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Neighbours Episode 8036 from 2019 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
Episode title: 8036
Australian and UK airdate: 11/02/19
Writer: Linda Stainton
Director: Jean-Pierre Mignon
Guests: Special appearance by Madeleine West
Melissa Lohan: Jacqui Purvis
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
- Toadie hearing from Andrea's lawyer that his custody offer has been rejected.
- Sonya looking at the ‘death' tarot card.
- Toadie warning Shane and Dipi to stay away from Sonya unless they can be positive.
- A social working (on behalf of Andrea) coming to check on Sonya.
- Sonya torn whether they should have told the social worker about her diagnosis.
- Sheila having a go at Amy for ‘wiping her feet' on Gary.
- Elly catching Mel and Chloe making out on the sofa.
- Mel finding the letter Chloe wrote to Elly but isn't going to spill the beans because she's changed.
Lassiters foyer
Mel is looking forward to getting into the swing of things selling new builds. As they go to part, Chloe pulls back from farewell kiss Mel was after as she considers them to be purely friends. However, before they split paths, they agree to catch up later for drinks.
Number 30
Toadie is still angry at having to undergo the assessment – he's now adamant that the charges over the $100k will definitely not be being dropped! Despite Sonya's concerns, Toadie wants to keep her diagnosis secret from Andrea as he doesn't want them getting “any more ammunition,” as he wants the focus to be on Andrea instead.
TOADIE: That's how we win this.
He reassures her that he's had experience in dealing with cases like this and his stance is the way to go, she just needs to focus on taking care of herself.
Lassiters Complex
Amy thinks she is doing Gary a favour by giving him a lead for a job, but he's already checked it out and he doesn't have an HGV driving licence that is required. He is grateful she is thinking of him though.
The Waterhole
As they have their post- work drinks, it sounds like Mel has had a successful first day as Paul has being singing her praises to Chloe. However, she is taking her new job seriously and turns down the invite to stay for more drinks (shocking Chloe) although part of that is to make sure when they spend the night together it's because “it means something.”
Number 28
Sonya drops by to see Karl and unloads her woes on him – about Toadie getting angry and Dipi and about the social worker dropping in. “Andrea's trying to dig up dirt,” she explains and while she gets Toadie wants to deal with the legal stuff himself, she thinks that there is too much going on but has an idea (if it comes off) that could take the pressure off them both.
Number 24
David is surprised to not see Mel too when Chloe arrives home. Chloe tells him about what Mel said to her in the pub and admits that [getting together] doesn't mean as much to her as it would for Mel. She acknowledges though that she likes having out with Mel but simply as friends. David suggests that she needs to make sure the boundaries “are super clear,” which Chloe recognises she needs to do because she doesn't want to hurt Mel.
Number 32
Sonya drops by to collect some apples from Shane and to confirm that Toadie has settled down and does know he needs to apologise to Dipi. This is really a cover to allow her to talk through her plan with him – she is fearful that the legal case collapses because Andrea finds out about her cancer, so she plans instead on going to see her and being open about her diagnosis. Shane is taken aback by her plan, but she knows its going to come out anyway, so is hoping once Andrea hears, there is a slim chance she will do the right thing for Hugo.
SHANE: I can't see Toadie agreeing to this.
SONYA: Well that's why I'm not going to tell him until afterwards. And I know he's going to be upset that I've gone behind his back but Shane, I truly believe that this is our best chance okay and I need your help.
Number 30 (next day)
Dipi drops by with some parsley for Sonya and Toadie takes the opportunity to apologise to her for his overreaction to the tarot cards. “I understand,” she acknowledges but also adds that she shouldn't have let herself get caught up with the cards prediction. “Honestly, I didn't mean any harm,” she finishes off with and Toadie hopes (with the aid of a hug) that they can put it behind them.
Toad heads off to work and seconds later Sonya comes back into the house from the backyard although quickly ends whoever it was she was talking to on the phone at the time. Dipi explains the parsley and apologises too although Sonya has already put what happened behind her and quickly. She looks ready to chat to her sister- in- law, but Sonya replies that she is busy, so Dipi quickly departs.
Number 26
Sheila is curious to know why Gary needs an HGV licence, so he explains about the job he couldn't go for to her. She isn't amused to hear where he heard about the job from, and thinks Amy is treating him like a “charity case.” Gary wonders where she is getting that from, but apparently, it's in the book she is reading: Mother knows best – How to parent like a BOSS). “You're not seriously read that,” Gary remarks and Sheila's regret is she didn't discover it ages ago!
SHEILA: Listen.
GARY: Do I have to?!
SHEILA: When children don't show initiative on their own, they become adults whose self- confidence has been subtly but severely eroded.
Gary isn't interested in listening, and gathers his stuff to head inside, but Sheila can't resist one more go at him.
SHEILA: I care about you Gary, and unlike some other people, I am giving you the space to become the master of your own destiny!
Rebecchi Law
Toadie is wanting to get in first to disprove Andrea's fitness to parent, by wanting Piper to subpoena all of her medical records and anything else relevant. “I've never seen you this worked up before,” Piper remarks but, after Heather, he's not willing to take any risks.
PIPER: Given Andrea's history, no sane judge would actually give her custody over you guys.
He ignores that and instead announces that he is planning on hiring an investigator too, to see what other dirt he can dig up on her.
TOADIE: If that's what it takes to keep Hugo safe, let the carnage begin.
Lassiters Complex
As they sit outside the Brasserie, Mel tells Amy about her plans to rent the property next to Harold's, before getting down to business - telling Amy about the updated selling campaign she has planned for Robinson Pines. Amy doesn't think it's necessary to publicise the development in overseas real estate publications, but Mel is insistent its required especially as she is pushing hard for the development to be expanded. This is news to Amy as she isn't sure that the Power Road owners (including herself, despite what she told Paul) wish to sell although it would appear that Mel has contacted all the owners (and not just Lucas) forcing Amy to admit she didn't realise things where that advanced. “That's okay, that's why I am catching you up now,” Mel calmly replies and goes to show her the revised brochure she's come up with.
Number 30
Sonya isn't sure if she can pull off a quick half day visit to Tasmania to see Andrea but with Shane's help, she talks herself into keeping to plan… that is until Toadie suddenly shows up at home! He explains he's just popped into see how she is doing before returning to the office and goes to put the kettle on.
The Waterhole
Amy runs into Gary when she comes in for a coffee (he's collecting some milk) and Sheila doesn't look too impressed at them conversing about this job Gary lost and how he can get a HGV licence (they've both been looking it up!)
Gary heads back to work just as Sheila finishes making the coffee and as she hands it over, comments to Amy that Gary is mortified. “What about?!” Amy replies and Sheila replies that she is patronising Gary by giving him career advice and goes onto say her book suggests there is “a very big difference between helping a child and suffocating them.” “Gary's not my child,” Amy is quick to point out, so then Sheila tells her to stop treating him as if he is before accusing her of giving him false hope.
SHEILA: And now, you're treating him like he's your little pet project. Its embarrassing!
Lassiters Complex
Amy looks totally confused as she exits the bar and of course runs straight into Gary – he's back, calling himself hopeless, as he forgot the soy milk! “You are not hopeless,” she quickly reassures him with and adds that she hopes their chats hasn't made him feel like that. It dawns on Gary that she's been talking to Sheila and he reassures her that he doesn't feel at all patronised, “it's nice that you're thinking about me,” is his take on it all. He also plans on having a word with his mum too, to get her to back off! “You think that will work?” Amy wonders and Gary is forced to concede that it probably won't!
Gary looks relieved to spot Chloe approaching, so he can end the conversation and go into The Waterhole. Chloe is looking for Mel and Amy informs her that she was going to see Terese (after they finished their meeting) to sign for her new premises. “So, she's definitely setting up shop then,” Chloe remarks and from the way Amy replies “yes” she doesn't sound too happy at that prospect!
Number 30
You could just about cut the atmosphere with a knife as Sonya, Toadie and Shane silently sit drinking their tea. Toadie wonders if Sonya wants him to nip back to the office to get his papers, so he can work the rest of the day from home. Thinking quickly, Shane reminds Sonya about her AA meeting starting in 15 minutes (takes a second for the penny to drop!) and she reassures Toadie that she can manage to attend the meeting, and with Shane volunteering to drive, he doesn't have a valid reason now for not going back to the office!
Ramsay Street
As they walk to the car, Sonya wonders what excuse Shane is going to come up with to explain his absence, but he plans on telling the truth, given its going to come out soon enough. She plans to do likewise once she gets home, “I just needed to kind of move forward with this before it escalates any further?”
SONYA: Am I making a terrible mistake?
SHANE: Think back to the reason why you came up with this plan in the first place.
SONYA: Jarrod's plan, he's not going to protect Hugo and mine may not either, but I do think direct conversation is the only way that I might be able to get Andrea to back off.
SONYA: And Jarrod will see that eventually too.
SHANE: Okay, let's do this.
Lassiters Complex
Chloe is waiting for Mel to turn up and eventually she does. Mel seems surprised to see her waiting and Chloe makes her displeasure at being kept in the dark about the lease known. “Maybe I'm too used to flying solo,” Mel passes it off with, and Chloe's comeback is that she could have got Mel a deal given her connections! “I get the picture,” Mel eventually is forced to acknowledge and seeks reassurance that Chloe isn't freaked out at her setting up shop in Erinsborough. “No, I'm stoked,” Chloe replies and reassures Mel that she still wants to be soulmates with her and volunteers to see how they can ‘sexing up' the premises.
Grovesdale Hospital, Hobart
Sonya arrives at Andrea's room and stands observing her from the corridor.
Coming up on Neighbours
- Sonya telling Toadie about her trip and warning him.
- Terese shocked about something and keeping quiet from Leo.
- Paul consoling Terese.
- Piper stunned
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