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Neighbours Episode 8021 from 2019 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8021
Australian and UK airdate: 21/01/19
Writer: Sam Carroll
Director: Kate Kendall
Guests: Fay Brennan: Zoe Bertram
- "Brighter Lights" by Patrick James
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
- Sonya commenting that the energy is off from the complex since the siege and trying to rectify it.
- Toadie asking what Sonya would like to do in a public place.
- Sonya and Toadie TITTNL™ at The Waterhole... and the smoke detector going off!
- Elly and Chloe competing with each other over who should be Raymond's hostage.
- Gary and Dipi bonding as he helps her get Harold's tidied up.
- Sheila witnessing Gary and Dipi hug each other.
Number 24
Fay remarks that it's good to see Chloe smile again, as she and Elly come into the kitchen discussing their respective forever food. Chloe confirms she is heading back to work today and with Elly (before she heads for a job interview) they agree to go together to Harold's, so they can face it together.
The Waterhole
Sheila quickly changes the topic of conversation from what Sonya and Toadie got up to, to why Gary didn't come home last night. Gary lies to his mum and says he stayed the night at a mates but refusing to say whom.
Lassiters Complex
Chloe brings Terese up to speed (over the phone) over the plans she has put in place for staff returning to work today. Elly is impressed at seeing Chloe in work mode before they eventually reach Harold's, and together holding hands, walk into the café.
Harold's Cafe
On seeing who has entered the café, Dipi quickly ends her call to Shane and wordlessly walks over to the newly arrived Chloe and Elly and hugs them. She praises them for their "serious guts" for returning before sincerely thanking them for saving her kids.
While Dipi makes their complimentary coffee, Elly thanks Chloe for coming with her today as she doesn't "think anyone else would quite understand what it feels like". "Thanks for asking," Chloe replies.
Road outside the Community Centre
Sonya and Toadie are being ribbed via text about their romp after they drop Nell off at nursery!
Lassiters Complex
Sheila subtly manages to get Dipi to confirm that it was Gary who helped her tidy up the café after collaring her when out cleaning the tables. She too lies to Sheila by saying she'd an early night, after being asked how her evening was.
The Waterhole
Sheila lets Shane off being late for work as the bar is still quiet. He reports that the kids have enjoyed being away and has actually left them in Colac with their grandparents. Sheila goes to try subtly asking him questions about Dipi coping with him being away, but he is overjoyed that she managed to apparently get a decent 8 hours of sleep!
Lassiters Park
Sonya is taking inspiration from her daughter by wanting to plant an (adult) friendship tree, similar to the one at Nell's nursery.
Ramsay Street
Sheila spots Dipi and Gary exiting #26 (she was dropping off a recipe for Gary to try out) and feels forced to go over to them when Dipi is massaging Gary's neck (he said that sleeping on the bench last night gave him a crick in his neck).
"Dipi, what are you doing here?" she says loudly to interrupt the massage session and Dipi explains that Gary used his muscle to help move the heavy stuff as she sorted Harold's out. Sheila looks like she isn't sure whether to believe them or not!
Lassiters foyer
Aaron and Fay stop by to check on how Chloe is doing and how she coped visiting Harold's. She explains that it was "full on," but is glad she'd Elly by her side. Fay invites her to join them for lunch, but she bails to go console Elly (her interview didn't go well).
"They're really leaning on each other," Fay remarks after Chloe takes off and Aaron's mind is already going into overdrive as he comments "probably a little too much." He is surprised that it was Chloe that Elly called instead of Mark, but Fay just thinks it the fact they've both been through a "harrowing experience" that is making them appear close.
Lassiters Lake
Elly explains to Chloe that while she went into the interview confidently, she then started thinking about what happened and then couldn't string a sentence together. "I'm sure it wasn't as bad," Chloe tries to reassure her with, but Elly already knows and then debates whether she is still up for teaching any more. Chloe reminds her what a great teacher she is (Xanthe is living proof) plus she was brave putting her life on the line to save everyone in Harold's and is confident she will smash her next interview!
The Waterhole
Shane can't resist ribbing his brother when he comes into the bar... and warning him that Sheila has just disinfected the bar! After Toadie tells him what Sonya is up to with the tree, Shane thinks it's a great idea and reminds him it's a similar idea to the concert he arranged in the aftermath of Val's death.
Lassiters Park
"There's nobody I'd rather spend it with," Chloe tells Elly after she realises how long they've been sitting chatting and eating. Elly explains that she is glad that they can move forward after their recent awkwardness, plus she's loved the time they've just spent together.
ELLY: (taking Chloe's hand) You mean the world to me.
Ramsay Street
Gary passes his mum on the way home from shopping, he's planning on doing Dipi's Moroccan lamb for dinner as it apparently tastes great. Toadie apologises to Sheila for what he and Sonya got up to in the pub and promises there won't be a repeat performance!
SHEILA: I should hope not!
She asks if he has seen Shane (yes, at the bar) and passes off the enquiry as simply checking up on her most reliable employee. "He seems pretty good," Toadie reports and confirms that he didn't say anything about Dipi.
TOADIE: Any reason?
SHEILA: No, no reason.
TOADIE: You know I'm a lawyer right, and I have an inbuilt lie detector!
SHEILA: I just hate being a gossip, but I think something is going on with Gary and ordinarily I would stay right out of his business, but lately he has made more than his fair share of mistakes and so I think it is up to me to keep him on the straight and narrow.
TOADIE: So, your concerns for Gary concern Dipi somehow?
"I can't say anything at the moment," Sheila replies but wants Toadie to report if there is anything amiss between Shane and Dipi... in return she will forget all about what happened at The Waterhole!
TOADIE: I'll let you know.
Lassiters foyer
Chloe has to bail again on her mum and brother, this time a walk because of the extended lunchbreak she took. After Aaron asks how she is, Chloe reports Elly is fine and is off doing wedding stuff with Mark. From how Chloe is talking, Aaron comments on her sounding a bit flat but she puts it down to being behind and work and stops chatting to get back to it.
"Am I crazy or did she just sound jealous?" Aaron asks Fay and it would seem she is starting to think like her son but puts it more down to mood swings from the big blows the lass has been dealt plus they are all on tenterhooks waiting to hear her test results.
AARON: Do you think she's lonely?
FAY: Chloe's never been lonely in her life.
Aaron points out that she's never been through stuff alone and wonders if she's reconsidering (a relationship) and "it can't hurt" asking her about it after Fay wondered whether they should ask or not.
Lassiters Lake
Toadie has taken Shane's advice and has summoned Sonya to the lake to suggest to her a possible sight for the friendship tree because he is now firmly behind the idea to enable everyone to get some positivity back in their lives. She agrees with the spot he's chosen and suggest they sit down to enjoy the serenity.
However, as Sonya lowers herself to the ground, she grabs her side in pain. "You got more pain?" Toadie says and asks if they should bring the specialists appointment forward (it's not for another 4 weeks). Sonya fights the pain but doesn't think they need to pull the appointment forward just yet.
Number 24
Chloe is finally relieved to be home from work and joins her family in the livingroom. Aaron decides to tell his sister that they are worried about her, but she reassures them that she is fine and is coping. "Are you lonely darling?" Fay asks but Chloe isn't sure what she means, so Fay expands that with Aaron and David married, Elly and Mark about to be.
CHLOE: (interrupting) Why would that make me lonely.
"I'm sorry, we didn't mean to upset you, forget we said anything," Fay quickly says and tries to reassure Chloe that their concerns comes "from a place of love" before retiring for the night.
Aaron though is after the real story and asks his sister "what's going on?" because he knows something is up.
CHLOE: Why can't you just let this go?
AARON: Because I care about you and I can see that you're struggling.
CHLOE: I don't know what you want me to say.
AARON: Just let me in alright, I won't tell mum if you don't want me to. I promise no judgement, no pressure, I only want to help you Chlo.
CHLOE: And what if you can't, what if there's nothing you can do?
"Just try me then," he pleads with her and isn't sure what she means when she says that she just "has to get over it."
AARON: Chlo, you have to stop carrying this on your own.
CHLOE: I don't have a choice!
AARON: You do! Just tell me what's going on.
CHLOE: Fine! Its Elly, I'm in love with her.
Coming up on Neighbours
- Piper warning her mum about being around Paul but is told she's nothing to worry about.
- Paul and Terese having a moment.
- Ned opening himself up to Bea but being knocked back.
- Yashvi quizzing Bea about her relationship with Ned.
- Sheila confronting Gary about Dipi.
- Yashvi after answers about her mum and Gary.
- Sheila commenting on the situation.
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Elly Conway, Chloe Brennan, Mark Brennan, Fay Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8021
Elly Conway, Chloe Brennan, Mark Brennan, Fay Brennan

Gary Canning, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 8021
Gary Canning, Sheila Canning

Chloe Brennan, Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 8021
Chloe Brennan, Elly Conway

Dipi Rebecchi, Elly Conway, Chloe Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8021
Dipi Rebecchi, Elly Conway, Chloe Brennan

Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8021
Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi

Sheila Canning, Dipi Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8021
Sheila Canning, Dipi Rebecchi

Shane Rebecchi, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 8021
Shane Rebecchi, Sheila Canning

Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8021
Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi

Gary Canning, Dipi Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8021
Gary Canning, Dipi Rebecchi

Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 8021
Sheila Canning

Aaron Brennan, Fay Brennan, Chloe Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8021
Aaron Brennan, Fay Brennan, Chloe Brennan

Elly Conway, Chloe Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8021
Elly Conway, Chloe Brennan

Toadie Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8021
Toadie Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi

Chloe Brennan, Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 8021
Chloe Brennan, Elly Conway

Sheila Canning, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8021
Sheila Canning, Toadie Rebecchi

Aaron Brennan, Fay Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8021
Aaron Brennan, Fay Brennan

Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8021
Sonya Rebecchi

Aaron Brennan, Fay Brennan, Chloe Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8021
Aaron Brennan, Fay Brennan, Chloe Brennan

Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8021
Aaron Brennan

Chloe Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8021
Chloe Brennan

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