
- Paul scathing of Chloe.
- Chloe has issues!
- Elly telling Finn that "the last time was a mistake."
- Susan warning Finn to stay away from Elly!
- Shane demanding answers from his wife!
- Dipi and Shane arguing.
<<8274 - 8276>>
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