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Neighbours Episode 7685 from 2017 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7685
Australian and UK airdate: 08/09/17
Writer: Stephen Vagg
Director: Chris Langman
Guests: Nick Petrides: Damien Fotiou
Courtney Grixti: Emma Lane
Sara Khan: Amanda Ma
Wayne Baxter: Jon Bryden
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Leo threatens to bring Nick down if he steps out of line
- Paul is furious to learn that Amy and Nick are an item...
- ... and even more furious when Steph wants to buy him out of the motel for Nick's wellness centre
- Paul tries to bribe Nick with a cheque to open the wellness centre in Perth, to no avail
- Amy tells Nick that Paul has always interfered in her relationships
- Watching them nearby, Paul tells someone on the phone that he has a job he wants them to do
- Dipi encourages Mishti to invite Leo to The Shed promotional party, thinking she should date him
- Mishti agrees to go on a date with Leo
The Waterhole
Mishti is waiting at the bar for Leo to show up for their date. Sheila sticks her beak in in a bid to get the lowdown, but a nervous Mishti doesn't engage with her. Leo comes in with David, and is equally nervous, worrying whether his shirt's okay. David insists he looks fine, and says the fact that Mishti turned up early is a good sign.
Nick and Amy come in; Sheila asks if Amy could help move Terese's couch from her office to No 26! Amy agrees and Nick says he's happy to help too. But Leo launches a confrontation with Nick, accusing him of wanting something from Amy in return. Amy tells Leo her relationship with Nick is none of his business.
LEO: Why are you even with this guy?
AMY: Why are you still talking?
DAVID: Why don't we all calm down a bit?
Nick and Amy go off to help Sheila, while Leo greets Mishti, saying she looks good. Mishti, who has been watching his face- off with Nick, looks unimpressed.
Lassiter's Lake
Piper and Xanthe are at the gazebo, excitedly discussing the upcoming formal. Courtney walks by, and Xanthe admires her new earrings, correctly identifying them as from the jeweller at Eden Hills.
PIPER: Hi, Courtney.
COURTNEY: Hey, Pippa! I heard what happened to Tyler. Make sure he's looking after himself.
PIPER: Yeah, I am.
COURTNEY: Because it's such a hard thing to deal with, and Freud says that depression is a form of anger redirected at the self.
PIPER: Okay, got it.
COURTNEY: If you feel like it's too much, you can always ask an adult for help.
Piper glares at Courtney open- mouthed as she leaves!
PIPER: Did Courtney just woman- splain me?!
XANTHE: Can we please take a moment to appreciate her earrings? They must have cost a fortune.
PIPER: She has a rich dad.
XANTHE: No, he cut her off after she left uni. And the day spa doesn't pay that well.
PIPER: Well, then, rich boyfriend?
XANTHE: No, she's playing the field. I hear her talk about it all the time at work. Like, TMI.
PIPER: Ugh. She probably got sent it for free to promote on her Insta or something. Courtneys of the world always find a way to look good.
But Xanthe still looks suspicious.
The Waterhole
Mishti takes Leo to task over his treatment of Amy. He apologises for Mishti having to see the row.
MISHTI: How about being sorry you did it?
LEO: How would you feel if your sister was dating a guy like that?
MISHTI: I wouldn't embarrass her in public. If you're gonna have a sulk every time you see her with Nick, you're just gonna make things worse.
LEO: Thanks for the lecture (!)
MISHTI: If you expected a boring, polite non- response you should've told me.
LEO: I don't think someone who cross- stitches for fun can be so cocky on the subject of boredom.
MISHTI: And what do you know about cross- stitch?
LEO: Oh, it's a form of sewing, where you use stitch in a pattern to form a picture. Fabrics used include linen, aida cloth and evenweave.
MISHTI: What just came out of your mouth?!
LEO: I knew you liked cross- stitching, so I read up in advance.
MISHTI: You date- prepped?!
Leo said it wasn't easy to get his head around, but he's got the time to learn if she does. Still visibly not entirely comfortable back on the dating scene, Mishti suggests they go for a walk to get some fresh air, and see how it goes.
Amy and Nick arrive in Terese's office to pick up the sofa for Sheila; Gary is sitting on it, and Terese is looking awkward! She says the couch isn't that comfortable to sit on, so suggests she buy Sheila a new one instead, or at least to reupholster it. Gary says it's a perfectly good couch, so he and Amy get to work lifting it out of the office.
Nick asks Terese what's wrong; she says it's just been a long month. He asks if she'd like to come back to his room later for a drink, so he can say thank you.
TERESE: What for? I'm the one that should be thanking you.
NICK: You got me out of jail, which means I got to meet Amy. You've given me hope for the future. And after all the days we spent in hospital recently, it would be really nice to spend some time with you as a brother, not as a doctor.
TERESE: Yeah. Well, it sounds lovely.
But she still looks awkward.
Lassiter's Day Spa
Courtney is on a dating app, and opining to Xanthe about the potential suitors on it. Wayne Baxter comes in, looking awkward, and asks to talk to Courtney. Courtney looks awkward too.
XANTHE: Is there anything I can help you with?
WAYNE: I'd prefer her.
Xanthe looks suspicious as Wayne and Courtney begin talking to each other in hushed whispers.
COURTNEY (to Xanthe): Why don't you leave early?
XANTHE: Oh, but Shane Rebecchi asked me to make a list of all the cruelty- free products!
COURTNEY: That's okay - I can take care of it.
She hands Xanthe her bag, assuring her she'll be paid fully despite leaving early. Xanthe glances back suspiciously as Wayne and Courtney continue to whisper, then leaves.
Terese, Amy and Nick are in Nick's room, having a drink. Nick begins to recount an anecdote from his childhood, about Terese's doll house.
NICK: Or as I like to think of it, your first hotel!
TERESE: The truth is, we never had any money. So Nick built me my dolls' house, and did all the renovations I wanted. He always found time; it was so sweet!
There's a knock at the door; it's Mark, and he's in uniform. He explains the police have received an anonymous tip- off that Nick may be in possession of some cancer drugs that are missing from the hospital. Mark has brought David with him to identify the drugs should they find them, and asks for permission to search the room. Amy says no, but Nick says Mark should come in and clear this up.
Shortly afterwards, Mark finds a bag full of drugs hidden under the mattress, which David confirms as those that were reported missing. Nick is angry, insisting he didn't know they were there, and saying they've clearly been planted in order to frame him.
MARK: By whom?
NICK: Paul Robinson. He's made his feelings about my release very clear.
MARK: Do you have any proof?
NICK: Come on - it's a bit sus, don't you think? You get one anonymous tip- off, and hey presto, the drugs just appear in my room?
David confirms it would be tricky for Paul to source the drugs, but Nick insists Paul usually gets what he wants - and that's for Nick to be away from Amy. Nick adds that Paul offered him money this morning to get him to leave town. Amy's shocked at this, and Nick says he didn't want to upset her by telling her.
Amy tells Mark that Paul has pulled stunts like this before, such as when he paid Jimmy's dad Liam to leave town. Mark tells Nick not to go anywhere, saying he'll be in touch to get statements from them all, then leaves. Terese goes to call Toadie in case Nick needs legal assistance. Amy looks worried.
The Waterhole
Sheila is telling an uninterested Xanthe all about her newly inherited couch, but Xanthe has other things on her mind. She tells Sheila that Courtney sends her out of the spa every time a client comes in, and has assumed it's because Courtney is somehow embarrassed by Xanthe.
SHEILA: That's impossible. You're perfect.
XANTHE: Then why do people keep asking specifically for Courtney?
SHEILA: Well, maybe they're just friends of hers?
XANTHE: They tend to be middle- aged men.
SHEILA: Okay - so she's got a fan club of lecherous old goats, because women don't like her. The ladies at my self- defence class haven't been back since she took over!
Xanthe asks Sheila to go into the spa and suss it out, to work out what Xanthe is doing wrong.
SHEILA: And break out in hives again? No thanks!

But Xanthe pleads, so Sheila agrees to help out - saying she has no idea how Xanthe will survive when she's not living with her anymore. They head off to the spa.
Meanwhile, Steph is talking to Paul about the agents who are coming to value the motel, in preparation for the buyout. Paul seems totally distracted, and Steph can't understand why he's so opposed to her buying him out of a business he clearly isn't interested in. She says his apathy is only serving to prove that it was the right decision to buy him out.
Mark comes in, and tells them about the drugs that were found in Nick's room.
MARK (to Paul): He's claiming that you framed him.
PAUL: Oh, that's outrageous!
Mark mentions how Paul paid off Liam, and adds that he's been vocal to Nick's parole board about his release. But Paul insists he knows nothing about the drugs, saying he's been with Steph all afternoon, and she confirms this.
MARK: Well, maybe you got someone else to do your dirty work? Wouldn't be the first time!
PAUL: Yeah, and it wouldn't be the first time that you've made false accusations against me. I would be very careful if I were you.
MARK: I want a statement of your whereabouts this afternoon.
PAUL: Fine. And you know what? Maybe you could take the time to arrest the person who actually did it?
Mark leaves.
STEPH: Please tell me you didn't do it.
PAUL: ... You know what? I don't think you and I are ever going to agree on the subject of Nick Petrides. So how about we just avoid it altogether, hey?
Steph decides to wrap up the meeting.
STEPH: And just for the record - if you are responsible, don't think Amy's gonna thank you. You'll be lucky if she ever speaks to you again.
Paul looks worried.
Lassiter's Lake
Mishti and Leo are still talking about cross- stitch. She's impressed at his staying power on this topic!
LEO: It's always good to hear what someone's passionate about.
MISHTI: And what are you passionate about?
LEO: Right now, my business. I like spending time with friends and family. That's not a great answer, is it?
MISHTI: Actually, it's the perfect answer.
She offers to show him some of her cross- stitch masterpieces.
LEO: At your place?
MISHTI: At Harold's. I keep some in the kitchen there. But if all goes well, we could see some of the ones back home, too.
LEO: Sounds good.
Mark returns to Nick's hotel room, where Nick, Toadie, Amy and Terese are all gathered. He tells them that he's interviewed Paul and the hospital staff - no- one's admitting anything and there are no witnesses.
AMY: Well, you need to try harder.
MARK: Thanks, Amy (!) I will continue to investigate. But the fact is, the material was found in your room, which is a serious breach of parole.
A woman called Sara turns up at the door, who Nick explains is a patient at the hospital. She says she received a text from Nick about something, but clams up when she notices Mark in the room. Nick presses her to say why she's here, and Mark asks to look at her phone. Sure enough, there's a text from Nick on her phone, asking Sara to come and pick up 'the extra medicine'.
NICK: I didn't send that. My phone's been hacked.
Mark looks at Nick's phone, and finds that the message was indeed sent from it. Nick begins to stammer, insisting he's been set up. But Mark says they'll have to go to the station. Amy and Terese look worried.
Harold's Café
Mishti is showing Leo how to do cross- stitch. She accidentally pricks his finger in the process.
MISHTI: You'll live.
LEO: You're not gonna kiss it better?
David is calling Leo's phone, and despite Leo's desire not to let it spoil the moment, an awkward Mishti encourages him to answer...
Lassiter's Day Spa
Courtney is showing Wayne out.
COURTNEY: You were fantastic.
WAYNE: Really?
COURTNEY: Yeah, you were amazing! Remember, this is a safe space. How are you feeling?
WAYNE: Like a new man.
Sheila and Xanthe come in, just as the pair are hugging! Wayne very suspiciously puts his hood up and dashes out of the spa, and Sheila tells Courtney that she's come for a facial. Courtney's a bit surprised after the hives incident, but reluctantly agrees to do the facial for Sheila, and goes next door to prepare.
SHEILA: I would've thought Little Miss Up Herself would be more grateful for her next victim.
Paul's Penthouse
Paul and Leo are talking on the balcony. Leo explains that Nick is at the station giving his statement, and that Amy and Terese aren't happy.
LEO: What have you done?
PAUL: Best that you don't get involved.
LEO: This concerns my family. I am involved. And maybe I can help.
PAUL: I did it.
LEO: How?
PAUL: I've got a contact at the hospital. Well, a pharmacist I was actually paying to keep an eye on Nick.
LEO: Isn't that what David's doing?
PAUL: Oh, he's got scruples. No, the pharmacist was extra insurance. She took the drugs from the hospital, and put them in Nick's room. I've still got contacts among the staff here to get access.

Paul explains that the pharmacist told her about the patient, Sara, who was desperate for extra medication - so Paul hacked Nick's phone via the hotel Wi- Fi in order to send the text. Leo's concerned that Paul is an obvious suspect.
PAUL: Leo, I cannot stand by while Amy sees that monster.
Lassiter's Day Spa
Sheila is interrogating Courtney while she gets her facial, asking how Xanthe's doing at work. Courtney says she's adorable, and asks Sheila some questions - if she has been under any stress lately, and whether she's eating well and getting enough exercise. When Sheila asks why, Courtney explains Sheila's skin is 'lacking volume and density', and suffering from a 'decline in elasticity'.
SHEILA: You mean I've got wrinkles? Well, that's just gravity, love!
COURTNEY: Have you ever thought about freshening up a bit?
SHEILA: What? How?
COURTNEY: Oh, it's incredible what science can do these days. Just the teeniest little jab, and zing - smooth as. I know some good people I could put you in contact with.
Sheila's not keen on this idea and seems to take offence, announcing that...
SHEILA: I'm fresh enough, thanks! This treatment is over!
Amy and Terese are in Nick's room, when he returns with Toadie and Mark. Toadie explains that, given Nick's strict bail conditions, it's been decided to revoke his parole based on all the evidence available. Nick goes a little crazy, asking if Paul paid Toadie and Mark to be in on this, and wondering if he paid David too.
AMY: I know you're upset, but this is not the end of this.
TERESE: Yeah, we'll get you out.
NICK: There's no point.
AMY: You just need to focus on getting through this. I will fix this, I promise.
But Nick looks like he's given up hope. Amy hugs him.
Lassiter's Day Spa
Xanthe is apologising to Sheila for Courtney being rude to her earlier, but Sheila replies that at least they know Xanthe's job is safe.
SHEILA: Though I don't know why you'd want to work for Little Miss Up Herself. I'll freshen her up one day!
Xanthe sees a wad of money on the counter and, when Courtney comes back in, asks her what it is.
COURTNEY: Oh, erm, that's my tip from Wayne.
SHEILA: That's not a tip, love. That's a salary!
But Courtney ignores this, and leaves. Her expensive earrings start to make sense to Xanthe.
SHEILA: For someone who gives a bad facial, she sure makes out well!
Xanthe and Sheila look suspicious.
Paul's Penthouse
Leo is sending a text to Mishti, apologising for getting held up, while Paul hangs out on the balcony. Amy walks in.
AMY: Nick's parole has been revoked. He's going back to prison.
PAUL: Right.
AMY: Do you know why?
PAUL: Mm, yeah, I heard. Well, David called me.
LEO: How's Terese doing?
AMY: Devastated. So are the people at the hospital. So am I.
PAUL: I'm sorry to hear that.
AMY: He thought you might have been behind this.
PAUL: Yes, Mark Brennan interviewed me.
AMY: So I thought I'd come up here and talk to you about it. Ask you a few questions about what happened. And I'd ask you to think very carefully about how you answer. Cos this is extremely important to me. Did you offer Nick money to leave town to get him away from me?
PAUL: You and Jimmy, yes.
AMY: And were you behind what happened today?
PAUL: I wrote letters to the parole board constantly asking them to reverse their decision. I mean, I do admit that.
AMY: You know what I mean!! Did you plant the medicine in Nick's room?!
LEO: How would Paul get access to medicine from the hospital?
AMY: I have no idea! Maybe he could tell me?!
LEO: How do you know Nick didn't do it?
AMY: Because he wouldn't risk something like that!
LEO: What, like telling someone they had cancer when they didn't?!
AMY: Then was then; he's changed. At least he's trying to be a better person.
LEO: Or maybe he's just being more clever about it! He's trying to get everything he got last time, with you thrown in as well! And look, I'm sorry you're upset. But hopefully one day you'll realise the world's a better place with him in prison.
AMY: You're saying it like you did this.
LEO: ...
PAUL: ...
AMY: Did you?
LEO: ...
AMY (to Leo): It was you.
She walks out in disgust.
Unmissable Neighbours
- Amy tells Mishti that 'he' has done something terrible, and Amy needs to figure out how
- Leo claims Amy's just looking for someone to blame because she thinks Nick's innocent
- Courtney enlists Karl's help to unzip her top!
- Paul tells Terese Nick doesn't love Amy, since 'you can tell when someone's feelings are real'
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Mishti Sharma, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7685
Mishti Sharma, Sheila Canning

David Tanaka, Nick Petrides, Leo Tanaka, Amy Williams, Sheila Canning, Mishti Sharma in Neighbours Episode 7685
David Tanaka, Nick Petrides, Leo Tanaka, Amy Williams, Sheila Canning, Mishti Sharma

Courtney Grixti in Neighbours Episode 7685
Courtney Grixti

Piper Willis, Xanthe Canning in Neighbours Episode 7685
Piper Willis, Xanthe Canning

Leo Tanaka, Mishti Sharma in Neighbours Episode 7685
Leo Tanaka, Mishti Sharma

Amy Williams, Gary Canning, Nick Petrides, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7685
Amy Williams, Gary Canning, Nick Petrides, Terese Willis

Courtney Grixti, Xanthe Canning, Wayne Baxter in Neighbours Episode 7685
Courtney Grixti, Xanthe Canning, Wayne Baxter

Amy Williams, Terese Willis, Nick Petrides, David Tanaka, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7685
Amy Williams, Terese Willis, Nick Petrides, David Tanaka, Mark Brennan

Xanthe Canning, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7685
Xanthe Canning, Sheila Canning

Paul Robinson, Steph Scully, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7685
Paul Robinson, Steph Scully, Mark Brennan

Mishti Sharma, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 7685
Mishti Sharma, Leo Tanaka

Mark Brennan, Toadie Rebecchi, Nick Petrides, Amy Williams, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7685
Mark Brennan, Toadie Rebecchi, Nick Petrides, Amy Williams, Terese Willis

Mark Brennan, Sara Khan, Nick Petrides in Neighbours Episode 7685
Mark Brennan, Sara Khan, Nick Petrides

Leo Tanaka, Mishti Sharma in Neighbours Episode 7685
Leo Tanaka, Mishti Sharma

Courtney Grixti, Wayne Baxter in Neighbours Episode 7685
Courtney Grixti, Wayne Baxter

Xanthe Canning, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7685
Xanthe Canning, Sheila Canning

Leo Tanaka, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7685
Leo Tanaka, Paul Robinson

Courtney Grixti, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7685
Courtney Grixti, Sheila Canning

Toadie Rebecchi, Mark Brennan, Terese Willis, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7685
Toadie Rebecchi, Mark Brennan, Terese Willis, Amy Williams

Nick Petrides, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7685
Nick Petrides, Amy Williams

Sheila Canning, Courtney Grixti, Xanthe Canning in Neighbours Episode 7685
Sheila Canning, Courtney Grixti, Xanthe Canning

Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7685
Amy Williams

Leo Tanaka, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7685
Leo Tanaka, Paul Robinson

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