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Neighbours Episode 7866 from 2018 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7866
Australian and UK airdate: 18/06/18
Writer: Holly Alexander
Director: Laurence Wilson
Guests: Finn Kelly: Rob Mills
Cassius Grady: Joe Davidson
Fay Brennan: Zoe Bertram
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
- Toadie laying down the law to Sheila regarding working for him.
- Fay inviting Gary out on a date.
- Sheila curious to know what is happening at The Waterhole so urging Gary to date Fay.
- Xanthe declaring that Cassius is the one Piper needs to move on from Tyler.
- Finn warning Bea not to mention him to anyone.
- Finn scoring a job on the MS trial.
- Karl calling Finn but not realising who he is talking to.
Bea's place/Harold's Cafe
With Bea singing away while she showers, Finn risks getting out of the wheelchair to dress properly. As he is in the middle of doing that, he receives a call from Karl asking him to go into the office. He pleads he can do the work remotely but when Karl mentions that its patient files he's to work on, his demeanour changes and promises Karl that he will get it done.
Karl comes off the phone somewhat bemused but doesn't say anything to Susan. She's finished the paperwork for the trial and heads to the hospital to drop it off – Karl gives her the key to the office in case ‘Patrick' hasn't arrived first.
Number 26 backyard
Xanthe gives up doing an online quiz to see how compatible Cassius and Piper are, as she can't answer all the questions, so goes to call Terese for help instead.
Meanwhile, Sheila is still sure that Fay is dodgy and wants Gary to go on a date with her, so she can find out what it is… and thus get her old job back which would mean not wearing the ‘legal assistant' clothes which she is starting to find uncomfortable to wear.
Number 24
Chloe and Aaron are trying to pluck up the courage to tell Fay about Gary when the man in question calls round to see if Fay is free to have a coffee with. They agree to have “a date” before the lunchtime rush begins.
Fay though has some other news – she has received an offer for the house in Adelaide. She plans on accepting it, so she can put down roots in Erinsborough, subject to the kids agreeing (those two are) and having a regular schedule for visiting Tyler.
Bea's place
Since she has the day off, Bea is trying to make plans with Finn on what to do. He thinks she should be at work (even though she is supposed to have the day off) and eventually reaches a compromise with her – she goes into work and they will go out for dinner. “That's a date,” she replies before heading out the door.
Number 22
Xanthe subtly tries to question Piper using the questions she couldn't answer on the quiz but gets nowhere especially when Piper gives a reply that doesn't conform to the criteria used!
Harold's Cafe
Terese is trying the same tactic with Cassius on the pretence that the answers will help secure his employment. However, he's not buying it and also doesn't want a job at the complex so instead she suggests that she does her own garden. Cassius turns down the job as he doesn't have the time.
Finn is looking through the patient files but doesn't seem to find the one that he is looking for. He is then forced to quickly hide under one of the desks when he hears the door open – its Susan coming to drop off her file. She is surprised at the door being unlocked and calls out “hello”.
Commercial break later and Susan fully enters the office and adds her file to the others sitting on the desk. She is very curious that nobody is around given the cup on the table is warm (Finn was drinking from it pre- hiding) and again calls out “hello” but again, on not hearing a reply, she walks out of the office and locks the door behind her.
It's like Christmas Day for Finn as he picks up Susan's file and quickly flicks through it before picking it (and his cup) up and walking out of the office.
The Waterhole
Gary and Fay are on their coffee date and chatting about their favourite topic – desserts! As they continue to chat, Gary finds out the information Sheila was after – and it is totally innocent, Fay has just found a way to get government money by getting mature aged folk into employment.
Lassiters Lake
Cassius has a coffee accident (spills some on his jumper) just as Piper is about to walk by him. She stops and chats to him about how the job hunting is going, and he tells her about Terese offering a job, which he turned down because of the questions being asked. Piper has twigged about the questions (especially after seeing Terese and Xanthe out of the corner of her eye) and can't say bye to him quick enough!
Lassiters Complex
Piper walks over to where Xanthe and Terese have stopped in the Complex and wants to know what his going on! The pair admit that they've tried to do a bit of matchmaking. Rather than bite their head off, Piper admits she's talked about moving on with her psych (while still making it clear that she loves Tyler) she admits that she is “open to the possibility of moving on.”
PIPER: So what do you guys think, do you think he's the right guy?
Xanthe admits she tried to use a survey to find that out but needs Piper to answer all the questions first! Terese is happy to let Piper be the driving force and she agrees it will all be done on her terms “and when it feels right.”
TERESE: He is cute!
Meanwhile, Gary and Sheila are conversing at the other side of the complex. “She's no criminal mastermind,” is what he is telling her after she got the wrong end of the stick about Fay. Unfortunately for Fay, she arrives where they are chatting just as Gary has blurted out that he isn't interested in her romantically!
FAY: Pity you couldn't have told me that! I didn't think I was the type to force someone into a date.
Gary quickly replied that it wasn't like that, and Sheila admits that she was the one behind it. “Yes, well, thanks for being honest then,” she replies before walking away from them.
Power Street
Elly stops Mishti as she is out jogging to confirm she can still attend the school career day. Mishti confirms she will be there, she isn't going to let Dilhan dictate what she does with her life.
Bea comes over to join in the conversation and discovers that Mark is no longer coming into work, so Elly suggests that she knocks off early.
Number 24
Mark has declared a family meeting, and everyone sits round the kitchen table. The topic is Tyler – Mark feels that he isn't coping mentally but did notice that the regular visits helped tremendously. Chloe and Aaron immediately begin to plan their visits, but Fay feels that she should go back to Adelaide. “I wasn't trying to make you feel guilty,” Mark is quick to say but Fay still plans on selling the house (to pay off the debts) and will then get a small place for herself there. “I thought you wanted to stay here?” Chloe comments and Fay agrees that she does, but still feels she needs to go back for Tyler.
The Waterhole
“And now is not the time to go ask for your job back,” Gary warns his mum after they arrived in the pub to talk to Fay only to hear from Terese that she's just quit!
Meanwhile, Susan hands over the key to Karl and tells him about the office being unlocked. He isn't happy to hear that and plans on informing Rita, especially given the confidential files stored there.
SUSAN: I just hate the thought of my file, or anyone's file for that matter, not being secure.
Park somewhere
Finn pulls out Susan's file and begins to read through it.
Number 22
Mark calls round to talk to Terese before he speaks to Piper – there is a letter from Tyler. She is curious as to why he is reaching out now, since he's rejected all of Piper's letters. “Do you know what it says?” she asks, and Mark replies no, he wasn't told and didn't ask either. They debate whether it's the right time to pass the letter on or not, but Mark is happy for Terese to use her judgement. Terese is sure it isn't the right time, and after Mark leaves, she hides the letter in one of the kitchen cupboards.
Number 24
“Please don't leave because of me,” Gary tells Fay as he and Sheila come over to apologise but Fay assures Gary that it isn't him, she needs to get back to support Tyler. Sheila asks that she passes on her love to Tyler and then apologises to Fay, but while she agrees to pass on the regards, she doesn't acknowledge the apology at all.
The Cannings depart, and Chloe decides that Fay isn't going to sell the house because of her, she promises to keep up with paying her bills as well as giving her mum money. Aaron tells Fay to let Chloe help and they've worn her down, so she agrees to their pleas, before saying goodbye to them and heading off.
Bea's place
Bea gets the shock of her life when she gets home, not because the apartment is empty but because the wheelchair is there with no sign of Patrick!
Coming up on Neighbours
- Finn angry at Bea going through his things.
- Yashvi giving Bea advice.
- Xanthe asking Mishti a question and her fellow classmates sniggering.
- Toadie giving Leo legal advice.
- Leo telling Dilhan what he thinks of him.
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