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Neighbours Episode 7935 from 2018 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7935
Australian and UK airdate: 21/09/18
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Ned helps Yashvi with her footie training
- Yashvi gushes to Toadie about how great Ned is, but insists she'll get over it
- We hear Cassius talk about losing his medallion; and see Jane finding a medallion with a sun image
- Cassius tells Elissa that the medallion has his former surname on it, and links him directly to Hamish
- Cassius steals Tyler's case file from Rebecchi Law, and Bea notices
- Bea and Cassius have another encounter, when he overreacts at her going near his backpack
- Bea asks Mark to look into Cassius's background
- Aaron asks David to prescribe him some painkillers, but he can only prescribe weak ones for family
- Aaron steals Xanthe's medication while she's at The Shed
- Sweating and retching, Aaron admits to David that he stole the medication and that he needs help
No 24
David is disappointed that Aaron stole Xanthe's meds, and lied to him in an attempt to get a prescription. Aaron is ashamed and curled up on the sofa, still ill due to withdrawal from the meds. David warns him how addictive the painkillers are; Aaron didn't think he'd get hooked this quickly. He admits he's been taking them a few times a day when doing anything physical.
David says Aaron's withdrawal symptoms are likely to last a few days, but that the first 24 hours are the worst. Aaron wants to take the pills back to Xanthe, but David says he'll return them.
AARON: Are you going to tell her what I did?
DAVID: I'll say you found them at The Shed.
Ramsay Street
Cassius pulls up in his car. It's making some spluttering noises; Piper thinks he should get it serviced. Cassius suggests they go out to lunch, but Piper seems intent that he gets the car serviced instead. Cassius isn't sure he can afford it, but Piper says Mark owes them mates' rates, due to the grilling he gave Cassius over brunch last week! Cassius reluctantly agrees and they arrange to catch up later.
Harold's Café
Mishti is at a table with Mark. She hasn't had a reply from Monique yet in their plan to snare her. Mark thinks she's probably deciding whether she trusts Mishti, and decides to explore a few online haunts to try and track her down. In the meantime, he tells Mishti to stay calm. She leaves for work.
Mark gets a call from Bea. He asks her to look after the garage for the rest of the day, as he has a few things to do; he can check the work she's done later on. Aaron comes in; he's still very sweaty and ill-looking. Sonya, who has been loitering in the background, tells him he doesn't look well; he passes it off as tiredness. Sonya looks suspicious as he dashes into the toilets to be sick.
The Footie Field
Piper is sitting on a bench with Ned. She's angsting over whether or not to tell Cassius that her birthday's coming up. Piper remarks that she never had to drop hints to Tyler to spend time with her on her birthday; Ned thinks she should just tell Cassius, and stop comparing him to Tyler.
Yashvi turns up, and asks if Ned has time for another coaching session, to help improve her tackling. Ned is surprised as he thought marking was her only problem, but Yashvi makes out that the coach has told her to up her tackling game too. Ned agrees, and they get to work. Piper smiles knowingly.
Fitzgerald Motors
Cassius turns up at the garage in his car, and asks Bea if Mark's around; she says it's just her today. He explains he's been having some gearstick problems, and Bea says she'll look at it and get it back to him by the end of the day. She hands him a form to fill in, saying she needs some personal details from him, and what he knows about the car. She uses this to probe him for info more generally.
BEA: How long have you had the car for?
CASSIUS: Oh, a few years.
BEA: Oh. The number plates look newer than that.
Cassius puts down the form and gives her a look.
CASSIUS: Yeah. I had them switched over when I moved to Victoria.
BEA: Okay. Where did you move from?
CASSIUS: Queensland.
BEA: Whereabouts in Queensland?
CASSIUS: Nowhere in particular.
BEA: Okay. So you didn't have an address?
CASSIUS: ... Hey, look, I need to get back to work. But can you just give me a call when the car's ready to be picked up?
Bea agrees, but looks concerned as Cassius walks away.
The Waterhole
David bumps into Sonya at The Waterhole. She mentions that she saw Aaron earlier and that he wasn't well. David tells Sonya in confidence that Aaron has developed a dependency on his pain medication, and is in withdrawal. She asks if he's on a treatment programme; David says not, but Sonya advises him that going cold turkey was one of the hardest things she's ever done.
SONYA: It's not just the toll that it takes on your body - it's suffering that pain, and knowing that you're one pill away from making it all go away. I mean, that is just torture. Now, look - I'm not saying that Aaron's not gonna get through this. Because he will; he's strong; he's got you. But if there's a kinder way to do it, then I really think you should think about it.
The Footie Field
Ned and Yashvi are practising her tackling; she's clearly enjoying the physical contact! Bea wanders by on her break, and sees them being very touchy-feely together. She looks jealous and stomps off.
The Waterhole
Sonya is chatting to Mark at a table. She confirms that her son Callum is excited about meeting Hugo when the family visits him in Silicon Valley next week - they're going to catch up with Sonya's sisters Jade and Zoe and her dad Walter, too. However, Sonya admits she's worried about leaving Cassius in charge on his own at the nursery.
This prompts Mark to ask if the background check she did on Cassius came in. She says yes, and that there was no problem. She rushes off to tutor Cassius in how to take and pay for deliveries etc.
As Sonya leaves, Bea comes in. She tells Mark that the garage is fine, and that Cassius was the only walk-in customer - she's figured out that the 'linkages' in his car are 'shot', whatever that means. Mark tells her to let him know when she's done the repairs, and he'll come and check over them.
BEA: I don't really want to be on my own when he comes back.
MARK: Why? Did something happen?
BEA: No, not exactly. I just can't seem to shake the weird feeling I get when he's around.
MARK: Okay. Well, look - if it makes you feel any better, his background check came back clean. He's got no history with the police. Not even a complaint lodged against him. That should give you some peace of mind, yeah?
Bea says it does, but still looks worried as Mark leaves.
No 30
Sonya is showing Cassius how to manage the payroll at the nursery. Cassius assures Sonya that he'll really look after the place for her while she's away.
CASSIUS: You trusting me, that means a lot.
SONYA: Umm... look, I just feel I should tell you that I did a police background check on you.
CASSIUS: Why? Did I do something wrong?
SONYA: No. No, no - it's nothing like that. It's... actually something that I do for anyone that I put in charge. You know, it's a protocol to keep me and the business safe (...) and it didn't tell me anything, except that my faith in you is completely justified, so it's all good.
Cassius smiles, but ominous background music hints at his private thoughts.
No 24
Aaron comes in, having decided to take the rest of the day off work. David says he's been doing some research on withdrawal and is about to make a suggestion - but Aaron interrupts, saying he just wants to stand in the shower for a while. David looks worried as he leaves the room, and glances at a framed photograph from their wedding. He takes out a prescription pad and begins to write...
The Waterhole
Piper and Ned come in; she's asking how his practice with Yashvi went.
NED: You know, it's weird. For such a good player, Yashvi doesn't have a great grasp of the basics!
They encounter Bea, who's just finishing up her break. She mentions that she saw Ned playing footie with Yashvi. Bea's surprised when Ned says he was helping out with her tackling.
BEA: She doesn't need help with her tackling! (...) Vee always tells me about her games, and last week her coach said that she was the strongest on her team (...) called her a star all-rounder.
Bea leaves, and Piper looks sheepish.
NED: This training that Yashvi wants. It's less about footie and more about me, isn't it?
PIPER: ...
NED: I need to shut it down!
PIPER: Oh, Ned - be gentle, be gentle!
He rushes off.
The Footie Field
Ned finds Yashvi still on the field, and she lunges in for another tackle/hug. He gently removes her arms from around his chest!
NED: Now you've got it figured out, I don't think you need me to help you anymore.
YASHVI: What? No! That was my first good one - it could've been a fluke.
NED: Yeah, I don't think so.
YASHVI: Well, I could actually use some help with my kicking. There's this girl on my team -
NED: Vee, Vee - I know you're the best on your team, alright? You don't need my help!
YASHVI: Yeah, but I still need to practice.
NED: Yeah, well you've got a team and a proper coach for that. You don't need to play with me - you're too good.
YASHVI: So... you don't want to play with me at all?
NED: Look, Vee - I've got a job (...) I'm trying to work on new tattoo designs. I don't have time to be kicking a footie around with you. I'm sorry.
Yashvi looks forlorn as he walks away.
Sonya's Nursery
Cassius is working, as Piper tells him about a new idea she's had for an Erinsborough book club, featuring just the two of them! She's found identical copies of a book at the exchange, and thinks they should compare notes. Cassius seems distracted; she asks what's wrong. He admits he's stressed about being left in charge; Piper says she can help as she used to work here.
CASSIUS: About that - did Sonya ever run a background check on you?
PIPER: No, I don't think so! Why, did she do one on you?
CASSIUS: Yeah. She said she does it for anyone who's looking after the nursery. But I mean, I guess she's known you a lot longer than she's known me.
PIPER: Yeah. So, what does your police report say?
CASSIUS: ... Just that I'm a very boring young man.
PIPER: Boring enough to have the ninth of next month free?
CASSIUS: Yeah, I think so. Why?
PIPER: Cos it's my birthday! And I want to spend the whole day with the person that means the most to me.
CASSIUS: What, that Uber Eats guy?
PIPER: Shut up, you idiot! I mean you. If you can have the day off?
CASSIUS: Yeah. Day, week, month - my time is yours.
They kiss, but Cassius looks a little shifty...
No 24
Aaron comes out of his room, and David asks how he's feeling. He says better, but it's clear he's putting a brave face on it. David says he's let Aaron down; he should have been more use when Aaron told him about the painkillers.
DAVID: I didn't know whether to be your husband or your doctor. And I failed on both fronts.
Aaron kisses him.
AARON: Hey - stop. It's okay. You're doing pretty well at one of them right now.
DAVID: I can still do better.
He passes Aaron a prescription for some stronger painkillers that he's filled out.
AARON: I thought doctors couldn't prescribe painkillers for family?
DAVID: They can't. But this is a once-off. No repeats. And if I figure out a schedule for you, we can wean you off the medication without the pain or the risks.
AARON: And what happens if someone finds out?
DAVID: They could permanently ban me from prescribing opioids to anyone.
AARON: David, that's gonna ruin your career.
DAVID: Well, I'm willing to take the risk.
AARON: No, I'm not. I'm not gonna let you tank your career for me.
DAVID: Well, then we'll have to get you into a programme.
AARON: No. I don't want anyone to find out about this. Today was bad, but hey - I got through it. And I know I can get through anything as long as you're with me.
They hug, but Aaron still looks worried.
Fitzgerald Motors
Piper turns up as Bea is valeting Cassius's car. Piper explains Cass is working late at the nursery, so won't be able to pick up the car until later. Bea says that's fine; she'll be here. Piper lingers.
BEA: Anything else?
PIPER: Just wondering - are you still close with Yashvi?
BEA: Yeah, she's my best friend around here. Why?
PIPER: I'm just... you didn't really have her back earlier with Ned.
BEA: Of course I did! He said that she was terrible.
PIPER: No - she *told* him that she was terrible.
BEA: Why would she do that?
PIPER: She has a crush on him! And you basically told him that she did.
BEA: Really? She never said anything about it.
PIPER: (eyebrows)
BEA: Honestly, if I'd have known, I wouldn't have said anything.
PIPER: Well, I just figured that you said something because of Ned.
BEA: Okay - Ned and I are friends.
PIPER: He told me about your little walks!
BEA: Then he would've told you that nothing happens on our little walks.
PIPER: He did - he did! But I'd understand it, if you'd developed Feelings™ for him, given all the time that you're spending together. And it's the only thing I can think of that explains why you'd throw your 'best friend' under the bus like that. Anyway - I'll let you get back to work - bye!
Bea looks bewildered at having been well and truly Pipered! She returns to cleaning the car. Ominous music as she finds a key chain under the driver's seat - specifically, a key chain bearing the same sun symbol as the medallion Jane Harris found in the garden at No 32! Unaware of this, of course, Bea picks it up, and continues her work...
No 24
David is sitting with Aaron, who's laid up on the sofa again. Mark comes in, and is surprised to see Aaron in a bad state - Aaron claims he has the flu, and will be okay in a few days. Mark decides to keep away from him! David asks how Bea's first day in charge at the garage was - Mark says he's checked everything and she did well, but that she's still there now, waiting for Cassius to get his car.
Fitzgerald Motors
Bea is doing the car handover with Cassius - it's now running smoothly. He seems happy with her work, and thanks her for the free clean. Bea takes out the key chain.
BEA: Oh, and I found this. I don't know if it's anything special to you, or you thought you forgot it? It's like a sun. Is this a Queensland thing?
Cassius's mood darkens immediately.
CASSIUS: Where did you find that?
BEA: It was under the seat.
CASSIUS: What, so you're going through my car?!
BEA: I was just vacuuming it, and it caught my eye.
Cassius gets up close and starts shouting at her, backing a terrified Bea into the wall.
CASSIUS: Well, do your other customers know you just go rummaging through their stuff when they're not around?! You had no right!!
BEA: Okay! I'm sorry! I shouldn't have touched it!
CASSIUS: Yeah, you're damn right you shouldn't have!
BEA: Just take it and go!
Cassius snatches the key chain from her, and gets into his car, shouting...
CASSIUS: Just stay away from me from now on!
Bea looks shaken as he drives away...
Coming up on Neighbours
- Xanthe advises Gary to 'keep some distance'
- Gary not looking very happy as he hangs out with Amy and Dr Rob
- Cassius tells Piper he knows she's not ready to 'go there'; she replies they can still 'fool around'
- Amy and Leo are surprised when Jemima emerges in a bathrobe at the penthouse
- Terese remarks to Jemima that she's heard Paul has been entertaining her
- Jemima replies that 'word certainly gets around; those tongues never stop wagging!'
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David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7935
David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan

Piper Willis, Cassius Grady in Neighbours Episode 7935
Piper Willis, Cassius Grady

Mark Brennan, Mishti Sharma in Neighbours Episode 7935
Mark Brennan, Mishti Sharma

Aaron Brennan, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7935
Aaron Brennan, Sonya Rebecchi

Ned Willis, Piper Willis in Neighbours Episode 7935
Ned Willis, Piper Willis

Yashvi Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7935
Yashvi Rebecchi

Cassius Grady, Bea Nilsson in Neighbours Episode 7935
Cassius Grady, Bea Nilsson

David Tanaka, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7935
David Tanaka, Sonya Rebecchi

Yashvi Rebecchi, Ned Willis in Neighbours Episode 7935
Yashvi Rebecchi, Ned Willis

Bea Nilsson in Neighbours Episode 7935
Bea Nilsson

Sonya Rebecchi, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7935
Sonya Rebecchi, Mark Brennan

Mark Brennan, Bea Nilsson in Neighbours Episode 7935
Mark Brennan, Bea Nilsson

Cassius Grady, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7935
Cassius Grady, Sonya Rebecchi

David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7935
David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan

Bea Nilsson, Piper Willis, Ned Willis in Neighbours Episode 7935
Bea Nilsson, Piper Willis, Ned Willis

Ned Willis, Yashvi Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7935
Ned Willis, Yashvi Rebecchi

Cassius Grady, Piper Willis in Neighbours Episode 7935
Cassius Grady, Piper Willis

David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7935
David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan

Bea Nilsson, Piper Willis in Neighbours Episode 7935
Bea Nilsson, Piper Willis

 in Neighbours Episode 7935

David Tanaka, Mark Brennan, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7935
David Tanaka, Mark Brennan, Aaron Brennan

Cassius Grady, Bea Nilsson in Neighbours Episode 7935
Cassius Grady, Bea Nilsson

Bea Nilsson in Neighbours Episode 7935
Bea Nilsson

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