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Neighbours Episode 8145 from 2019 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
Episode title: 8145
Australian and UK airdate: 12/07/19
Writer: Anthony Ellis
Director: Chris Langman
Guests: None
- "Suicide City" by Rose Tattoo
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Mark wonders whether Chloe's concern for Pierce's relationship stems from jealousy of Ebony
- Ebony thinks Chloe and Pierce have a special connection, and is later upset to see them hugging
- Pierce later reports to Chloe that Ebony took the cheque he offered and has left him
- David and Aaron assure Amy and Leo they aren't having a baby, but can't say what their secret is
- Sheila leaves Nell with Gary, saying he'll need the training if he wants another kid with Amy
- Later, Amy overhears Gary admitting to Sheila that he doesn't want more kids
No 26
There's awkwardness aplenty at the Canning house in the aftermath of Amy overhearing that Gary doesn't want a child with her. Sheila takes Nell, who is still there, out of the room to play hide- and- seek, leaving Gary and Amy to talk.
AMY: I can't believe it.
GARY: Wait, okay, can we just take this back a bit?
AMY: To the part where you don't want another child?
GARY: That's not what I meant.
Gary tries to convince Amy that she's reading this all wrong; he wants what Amy wants. But Amy is unconvinced, and says it sounds like Gary hasn't been honest with her.
Erinsborough Hospital
David and Finn are having one of their sessions; Finn is hooked up to the neural monitor. He admits to David he's been struggling with jealousy of late, as Bea seems to have been thinking about Ned a lot recently.
FINN: I know we talked about taking things slowly with Bea, and I am.
DAVID: But you can't help the way you're feeling.
FINN: Right. And these feelings of jealousy – they worry me.
DAVID: In what ways?
FINN: Dr Robinson and Imogen – they argue that I changed after South America.
DAVID: Well, I don't think there's any doubt about that.
FINN: Yeah, but then there's people like Bea's mum, who reckon I've got this evil gene. And if that's true, all this negative thinking… it scares me.
DAVID: Well, what you're talking about is the nature versus nurture debate. And it's something I've been thinking a lot about lately, too (…) It's what my thesis explores. Being in Japan made me think about my own family – how did Leo and I have the same upbringing, yet we're so different?
FINN: So, it is about nature?
DAVID: Well, I don't think the two are mutually exclusive. We're all so different – which is why I want to expand my research beyond our sessions.
FINN: You know, you're not making me feel any better about myself!
DAVID: Well, I don't think you need to stress over a little bit of jealousy. What matters is that you're aware of your responses; and you seem to be doing a good job of that.
Finn smiles, only mildly reassured.
No 32
Aaron is on the patio when David approaches behind him.
AARON: Is that the sound of a wild Boo- Boo approaching?
David kisses Aaron, who assumes he's in a good mood because he has ‘heard back' from somewhere. David says he hasn't heard back yet; he's just happy because he had a good session with Finn at work. Aaron is clearly learning to be more supportive than he has been previously on this score, as he remarks that this will be good for David's thesis.
DAVID: On the other thing, no I haven't heard. It's been three days, so he would've got my letter by now.
AARON: Hey, he might still be thinking about it or something.
DAVID: Maybe. Or maybe he didn't like what I wrote. It wasn't easy. It only took me seven drafts!
Roxy is lingering inside the house, and overhears some of this. She comes out and demands to know who David is writing to. David claims it's just an old friend from uni, but Roxy is not fooled and declares that this appears to be a ‘saucy secret'.
ROXY: And I need to know it immediately, if not sooner.
David changes the subject by announcing they have guests coming round for lunch – Paul and Terese. Roxy announces that she'll go out in that case, but Aaron suggests it might be a good opportunity for her to start rebuilding her relationship with Terese.
DAVID: At least think about it.
ROXY: Okay, I'm thinking… No.
Roxy goes inside.
Lassiter's Complex
Chloe runs into Pierce, who's out for an Angry Jog™ to clear his head. He reports that he still can't get hold of Ebony, but that she's cashed the cheque he gave her and taken all her possessions.
PIERCE: It must be something I did, you know.
CHLOE: Pierce, no.
PIERCE: I know you think I didn't put any pressure on her. But I didn't realise I was doing it the first time, either – with you. You literally ran off into the snow.
CHLOE: That was a completely different situation.
PIERCE: Kind of turned out the same, though.
CHLOE: I'm so sorry you're going through this.
PIERCE: It's not your fault. I mean, you only ever tried to help.
Pierce jogs on, and Chloe looks sad.
No 26
Amy is doing some laundry, and Gary offers to help, which she accepts.
GARY: Look, I thought the door was closed on the idea of babies. We've both had kids; I just thought it'd be us doing whatever we want.
AMY: So why not just tell me that?
GARY: Because I love you. And when I saw how much you wanted it, I just… I just wanted to make you happy.
AMY: But do you have any idea how that makes me feel? It's like I pushed you into a corner and made you do something that you don't want to do.
GARY: It's not like that.
AMY: Well, then, what is it like?
GARY: I don't want to have kids, Amy. I'm sorry – I just don't.
Lassiter's Complex
Chloe is offloading to Kyle about the Pierce/Ebony debacle. Kyle thinks Ebony left because of the perceived connection between Chloe and Pierce; but Chloe doesn't want to believe it, and says Ebony must have decided that taking the money for her sister was more important.
Kyle tells Chloe that Ebony is right – Chloe's been obsessed with Pierce since the day he returned to town. Chloe continues to deny that it's romantic.
KYLE: You're into the guy – and I'm sick of hearing about it! Please, just tell him how you feel!
Kyle strops off.
The Waterhole
Gary is whingeing to Sheila about his relationship with Amy; he's worried Amy will decide he's not the bloke for her now she knows the truth about him not wanting kids. Sheila apologises for her role in Amy finding out; but Gary says it's all on him, and that he should have been honest sooner.
Paul is with Terese on the other side of the pub, but is watching Gary and Sheila with interest. Paul and Sheila exchange a knowing glance.
Lassiter's Complex
Chloe is at a table outside the pub when Kyle rejoins her. Chloe apologises for blithering on about Pierce all the time; and Kyle apologises for stropping off, saying that the stuff going on with Amy is making him snappy.
Chloe asks Kyle whether falling in love with Georgia felt different than with Amy.
CHLOE: You don't have to answer if you don't want to. It's just that, the way I felt about Mel and Elly… is not how I feel about Pierce.
KYLE: What, you can't tell if it's love or not?
CHLOE: How can you tell with Amy?
KYLE: Because of the way I feel when I see her. I get butterflies in my stomach. And when I see that she's sad or upset, it hurts me too. Any of that sound familiar?
But Chloe is busy gazing sadly at Pierce nearby, who is still Angry Jogging™. Chloe admits that she feels that way for Pierce too, and Kyle says she has some decisions to make.
No 32
On the patio, David is staring at his phone; Aaron tells him it won't make it ring any faster, and that David will ‘find out' soon enough. Roxy (who is topless) and Leo are lounging by the pool, listening to this exchange. David and Aaron head to the shops, and Roxy asks Leo if he knows what the pair are hiding. He says he knows they're not having a baby, but that's all the info he has.
Roxy, however, is hungry for ‘juicy goss'. She wonders if David has applied for a job in Japan while they were there, and that they're thinking of moving out there. Leo doubts it. Roxy bets him $20 that she can find out the secret. Leo agrees. Casually exposing her topless chest to Leo, Roxy announces that she's going to search the house for the other drafts of the letter she heard David talking about.
Lassiter's Lake
Amy is looking forlorn on a bench, and Kyle sits down next to her.
KYLE: Are you okay?
AMY: I dunno. I thought I wanted to have another baby. Turns out Gary doesn't want one. Sorry – you don't need to hear this.
KYLE: No, no – it's okay. I'm good.
AMY: No, it's not fair.
KYLE: No, it's fine… What do you mean, you *thought* you wanted another one?
AMY: I was so young when I had Jimmy. So unprepared. Maybe I was just excited at the idea of a do- over.
KYLE: Was that the only reason you were keen?
AMY: … No. But Gary doesn't want one, so… now I'm gonna have to weigh it all up again. Figure out what that means for my relationship.
KYLE: Can I say something?
AMY: Yeah.
KYLE: What you and Dad have… you seem pretty happy. Got a great life. And you used to tell me about all the fun you missed out on when Jimmy was a baby. So, I dunno – maybe it's time to have those adventures, you know. With your fiancé – the bloke you're in love with.
AMY: … Thanks. I know that wasn't an easy thing to say.
KYLE: Well, it wasn't that hard, either.
Amy puts a hand on his back.
AMY: You do know how much your friendship means to me, don't you?
But that's too much for Kyle, and he gets up, making an excuse to leave. Amy is getting emotional; she sighs tearfully, and makes a phone call to Jimmy.
AMY: Jimmy, hey… just wanted to check in…. What are you doing? … Yeah?
No 32
In the kitchen, Roxy is scouring the bin for drafts of David's letter, when David himself comes in. He's on the phone to someone.
DAVID: He said he'll meet me? … Alright – thanks so much! … No, I knew there'd be paperwork… But I'm still on the list? … And when can we meet? … Alright, yeah… Thanks for all your help.
Roxy is hiding behind the door, listening to all this. Aaron comes in too, with shopping.
DAVID: Yeah, they said that we can meet, this afternoon.
AARON: Wow, okay. So… this is happening a lot faster than I thought.
DAVID: Yeah.
AARON: Are you sure you still want to do this?
DAVID: Yeah, I am. I've thought long and hard about it. But I said I'd only do it with you. So you've got to be happy, too.
AARON: Yeah, I am, I am. It's just… I dunno. It's kind of scary.
DAVID: Yeah. We'll have each other every step of the way.
AARON: Yeah, I know. Alright – so we're doing this?
DAVID: Yeah! Time to meet another branch of the family tree.
Unseen, Roxy smirks, thinking she's deduced the secret.
The Waterhole
Kyle and Sheila are at a table, watching Amy and Gary who are chatting on a sofa across the pub.
KYLE: What do you think's gonna happen there?
SHEILA: What are you hoping for?
Meanwhile, Amy tells Gary that it hurt when she found out he was faking being happy about having a kid.
AMY: But then, to think you'd do that – something so huge – because you loved me… it means a lot. I just wish you'd been honest with me.
GARY: I will be from now on, I promise.
AMY: I hope so.
GARY: You hope so?
AMY: Well, what do you think I want more? An extra mouth to feed, or a happy relationship?
GARY: Do you want me to answer that?
AMY: It's the relationship.
GARY: Thank god! You sure?
AMY: I love the life we're building together. And if that doesn't include a kid, there's still a lot to get excited about.
They kiss. At the other table, Kyle and Sheila are still watching…
KYLE (unenthusiastic): Good on ‘em.
SHEILA (unenthusiastic): Yeah.
No 32
In the porch, Roxy is going very much overboard with some antibacterial hand gel.
LEO: Didn't know you were a germ freak?
ROXY: You owe me twenty bucks.
LEO: What? You found something?
ROXY: I have the answer.
LEO: Okay, what is it?
ROXY: Uh-uh-uh! Money first!
Leo hands her the twenty.
ROXY: So – they aren't having their own kid, but they're fostering one. I think.
Leo snatches the twenty back.
LEO: So, you *think* – you don't know?
Roxy snatches the note again, and explains about the phone call and conversation she overheard – especially the references to being scared and the family tree. Leo takes the note back, saying he wants concrete evidence before she wins the bet. Roxy is still applying hand gel…
The Waterhole
Paul and Terese tell Sheila that they're looking forward to their lunch with Leo at No 32. Sheila asks if Terese's ‘nudist niece' will be attending; Terese expects she'll be there.
While Terese answers a phone call, Paul gets the latest update from Sheila; now, Amy has said she's not that interested in having a baby, which Sheila thinks means that they don't need to try and split them up anymore.
Paul disagrees entirely; he says that, whereas Gary was the one making the unhappy compromise over kids previously, nothing has changed other than that now Amy is the one compromising, and who will suffer due to not having the kid she wanted. Terese returns, cutting short the conversation – but as she and Paul leave, Paul whispers to Sheila that ‘this is not over'.
Lassiter's Complex
Pierce is looking forlorn outside the hotel, staring at his phone as if waiting for a message from Ebony. Chloe joins him.
PIERCE: I just don't get it, you know? Why last night, out of nowhere?
CHLOE: … I think it might have something to do with me.
CHLOE: I don't think you finding out about her sister helped. Or offering her the money – the cheque.
PIERCE: Wait – what's it got to do with you?
CHLOE: … She thought there was a Vibe™ between us.
CHLOE: She thought we had a special connection, and she couldn't compete. That's why she left.
PIERCE: Why would she think that? It's ridiculous.
CHLOE: Is it? … Ebony's not the only one who noticed how we are together. I noticed… I like you. A lot. I can't help it. And she could see you liked me, too.
PIERCE: … Ebony just left me.
CHLOE: This is not me propositioning you. I just wanted to be honest.
Pierce gets up to leave.
PIERCE: I love Ebony, okay? She's gone – that's all I care about. And you're the reason she's gone.
Chloe looks guilty as Pierce leaves.
No 32
David and Aaron are setting the patio table for lunch, while Leo and Roxy exchange a knowing glance. Aaron says they'll have to wrap up lunch fairly early to ‘get there on time'. Aaron asks if Roxy is staying for lunch; she replies that she's not going anywhere. Aaron drags David inside to help prepare the food.
David leaves his phone on the table, and Roxy takes the opportunity to grab it.
ROXY: That was careless – doc forgot to lock!
LEO: You can't go through David's phone!
But Roxy is already looking at David's call history; he's been talking to someone at Albury Supermax Prison!
ROXY: What, are they gonna foster some criminal's kid?
But Leo has realised what's going on.
LEO: No – this isn't about fostering.
Leo goes inside to confront David and Aaron, followed closely by Roxy.
LEO: Albury Supermax? Are you out of your mind? You're going to see *him*, aren't you?
ROXY: Who?
Aaron grabs David's phone from Leo.
AARON: Give me that! You shouldn't be going through his phone!
LEO: I can't believe you're letting him do this!
ROXY: Do what? Okay, someone needs to tell me what is going on!
DAVID: … I'm going to see Robert Robinson.
LEO: Our half- brother.
ROXY: You have a brother in Supermax? What did he do?!
DAVID: Trust me, I know what I'm doing.
LEO: You know Dad's gonna flip when he finds out?!
DAVID: I'm not planning on telling him! Not yet.
LEO: He has to know you're doing this.
DAVID: Yes, but now's not the time to tell him.
Paul walks in with Terese.
PAUL: Tell me what?
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