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Neighbours Episode 7692 from 2017 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7692
Australian and UK airdate: 19/09/17
Writer: Elizabeth Packett
Director: Kate Kendall
Guests: Hamish Roche: Sean Taylor
Louise McLeod: Maria Theodorakis
Courtney Grixti: Emma Lane
Wayne Baxter: Jon Bryden
Gabriel Smith: Kian Bafekrpour
Summary/Images by: David/Graham
- Hamish asks Piper why she doesn't want to make money out of her vlog.
- Hamish tells Louise that he's working on getting them that boat, he's persuaded Tyler to delay the sale.
- Karl recommends Shane a certain remedy that can relieve stress, but he'll have to keep it close to his chest.
- Susan and Dipi are shocked to see both Karl and Shane making visits to Courtney, hugging her.
- Susan asks Courtney what she's doing at the spa to make some customers visit her three or four times in one week.
- Sheila looks through the window to see Karl in a session with Courtney, he sits up, holding a box of tissues.
Number 26
GARY: I don't know mum, it sounds like you've got the wrong end of the stick, eugh, no pun intended.
SHEILA: Well excuse me Gary Francis Xavier Canning, I know what I saw.
Gary doesn't think Shane or Karl would do that. Sheila says Karl has form in that department, though Gary reminds her she was wrong about what she thought Karl got up to in Thailand. She doesn't know how else to explain what she saw, Karl half naked with a box of tissues. Gary thinks it could have been hayfever. Sheila thinks Susan and Dipi will be devastated when they find out, not to mention Tim Collins. Sheila is concerned about Xanthe being exposed to this debauchery in her workplace. She says she needs to tell Terese, as the reputation of her entire business is at stake. Gary tells her not to say anything to anyone until the know exactly what is going on.
Number 22 Back Yard
Xanthe tells Tyler to stop scaring Gabe by saying 'goo goo ga ga' in a scary voice.
TYLER: Look at him, he's smiling.
PIPER: I just think he's like pooping himself out of fear, leave him alone.
Paige asks Terese talk about the assessor coming today. Terese says they have a lot of good things to showcase, but there have been complaints on TripAdvisor about the construction noise at the complex. She really wants to fulfil the promise she made to the Udagawas to make Lassiters a five- star hotel. Paige asks if she's heard from Paul, but Terese says he must have cut himself off from everybody. He'll be living it up in New York, but at least it gives her one less thing to stress about.
Paige takes Gabe to drop him off with Jack. After she and Terese leave, Piper suggests she and Tyler invite Hamish over for lunch. She feels bad about that disagreement over money the last time they spoke. She wants Tyler to have a good relationship with his dad. Tyler thanks her as they kiss.
Louise wonders if the boat is big enough to get them to Indonesia, she wishes they could steal it today. Hamish says they need to see how much work the engine needs, and there's too much security around. He'll convince the boys to move the boat, and once it's ship shape, they'll be on their way. Louise says they need to be gone by the 7th of November. Hamish says he won't spend any time in jail, not for a stupid tax bill. Louise says $35 million to the ATO isn't stupid, and what little money they do have is spent convincing people that he's still cashed up. Louise says this boat is his only way out without leaving a trail. Hamish promises the plan will work, he won't let anything separate them. He assures her she's the only one for him.
Number 32 Back Yard
Gary visits Shane and asks him about the day spa and what goes on, for men, with Courtney. He's heard rumours and wants to know if its true. Shane asks if Gary would be interested, Gary assures him he isn't. Shane says it's probably best not talking about it then since it's quite personal. Gary says he's concerned about Xanthe. Shane says Courtney is discrete and Xanthe isn't there during the massages. Shane says the massages are unorthodox, and Gary should keep it hush hush as he doesn't want Courtney to get into trouble, especially when she's providing a valuable service. Gary smiles uneasily.
The Waterhole
Courtney asks Paige if she's coming to her talk about the day spa, she'd like a friendly face in the crowd. Courtney has invited the uni crowd as well as the head of the psych department. Courtney says even though she dropped out of the course, she wants to prove to him that she doesn't need a dumb piece of paper to succeed in life. Paige says Courtney has turned the day spa around and made it a success and she should be really proud of herself. Today is her day to shine.
Gary approaches Sheila, and tells her that Shane didn't deny it, so this means she was right. They look at Courtney who is frantically cleaning a knife. She and Gary share a knowing look to each other.
Louise buttons up her top, laughing with Hamish, when they hear Tyler come in. Louise hides in the bathroom, as Tyler enters. Tyler says that a boat mechanic is coming in five minutes. Hamish suggests Tyler meet him at the front of the marina so that he finds the boat alright. After Tyler leaves, Louise comes out and says she'll get off the boat before Tyler gets back. She's worried that mechanic will tell Tyler to sell up before making any repairs, Hamish says he'll use his powers of persuasion to convince them otherwise.
Lassiters - Terese's Office
Sheila and Gary tell Terese about Courtney's 'extra services.' Sheila says she has nothing against 'the world's oldest profession' but there is a time and a place for it.
TERESE: We don't know this is really happening, although Courtney was complaining that the job didn't pay enough.
SHEILA: Maybe she took matters into her own hands, pun intended.
Gary imagines what it would be like to find out your partner was cheating like that, it would break your heart. Terese says people make mistakes, but there is no solid proof about what Courtney is doing. Terese asks them to leave it with her.
Lassiters - Day Spa
Terese checks Courtney's computer and looks through her desk. She finds a box filled with piles of cash, and an appointment book containing Wayne Baxter's name, along with other male clients including Karl and Shane. Wayne arrives looking for Courtney. Terese says she's at a function, the day spa is closed. Wayne says Courtney usually puts up the closed sign when she sees him anyway. He says he'll come back later.
Lassister's - Terese's Office
Terese tells Paige what she found out. Paige doesn't believe this is happening, Shane doesn't seem the type to cheat. Terese asks if there is a type. Terese says she needs to sort this out before the assessor gets here.
Hamish eavesdrops on Tyler's conversation with the mechanic. After he leaves, Tyler tells Hamish the issues with the engine. Tyler says a new engine would cost $50, 000. Hamish says he knows Tyler would be too proud to accept his help. Tyler says he'll need to talk to Aaron to work out what to do. He says Piper has invited Hamish to lunch later, Hamish says that sounds lovely.
Lassiters - Day Spa
Courtney is doing her makeup with Terese enters. Courtney thanks her for including her in the luncheon. Courtney brags about her new bag, which cost her a small fortune. Terese tells Courtney she found the cash box and appointment book, and demands an explanation. Courtney says she makes a lot of tips, and she is evasive about the extra book. She says she has to get to the lunch and rushes out the door. Terese angrily shouts after her, before looking around the spa, looking at the box of tissues on the counter.
Number 24
Aaron thinks if they can't afford the new engine, they might as well sell the boat. Hamish says it sounds rash, and suggests Tyler maintain the current engine rather than buying a new one. Tyler doesn't think that would increase the boat's value. Hamish thinks it would be a good project for Tyler to undertake, and gets Piper to back up his idea. Aaron thought they'd agreed to sell it and split the money with Mark and Chloe. Tyler thinks they can have the boat for a bit longer, Mark could use and it might encourage Chloe to visit.
The Waterhole
Sheila tells Susan and Dipi that something very dodgy is happening at the day spa. Their husbands are being massaged in an unacceptable manner. Susan and Dipi don't believe it, but Sheila says Shane admitted to it. Sheila tells them to confront Courtney. Susan thinks they should talk to their husbands, there must be another explanation.
Number 28
Paige tells Karl about Terese's suspicions and she's worried Courtney is about to lose her job. Karl says that the massages that Courtney offers do give men release, but not the release she's thinking of. Karl says that from Courtney's psychology study, she knows that men hold on to emotions, so she massages parts of the body which release those emotions, sometimes the release is in the form of tears. The crying is healing and cleansing. It's an experimental technique, so Courtney's keeping the massage quiet until she's perfected it.
KARL: Even though we've come along way in terms of gender equality, it's still considered unmanly for guys to bawl. That's why privacy is paramount.
Paige thanks Karl, and rushes off to see Terese. Karl gets a text from Susan, which reads 'I need to see you now!'
Hamish tells Louise to go home, he needs to spend more time here looking at the engine. He suggests she go back to Port Lincoln to get a few more shifts. Louise says it seems like he wants her gone. Hamish assures her that isn't the case. Louise is worried that if the engine is in bad shape, how will they get to Indonesia? Hamish suggests they convince Tyler to come with them, they'll have a full- time mechanic with them. Louise says they won't be coming back! Hamish will explain that to Tyler once they're out in the water. Louise says it was supposed to be just the two of them. Hamish wishes there was another way, but they need Tyler's mechanical knowledge.
LOUISE: Do you really think he'll want to come? Leave his family and friends?
HAMISH: There's plenty of time for me to drive a wedge between him and his family.
The Waterhole/Lassiter's Complex
Courtney switches on her microphone, when Terese calls her for a chat. Courtney follows Terese outside, where they have to shout over the sound of drilling in the complex. Inside, Sheila, Susan and Dipi can hear the conversation. Terese asks what Courtney is doing in the day spa with the male clients. Susan tells Sheila to turn off the speakers, as Paige enters and overhears. Susan and Dipi look mortified, as Terese names Karl and Shane being at the day spa, 'undressed and leaving tissues everywhere.' Paige goes to turn off the speakers, while Sheila rushes outside to tell them.
TERESE: You are seeing clients, male clients, under the guise of giving them a massage, when in fact you're actually giving them...
The sound of drilling drowns out Terese, but we do see Susan's shocked reaction to Terese's accusation. Terese fires Courtney, just as Paige manages to unplug the speakers. Karl arrives, telling Susan that he got the message and she's got it all wrong. Shane arrives having got Dipi's message. Dipi throws a glass of water at Shane's crotch!
Courtney tells Terese she's made a massive mistake and goes inside. Paige rushes out and tells Terese that everyone can hear everything they're saying and none of it is true! As Courtney goes inside, Susan tells her that her microphone was on. Courtney looks mortified and rushes out.
COURTNEY (to Susan and Dipi): Ew, as if I'd go there.
- Tim tells Courtney he's heard what's been happening here and tells her she should have gone to him if she needed money.
- Elly tells Paige she doesn't know how to compete with Steph and Mark's history, believing Steph is still in love with him.
- Toadie tells Steph he's done something stupid. Sonya is shocked when she hears about it.
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Gary Canning, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7692
Gary Canning, Sheila Canning

Gabriel Smith in Neighbours Episode 7692
Gabriel Smith

Piper Willis, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7692
Piper Willis, Tyler Brennan

Hamish Roche, Louise McLeod in Neighbours Episode 7692
Hamish Roche, Louise McLeod

Shane Rebecchi, Gary Canning in Neighbours Episode 7692
Shane Rebecchi, Gary Canning

Courtney Grixti, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7692
Courtney Grixti, Paige Smith

Hamish Roche, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7692
Hamish Roche, Tyler Brennan

Sheila Canning, Gary Canning in Neighbours Episode 7692
Sheila Canning, Gary Canning

Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7692
Terese Willis

Terese Willis, Wayne Baxter in Neighbours Episode 7692
Terese Willis, Wayne Baxter

Tyler Brennan, Hamish Roche in Neighbours Episode 7692
Tyler Brennan, Hamish Roche

Courtney Grixti, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7692
Courtney Grixti, Terese Willis

Hamish Roche, Piper Willis, Tyler Brennan, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7692
Hamish Roche, Piper Willis, Tyler Brennan, Aaron Brennan

Susan Kennedy, Dipi Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7692
Susan Kennedy, Dipi Rebecchi

Karl Kennedy, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7692
Karl Kennedy, Paige Smith

Louise McLeod, Hamish Roche in Neighbours Episode 7692
Louise McLeod, Hamish Roche

Terese Willis, Courtney Grixti in Neighbours Episode 7692
Terese Willis, Courtney Grixti

Shane Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Dipi Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7692
Shane Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Dipi Rebecchi

Courtney Grixti in Neighbours Episode 7692
Courtney Grixti

Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7692
Sheila Canning

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