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Neighbours Episode 7652 from 2017 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7652
Australian and UK airdate: 25/07/17
Writer: Rene Zandveld
Director: Jonathon Dutton
Guests: Courtney Grixti: Emma Lane
Kurt Bridges: Jeff Gobbels
Goro Shimura: Yang Li
Gabriel Smith: Kian Bafekrpour
Summary/Images by: David/Graham
- Piper tells Val that Terese is busy. He wonders what else is so important.
- Terese tells her doctor that the side effects of chemo are really knocking her about. The doctor suggests she take some time off, but Terese explains she runs a major hotel complex.
- Paul tells Terese she can't stop.
- Elly shows Piper more online abuse. Piper realises whoever posted it is someone they know.
- Piper posts a video saying that when she finds out who they are, everyone in their life will find out too.
- Piper gets an anonymous text with the message 'Hands Up!!!'
- A SWAT team storm into #22.
Number 22
The SWAT leader, Kurt, talks on his walkie- talkie and gives an update on the situation that the baby is okay. Paige tearfully pleads with him to let her go to Gabe, but Kurt tells her to stay down. Terese asks why they are here. Kurt says there was a report of a knife attack on a baby. Paige says this is her baby, there's no knife and there's no one else here. Terese reaches for her phone and Kurt stops her. She says they have the wrong house. Terese asks him to call Mark Brennan.
Lassiters Complex
Mark and Elly stretch after a run together, she laughs about how fast he ran. She says next time they should do something with a little more flexibility, he correctly guesses yoga. Tyler arrives with their drinks and asks if they want him to leave. Mark answers a call, presumably from Kurt. He explains 'they are good friends of mine' and asks what has happened.
The Waterhole
Piper and Xanthe try to guess what the 'hands up' message means. Sheila takes the phone off her, claiming she's going to tear this guy a new one. Piper tells her not to.
SHEILA: I was a viral sensation too you know, I know how all of this works.
XANTHE: I've heard texting can give you stress lines and we don't want to give you one of those before your big date.
Xanthe tells Piper that Sheila is giving Dr Clive another chance. Piper's surprised Sheila is going out with Clive, the guy who helped kick Xanthe from the hospital. Xanthe thinks it all worked out for the best, she doesn't want to be there anyway. Sheila comments on Xanthe not wanting to be at school either.
XANTHE: I will figure something out, I'm just looking for my perfect match. The Clive to my Sheila.
Sheila considers cancelling. Xanthe calls her dad over and asks him to tell Sheila to go on the date with Clive. Gary can't remember the last time Sheila went out on a date. Xanthe shows Sheila a day spa voucher she got her. Xanthe also got Gary a subscription to 'Pigeon Racers Monthly', a thank you for being so good about her leaving school. Xanthe has booked an appointment for tomorrow for Sheila. Piper gets a call from Tyler.
Number 22
Paige is now holding Gabe as the SWAT team are clearing out. Terese wonders why they had to be so violent, they are not criminals. Mark rushes in and shows Kurt his police badge. Mark asks what happened. Kurt says it looks like a hoax.
PAIGE: You couldn't have worked that out before you smashed our door and thrown us to the ground.
Apparently someone had called and said they were deliberately harming Gabe. Paige wonders who would have done this. They must have known this would happen, they have guns and one could have gone off. Mark assures her that they'll get the person responsible. Kurt says it is unlikely this was random and wonders if there is anyone with a grudge against their family. Terese says Piper has been targeted online but it's blown over. Paige clarifies that there have been new developments on that.
The Waterhole Exterior
Steph thinks that if the Backpackers goes down for underage drinking, a fine will be the least of their worries. Paul thinks they should hire an official barman for these events, just as he spots Sheila cleaning in the background.
PAUL: We'll find somebody who does things cheap, which is a bit like the advice I gave to my dear friend Clive Gibbons yesterday. You see he came to talk to me about venues for his 'hot date.' Sheila here is trying to bag a doctor!
STEPH: I'm sure he's lovely.
PAUL: Yeah, I do have to ask though, are you blackmailing him?
Paul asks if she has polaroids of Clive's gorillagram days. Steph thinks it's great that Sheila's dating again. Paul thinks Sheila's jumping in at the deep end, someone of Clive's intellect and ability is an interesting fit.
PAUL: I'm sure you'll have loads to talk about, or in Clive's case, explain.
SHEILA: Well if we do struggle for conversation, I can always talk to him about my son's wedding. You know, the one he's having with Terese!!
Number 22
Gary, Piper and Tyler rush in and check on Terese. Piper thinks this is all her fault, it's a retaliation. She took everything offline but she did post one last video to IncogNitro claiming that he'd be unmasked. She shows Mark the text she got, Mark thinks means the guy is up for serious charges, but it will be hard to prove. Mark needs to hold onto the phone for evidence, but she should get a new number. Piper says everything is on that phone, her whole life is on that number. Piper's phone gets another text, Mark says it is a video link to the raid. They spot Piper's laptop pointing in that angle. Piper says he must have hijacked the camera to watch and now he's boasting about it.
Ramsay Street
Mark checks on Paige, who is outside holding Gabe. She says it was pretty claustrophobic lying face down on the floor with your hands behind your head. Mark says what she went through isn't normal and how she's feeling now is completely okay.
PAIGE: Ever since Gabe was born, I have felt completely in control. Like I could protect him from anything. Today, I have never felt more helpless. Gabe was on the other side of the room and I couldn't get to him.
Mark says when he heard she was involved he had to get over here, he had to know that she and Gabe were okay. Elly rushes over and hugs Paige, Mark leaves them, while Elly asks Paige what happened.
Number 22
Mark talks to Terese, Piper, Gary, Xanthe and Tyler, and says they know the number that texted Piper's phone came from the Melbourne area, but it hasn't been active since, it's gone dark. Xanthe guesses it will be on its way to the tip. Piper says this rules out Chas. Mark would be surprised that they'd be dumb enough to use their own phone. Terese wonders how long he's been watching them through the laptop. Piper says Paige only used the laptop today, it's been switched off all week. Mark suspects it was a one off just to watch the 'swatting'. It's more common in the US, people make false reports about serious crimes that the critical response team have to attend. They gave enough specific information to make it sound like a life threat. Piper says this proves it is someone they know.
PIPER: Mum I'm so sorry.
TERESE: The only person that should be sorry is the lunatic who's doing this.
Mark says their address is registered and will flag if he tries this again. Terese wants to go to the office, but Gary questions her going out. Terese says her investors are coming in for a meeting tomorrow, that's why her assistant has been trying to call her. Gary says she needs to rest. Terese tells him to stop, this arguing is stressing her out. Terese leaves.
Lassiters: Terese's Office
Paige speaks to Jack on the phone, telling him they're fine. Terese thanks Paige for helping. Paige is happy to help, it's not like she'll be able to sleep tonight. Paul arrives, he thinks the office is nice, corporate, but not exactly the penthouse. Paige leaves to get some coffee.
Paul checks that Terese is okay to be here. She says her investors have called a meeting, she doesn't know what it is about, but she has to be ready. She doesn't want them to pull out of their investment. Terese says its performance based and they probably know she's been dropping the ball a bit lately. Terese asks Paul to use some of his contacts in that circle to find out why the meeting has been called.
Lassiters Spa
Xanthe stands over Sheila who is lying wrapped up in tin foil, with a green face mask on.
XANTHE: You are going to look amazing.
SHEILA: Well I feel like human Chiko Roll and don't you even think of taking a picture!
Sheila asks Xanthe how Piper is, who is still freaked and without a phone. Sheila can't get over that video of Paige and Terese.
XANTHE: Right, it was literally like the most unflattering angle of them both, I'd be spewing!
SHEILA: Better than this angle, is this thing supposed to be strangling me from the inside?
XANTHE: It'll be worth it when Dr Clive gets to see you.
SHEILA: I can't believe I'm going through all of this just for one man.
Xanthe asks what the plan is for the date, but Sheila's too itchy to talk about it. Courtney comes in, and says tingling means it's working.
COURTNEY: The senior citizens of Erinsborough aren't going to know what's hit them.
SHEILA: If I wasn't lying down I would slap you!
COURTNEY: More water?
SHEILA: Not if I'm going to be wrapped up in this for another hour! I'd be busting for a wee.
COURTNEY: Good call.
SHEILA: You can do something for me though. (Sheila rolls onto her side.) Scratch my back!
Number 22
Elly arrives and asks Piper if she needs a lift to school, and she's also checking on her. Piper is feeling better this morning, and thanks Tyler for the amazing breakfast. Piper doesn't feel like she's ready to go to school and explain things to people yet. She can't believe what she put Terese, Paige and Gabe through. Elly tells her to stop taking responsibility, this isn't her fault.
PIPER: I feel so violated.
ELLY: It's such a breach of privacy.
PIPER (crying): It's more than that. For years the online world has been my safe place, you know, like I put stuff out there and when people replied it made me feel so... but now, whenever I hear my phone ring, I flinch and the thought of googling my name makes my stomach drop. They took the thing I loved, the most me thing that I have and they've ruined it.
ELLY: You will find it again, they will catch whoever this is that came after you.
PIPER: It's not just one person, there are so many people who were lining up to have a kick at me. I have no idea what they're going to do next.
Lassiters Spa
Courtney is unwrapping Sheila.
COURTNEY: Two more layers and we will be introduced to the new and improved you.
SHEILA: Please hurry!
COURTNEY: If we're talking holistically, new and improved means more patient.
As Courtney peels back the last layer she looks shocked. Sheila looks down, Xanthe says Sheila looks red. Courtney doesn't know what happened, she used a new product that she's introduced into the spa. Sheila is angry that she was used as a guinea pig. Courtney says it should have been safe, she's never seen anyone have this reaction.
SHEILA: You have given me hives! I am going to sue you for every cent you've got!
Sheila wishes she'd never come here and never said yes to this date. She thinks Clive will take one look at her and head to the hills. Xanthe asks Courtney if she has any Aloe Vera. Courtney leaves to find some. Xanthe calmly tells Sheila that everything is going to be okay.
Lassiters: Terese's Office
Terese is on the phone and angrily asks Val not to make any more excuses, he should be here in ten minutes. Paul arrives and asks how Terese is. She tells him that she has a bit of nausea and Val is doing her head in as usual. Paul says the investors are worried about her focus, that she might be preoccupied. But they don't know anything, Mr Udagawa's just nervous as he lined up a big merger with another Japanese investor, and he's sending the other guy out today. Paul tells her she has the option of being honest, they might be sympathetic as the Udagawas are reasonable people. Terese can't give them a reason to withdraw an investment. Terese says she let a few things slip recently and they can see that.
TERESE: This illness doesn't define me but if they find out then it will and I can't let that happen. If they want to see focus, I'll show them focus!
Lassiters Spa
Xanthe applies some cream to Sheila's skin. Xanthe says the skin is looking a lot better and will be as good as gold in no time. Sheila thanks Xanthe, but that doesn't mean she's going to let Courtney off the hook. Xanthe asks if there is anything else bothering her.
SHEILA: We both know that I am batting way out of my league with Clive.
XANTHE: Oh Gran, don't let an age difference bother you.
SHEILA: Who said anything about age?
XANTHE: No one.
SHEILA: The problem is, what have I got in common with a hospital bigwig? It's a disaster waiting to happen!
Xanthe says that Clive has just been through a divorce and is probably as nervous as she is.
XANTHE: Clive wouldn't have asked you out if he wasn't interested. You're smart and funny and awesome! Gran?
SHEILA: You forgot drop dead sexy.
XANTHE: But that one's clearly a given!
Courtney arrives and is pleased to see the skin looking better. She apologises. Sheila says accidents happen but at least Xanthe was here, she knew what to do. Xanthe says she must have picked up some things when her mum worked here. Xanthe comments that maybe she should do a beautician's course just like her.
Tyler suggests Piper hang out at the garage until he finishes his shift, but she isn't sure about all those people coming and going. He suggests he takes time off work and they go up the coast for a few days, go off grid. She says it does sound pretty good.
TYLER: You've got your but- face on.
PIPER: Oh Tyler, so sweet of you to say.
TYLER: Sounds good, but...
PIPER: But mum. Like with her health problems and stress from work and now my dramas making her life more difficult, I need to be there for her.
Tyler says that Terese can lean on Piper and Piper can lean on him. Tyler says he won't let anyone hurt her. He gets a text and looks surprised. He shows Piper the message. 'Tell your girlfriend this isn't over - IncogNitro.'
Lassiters Spa
Sheila is dressed. She says it's time for her to get ready and get dolled up.
XANTHE: Are you excited?
SHEILA: Not as much as I was when Frank took me to the Dromana Drive- In for the first time, but this is really close. And thank you, this is just what I needed.
XANTHE: A full body rash?
SHEILA: No, a good pep talk!
Courtney arrives and says she wants to offer Xanthe a job. Xanthe looks thrilled. Sheila says this would mean she has to quit her job at Harold's, and she doesn't want her to rule out school entirely. Xanthe says she'll take it, it's perfect.
The Waterhole
Terese is bizarrely meeting with her silent Japanese investors in the pub, instead of her lovely new office. She assures them that the hotel is in a very healthy state. The Eclipse apartment's occupancy has risen 30%, the Day Spa is thriving under new management and they have exceeded revenue forecast for the last quarter. Terese says that nobody is more committed to Lassiters than herself. Terese confidently paces around the table while giving her speech, with Mr Shimura nods assuredly. If the merger does go ahead, they'll be rewarded with continued ongoing growth of this business. She promises that she won't let them down, but immediately start to looks a bit sickly. She leans in behind Mr Shimura's back and vomits behind him. As she stands upright, Terese looks absolutely mortified.
- Jasmine asks Terese if there is a problem, anything which would explain her performance in recent weeks.
- Gary gives Sheila a letter addressed to her. She is surprised when she sees the sender's address.
- Amy thinks Toadie needs to hear this.
- Toadie wonders what Mark will do with this information.
- Mark says this is like this whole thing with Andrea never ended
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Kurt Bridges in Neighbours Episode 7652
Kurt Bridges

Paige Smith, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7652
Paige Smith, Terese Willis

Mark Brennan, Tyler Brennan, Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 7652
Mark Brennan, Tyler Brennan, Elly Conway

Xanthe Canning, Sheila Canning, Piper Willis in Neighbours Episode 7652
Xanthe Canning, Sheila Canning, Piper Willis

Terese Willis, Kurt Bridges in Neighbours Episode 7652
Terese Willis, Kurt Bridges

Paige Smith, Gabriel Smith, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7652
Paige Smith, Gabriel Smith, Mark Brennan

Sheila Canning, Steph Scully, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7652
Sheila Canning, Steph Scully, Paul Robinson

Piper Willis, Tyler Brennan, Mark Brennan, Terese Willis, Gary Canning in Neighbours Episode 7652
Piper Willis, Tyler Brennan, Mark Brennan, Terese Willis, Gary Canning

Mark Brennan, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7652
Mark Brennan, Paige Smith

Gary Canning, Terese Willis, Xanthe Canning, Piper Willis, Tyler Brennan, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7652
Gary Canning, Terese Willis, Xanthe Canning, Piper Willis, Tyler Brennan, Mark Brennan

Gary Canning, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7652
Gary Canning, Terese Willis

Paige Smith, Paul Robinson, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7652
Paige Smith, Paul Robinson, Terese Willis

Courtney Grixti, Sheila Canning, Xanthe Canning in Neighbours Episode 7652
Courtney Grixti, Sheila Canning, Xanthe Canning

Elly Conway, Piper Willis, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7652
Elly Conway, Piper Willis, Tyler Brennan

Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7652
Sheila Canning

Paul Robinson, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7652
Paul Robinson, Terese Willis

Sheila Canning, Xanthe Canning in Neighbours Episode 7652
Sheila Canning, Xanthe Canning

Tyler Brennan, Piper Willis in Neighbours Episode 7652
Tyler Brennan, Piper Willis

Xanthe Canning, Sheila Canning, Courtney Grixti in Neighbours Episode 7652
Xanthe Canning, Sheila Canning, Courtney Grixti

Goro Shimura in Neighbours Episode 7652
Goro Shimura

Goro Shimura, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7652
Goro Shimura, Terese Willis

Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7652
Terese Willis

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