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Neighbours Episode 7734 from 2017 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
Episode title: 7734
Australian and UK airdate: 16/11/17
Writer: Jo Kasch
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Lyn Scully: Janet Andrewartha
Courtney Grixti: Emma Lane
Kylie Sayers: Jodine Muir
- "Getting Away With It" by Tex Perkins & The Dark Horses
Summary/Images by: Jeremai/Graham
- Susan tells Jack there have been complaints made against him
- "Go back to church God boy" has been written on the counselling sessions poster at the school
- Steph tells Lyn she's decided to accept her offer to invest in the wellness centre but she is to be a silent partner
- Courtney tells Paul she felt something and she thinks he felt it too; Paul isn't sure he's ready to go there again
- Courtney tells Paul she's put a deposit on a reception venue
- Mishti tells Leo she got her hands on the hotel reception history; Leo tells her to leave the investigating to the police
- Mishti tells Dipi she thinks Sheila and Gary are lying about where they were on the night of Hamish's death
Number 32
Dipi wants to know why Mishti is checking up on their neighbours and reminds her she's not a police officer any more. Mishti says Gary and Sheila couldn't have checked in when the records say they did because she was standing next to Gary at the fireworks.
MISHTI: I saw Gary take a call from her. He told her to calm down and then he took off. And not towards the hotel.
DIPI: That doesn't prove anything. The check in time could have been entered wrong. Sheila could have been upset about any number of things.
MISHTI: Like the fact Hamish was cheating on her? Maybe upset enough to do something!
DIPI: Can you actually hear yourself?
Dipi hears Kirsha's guitar and goes to tell her to rest.
Steph isn't keen on Lyn's names for the wellness centre and then Lyn wants to talk about the services that will be on offer.
STEPH: Mum, I thought we agreed that you were going to be a silent investor?
LYN: We did.
STEPH: Good. Be silent!
Lyn asks when she's going to meet "Father Jack" and thinks Steph's Uncle Tom will be interested to hear someone from a similar background will be joining the family! She asks Steph if she's keeping him away from her in case she embarrasses him. Steph assures her that's not the case; she'll organise a dinner so they can meet.
Harold's Café
Courtney shows Xanthe her design for a wedding invitation the following morning. Xanthe suggests Susan as a celebrant.
COURTNEY: Karl's wife?
XANTHE: Yeah, she's lovely.
COURTNEY: She hasn't been that nice to me!
They discuss the guest list. Courtney doubts any of her family will make an appearance.
COURTNEY: Regardless of what you think of Paulie, he would never miss any of his kids getting married. [Paul appears] Right Paulie?
LYN (enters and overhears): Paulie?!
PAUL: Lyn! I didn't realise you were in town.
LYN: I didn't realise you were getting married again. Do you really think it's worth messing up this young girl's life? Another train wreck marriage!
Number 32
Dipi tells Mishti she was up half the night planning the Christmas variety show with Kirsha. Mishti couldn't stop thinking about Sheila and Gary. Leo arrives and tells Mishti she needs to leave it to the police. Mishti says there's something fishy about the hotel records and Leo tells her she needs to be careful about accusing innocent parties. Dipi has got enough to worry about with Kirsha, without worrying about Mishti too.
Harold's Café
Susan has arrived. Courtney forgives her for being so judgmental and asks her to be celebrant!
SUSAN: Right, um... well, I don't really know how to say this... are you sure you want to marry Paul?!
COURTNEY: Excuse me?
SUSAN: Well he has been married before!
Courtney says she knows, and she's aware of everything that happened with Terese. This could be a great way for Susan to make things up to her! Susan asks if they would be prepared to take a compatibility test.
Lassiters Hotel
Gary enquires after Piper but Terese clearly doesn't want to talk to him. Gary hopes Terese has someone looking after her as well; he hates the thought of her having to do it all alone. Terese tells him he should have thought of that before he ended things.
Susan is talking to Jack; she's had more complaints. Lyn arrives as Susan is leaving; she can't stop for lunch because of exam madness. Lyn is delighted to realise who Jack is and introduces herself.
Power Street
Mishti goes into the payphone and makes a phone call.
MISHTI: Yes, hello. I'd like to make an anonymous tip- off about the night of Hamish Roche's death.
Lassiters Hotel exterior
Paul follows Courtney out of the hotel and is concerned about all the wedding arrangements she's made.
COURTNEY: I know you've got your doubts whether or not it's going to work but I don't want you feeling worried because of what that bitter old woman said.
PAUL: That bitter old woman was one of my ex- wives!
Paul asks if they can really go the distance and Courtney hands him the compatibility test Susan suggested.
COURTNEY: We're going to nail it, and it's going to be super fun. Kind of like a couple's game show or something… but with wine!
Lyn is telling Jack about her Jack and Oscar. Hearing him talk about his son just now has shown her what kind of man he is. Jack asks why they don't call Steph to join them but Lyn says she's up to her ears in it.
Leo is telling Paul Mishti's suspicions about Gary and Sheila; is there any possibility the records could be wrong? Paul says it's all logged automatically. Leo says something doesn't add up; he wanted Paul to know in case the hotel starts copping heat. Paul looks shifty and says he's sure they will be fine.
Lassiters Hotel
Paul comes in and convinces Terese to take the rest of the afternoon off. He wants to check the reception software in case it's out of date. Terese goes off and Paul changes Gary and Sheila's check- in time to 10 minutes earlier. Gary comes along and Paul tells him he's changed the time again because his little lie is unravelling. Gary asks if the police won't be suss but Paul says they will claim last week's information was a computer error.
PAUL: And Gary, you just remember our little deal about Terese.
Lyn is trying to tell Jack the complaints against him are slander when Steph arrives. She's not happy to find Lyn with Jack. Lyn asks Jack to excuse them and tells Steph their meeting was an accident. But now she's met Jack she will stop worrying because she thinks he's truly wonderful.
STEPH: Well that's nice, but don't think I'm not still mad at you!
LYN: I really want this one to work out for you, Steph. Oh come on, we don't want another Mark Brennan do we?!
Lassiters complex
Sheila and Gary leave the police station. Sheila is relieved Paul changed the times again but Gary reminds her he's not doing it out of the goodness of his heart. Mishti overhears as they tell Xanthe the police wanted to ask them some more questions but they've decided they weren't involved.
Penthouse suite
Courtney has poured champagne so they can celebrate after they take the compatibility test. Paul tells her to stop as he's sure the test will just prove how different they are. Courtney tells Paul she really likes him and reminds him of the moment they had at the silent disco but Paul says it wears off and marriages just end up as companionship. He thinks they should wait until they're completely sure.
COURTNEY: Well, let's get sure. Let's see how compatible we really are.
Lyn wants to pay for lunch but Jack insists since he has a job. A woman (Kylie Sayers) overhears and tells Jack he won't have it for much longer if he carries on the way he's going; she sent her son to Erinsborough High to avoid religious indoctrination. Lyn tells her that's ridiculous; her son is lucky to have a spiritual man at hand and a little bit of divinity never hurt anyone. Jack assures Mrs. Sayers that Susan Kennedy is looking into her concerns. She says Susan will be hearing about this as well.
Number 32 / Number 26 back yard
Mishti tells Dipi that Sheila and Gary were talking as if everything checked out. Dipi says it suggests the information was never correct in the first place and she should accept it. As they talk we see Sheila taking a long look at the hot tub and Gary at the gnome. Dipi understands police work was a big part of Mishti's life but she has to let go.
Steph apologises to Jack again for Lyn. He gets a call from Susan; she want to see him now. Jack leaves and Steph asks Lyn what she was thinking; she's just thrown oil in the fire.
LYN: I was not going to stand by and let her abuse my son- in- law like that!
STEPH: You don't listen to a word I say do you? He is not your son- in- law, Mum; he's only just become my boyfriend!
Steph tells her that Jack never talks about religion in his sessions but everything she said to that parent made it sound like he does. Lyn apologises and says she's going to call Susan to fix things.
STEPH: No, no, don't; you've done enough. I think you should just go back to Bendigo for a while!
Erinsborough High
Jack and Elly are in Susan's office. Susan has known Lyn for a long time and little of what she says surprises her! However, she's surprised by the number of students who have complained. Elly says the complaints can't be ignored. The funds from the liveability winnings are at risk. Until Susan can get to the bottom of this she has no choice but to suspend Jack.
Unmissable Drama
- Jack leaves with a box, telling Yashvi the rest of today's sessions have been cancelled
- Yashvi tells Bec she's going to hassle her every recess and lunch until she tells her what's going on
- Sonya tells Karl she needs his help but only they and Steph can know
- Amy begs Steph to let her come back
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