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Neighbours Episode 7824 from 2018 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7824
Australian and UK airdate: 19/04/18
Writer: Sarah Mayberry
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Monique Hughes: Medeleine Vizard
Summary/Images by: Jeremai/Graham
- David tells Karl he'd like him to try an anticoagulant to thin his blood while his body hopefully dissolves the clot
- Karl says he's found more anomalies in the data
- Karl suggests an MRI every year for everyone but Clive tells him it would be too expensive
- Piper tells Lockie she saw him leave a novel at the book exchange earlier
- Lockie says Piper isn't really here to talk about books
- Piper tells Lockie she wants to leave and fights him off
- Piper tells Aaron she had to come here; she wanted to be with Tyler
- Monique overhears Chloe saying they had the right to fire her for letting Xanthe drink at the hotel
- Monique blackmails Leo: a grand for her to keep her mouth shut
There is a change to the opening titles; Ben has been removed and there's a new shot of Elly, Amy and Jimmy.
Penthouse suite
David and Leo discuss Monique's blackmail. Wouldn't Mishti know if she were a crooked cop? David wonders if it's a test to see if Leo is good enough for Mishti and suggests he talk to her again.
Karl, Susan, Sheila and Toadie are having drinks and talking about Karl's MRI idea. Sheila reiterates Clive's concerns for financing it. Karl wants to start a fundraising campaign despite Susan's concern that he should be resting. Susan suggests a trash and treasure. Toadie suggests using Kickstarter. Karl doesn't know how it works but knows just the person to ask.
Lassiters Complex
Xanthe finds Piper staking out the book exchange and suggests she give it up. Piper assures Xanthe that what happened with Lockie wasn't her fault. She gets a text from Karl asking her to help out with the fundraiser. Xanthe talks her into it.
Number 32 back yard
Mishti, Monique and Yashvi are in the pool when Leo arrives. Mishti asks Yashvi to help her get drinks, conveniently leaving Leo to tell Monique he's got some questions. However, Monique is only after a yes or no.
Number 24
Mark and Aaron come in from the pool and find Xanthe and Piper there as Piper wants to feel close to Tyler. Chloe has filled a box with stuff for the trash and treasure but Mark takes issue with it.
MARK: No way are you donating my Doctor Who mug! Are you serious?
CHLOE: For real? How old are you?
MARK: No, back off Chloe.
AARON: Don't mess with the Doctor!
CHLOE: What a nerd!
MARK: Aren't you meant to be at work?
CHLOE: Is that your fall back question?
MARK: Yes.
CHLOE: Day off. So I'm just selflessly helping the community instead.
MARK: Well I don't see any of your stuff in here!
Xanthe comments to Aaron that Piper seems pretty attached to Tyler's chair; it's like she can't let go.
Lassiters Complex
The trash and treasure is in full swing already. Karl can't believe how quickly Sheila pulled it together, and neither can I! Karl gives her a kiss.
TOADIE: Oh, where's my kiss?
KARL: Oh, any time, big boy!
Karl comments that he and Susan used to have a lamp like the one Sheila is selling. They put it out with the hard rubbish.
SHEILA: What a coincidence.
KARL: Sheila, have you been scavenging?
SHEILA: Well, I thought it had some style back then!
KARL: What, not now?
SHEILA: Have you seen my renovations? And when was the last time you two updated?
Leo warns Chloe he's decided to tell Mishti about her serving Xanthe alcohol; he thinks honesty is the best policy. Chloe asks him if there's something else going on. How's Paul going to react?
Number 24
David arrives to pick up the donations but Chloe has already taken them. Mark likes the new shirt he's bought since he's up against Aaron for the face of Lassiters. Aaron announces he wants to donate Tyler's chair; he's spoken to Tyler about Piper coming over all the time. The chair is holding Piper back from moving on. Mark says Piper is going to be upset.
Monique, Mishti and Yashvi are packing glasses for the trash and treasure. Monique gets a message from Leo asking her to meet him and she leaves. Sheila enters, telling Susan about her date with Clive.
SHEILA: The man aims to please, if you know what I mean.
SUSAN: Oh yes, I think I do.
SHEILA: I'm just going to say it; he's amazing in bed! Very generous... he calls it innovative.
SUSAN: Well good for you.
SHEILA: Is that all you're going to say? I mean this is the time you usually trump me with some story about Karl and the blue box!
SHEILA: Yeah well, not a lot to report in that department at the moment.
Susan tells Sheila the "drought" goes back before Karl's illness to the mess with Izzy. There's a distance between them. If he has time and energy for fundraising then why doesn't have any for her?
Lassiters Complex
Monique meets Leo at the side of the café (how slow did she walk?) and he refuses to pay her a cent. If she says a word to Mishti he'll tell her how her best friend tried to blackmail him. Monique asks if he really thinks Mishti will believe him over her. Leo says he has no reason to lie about it.
Back at the trash and treasure, Karl has found a fishing rod Toadie could use on the boat. Toadie tells him they may not have the boat for much longer as they've decided to search for Andrea. If Paul's contacts can find her then Paul gets their share of the boat. Karl says they've made a deal with the devil. He suddenly feels faint and sits down.
Aaron and Mark have arrived with the chair and Toadie jokes that they could put $20 on it and hope people don't laugh.
MARK: It's Tyler's chair, mate. It was his favourite.
TOADIE: Right. Sorry.
MARK: It's OK. I get it; it's ugly. I actually wanted him to get rid of it the moment he brought it home but I think he hung onto it because he knew how much I hated it.
Aaron assures Mark they're doing the right thing.
Sonya's Nursery
Piper is working. Xanthe arrives and Piper tells her the fundraising is "going off".
PIPER: I'm going to try and get us onto the trending list; see if I can boost things a little bit more.
XANTHE: Can you do that? I thought it just naturally happened!
PIPER: I've got a few tricks up my sleeve!
Piper admits Xanthe was right and that the distraction has been good. Gary has packed a lunch for Xanthe even though it's not a school day! She's loving her internship at the hospital. She broke up with Ben to concentrate on becoming a nurse so she needs to make sure that happens. They drink a toast (with their juice!) to moving forward.
Harold's Café
Leo enters and Mishti tells him he's in big trouble… for not returning her text! She has had coffee with Monique instead. Yashvi comes in and asks for Mishti's help carrying stuff, conveniently leaving Leo and Monique alone yet again. Monique tells Leo it's been a long time since she's seen Mishti this happy so she suggests a truce... no catch. Leo agrees.
Number 24
Piper returns for her charger and sees the chair has gone.
Number 28 back yard
Karl is resting on a sun lounger. Susan brings him some water and tries to talk to him. She wants them to spend some time together and reconnect. However, Karl has fallen asleep!
Penthouse suite
In the lift, Leo tells David that Monique has offered him a truce. He's going to call a contact of Paul's to try and find out what she has to hide. If he's going to protect Mishti he has to know what he's dealing with.
Lassiters Complex
Piper arrives and Toadie breaks the bad news that Tyler's chair has been sold. It was an online bid and a courier picked it up (of course!) so they don't know where it's gone. Piper is distraught.
Number 24
Piper bursts into the house, screaming at Aaron for getting rid of the chair. Aaron tells her he spoke to Tyler and he agreed as Piper's attachment was unhealthy.
PIPER: How dare you tell me how to grieve? Was I hurting anyone? All I wanted to do was sit in his chair. How was that unhealthy?
MARK: OK, time to take a breath, yeah?
PIPER: No, you get to see him. You can talk to him, OK? All I had was his chair. It made me feel safe and you took it away from me. Of all the things in this house that you could have given them, why didn't you give them this?
Piper starts throwing things around the house. Aaron grabs her and she breaks down in tears.
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