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Neighbours Episode 8031 from 2019 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8031
Australian and UK airdate: 04/02/19
Writer: Sarah Mayberry
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Claire Marshall: Emily Joy
Felix Benson: Shane Palmer
- "Dust" by Mighty Oaks
- "Mess And Mistakes" by Sweet Barrio
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
- Sonya being diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer.
- Sonya wanting to keep her diagnosis quiet just now.
- Toadie organising Yashvi to work at the nursery.
- Gary excited at having a couple of job interviews so he can pay Amy back.
- Gary rushing to Amy's side after there is a mix- up over selling Robinson Pines properties.
- Amy pulling out of kissing Gary.
You can just about cut the tension with a knife as Sonya waits to get taken for her first chemo session. Eventually the chemo nurse (Claire) comes and explains to both Sonya and Toadie what is going to happen.
Number 26
In the backyard, Gary tells his mum about his almost kiss with Amy and thinks that it shows Amy still has feelings for him. “Maybe I just need to face facts,” he laments but Sheila tells him to look at thing things he did right.
Number 32
Shane is curious to know why Dipi is babysitting Nell again and wonders if everything is okay next door?
Sonya has had her bloods taken and to take their minds off the wait, they discuss how to handle Nell's first day at school tomorrow.
They are inadvertently spotted by David as he passes by, so Toadie leaves his wife sitting and goes after David to ask that he doesn't mention what he's just seen. “Of course,” he immediately replies and asks about Sonya's diagnosis. When he hears, his face tells it all although David does reassure Toadie that their oncologist is excellent before reminding him that he's got a strong support network which he should make use of.
TOADIE: This is how Sonya wants to deal with it.
“Yeah, fair enough,” David acknowledges and enquires if anyone else knows? Toadie replies that only Karl knows and gives David his blessing to talk to him about Sonya. “I'm available whenever you need,” David adds before Toadie returns to his wife.
Sonya has finished her session and gets some last- minute advice from Claire about how much water she's to drink before the pair head off.
Toadie wants her to head home to bed (and drink the water) and the pair have a mini- disagreement over Sonya wanting to go home via the nursery as she needs to chat with Yashvi. She reminds him that just now she is good, and he wonders whether they should tell people (other than those that already know) but she'd rather they put off doing that for as long as they can while she is still good.
Sonya seems reassured that Yashvi is doing fine when they pop into the nursery… that is until she gets mixed up helping a customer and Sonya steps in to help. While Sonya is dealing with the customer, Toadie realises that some of the necessary tasks haven't yet been done and although Yashvi reassures him they will get done (they're on her list!) he reiterates that they are counting on her.
Lassiters Complex
Amy tries to unload on her brother about her bad day, but of course David's mind is pre- occupied. She repeats in more detail what happened, especially about the kiss, and now thinks she is a horrible person. “Hardly!” is David's reply and wonders if how she behaved is because she wants to be with him or out of guilt?
AMY: I miss him. I still love him. I don't know why I thought those feelings would just disappear.
DAVID: I see people's lives changed in a blink. Time moves so fast, you don't want to waste it having a foot in each camp. Figure out what you want and stick to it because being half in and half out, its only going to hurt you both.
Number 30
Toadie and Sonya are going through the material the hospital gave them when Nell comes back from cleaning her teeth all dressed up in her new school uniform. Both look happy proud at their big little girl and eventually give into Nell's pleas to wear her uniform to bed!
The Waterhole
Gary is psyching himself up to speak to Amy and manages to get rid of his mum so they can chat, although she can't resist a dig at Amy about Gary missing his interviews as they pass one another!
Amy begins by admitting that she shouldn't have called Gary, but equally he was happy to help her. She then apologises for giving him the mixed signals, it wasn't her intention to lead him on. “I'm fine, don't worry about me,” he replies to her admissions however turns down the offer of a drink, citing that he wouldn't be the “best company right now.” “Okay, I understand,” Amy replies before about turning and walking out of the pub.
Nursery (next day)
The aptly named ‘Mess & Mistakes' is playing as a tired Yashvi gets herself ready for the day… but accidentally grabs the bottle of weed killer to spray the flowers with instead of the one containing fertiliser!
Number 30
Sonya sits putting on her makeup as Nell asks questions about what stuff she will be doing on her first day at school.
Toadie doesn't think Sonya is fit to take Nell to school (she's looking rather peaky) and promises to take loads of pictures and video it too but she is insistent on going, a herbal tea will pick her up.
SONYA: I can be sick tomorrow yeah. Today we are taking our daughter to her first day of school and I refuse to miss that moment.
Ramsay Street
And the Rebecchi's take silly photos as they get ready to go in the car. “Are you okay Mumma?” Nell asks and Sonya replies she is and together they pose for the photograph.
TOADIE: (to Sonya) We're going to do this every year okay.
Penthouse suite
“This won't take long,” Sheila greets Amy with as she arrives at the penthouse. “That sounds ominous,” Amy replies as they then head into the centre of the room. Sheila acknowledges that Gary needs to get his act together but has a go at Amy for what she sees is her leading him on then going hot and cold. Amy refutes doing that, and after pointing out that its none of her business, wants to know if Gary knows she's here?
SHEILA: He's so in love with you that he won't have a word said against you. But I am not going to sit around and watch you turn him into a doormat. NOBODY WIPES THEIR FEET ON MY SON!!!
“For now!” Sheila tersely replies before about turning and heading for the lift. However, while she waits for it to arrive, she can't but help giving Amy the ‘death stare' look!
Ramsay Street
Toadie and Sonya are back from taking Nell to school, relived that she went in with no bother at all. Sonya looks done in and readily agrees to spend the day on the couch while he heads off to work.
Shane and Dipi run into them and ask how Nell got on. They are making small talk about Nell when it looks like Sonya is about to be sick, so she departs to head inside. Shane and Dipi look concerned and Toadie puts it down to Sonya eating something dodgy the night before but quickly rejects their offers of help.
The pair look very confused as they head back to their own house but are agreed that Sonya doesn't look well. Dipi wonder if she's picked up an infection related to the surgery she had? “Then why not just tell us that?” Shane replies and then wonders if she has relapsed? “No,” is Dipi's response to that but Shane wonders that it might be a possibility given what has happened to her in recent times.
SHANE: Whatever it is, somethings up.
Rebecchi Law
Toadie chats to Sonya on the phone as he makes his way into the office and from what we can hear, she sounds better and plans on having a nap once they hang up.
After ending the call, Toadie starts going through the mail Piper left on his desk (she's at the courthouse) and when he opens one of the letters, he looks rather worried!
Toadie drops by to check on how Yashvi is going and she tells him all the things she has done today, including confirming that she has done the fertilising. “Oops,” she says when it dawns on her that she's used the wrong solution on the plants (weed killer instead of fertiliser).
YASHVI: Will it kill them?
TOADIE: Are you joking?!
Yashvi replies no and mentions that the [weed killer] container didn't have any warning symbols on it. Shane (who is round dropping off her lunch) asks how much she sprayed, and she replies just one tray of seedlings… but jokingly adds that she would have murdered more after lunch! Toadie isn't amused at her attitude and starts to have a go at her for costing them money. Shane offers to pay for the damage but Toadie isn't satisfied, he wants someone [at the nursery] that can take responsibility.
TOADIE: Get out of my sight, you're fired!
Coming up on Neighbours
- David refusing to take his clothes off!
- Mel trying to suss answers from Mark.
- Paul distracted by the sight of Leo and Terese pashing.
- Karl willing to take the brunt of Toadie's anger.
- Toadie angry
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