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Neighbours Episode 7871 from 2018 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
Episode title: 7871
Australian and UK airdate: 25/06/18
Writer: Libby Butler
Director: Laurence Wilson
Guests: Lyra (voice): Farah Sobey
- "Lost Without You" by Freya Ridings
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
- No news about Andrea from Paul's contact.
- Sonya and Toadie going for a fertility check- up.
- Toadie and Sonya going to try for a baby.
- Xanthe admitting she's tried to do some matchmaking between Piper and Cassius.
- Amy stealing.
- Amy denying that she has a drinking problem.
- Gary catching Amy stealing from the retreat.
The Flametree Retreat
“I was going to pay for them,” Amy pleads as Gary goes through her bag and removes the bottles that she has stolen. He asks what Steph would think of her stealing from her mate's business and she begs that she is so sorry.
GARY: You're sorry because you got caught.
Paul enters the reception and isn't happy at the tone Gary was talking to Amy in, but rather than dob her in, he lies and says they were roleplaying for Dipi's play. The lie seems to have worked and Paul asks if Amy is coming home with him, but she replies no, they need to work more on the play, so he heads home alone.
AMY: Thank you.
GARY: This isn't over.
Hospital car park
Toadie and Sonya get into their car with somewhat good news – Toadie's little soldiers are present but there just isn't a lot of them and they don't get come out of the gun very often. “It could still take months or years to conceive naturally,” she points out and wants them to cut to the chase and do IVF now rather than wait the recommended 6 months. There is a flaw in the plan though – cost, even with the 50% rebate, but once they get home they will have a look at the budget to see if they can find the money.
The Waterhole
Cassius tries to hide the book he was looking at when Piper comes into the bar. He denies he is a book lover, the book was merely to sort his wonky bed at the backpackers! The pair then debate the merits of reading before he picks up the book and departs.
Number 30
Toadie wants to do a deal with David – mates rates for IVF in return for mates rates for flowers for the wedding! David empathises with them about the cost but then mentions a cheap clinic that has opened up in West Warratah; however, he doesn't think that they will get the dedicated specialist they require there.
Number 26
As they relax in the spa, Xanthe and Piper try to get to the route of Ned's black eye and whether he will get back together with Elly or not.
They then suddenly get a visitor – Cassius rushing over because of a report of a fire! Of course, there is no fire and Xanthe makes her excuses to head inside go get drinks, even though there are some already there! “I'm sorry,” Piper says and invites him to join her in the spa, but after looking at her for a few seconds, turns the invitation down.
The Flametree Retreat
Amy opens up and tells Gary the full truth about her shoplifting and how it helped fill the hole after Jimmy left. She then adds that eventually it stopped filling the hole and instead, it was the thrill of getting away with something. “It hurts all business owners,” Gary points out after she explained to him her rationale on which businesses to hit.
GARY: And now you're stealing from Steph. How do you justify that?
AMY: (shaking her head) I can't. I'm out of control.
She tells him about lying to her family saying she'd a drinking problem, so they wouldn't find what she had stolen.
GARY: Ames, its messed up.
AMY: Yes, I know, I know, and I deserve everything that is coming to me but if you call the cops, and Jimmy finds out, he will be devastated and maybe he will even blame himself and I just can't do that to him.
Number 26
Xanthe is shocked to see no sign of Cassius and Piper out of the spa, so she hurriedly rushes out to the backyard to find out what happened. “He bolted,” is how Piper puts it and interprets that as meaning he isn't as keen on her as they thought. Xanthe is sure it's nothing Piper has done but the lass is unsure of whether to confront him or not as they head indoors.
Number 30
Mark is over to hear how the consultation went and they tell him that IVF is best but it is costly. They also mention the clinic David initially suggested, and why it was ruled out, but Mark suggests they've nothing to lose by going to see them and even volunteers to look after Nell while they go.
Penthouse suite
Gary arrives to tell Amy that he isn't going to call the police, but instead wants her to come clean to Paul so that she stops stealing.
GARY: You said it yourself, you're out of control.
She wants to call Steph and tell her, but Gary thinks she needs to tell Paul because without his support she will just keep spiralling and that's not what she wants. “He'll be so disappointed,” she bemoans but Gary thinks that will be a good thing, so it keeps her straight.
GARY: I've been where you are Ames, I know what its like to think that the whole world is against you and no- ones on your side. But they are, but you have to open the door.
Piper arrives at the backpackers and after spotting Cassius, immediately goes over and confronts him over why he ran off. She brings up the ‘zing' they had at the nursery, but he doesn't seem to have felt it like she did judging from his facial expression.
PIPER: Look, I'm not easy to be with. I'm intense and I'm weird and I still have really complicated feelings about my ex because it ended badly and for a while I was broken. But I don't want to hide away forever because I'm afraid of getting hurt again, so if you're afraid of getting hurt too, I get it because I've been there. I like you and I don't like many people.
She goes on to say that she thinks there is a connection between them that is worth exploring and thinks he felt it too. Cassius puts the pool cue down he was holding and walks round the pool table to stand in front of her and say he didn't feel any moment between them.
CASSIUS: I'm not into you.
He asks her to have a word with Xanthe too about the matchmaking – he doesn't want any help hooking up.
The Waterhole
It would appear that Toadie and Sonya's consultation went well – despite their complications, the clinic should be able to provide a tailored IVF service for them. After Nell asks questions, they tactfully say that they hope to have another baby in the house although she seems more taken by ‘Lyra' the helpful personal assistant they bought to help them keep on top of things. Mark is very impressed with it too!
MARK: Welcome to the family Lyra, aren't you a lucky piece of artificial intelligence.
LYRA: Of course I am, I'm talking with you!
Sheila wants to know what the fish nickname will be, even though Sonya would rather wait until she is pregnant before getting one, but Toadie asks Lyra for a suggestion and eventually Clam is the preferred suggestion!
SHEILA: So, Clam Rebecchi it is, we look forward to meeting you.
Penthouse suite
Paul rushes home and wants to know what the text Amy sent was about, but she suggests he pours himself a whisky first and sits down. She is quick to reassure him that it isn't Jimmy, it's her.
AMY: You know I've been struggling since he went to New York, but the truth is I haven't been drinking, I've…I've been shoplifting.
In tears, she admits that she is so embarrassed and knows she shouldn't be doing this sort of thing, especially as a mum.
AMY: Dad, I just… I need your help.
Number 26
Piper is telling Xanthe about what Cassius said to her as they now sunbathe in the backyard. She isn't impressed at how he waited until she'd spilled her whole heart out rather than stop her at the beginning!
XANTHE: I thought he was so nice and kind. Who knew he was such a monster!
PIPER: Illiterate zombie with no soul is more apt!
Piper is looking at the few positives – she liked being brave and putting herself out there and is sort of relieved nothing came of it as she thinks they'd have little in common.
Cassius lies on his bed and actually reads the book rather than using it to prop up his (allegedly) wonky bed. As he reads though, he stops and gets his highlighter out to underline (lots of) bits on the page he is reading.
The Flametree Retreat
Amy tells Gary how it went telling Paul and she now feels worse because he didn't realise how bad she was struggling. “All parents hate it when they let their kids down,” Gary remarks and she thanks him for making her tell Paul.
AMY: You were right, I need to be accountable and letting him down again is the last thing I want to do.
Power Street
Paul is accompanying Amy to the clothing bank, even though she thinks it's wrong and the stuff should be returned to the shops she took from. He is sure the shops will have written it off and points out that they could also call the police and thus she could end up with a record.
PAUL: This little blip could affect the rest of your life but this way, needy people will get to benefit from your mistakes and you get to move on, for good.
Number 30
Toadie and Sonya are up for another round of baby making when they are interrupted by Paul calling round – he's heard from his associate that's been looking for Andrea.
Paul holds up an envelope.
PAUL: He's found her.
Coming up on Neighbours
- Toadie wanting Sonya's support.
- Aaron giving his brother love advice.
- Elly kissing Mark.
- Terese asking Cassius to keep his distance…
- Piper and Cassius close together.
- Ned admitting that he loves someone.
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