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Neighbours Episode 8161 from 2019 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8161
Australian and UK airdate: 05/08/19
Writer: Elizabeth Packett
Director: Scott Major
Guests: Vance Abernethy: Conrad Colby
Richie Amblin: Lachlan Millar
- "Next Level Love" by A La Beast
- "I Believe You, Liar" by Washington
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
- Elly being blackmailed by a student.
- Dean's mum being told what her son did to Elly.
- Elly planning on making a full confession over the blackmailing to the Department.
- Elly happy to be just friends with Chloe again.
- Roxy finding Paul unconscious and claiming that it was Gary who attacked him.
- Paul unhappy Karl hasn't sacked Gary yet.
- Kyle discovering the bloodied crowbar and towel Sheila took home.
Number 26
Sheila hastily throws the bloodied towel, crowbar and her gloves into the recycling bin when she hears Amy and Harlow come into the garden. Amy thought she would be busy getting ready, but thinking quickly, Sheila says she was just doing an impromptu bit of housework first. Likewise, she is surprised to see them, Harlow especially but the lass replies that she is on her lunchbreak and Amy is showing her the house where her grandfather grew up.
After Harlow heads off to school, Amy asks if Sheila knows where Gary is as he isn't answering his calls. Sheila then starts to tell Amy about the ban being enforced on Gary.
Number 22
Despite the pain he is in, Paul is at least happy that Gary won't be at the tram launch. Terese suggests that Paul is very blinkered where Gary is concerned and should open up his mind to the idea that it might not be him... but Paul is more than happy to remain blinkered!
Erinsborough High
Yashvi and Harlow are chatting about whether to attend the tram launch or not, when their conversation is interrupted by a group of boys capering around. Elly comes out of the classroom to tell them to get to class, but Richie stops and asks if she can buy alcohol for his party just like she did for Dean! Remaining calm, Elly ignores the question and instead tells him to get inside the classroom with the other kids.
In the classroom, Yashvi fills Harlow in on who Dean was, what he did and the rumour that he had something over Elly.
HARLOW: Well sometimes there's a hidden truth in rumours.
YASHVI: I doubt it, my mum's part of the PTA, she would have had a meltdown, she takes everything way too seriously.
HARLOW: But if he doesn't goad her anymore, that must mean something happened.
The 82
The launch seems to be going well - Karl is busy with the media, giving interviews. As David (and Aaron) arrive they catch Finn kissing Bea and they confirm that its early days and that Finn was going to tell him in their next session. Meanwhile Amy thinks it's a shame that Gary isn't here to see everyone enjoying the fruits of his labour.
Sheila spots Kyle and heads over to chat. It appears neither have been able to get hold of Gary, but Sheila asks that if Kyle spots his dad first, he's to give him the heads up over what she found (and tells him where it currently is). She agrees that she will take what she found to the police, but she wants to talk to Gary first.
Terese's office
And we now know where Gary is, he calls in to speak to Terese. Despite it appearing otherwise, he claims not to be drunk as he very carefully comes into her office and sits down before getting straight to the point.
GARY: Do you think that I attacked Paul? I mean, we both know how much I hate the b@stard but do you seriously think that I would do it?
Terese tries to avoid answering the question, but he forces her to and eventually she replies that she doesn't "know what to think." She points out that Roxy saw him, although he thinks she could simply be lying but Terese then asks why would the lass lie? He explains about seeing her upset and saying how sorry she was because "she knew damn well it wasn't me."
Gary is now visibly upset and really struggling to control his emotions as he continues.
GARY: Think about it Terese, everyone knows she's a mess.
TERESE: Gary... Gary, you're a mess. You need to go home and sober up.
GARY: I swear on my life Terese, I just didn't do this.
Gary literally looks like a broken man and gently, Terese tells him to go home.
Erinsborough High
School has finished for the day, but Elly still has work to do... well until Chloe comes by with some chips and chicken salt - the number one craving for pregnant women apparently! After thanking Chloe, Elly bemoans that it's the "big babies" in the class that are giving her grief, not the one inside her. She tells Chloe briefly about Dean, what her role in it was and how she now feels as if she's been "sold out" but isn't sure by whom given how few folks knew the truth and with Susan being away, will need to figure it out herself.
The 82
Terese arrives thankfully late given Paul is complaining about how long Karl has been droning on for in his speech! The final part of Karl's speech is to invite Kyle up to cut the ribbon, Jemima's orders, and somewhat reluctantly he heads up to the impromptu stage.
"What about me?" we suddenly hear Gary yell and when the camera cuts to him, we see he is very inebriated! Much to Karl's alarm, he begins walking towards the tram, shoving Paul aside as he passes, to wrestle the scissors from Karl! He eventually gets them off Karl, so its Kyle's turn to try and deal with his dad but as he tries to wrestle the scissors out of Gary's hands, he falls down and lands inside the tram. With the abundance of mobile phones out, it's for the wrong reason that Gary and the tram are going to be in the news!
Harold's Cafe
Chloe spots Yashvi in the café and heads over to talk to her about the kid giving Elly hassle, but turns out that Ritchie is actually in the café, being an idiot in front of his mates. She walks over towards him and introduces herself before belittling him for his attitude towards pregnant women! Of course, when she leaves, Richie still tries to prove he's a 'hard man' in front of his silent groupies.
The 82
Paul is ranting away about what happened when Harlow arrives and Terese explains there was "a slight kerfuffle" at the ribbon cutting ceremony. Paul takes offence at the word 'slight' and instead fills Harlow in properly!
PAUL: The sooner that man gets put in jail the better!
Terese reminds everyone (Roxy has joined them at this point, Paul's *star* witness) that Gary hasn't even been charged yet and that his lawyer could argue that Roxy was mistaken (said looking straight at Roxy). "But she definitely saw him," Paul replies on Roxy's behalf and Terese points out that no weapon has been found yet.
PAUL: Is this Protect Gary Canning Week or something?
Terese replies no, she just wants to ensure the legal process runs its course. Paul's mind is already made up - Gary is guilty and isn't too pleased Terese hasn't got his back. She is quick to reassure him that she has but adds that "it's complicated."
Meanwhile outside the tram, Sheila apologies profusely to Karl for Gary's behaviour before going over to check with Amy on how he's doing. Amy replies that he is sleeping in the yard and Kyle is with him, before vetoing her involvement when she wanted to go and see how Gary was doing.
Erinsborough High
Elly is just leaving the classroom when Richie and his silent groupies come marching along the corridor, so she points out that school is finished and that they should be going home. She notices that Richie is carrying a bottle of alcohol (it's a bottle wrapped in a brown paper bag) and threatens to report him to Mrs Birmingham. Richie is ready for her (plus he is still peeved at how Chloe talked to him) and so if she reports him, they will "tell the whole world" about what happened with Dean.
Terese's office
Elly comes looking for Chloe and after she confirms she talked to Richie, has a go at her for making things worse by antagonising him - she is now waiting to see what the backlash is after she did her job and reported Richie and his groupies to the Principal. "I am so sorry," Chloe quickly says, she genuinely thought she was helping and thinks she can make things up to Elly by buying all the mocktails she wants! Not surprisingly, Elly would rather be alone after the day she's just had!
Number 26
Harlow creeps in the backyard towards where the bins are kept and on opening the recycling bin, spots what Sheila carefully tried to conceal.
The Handy Woman
Despite sleeping it off, Gary is not yet sober and is declaring his love for Amy when she and Kyle wake him up. He is indebted to the pair for also believing his innocence.
The Waterhole
Ned and Yashvi finish off their drinks but before they leave, she asks the newly arrived Elly if Richie was drinking at school (she saw something on Snapchat). Elly confirms it is true and wants to know if Chloe was rude to Richie after Ned made a comment about Chloe's chat with him. "Yes, but you know, it really took him down a notch," Ned replies to her question and Yashvi backs him up to say that what Chloe did "was awesome." Elly doesn't think so, as to her, she was handling it but the pair back Chloe's actions up for calling Richie out on his attitude towards women.
YASHVI: Talk about a great friend.
The 82
When Yashvi and Ned arrive to check the tram out, there is a bit of a party going.
Despite most folk not being happy that they are together, Finn and Bea decide to ignore everyone as the only people who need to be comfortable with it is them... and her nearest family.
Meanwhile Sheila seems relieved to hear that Gary is now safely at home, but Kyle didn't get a chance to speak to him about what she found as Amy was with them all the time plus Gary was too drunk to really talk to anyway.
When Mark appears (he's in his police uniform) Paul demands that he goes and arrests Gary for being drunk and disorderly for what happened earlier! He ignores Paul and instead walks towards where Sheila is to ask her to come to the station for a chat. "About what?" she asks him.
MARK: We've reason to believe you disposed of the assault weapon used against Paul Robinson.
PAUL: Is this true?!
Sheila is lost for words to give a reply and accompanied to the aptly named 'I believe you liar' Sheila is forced to undergo the walk of shame in front of everyone as Mark escorts her to the station to get the questioning started.
Paul has now tarnished Sheila with the same brush as her "lowlife son." "Maybe," Terese replies but is more curious to know what the weapon was! Harlow interrupts to provide the answer to that and to explain she was the one who reported it to the police. "I never meant to get so involved," she adds but Paul is grateful for what she did. Begrudgingly though, Terese is now forced to admit that it turns out that not just Paul was right in thinking that it was Gary, but it confirms too what Roxy said.
TERESE: (to Paul) I hope you get all the justice you deserve honey.
Meanwhile in the tram, a very worried Roxy gets out her phone and makes a call. She tells the caller that she needs to see them.
And we now see who Roxy called - Vance! They are upstairs in the backpackers and Roxy is feeling very guilty that Sheila has now been caught up in this, but Vance tries to get her to see it takes the focus away from her.
ROXY: It doesn't change the fact that you're the one who bashed Paul and I then I have to keep blaming Gary for something that you did.
As she said that, she is getting more worked up and Vance tries to calm her down by pulling her in for a hug. "It's lucky you love me so much eh," he says when they pull apart although despite a brief pash, when they hug again, neither look exactly happy.
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- Toadie and Dee on a beach.
- Toadie refusing to let Dee disappear again.
- Amy asking if you can stop loving someone?
- Elly giving Amy her advice.
- Kyle frustrated at the PDAs between Gary and Amy.
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