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Neighbours Episode 7989 from 2018 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7989
Australian and UK airdate: 06/12/18
Writer: Peter Mattessi
Director: Scott Major
Guests: Alice Wells – Kerry Armstrong
Sandra Kriptic – Kim Hateley
- "Blind You" by Didirri
- "Covered In Rain" by Patrick James
Summary/Images by:
- Alice stealing Toadie's laptop & throwing away her painkillers
- Alice showing Toadie an unflattering drawing Nell did of Sonya
- Toadie warning Alice she crossed the line talking about Sonya
- Sonya unknowingly going through withdrawal symptoms
- Elly telling Mark she'll stay with him no matter what
- Aaron refusing to get the HD test done
- Mark waiting to get the results of his test
- Elly telling Chloe she lost her job
- Chloe kissing Elly
Number 28
Elly quickly breaks off the kiss and wants to talk things through with Chloe, concerned that they need to clear the air. But Chloe's happy to pretend that nothing happened and practically sprints home, passing Mark on the way out. Mark's surprised to learn that Elly lost her job and asks if she's okay, but Elly wants to keep the focus on him and the fact that he's getting his HD test results in the morning.
Lassiters Complex
The next morning David asks Aaron if he's going to accompany Mark to the hospital. Aaron's not sure Mark will want an audience but David thinks he'll appreciate the support. Alice wheels Hugo around the back of Harold's and is about to dump Toadie's laptop in the bin when she sees Piper and Xanthe. Alice chats for a bit with the girls about the robbery, pretending she's so glad to see Piper on the mend, and allaying Xanthe's queries about why someone would target the law firm. Once the girls have left, Alice wipes down the laptop and bins it before making an anonymous call to the cops about “a shady- looking man” at the back of Harold's.
Erinsborough Hospital
The Brennans, David and Elly are all waiting silently, and nervously, for Mark to be called into the doctor's office. Mark thanks them all for coming and Elly says she wants to speak to him outside before he gets his results. Chloe looks worried Elly's going to tell Mark about the kiss.
Elly holds Mark's hand and leads him out the front doors, telling him that she's going to stand by him no matter what happens. Mark's slightly bewildered at why they're outside, especially when Elly can't stop smiling.
ELLY: I didn't really plan for this, and I don't have any big, grand romantic gestures. But what I do have is that I love you. You are my everything, and I want that forever.
Elly gets down on one knee and Mark's stunned.
ELLY: Mark Brennan, will you marry me?
MARK: I love you, Elly, but I don't know what kind of results I'm about to get.
ELLY: That doesn't matter I don't care. This is about you and me forever.
MARK: Yes.
ELLY: Yes?
MARK: Of course!
They grin at one another and have a big old smooch. They return to their family and Mark tells them the good news – he and Elly are engaged! Aaron and David are stoked for them and offer their congratulations. Chloe takes a moment to absorb the announcement and then throws herself into happy mode, congratulating them also. The nurse then calls Mark for his appointment and he takes Elly and David in with him (just in case there's more medical questions he should be asking), leaving Aaron and Chloe to wait it out in the corridor.
Rebecchi Law
Karl's frustrated that Susan is still charged with attempted murder, especially since Toadie said he could get it downgraded. Toadie's having trouble getting the DPP on the phone and thinks they're avoiding him, but that could end up being a good thing because “that means that they feel they can't make an attempted murder charge stick”. Piper interrupts them to let Toadie know the police have found his laptop but it had no fingerprints on it. He's about to go to the station and collect it when Sonya walks in looking terrible. Karl checks her over and says it could be the beginning of the flu, but Toadie's concerned because it's been a few days now. He asks Karl to keep an eye on Sonya while he quickly grabs his laptop before heading home.
Number 30
Toadie and Alice get Sonya settled on the couch with pillows and a doona. Toadie apologises to Alice for the harsh words spoken earlier in the week and they agree to chalk it up to crossed wires. Alice tries her best to get Toadie to head back to work, but Toadie wants to stay and keep an eye on Sonya for a while. Especially since she's started to get nauseous.
Erinsborough Hospital
Aaron's getting edgy because Mark's taking a while but doesn't realise how this might be affecting Chloe as well. He apologises and asks if she went through the same emotions when she got her diagnosis, but Chloe shuts down and says she'll wait for everyone back at home.
Meanwhile, the doctor isn't in the consultation room but he's left Mark's file on the table while Mark, Elly and David nervously wait. Eventually it gets too much for Mark and he grabs the file to read the results himself.
He returns to Aaron with a relieved smile on his face – the results were negative. Mark's glad he doesn't have to worry about it anymore, but realises that may have sounded insensitive to Aaron. But Aaron says it's fine; his brother should be celebrating. Elly asks where Chloe is and when they find out she's gone home, Mark says he'll tell her the news in person rather than ringing her.
Number 30
Alice is still trying to get Toadie out of the house and is happy Toadie finally relents to going back to the office to pick up some files while Sonya's sleeping. Once he's gone, Alice double checks that Sonya's out like a light before switching on Toadie's laptop and doing something on it that makes her look way too pleased with herself.
Number 24
Chloe wipes away her tears when her family arrives home and gives Mark a hug when she hears he doesn't have Huntington's.
MARK: Chloe I'm so sorry.
CHLOE: Why would you say that?
MARK: Because I dodged the bullet that you copped.
CHLOE: So I can't be happy for you?
She wants to celebrate the good result and Mark and Elly's engagement now they don't have a dark cloud hanging over them. David makes a tiny scoffing sound that Aaron picks up on and gets mad that David keeps circling back to their argument. Aaron leaves to go for a walk and while the awkwardness settles, Chloe suggests they have a BBQ lunch. Mark and David go outside to the grill and Elly elects to stay inside so she can chat to Chloe.
ELLY: I know you don't want to talk about it but I think we really should.
CHLOE: It's okay. Bit too much to drink, did something dumb.
ELLY: You weren't drunk.
CHLOE: (smiling) It's not a big deal, Elly. I'm a flirt; we all know it. Sometimes I get a bit carried away and just kiss my mates.
ELLY: Really?
CHLOE: Yeah. You're not the first, I promise. Hopefully won't be the last! Just forget about it okay? Come on, you're engaged! You and Mark have got your whole lives to look forward to, that's what we should be talking about.
ELLY: I just feel bad keeping another secret from him.
CHLOE: It's not a secret. It's not even a thing. So don't even worry about it.
ELLY: Are you sure?
CHLOE: Positive. Now go and help your fiancé!
Satisfied by Chloe's response, Elly smiles and happily heads outside. When she's gone, Chloe lets her fake smile drop and sighs.
Ramsay Street
Aaron returns from his walk to find David sitting despondently on the nature strip out the front of #22. Aaron sits beside him and appears to be in an apologetic mood, as is David who feels bad for not respecting Aaron's wishes not to get the HD test.
DAVID: I just don't deal well with uncertainty, as you know.
AARON: Yes, as I know.
DAVID: And the thought of you having this thing and us not being able to prepare for it, that terrifies me more than you can imagine.
AARON: No, David, I think I can imagine.
DAVID: I'll be with you no matter what.
AARON: Yeah I know.
DAVID: In sickness and in health.
AARON: David I get it, trust me. That whole walk I had this one moment that was going round and round and round in my head. The moment Mark told us his test was negative. Just that happiness, that relief, it rushed through me. It was incredible. But I also felt jealous. I was jealous that he had his answer, he knew for sure and I didn't. So I'm going to take the test.
DAVID: Really?
AARON: Really. It's time.
David is very relieved and cuddles into Aaron's shoulder for a hug.
Number 22
Elly and Mark are having a fun time chatting about wedding plans on the couch.
ELLY: So we're thinking something simple for the engagement party, and small before Christmas. And for the wedding I was thinking a little country church?
MARK: Nice.
ELLY: You know, white wood and surrounded by dusty plains.
MARK: That's very specific but I like it.
ELLY: And I know it's more your decision, but I was thinking the best man could wear a top hat.
MARK: A top hat?
ELLY: Yeah with a shiny silver ribbon. Maybe a leather vest as well.
MARK: You're recreating the November Rain video aren't you?
ELLY: (laughing) It's been my dream wedding since I was five!
MARK: Are you kidding? You know she dies in the end right?
Chloe's hovering in the background looking more and more uncomfortable with their happy chatting about weddings so decides to head outside and clean the BBQ. Mark asks Elly if Chloe's said anything to her about her Huntington's. Elly says that Chloe just doesn't want anyone pitying her, which Mark says they can do. He wants to do everything in his power to make Chloe's life awesome.
Erinsborough Hospital
David tries to calm Aaron's nerves as they wait in the corridor for Aaron's test, and then again in the consultation room where the nurse takes a blood sample from Aaron.
Number 30
Sonya's awake but she's extremely sweaty and exhausted. She doesn't feel like she's got the flu, “it almost feels like I'm going cold turkey”. Alice assuages her concerns and says they should look up natural flu remedies on the laptop. She gives the computer to Sonya, pretending she's inept with technology. But when Sonya opens the laptop she's assaulted with an absurd amount of photos of Andrea. Sonya's horrified and upset and tells Alice what's on there, but Alice takes great care not to actually look at the screen herself. Sonya's anger shines through her tears and she gets up and storms outside, ready to confront her husband. Alice is delighted.
Ramsay Street
Sonya flies out the door and straight to Toadie, who's just arrived home. He's taken aback when Sonya starts yelling at him.
SONYA: Have you done it? Have you done it again?!
SONYA: No come on, don't lie to me, Jarrod. Do not lie to me! Have you fallen for her again?
TOADIE: What are you talking about?
SONYA: Come on, Jarrod!
TOADIE: Let's calm down.
He tries to get Sonya to go back inside but Sonya's on a roll now and nothing will dissuade her from speaking her mind.
TOADIE: What do you want to talk about?
SONYA: Andrea!
TOADIE: What about her?
SONYA: (scoffing) What about her?! I saw the photos, okay! I saw them on your computer.
Toadie's completely baffled and Sonya lunges for him, hitting his chest, but Toadie keeps telling her he has no idea what she's talking about. She starts crying and keeps asking why he'd do this to her again, but Toadie can only look on in confusion and despair as Sonya keeps pacing and crying.
Number 30
Sonya storms inside with Toadie hot on her heels. Alice pretends she's busy in the kitchen but she can't help smirking. Sonya thrusts the laptop at Toadie and says the photos of Andrea are everywhere but Toadie can't see anything – the computer's been wiped clean. Sonya keeps insisting there were pictures and says that Alice saw them too, but Alice ‘innocently' replies that she only saw Sonya get upset at the computer then run out.
SONYA: I saw them on there. They were on there; I swear to you I saw them, okay. I swear to you. I swear.
Sonya keeps looking at the laptop to try and find them but Toadie's very worried for his wife's state of mind. Alice is thrilled with her machinations.
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