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Neighbours Episode 8024 from 2019 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8024
Australian and UK airdate: 24/01/19
Writer: Emma J Steele
Director: Scott Major
Summary/Images by: Edward/Graham
- Dipi confides in Gary that she can't sleep, telling him that talking to Shane isn't always that easy, especially when her tarot cards are involved.
- Sheila sees Gary and Dipi from afar, jumping to the wrong conclusion.
- Bea asks Ned to leave The Waterhole.
- Piper witnesses Terese asking for Paul when she wakes up after being shot.
- Terese is annoyed that Piper suggests she might want to be with Paul, not Leo.
- Paul tells Terese he's happy for her and Leo.
- Piper asks Paul to stay away from Terese altogether.
The Penthouse
Paul tells Leo that it's nice to see him re-connecting with his brother. Leo replies that it's only a matter of time before Paul does too. Leo mentions that he's going to pick Terese up from the hospital today, asking if Paul wants to come with him. He declines as he has to pick up Amy from the airport today, so Leo invites him over to Terese's later. Paul shows his support for his son's relationship, telling him to take things slow and it'll work out.
Number 32
The Rebecchis are eating breakfast on the veranda and Yashvi's just been for a swim. Shane and Dipi ask Vi if she'll be ok still working at Harold's after the shooting but she insists she'll be fine. They then ask Kirsha if she's ok being at home alone and she replies that she she has plenty of homework to keep her occupied and might even cook dinner tonight! She mentions some nice recipes from a cook book Gary gave Dipi, which immediately gets Shane's back up. He skulks off, making insolent remarks, causing Dipi to say she's entitled to accept gifts without needing permission. Yashvi shows concern for her parents but Dipi insists there's nothing wrong.
Ramsay Street
Gary confides in Dipi about his worries over Amy's impending return from America. He doesn't know whether to pursue winning her back or play it cool but Dipi suggests holding fire if he's not sure and letting Amy come to him. As she goes back inside, Sheila returns from a walk. She still seems suspicious about Gary and Dipi, asking him how their 'talk' was. Despite her lack of subtlety, Gary is still oblivious to her suspicions.
Erinsborough Hospital
Leo arrives to pick up Terese. Terese asks Piper for a tablet but Piper reminds her she's not due a tablet for another half an hour. They joke about Piper enjoying bossing Terese around. Terese asks Leo if he can get Paul to come over to discuss the hotel but Leo tells her that he's picking up Amy from the airport and spending time with her this afternoon. However, Leo himself is happy to tell her what's been happening at the hotel. She explains that she wants it firing on all cylinders when she's back.
Number 26
Gary is sitting in the living room and Amy turns up. Sheila walks in and they awkwardly begin to discuss Amy's trip away. Jimmy is enjoying his time in America and Liam's business is going well. Sheila asks if Liam's still single but he's not; luckily Jimmy gets on with the new woman in his father's life though. Sheila notices the awkwardness.
SHEILA: Well, that washing won't wash itself!
Amy says her dad's waiting in the car and she's just come to get her things. Gary suggests meeting up later for a catch up, just as 'friends'. Amy looks conflicted, clearly wanting to but knowing it's not a good idea at the same time. She caves, suggesting to meet at The Waterhole. As she walks off, Sheila badgers Gary for the details, pressuring him not to stuff it up.
Harold's Café
Yashvi looks up to the ceiling, clearly apprehensive about being in Harold's after the recent siege. Her parents turn up, showing support for their daughter. Shane says she can always find him at The Waterhole if she needs anything. He heads off and Dipi asks Yashvi to clean the tables outside.
Dipi receives a phone call from Gary. He excitedly tells her about his plans to meet up with Amy later and she's pleased for him. He asks if she's able to do another tarot reading for him and she agrees, on the condition that he texts her first so she can 'make sure the coast is clear'. Sheila, who is hanging up washing in the background, asks who Gary was speaking to, but he quickly lies, shutting her down.
Dipi ends the phone call and Yashvi looks concerned.
Number 22
Terese walks in, feeling overwhelmed to be back at home. She looks around, as Piper suggests making some lunch. Terese suddenly thinks about the gunshot and looks disconcerted.
Lassiters Complex
Ned and Bea cross paths on the complex and awkwardly ignore each other. Bea sneaks up on Yashvi, making her jump, then apologizes profusely. Vi asks whether Bea's breaking up with Ned but she says she doesn't want to, mentioning that he even apologized to her at the gig yesterday, but she still doesn't feel right. She explains that she just shuts down when she's upset by someone and doesn't know why. Yashvi points out that she is capable of forgiveness; Elly being the prime example.
YASHVI: Thing is, people screw up. And if you're not willing to give them second chances, you're gonna end up a pretty lonely old lady.
Bea looks emotional.
Number 22
Leo has been making adjustments round the house so things are easier for Terese. Piper jokes that he's making her feel redundant, but says that she's glad things her good between Leo and her mum. He admits that he feels inadequate at the moment; he put Terese through a lot with the whole Delaney situation then she saved his life. He says he'll continue proving his worth, but Piper looks concerned, obviously wondering whether her mum is truly committed to him.
The Penthouse
Paul asks how it was seeing Gary again. Amy says it was good to see him but pretty weird too; Paul hopes she's not having second thoughts about the break-up but it looks like she is. However, she says if there's any hope she has to be sure that he's changed.
PAUL: Make sure you don't settle for anything less than perfect because that's what you deserve.
She looks ashamed, knowing that she's meeting Gary later, and goes to unpack her things.
Paul receives a phone call. It's Terese.
TERESE: So, Leo told me you're spending time with Amy today. I was hoping you could find some time for me.
PAUL: Yeah, well family always takes priority.
TERESE: Well what about somebody who's just come out of hospital.
PAUL: You're not seriously going to play the sympathy card are you? Come on you can do better than that.
Terese says she wants an update on Lassiters but Paul replies that Leo's going to fill her in. It's clear she'd rather have an update from Paul but he becomes dismissive, saying he'll sort something out soon, and hangs up. Terese looks upset.
Harold's Café (exterior)
Sheila asks Yashvi if her mum's around. She's not, but Yashvi ominously suggests ringing Gary if she wants to locate Dipi. Sheila asks what she means, to which Yashvi replies that she heard her mum on the phone to Gary this morning. The pair worry about what's going on between Gary and Dipi.
The Waterhole (exterior)
Ned is drinking a beer outside The Waterhole, spilling all his emotions about Bea to an uncomfortable Shane. Ned says Bea won't even talk to him right now. Shane confesses he's not the best person to ask for relationship advice at the moment and abandons a wistful Ned. Paul approaches, asking Ned if he can deliver something to Terese on his return home.
Number 22
Ned hands Terese some paperwork from Paul which contains an update on Lassiters. She seems annoyed that Paul didn't bring it over himself.
NED: Don't shoot the messenger. Sorry. Poor choice of words.
Terese asks Leo and Piper if they think Paul might be avoiding them. They don't think he is but Terese seems sure there's more to it. Piper suggests it could be something to do with Jane leaving and the fact he might be lonely; hence avoiding happy couples. Leo says it would be nice if he met someone.
LEO: But it would take a pretty special kind of woman to turn his head.
Terese glances at the paperwork and looks deep in thought.
The back of Harold's Store
Yashvi notices Gary and Dipi having a conversation behind Harold's. After he walks off, Vi enquires what they were talking about. Dipi replies that she was just helping Gary with a problem, but Vi wants to know what kind of problem. Dipi says it's nothing that concerns her but Vi mentions that Shane wouldn't want her to be spending time with Gary. Dipi agrees, prompting her to ask Vi not to say anything, knowing it will just cause trouble.
Number 22
Terese makes tea for her and Leo and he says he feels like he should be helping. She insists but quickly concedes when she can't carry the tray back to the table one-handed. She thanks him for everything he's done and he uses the opportunity to suggest moving back in. At first she looks shocked, but Leo thinks it's a great idea, as it would help with her recovery. Terese fixates on Paul's Lassiters paperwork on the dining table. She then hesitates.
TERESE: (smiling) I would love you to move back in.
Leo walks off to find some biscuits and Terese's smile quickly fades.
Lassiters Park
Ned and Bea cross paths again. They both apologize at the same time, breaking into laughter. Bea explains that her whole life she's been angry at so many people so she's developed an intolerance to any kind of betrayal or hurt; she's quick to remove people from her life. Ned admits he finds that harsh, but understands she's had a difficult life. She says making up with Elly after so many years was completely worth it and it will be the same with Ned too. He invites her to go for a walk.
BEA: Nah, I don't really feel like walking. But, I feel more like doing this.
They kiss.
NED: This is a very good start.
He lifts her up in the air and they kiss again.
The Waterhole
Gary jokes to Amy that there's no New York pizza on the menu. She laughs and replies that she overloaded on it while she was away. Sheila stands at the bar watching in the distance.
Yashvi approaches Shane and tells him she's concerned about something; Dipi seems to be spending a lot of time with Gary. Before long Sheila interrupts, telling Yashvi that she's got the wrong end of the stick. Vi replies that it was only earlier Sheila had concerns too. Sheila pleads with Shane not to overreact but admits that Gary and Dipi did 'spend the night' together at the café. The misunderstanding soon escalates and Shane confronts Gary.
SHANE: What the hell have you been doing with my wife? You spent the night with her?
AMY: (shocked) Gary?!
Coming up on Neighbours
- Toadie wanting Shane to say his piece.
- Dipi wanting answers from Shane.
- Toadie concerned after a phonecall.
- Elly volunteering to help Chloe with some work stuff.
- Aaron making his displeasure with Chloe known.
- Mark overhearing Chloe and Aaron talking.
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Leo Tanaka, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8024
Leo Tanaka, Paul Robinson

Yashvi Rebecchi, Dipi Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi, Kirsha Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8024
Yashvi Rebecchi, Dipi Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi, Kirsha Rebecchi

Gary Canning, Dipi Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8024
Gary Canning, Dipi Rebecchi

Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 8024
Sheila Canning

Leo Tanaka, Terese Willis, Piper Willis in Neighbours Episode 8024
Leo Tanaka, Terese Willis, Piper Willis

Amy Williams, Sheila Canning, Gary Canning in Neighbours Episode 8024
Amy Williams, Sheila Canning, Gary Canning

Yashvi Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8024
Yashvi Rebecchi

Shane Rebecchi, Yashvi Rebecchi, Dipi Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8024
Shane Rebecchi, Yashvi Rebecchi, Dipi Rebecchi

Gary Canning, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 8024
Gary Canning, Sheila Canning

Terese Willis, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8024
Terese Willis, Leo Tanaka

Yashvi Rebecchi, Bea Nilsson in Neighbours Episode 8024
Yashvi Rebecchi, Bea Nilsson

Piper Willis, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8024
Piper Willis, Leo Tanaka

Amy Williams, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8024
Amy Williams, Paul Robinson

Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8024
Terese Willis

Yashvi Rebecchi, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 8024
Yashvi Rebecchi, Sheila Canning

Shane Rebecchi, Ned Willis in Neighbours Episode 8024
Shane Rebecchi, Ned Willis

Leo Tanaka, Terese Willis, Piper Willis in Neighbours Episode 8024
Leo Tanaka, Terese Willis, Piper Willis

Yashvi Rebecchi, Dipi Rebecchi, Gary Canning in Neighbours Episode 8024
Yashvi Rebecchi, Dipi Rebecchi, Gary Canning

Terese Willis, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8024
Terese Willis, Leo Tanaka

Ned Willis, Bea Nilsson in Neighbours Episode 8024
Ned Willis, Bea Nilsson

Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 8024
Sheila Canning

Yashvi Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8024
Yashvi Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi

Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 8024
Amy Williams

Gary Canning in Neighbours Episode 8024
Gary Canning

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