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Neighbours Episode 7695 from 2017 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7695
Australian and UK airdate: 22/09/17
Writer: Sarah Mayberry
Director: Kate Kendall
Guests: None
- "Kings & Queens" by Daniel Lee Kendall
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Mishti accuses Leo of taking her on a date so she'd be his alibi for the drug thefts; he denies it
- Yashvi shows Freya the naughty photo of Ben
- Xanthe tells Yashvi that it took ages for Ben to get over the photo the first time; now it's fresh again
- Mishti tells Yashvi that she'll need to do something 'personal and meaningful' to make it up to Ben
- Leo and David try to set Mark up with Elly and Paige respectively
- The trio all arrive at the Melbourne Star, but Paige runs off to hide when she realises Elly is there
The Citytm / Erinsborough Hospital
Paige leaps into one of the pods at the Melbourne Star, and tries to make herself as inconspicuous as possible - which is difficult in her bright red dress. She watches Mark and Elly going hand-in-hand into one of the other pods, and calls David to whinge at him for sending her there!
DAVID: Do you think there's any chance of you getting out of there without them seeing you?
PAIGE: I dunno! Maybe if I jungle-crawl out of this thing!
DAVID: I feel bad. You wouldn't be there if I hadn't told you Mark was going alone.
PAIGE: You should feel bad! Your intel sucks, Tanaka!
Leo has turned up at the hospital during the conversation, and is shocked to hear Paige is at the Melbourne Star, as he'd sent Elly there to patch things up with Mark. David relays this to Paige.
Meanwhile, in the other pod, Mark tells Elly he's glad she changed her mind and decided to come. She attributes her earlier reluctance to a 'moment of madness' - then spies Paige talking on the phone in the other pod! Mark hasn't seen Paige, so Elly keeps him distracted by leading him to the other side of the pod. Paige continues to whine to David.
PAIGE: This is exactly what I didn't want, David! The pair of us facing off over a guy!
She hangs up. Meanwhile, Elly is giving Mark a (more) honest explanation for initially turning down the date.
ELLY: I felt that I was a bit more invested in the relationship than you.
MARK: Well, it's just - it's still early days for us, that's all.
ELLY: So it's not because you're holding out for Paige?
MARK: No. I mean, there's a lot of history there, and I'll always care about her. But I wouldn't be here with you if I didn't want to be.
Mark and Elly kiss, at considerable length - and Paige watches, forlorn, from the other pod. Mark and Elly continue to enjoy each other's company, as dusk begins to fall over Melbourne.
No 32
Toadie and Kirsha are throwing a footie around, while Shane is doing some admin for his liveability festival. Toadie asks which musical performers he's managed to book.
SHANE: Oh, just some local performers.
TOADIE: That's exactly what this community needs - more 'Free as a River' from Karl (!)
SHANE: Nah, unfortunately he's not available.
Shane seems genuinely disappointed about this! But he's organised an acapella trio at the library, a cellist at the community centre, and a few others down by the lake. He's hoping it'll become a regular thing. Toadie is surprised he's being so community-minded; Shane says he has to fill his time somehow while waiting for the green light on Rolli the lawnmower.
Yashvi shows up, and Kirsha notices that her bag is clinking, suspecting that she has alcohol. Yashvi quietly assures her that it's just scented candles in the bag, but it's clear she's up to something...
Robinson's Motel
Amy and Mishti chat excitedly about a showcase they're organising for the wellness centre. Amy has booked a nutritionist to speak, and apparently Mishti has been roped in with some kind of presentation on the benefits of exercise.
AMY: I just wish Nick was here to be a part of it all.
MISHTI: I'm sure his experience would've been great for the coordinating. But from what I've seen of you and Steph, you guys will do a great job as directors too.
AMY: Yeah, but this was his vision.
MISHTI: Yeah, and he's happy that it's being realised with or without him. You said so yourself.
But Steph turns up with bad news; the bank will give her enough of a loan to buy out Paul and Leo, but nothing more for the wellness centre startup costs or renovations. This means she needs to find $200,000. Amy has some money, but nothing like that much. Jack comes in and overhears this, adding unhelpfully that his rich church donor contracts have dried up since his fall from grace.
Steph does have a backup plan, however - asking Leo if he'd accept a deferred payment schedule. Amy thinks Leo might go for it, especially now Nick's no longer involved in the centre. Steph looks hopeful.
The Citytm
Mark and Elly leave the Melbourne Star, about to head off for a meal. It's cold and Mark gives Elly his coat. They kiss again. Paige watches sadly from nearby.
Lassiter's Complex
Mishti is helping Amy load up the ute, when Leo passes. He and Mishti avoid eye contact, and he continues on his way. Mishti admits to Amy that she and Leo haven't talked since she accused him of stealing the hospital drugs.
AMY: Even though you know he's not responsible?
MISHTI: Easier this way.
AMY: Cos you're not interested?
MISHTI: Opposite.
AMY: Ah. You're scared.
MISHTI: That's me. Erinsborough's biggest chicken.
AMY: Well, it's worth giving it a go, right? At least talk to him about it?
MISHTI: I like Leo a lot. And I hate that things are weird between us, but I'm just not there yet.
Meanwhile, Ben is passing, and Xanthe stops him excitedly, to tell him about some thrilling graffiti!
The History Wall
Xanthe shows Ben that someone has defaced the history mural with his web address for Ben Kirk Tunes. Xanthe thinks it adds to the mural, and says that similar tags are all over town - and that as a result, his site has had loads of comments and hits.
Harold's Café
Elly enthuses to Leo about her date with Mark, which continued for hours after the part we saw. But she mentions that Paige turned up, and Leo admits that he's heard from David that she was there. Elly says Mark didn't see Paige, though.
LEO: So it's all good, then?
ELLY: Well, yeah. Apart from the fact that during our five-hour conversation, I didn't mention to him once that she has feelings for him!
LEO: It's not your job to get them back together!
ELLY: Yeah, but I feel bad for Paige.
LEO: No buts. They've had multiple opportunities to sort things out and they haven't. That's their problem - not yours.
No 32
In the back garden, Shane is stressing out while organising things for the music event, with limited help from Yashvi, Kirsha and Toadie.
KIRSHA: This reminds of when Mum was starring in Anything Goes.
SHANE: Oh, this is much smaller-scale than that, sweetie.
KIRSHA: Yeah, but you were just as nervous.
SHANE: I'm not nervous. Actually, yes - I'm very, very nervous.
TOADIE: Oh, come on, mate - you don't need to be nervous. Remember when we used to have those Cold Chisel concerts on the front lawn?
Ben turns up. Shane assumes he's here to see Yashvi, but that's not the case - he actually wants to volunteer to play in the concert. He tells Kirsha he wants her to accompany him. She insists she isn't good enough, but Ben makes her promise to think about it. Yashvi looks quietly pleased with herself, concluding that her graffiti efforts have helped boost Ben's confidence.
No 26
Steph, Amy and Jack are waiting for Leo to arrive to discuss the wellness centre. Amy has a message from Nick with 'the perfect pitch', but Steph tactfully suggests she doesn't start quoting Nick to Leo.
AMY: I spoke to him on the phone the other day.
STEPH: You don't sound too happy about it?
AMY: ... We both agreed it's over.
STEPH: Oh, Ames! You okay?
AMY: Yeah, it was my call. As much as I see us being together, I don't want to have a relationship with someone who's in jail. It's too hard.
Leo arrives, and doesn't exactly seem thrilled to have been summoned to discuss the wellness centre. Steph hits him with the suggestion of the structured buyout, which will allow her to pay him and Paul back in instalments for their share of the motel, as well as doing the renovations for the centre. They assure him that Nick won't be involved.
LEO: Thanks, but the answer's no.
STEPH: Leo, please - just consider what I'm proposing here.
LEO: Steph, you're the one who triggered the buyout option. If you want to force Paul and I out, the contract stipulates full payment at settlement.
AMY: This means a lot to me, Leo. To all of us. We just need someone to help us get off the ground.
LEO: Yeah, and this isn't personal. But I need my money back so I can invest it in something else (...) Sorry, guys.
Leo leaves, and Jack remarks that they should have had Mishti here - saying Leo's been a grump ever since he fell out with her. Amy looks like she's having an idea...
No 28
Paige shows up to see Elly, who has apparently summoned her to talk. Paige hopes it's to work out a way to move forward.
ELLY: It's about last night. I saw you at the Star.
PAIGE: I am so sorry. I thought that I should start being honest about my feelings, and then - and then I saw you and Mark there, and I realised all I was doing was interfering. And I'm backing off, okay? I don't want to hurt you anymore.
ELLY: It's too late.
PAIGE: Elly, please. This friendship means so much to me, and I don't want to lose it.
ELLY: If that's the case, you wouldn't have lied to me this whole time. It's pretty obvious we both have feelings for the same person. I don't know how this is gonna work.
PAIGE: I guess you're right. I understand. I'll miss you.
ELLY: ...
Elly looks upset as Paige leaves.
Lassiter's Lake
Toadie, Mark, Shane, Yashvi, Mishti, Amy, Xanthe and assorted extras have shown up for Ben's performance by the lake. It seems he's convinced Kirsha to take part too, but she looks pretty nervous. As the song proceeds, Ben silently convinces her to join in on the guitar.
BEN (singing): It's been a beautiful day, and I can't wait to see your face,
I've been waiting so long for the tide to bring me home to you,
Been collecting all my loving, waiting for the sun to come out,
I want to dance with you now, oh. I want to dance with you now, oh.
Break my heart, and break my bones for the girl next door,
And let's just forget all the mistakes we made before.
Break my heart, and break my bones for the girl next door,
And let's just forget all the mistakes we made before.
SHANE (to Yashvi): Liveable, eh?
BEN (singing): Just crack a smile and love; I know it's hard, but try -
Let's just forget the world and face eternal time,
And try not to break my heart, and break my bones for the girls next door,
And let's just forget all the mistakes we made before.
Much cheering and applause ensues.
BEN: Give it up for my main girl, Kirsha!

The Waterhole
Amy comes in and finds Leo fielding Paul's business calls while he's away. She asks whether he's going to make it to the wellness centre showcase. Leo says it's not his cup of tea, but Amy says they could do with his business tips - and makes a point of saying that Mishti will be there too.
AMY: Maybe you two could finally work things out.
LEO: Yeah, nice try, but she's not exactly knocking herself out to sort things with me.
AMY: But that doesn't mean she doesn't want to.
LEO: What? Did she say something?
AMY: Oh, I shouldn't say anything... She talks about you a lot. I think she likes you. And this would be the perfect way for you to show her your sensitive, charitable side. Come on - we both know it's in there somewhere.
LEO: Alright, alright. Count me in.
AMY: Thank you! You won't regret this, I promise.
Amy looks pleased with herself as Leo walks away.
Harold's Café
Mark and Elly encounter Paige, who's uncomfortable when they sit down to join her - as is Elly. Mark fusses over Gabe, who's in his pram, then tells Paige about what a great time he and Elly had in The Citytm last night. Paige feigns a smile, but quickly excuses herself to go and meet Jack.
The History Wall
Shane and Toadie are still singing Ben's catchy song from earlier as they load up the car, and remark on how impressive Kirsha's performance was too. As they walk past the History Wall, however, Shane notices the graffiti promoting Ben's music website.
SHANE: That little...
Harold's Café
Elly is excitedly telling Mark about her big plans for the Erinsborough book exchange scheme. Mark asks her to guess what kind of books he'd be exchanging.
ELLY: Assuming you can read? I would say non-fiction, biography...
MARK: Pretty good.
ELLY: Not done yet. Something action-packed - maybe Bear Grylls or Kelly Slater?
Mark is impressed with Elly's accuracy, until she points out that she has seen his bookshelves! Elly asks what they're planning to do this afternoon.
MARK: Well, I do have an idea - but I'm not sure you're ready for it.
ELLY: What do you mean, I'm not ready for it?
MARK: Okay, what I'm thinking is pretty hardcore. It's gonna Take Us To The Next Leveltm.
ELLY: If you don't start talking, I'm gonna hurt you!
MARK: Okay, okay. I think it might be time to introduce you to Doctor Who.
ELLY: Wow. I'm honoured (!)
MARK: Right! But the real question is, do we go classic Who, new Who, or do we just go straight for David Tennant? I mean, this is a tough question.
Elly kisses Mark's hand.
MARK: What was that for?
ELLY: Because you're a goofball. I really like you, Mark Brennan.
They kiss.
MARK: I like you too. I think we should get the bill.
Robinson's Motel
Amy has filled Steph in on her plan - namely, to get Leo in a better mood for giving them leeway with the motel buyout by getting him and Mishti back on good terms. Steph thinks the plan's unduly optimistic.
AMY: Trust me. Mishti will turn on the charm, and Leo will go weak at the knees.
STEPH: Alright - well, hopefully he'll go week at the brain too.
AMY: It'll put him in a good mood, and then you can talk to him. Maybe this time he'll actually listen. He'll be like putty in Mishti's hands.
But Leo has been lurking outside the door, and has heard every word! He looks annoyed.
Unmissable Neighbours
- Mishti asks Leo if everything's okay
- Ben tells Shane he had nothing to do with the graffiti; Shane accuses Karl of being in on it too!
- Tyler and Hamish continue to get on well together; Piper says it's good he has a dad he can rely on
- Hamish tells someone on the phone, 'we can't hurry it up - I need more time'
- Hamish creeps around the boat while Tyler is asleep
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Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7695
Paige Smith

David Tanaka, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 7695
David Tanaka, Leo Tanaka

Mark Brennan, Paige Smith, Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 7695
Mark Brennan, Paige Smith, Elly Conway

Shane Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7695
Shane Rebecchi

Kirsha Rebecchi, Yashvi Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7695
Kirsha Rebecchi, Yashvi Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi

Mishti Sharma, Jack Callahan, Amy Williams, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 7695
Mishti Sharma, Jack Callahan, Amy Williams, Steph Scully

Mark Brennan, Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 7695
Mark Brennan, Elly Conway

Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7695
Paige Smith

Amy Williams, Mishti Sharma in Neighbours Episode 7695
Amy Williams, Mishti Sharma

Ben Kirk, Xanthe Canning in Neighbours Episode 7695
Ben Kirk, Xanthe Canning

Elly Conway, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 7695
Elly Conway, Leo Tanaka

Ben Kirk, Shane Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi, Yashvi Rebecchi, Kirsha Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7695
Ben Kirk, Shane Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi, Yashvi Rebecchi, Kirsha Rebecchi

Steph Scully, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7695
Steph Scully, Amy Williams

Leo Tanaka, Amy Williams, Jack Callahan in Neighbours Episode 7695
Leo Tanaka, Amy Williams, Jack Callahan

Elly Conway, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7695
Elly Conway, Paige Smith

Kirsha Rebecchi, Ben Kirk in Neighbours Episode 7695
Kirsha Rebecchi, Ben Kirk

Yashvi Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi, Xanthe Canning, Amy Williams, Mishti Sharma in Neighbours Episode 7695
Yashvi Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi, Xanthe Canning, Amy Williams, Mishti Sharma

Mark Brennan, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7695
Mark Brennan, Toadie Rebecchi

Amy Williams, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 7695
Amy Williams, Leo Tanaka

Paige Smith, Mark Brennan, Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 7695
Paige Smith, Mark Brennan, Elly Conway

Toadie Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7695
Toadie Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi

Mark Brennan, Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 7695
Mark Brennan, Elly Conway

Steph Scully, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7695
Steph Scully, Amy Williams

Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 7695
Leo Tanaka

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