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Neighbours Episode 8118 from 2019 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8118
Australian and UK airdate: 05/06/19
Writer: Holly Alexander
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Special Appearance by: Madeleine West
Vance Abernethy: Conrad Coleby
Keyboardist: Adam Rigley
Terese Willis (Stunt Double): Krystie Holley
- "Fire" by Bonnie Anderson
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Roxy tries to sell Rhapsody in Red to a sceptical Paul
- But he eventually agrees to buy as a present for Terese, for the reduced price of $30K
- Vance is worried this isn't enough money, and Leo's worried Paul will find out the horse is stolen
- Terese can't resist smiling as Vance shamelessly flirts with her
- Karl hypnotises Andrea in a bid to help her recall more about the man from the Salamanca Markets
- In her hypnotised state, Andrea remembers that the man's name was Ian
- Toadie is furious when Shane and Dipi admit that Andrea is at Karl's house being hypnotised
- The hypnotism has apparently uncovered a traumatic childhood memory for Andrea
- When Toadie comes in, he finds Andrea in tears, and Karl comforting her
No 28
Toadie looks on sceptically, as Karl assures Andrea that she's safe now. She's upset and apologetic, but Karl says there's nothing to be sorry for. He then goes over to talk to Toadie.
TOADIE: What the hell, Karl?
KARL: I'm so sorry - I can explain.
TOADIE: Shane's already told me - hypnosis?
KARL: I've just been trying to unlock some of her memories. It seems I may have triggered a repressed one.
TOADIE: Yeah, if any of that's real!
Karl tells Toadie that Andrea did provide more details about the man she met in Hobart, including his name - Ian. But Toadie is not interested, shouting that Andrea shouldn't be here. Karl says he needs to make sure Andrea has no latent after- effects from the hypnosis before he sends her on her way. He rejoins her, as Toadie looks annoyed.
ANDREA (tearful): I don't know where that came from.
KARL: Okay. Do you remember what happened?
ANDREA: No, I just... I can see her face, Mum's face, so clearly. Is it... is that what she used to do to me? (to Toadie) Look, I'm sorry. I really didn't... I didn't want you to see that.
TOADIE: None of this has anything to do with me!
ANDREA: I'm just trying to help you - please!
But Toadie has already left, and slams the door behind him. Andrea continues to sob.
Back Lane Bar
Vance is with Leo, trying to work out how to reverse the sale of the horse to Paul. Leo points out that if he'd told Roxy the horse was stolen, this wouldn't have happened. Vance wonders if he could convince Paul to race the horse overseas, but Leo is sceptical - and says that if Paul found out, he'd turn Vance in straight away. Leo doesn't want this, as it will cast doubt on his own business acumen.
At that moment, Vance gets a phone call from Paul...
No 28
Andrea tells Karl how embarrassed she is for losing the plot during their hypnosis session. Karl tells her not to worry.
KARL: These childhood memories of yours - very troubling.
ANDREA (tearful): I can't believe I buried all that stuff.
KARL: Yeah. Now, are you gonna be alright driving back to Geelong?
KARL: No - look, I recommend you ring in sick. Just until you feel better.
Andrea suddenly recalls that she remembered Ian's name during the session. But at that moment, Susan, Bea, Elly and Finn walk in, back from the shops. They are gobsmacked to see Andrea in the house. Susan stares incredulously at Karl...
Lassiter's Lake
An emotional Toadie is at the Friendship Tree, talking to Sonya.
TOADIE: Yesterday, I dropped the brush down that gap between the sink and the bath - you know, the one that your hand fits in, but mine doesn't. Anyway, I thought it was lost for good, but, uh... it turns out that Nellyfish can get stuff out of there now.
His voice cracks.
TOADIE: Doesn't mean that I don't need you every other second of every day... Why didn't you tell me what Andrea said? You were trying to protect me, I get it. But now I've got to deal with this on my own. And she is just trying everything just to reel people in.
No 28
Andrea sits on the couch, and Finn, Bea and Elly awkwardly prepare dinner while, in the hallway next door, Susan lays into Karl for inviting Andrea into the house, given how Toadie feels about her. Karl says he just wants to get to the bottom of Andrea's story, reminding her how useful hypnosis was with Jack Callahan.
SUSAN: Oh, come on - she's a con artist! She could easily fake a hypnotic state!
KARL: Well, obviously I was very watchful for anything like that. Darling, I know we are wary of her, but doing this - it's a way of controlling the situation.
Karl explains that Andrea recalled a traumatic childhood memory, which he says could explain her behaviour in the past - but Susan is incredulous. Meanwhile, Andrea has found a leaflet about pregnancy on the coffee table. Elly heads over to the hallway and asks Karl how long Andrea's going to be here.
ANDREA (shouting): Is one of you having a baby?
ELLY: Me - not that it's any of your business.
ANDREA: Oh, a baby's such a beautiful gift. You're very lucky. Yeah, I was lucky too. My little boy - he's so beautiful. Just loved holding him, and... just being with him, you know?
Elly and Bea give each other a look. Andrea gets tearful again.
ANDREA: You know, I'm really happy he's got such a wonderful daddy to take care of him. He's doing really good.
Conscious of the tension, Finn suggests to Elly that they accompany Bea to set up for her latest Waterhole gig. Susan and Karl remain in the house with Andrea.
No 30
Mark is talking to Dipi and Shane about the Andrea latest; they've passed on the name of Ian, although it's not much to go on without a surname or anything else. Still, Mark says he'll look into it. Toadie comes in, and Dipi is apologetic for the way he found out about the hypnosis.
SHANE: I promise you, mate - none of us are taking her story at face value.
TOADIE: Is that why Mark's here - cos you don't believe her?
MARK: Mate, I'm only here as a precaution, okay? Now, I could do some searching and see if there was an Ian or a Karen around during those dates. But if you'd prefer I didn't, just say the word.
TOADIE: Just do what you want. You're gonna do it anyway, aren't you? If you ask me, though, it's a waste of time. All you're gonna find out is that Andrea is lying *again*!
Toadie storms out.
Paul has brought Terese to the stables to introduce her surprise gift - Rhapsody in Red! Terese is shocked and impressed. Paul suggests she take the horse for a ride, but Terese points out that a mechanical bull is quite a different beast from a real- life horse; she hasn't been riding in years. Paul says that's why he invited Vance to come and help.
Vance comes in; Paul explains that he bought the horse from him and Roxy, which they brought down from the Northern Territory. Terese looks a bit awkward.
PAUL: it's high time Terese got back in the saddle - relive her wild youth.
Despite her discomfort, Terese can't suppress a smile, which Paul can't see but which Vance can!
No 28
Karl rejoins Andrea, and asks if she's feeling better; she confirms she is, a little. Susan watches suspiciously from the kitchen.
ANDREA: I can't get the image of Mum's face out of my mind. It's all twisted; she's so... angry. And then... darkness... You need to put me under again.
KARL: What? No, I couldn't in all conscience do that - it's too risky.
ANDREA: No, you have to - for Toadie. I've remembered some things about Ian. I'll remember more, and... if it leads to Dee, won't it be worth the pain?
Susan chips in, suggesting they wait a few days until Andrea's feeling back to normal.
ANDREA: Yeah... Do you see Hugo much?
SUSAN: Uh... yeah, we do.
ANDREA: Could you tell me something about him?
SUSAN: He's a happy little boy.
ANDREA: Has he said any words yet?
SUSAN: ... Umm, 'water', 'yes', 'no'...
KARL and SUSAN: 'More, please.'
ANDREA: What's that in relation to? Like, food, or toys?
SUSAN: Food.
KARL: Oh, he's a good eater.
ANDREA: Yeah? What are his favourites?
KARL: Oh, anything, really - he's not a fussy eater. Sonya and Toadie made sure they exposed him to all different foods...
But Susan, who has been growing increasingly uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation, puts her arm on Karl's, to shut him up.
SUSAN: I think we need to check with Toadie before we say anything else to you.
ANDREA: Of course. Yeah, I just want you to know that I don't regret my decision. I gave over full custody because it's the best thing for Hugo. And you gotta believe, I'm not a threat to him, or to Toadie. I'd just really like to see my baby.
Karl and Susan both nod, but look conflicted.
While Paul is on the phone in the background, Terese asks Vance about the horse; he claims it was a gift from his family, so he could sell it and make some money. He straps a riding helmet to Terese's head, and chuckles.
VANCE: You look remarkably familiar in that get- up.
TERESE (smiling): Well, it does bring back memories.
VANCE: I still think a lot about our rides together. One in particular.
TERESE: ... The one out in the dam.
VANCE: Yeah.
Vance helps her up onto the horse.
VANCE: If only Paul knew the stuff we used to get up to, hey?
TERESE: Yeah. Well, that's all in the past.
Terese rides off on the horse. Paul finishes up his phone call, and the two men watch Terese riding around the field. Paul looks quite excited, and Vance, quite conflicted.
No 30
Mark is reporting back to Shane and Dipi following his investigations; he says there's no record of an Ian owning a stall at the markets in 2009, when he apparently met 'Karen'. Dipi says he may have just worked there; Mark agrees it's a possibility, and says he'll try to track down the stall owners. Toadie comes in, and Dipi offers to have the conversation elsewhere.
TOADIE: On balance, I'd like to know what exact lies Andrea's spinning.
SHANE: That's all we want out of this.
MARK: Toad, I think if we keep this search going, then we keep Andrea here too. We can use that to our advantage. Andrea is our best chance of finding Heather; she knows her mum's habits, her friends.
Toadie is suddenly interested.
TOADIE: You really think she'd give us that info?
MARK: If we play our cards right.
Back Lane Bar
Roxy is telling Leo about Terese's horse- riding exploits, and shows him a picture on her phone. Ned has come in, and is surprised to learn that Paul bought a horse for Terese. Once Roxy's out of earshot, Leo admits that she was the one who sold Paul the horse - and that it was Vance's.
NED: Right. You do know there was a lot of dodgy stuff going on at Abernethy Station? Horses being stolen and swapped...
LEO: Well, I'm sure it'll be fine, mate. It's probably best just to leave it alone, eh?
But Ned looks concerned.
No 30
Susan is with Toadie and Hugo, talking about Andrea's tall tale.
SUSAN: So you... don't have any interest in this Karen woman? I dunno, I just thought you might have mixed feelings.
TOADIE: ... I keep waking up in the middle of the night, and I forget that Sonya's gone. So, just thinking about Dee feels like a betrayal.
SUSAN: I don't think Sonya would agree. Why else would she pass on that information to Shane? She obviously wanted you to have answers. She would want you to be happy, Toadie.
TOADIE: The only way I'm gonna be happy, is if Heather is caught and punished for what she did. She made Sonya's last few months hell. But if Andrea's gonna talk, then she's gonna want to have access to Hugo. I hate the idea of having to use him as a bargaining chip. It's wrong.
SUSAN: It's a big decision to let her see him. But if it helps... I don't think her desire to see him is fake or contrived.
TOADIE: How can you tell?
SUSAN: Because apart from everything else that she's done, she's still a mother. I think she... she just misses him. But it's your decision.
The Waterhole
At the bar, Elly asks Bea if she's going to sing 'Sorry' as part of her gig tonight. Bea says she's been thinking it's a weird one, because it's about not forgiving Finn - and now he lives with them!
ELLY: Yeah, but that's the one everyone wants to hear!
Finn rejoins them, and Elly explains Bea was thinking about which songs to sing.
BEA: I was thinking about starting with 'Hello'.
FINN: The Oasis one, or the Lionel Richie one?
BEA: The Adele one. It came out a few years ago.
FINN: What, she's still kicking around, is she? (!)
ELLY: What other choices do you have?
BEA: 'Somebody I Used to Know'.
FINN: That sounds like the story of my life.
The girls giggle at this. Bea decides to let Finn hear the song, and passes him her mobile and headphones. As he puts them in, Elly observes the pair of them and looks smug as if she's spotted something. Once Finn's headphoned up, Bea asks Elly why she's smiling.
ELLY: It's just interesting, seeing you so friendly with Finn.
BEA: Yeah, we've been getting along - but there's nothing to it.
ELLY: Hmm! Okay.
Keen to cut the conversation dead, Bea goes to set up for the gig. Meanwhile, Paul, Vance and Terese are having a drink; Vance looks a bit jealous as Paul and Terese kiss. Paul thanks him for helping at the stables today, and admits he might have been a bit hard on Vance up until now. Paul gets a message about Robinson Pines, and goes off to deal with it.
VANCE: Listen, I really meant what I said about the horse. If you're not feeling like you want it, it's no hard feelings.
TERESE: Was I that ridiculous?
VANCE: Hardly. It was actually really great to see you up there - letting yourself go. You should do it more often.
Vance turns to Bea, who's setting up nearby with the Keyboardist™, and asks if she takes requests.
TERESE: What are you doing?
VANCE: You'll see.
No 30
Andrea arrives; Toadie's agreed to let her see Hugo, and she's thrilled about it. Toadie is far more ambivalent, however.
TOADIE: Before you see him, you need to agree to something.
TOADIE: You're gonna tell us whatever you can to help us find Heather.
ANDREA: Yeah. What about finding Ian?
TOADIE: Heather has to face charges for what she did to Sonya.
ANDREA: ... Of course. Absolutely. You know, she used to spend a lot of time in Perth. I could give you a whole list of people that she might be in contact with.
TOADIE: Okay, that's a start. You can tell Mark after this.
ANDREA: Sure. Can I see Hugo now?

Toadie hesitates.
TOADIE: Yes. But you're gonna do it here, where I can see you the whole time.
ANDREA: Yeah, totally. I'm not gonna do anything to stuff this up, okay? I just want to see our boy.
Toadie calls for Dipi to bring out Hugo, and she does, followed by Shane. Andrea looks over the moon to see Hugo.
ANDREA: Hey - hey, baby! You have grown so much!
Reluctantly, Dipi passes a babbling Hugo into Andrea's arms.
ANDREA: Hey! Mama! That's right! Oh, he remembers me! I never forgot you, sweetie.
But Toadie looks very uncertain as he watches her.
The Waterhole
Following Vance's request, Bea is singing a song called 'Fire' - and he encourages Terese to get up and dance with him to it, reminding her that it's their song. Terese doesn't take much persuading, and they dance. Elly and Finn watch, smiling; but then Ned turns up, looking a bit shifty. Terese goes over to join Ned.
TERESE: What's going on?
NED: You're not gonna like this, but I need to tell you something.
No 30
From a distance, Toadie watches Andrea playing 'round and round the garden' with Hugo, still looking deeply troubled.
ANDREA (to Hugo): Where's Daddy? Where's Daddy gone? I think he wants to play with us - where is he? Do you want to come and play, Dad? Come on, yeah? What do you think? Mum? Mum and Dad, yeah?
Toadie very reluctantly comes to join them.
ANDREA (to Hugo): Isn't this nice? Us here together? Yeah.
TOADIE: Okay, uh, I think that's enough. And it's past his bedtime.
ANDREA: Yeah, you're right (...) Thank you so much for this. You've got no idea what it means spending some time with Hugo. I know it's not your priority right now, but I just want you to know I'm gonna continue these hypnosis sessions with Karl. I'm gonna dig up these memories about Ian. And I'm gonna speak to Mark; I'm gonna... just gonna tell him everything I know about where Heather might be. I know she needs to pay for what happened. I'm gonna fix this, okay? I'm gonna fix things, alright? I'm gonna make things better.
Andrea bids goodbye to Hugo, and then leaves. Toadie still looks very conflicted.
Andrea returns to her apartment. She's on her mobile phone to someone, and is speaking with an altogether more casual demeanour.
ANDREA: Yeah, nah - I've got it all sorted, I have.... Well, I'm gonna drip- feed Toadie information about Ian, alright? And that way, I'll have to keep coming back to Erinsborough. And while I'm there, I'm gonna spend time with him and Hugo - gain his trust back... No, of course he doesn't believe me yet; the guy's not an idiot! ... I just figure, with time... Yeah. You know, there's one snag, though - he's trying to find you... Don't worry, Mum. I gave his police mate a bum steer. Get this, I told him you were in Perth.
She laughs. Creepy music has descended.
ANDREA: Oh, you should've seen my little boy, though, Mum. He's so beautiful... Yeah. Oh, he remembers me... And Toadie was so polite... He's gonna forgive us, I just know it. He's gonna forget Sonya, and we'll both be back in their lives. For good... Yeah, I know it.
No 22
Terese arrives home, with Roxy, Ned and Vance in tow. Roxy asks Terese how much she enjoyed the horse; a now rather more businesslike Terese admits that it 'brought back a lot of memories'. Ned takes Roxy out of the room on a pretext, leaving Terese to talk to Vance.
VANCE: Alright, out with it - what's changed?
TERESE: I can't believe that I almost started trusting you! Ned spoke to his friends in the Territory; I know the horse is stolen! Does Roxy know?
VANCE: ... Not a clue. That's why she was okay with selling it to Paul.
TERESE: I can't believe you'd do this! I can't believe you'd drag us all into a crime! So much for starting a new life!
VANCE: That wasn't a lie. I am trying to go straight.
TERESE: Oh, you know what? I've heard that before, Vance. Which is precisely why I left you in the first place. Which is exactly what Roxy should do. You know what? You need to take that horse, go back north, break up with Roxy and leave us alone!
VANCE: Terese, come on!
TERESE: No - you do that, or I'm gonna call the cops.
Coming up on Neighbours
- Susan wonders whether she's interrupting something between Finn and Bea
- Vance flirtatiously tells Roxy he likes it when she takes charge
- Ned tells Terese she'd better hope Roxy doesn't find out
- Bea tells Yashvi that Ned would be lucky to have her
- Yashvi leans in and kisses Ned
- Mark is annoyed to find Elly and Shaun together at the café
- Mark hopes David and Aaron can tell him a little more about Shaun; David looks awkward
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Karl Kennedy, Andrea Somers, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8118
Karl Kennedy, Andrea Somers, Toadie Rebecchi

Leo Tanaka, Vance Abernethy in Neighbours Episode 8118
Leo Tanaka, Vance Abernethy

Karl Kennedy, Andrea Somers in Neighbours Episode 8118
Karl Kennedy, Andrea Somers

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8118
Susan Kennedy

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8118
Toadie Rebecchi

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8118
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Finn Kelly, Elly Brennan, Andrea Somers, Bea Nilsson in Neighbours Episode 8118
Finn Kelly, Elly Brennan, Andrea Somers, Bea Nilsson

Shane Rebecchi, Dipi Rebecchi, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8118
Shane Rebecchi, Dipi Rebecchi, Mark Brennan

Terese Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8118
Terese Willis, Paul Robinson

Vance Abernethy in Neighbours Episode 8118
Vance Abernethy

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Andrea Somers in Neighbours Episode 8118
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Andrea Somers

Vance Abernethy, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8118
Vance Abernethy, Terese Willis

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8118
Paul Robinson

Mark Brennan, Toadie Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi, Dipi Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8118
Mark Brennan, Toadie Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi, Dipi Rebecchi

Roxy Willis in Neighbours Episode 8118
Roxy Willis

Leo Tanaka, Ned Willis in Neighbours Episode 8118
Leo Tanaka, Ned Willis

Toadie Rebecchi, Hugo Somers, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8118
Toadie Rebecchi, Hugo Somers, Susan Kennedy

Finn Kelly, Elly Brennan, Bea Nilsson in Neighbours Episode 8118
Finn Kelly, Elly Brennan, Bea Nilsson

Vance Abernethy, Terese Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8118
Vance Abernethy, Terese Willis, Paul Robinson

Andrea Somers, Shane Rebecchi, Hugo Somers, Dipi Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8118
Andrea Somers, Shane Rebecchi, Hugo Somers, Dipi Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi

Bea Nilsson, Terese Willis, Vance Abernethy in Neighbours Episode 8118
Bea Nilsson, Terese Willis, Vance Abernethy

Ned Willis, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8118
Ned Willis, Terese Willis

Andrea Somers, Hugo Somers, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8118
Andrea Somers, Hugo Somers, Toadie Rebecchi

Andrea Somers in Neighbours Episode 8118
Andrea Somers

Vance Abernethy, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8118
Vance Abernethy, Terese Willis

Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8118
Terese Willis

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