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Neighbours Episode 7560 from 2017 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7560
Australian and UK airdate: 17/03/17
Writer: Romina Accurso
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Finn Kelly: Rob Mills
Tim Collins: Ben Anderson
Harry Sinclair: Paul Dawber
Magda Verbinska: Kasia Grabowski
Maria Buraczek: Linda Jean Bruno
- "Company" by ALTA
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Tim Collins pressures Leo into 'managing' the situation with Paul
- Leo tells tourist Magda about a cash- in- hand job opportunity at the Flame Tree...
- ... but it's all part of Tim Collins' plan to frame Paul for hiring an illegal worker
- Mark comes to support Tyler on his first night working at the Back Lane Bar
- Elly tells Finn to resign and never show his face at Erinsborough High again
- Finn tells Susan that he was in a relationship with Elly, and that she drove a car at him
- Susan tells Elly she wants her version of the story, from the beginning
No 28
Elly is telling Susan about her relationship with Finn. It wasn't just a fling, she says - at least not to her.
ELLY: Finn and I had something special.
SUSAN: And he didn't tell you he was married?
ELLY: He insisted his marriage was over, so I kept seeing him.
SUSAN: He told me you'd tried to run him over with a car when he broke up with you.
Elly explains that she and Finn were competing for a head-of-year role at the school they worked at. He tried to talk her out of going for interview, she explains, but she wouldn't back down. They each had to deliver a PowerPoint presentation as part of the process - but halfway through Elly's, a 'private selfie' popped up on the screen.
SUSAN: And you think Finn did that?
ELLY: I *know* he did that. So I told him that I was gonna report him, and that we were over. I went, I jumped in my car, and... he stood in front. And he just went at me. He just - he pushed me, and pushed me, so far to the point where I just - I lost it. And I drove at him. Thank god he stepped out of the way. But there were witnesses.
SUSAN: Oh, Elly...
ELLY: I know. (...) What I did was wrong, but what he did was so vindictive. And he just got away with completely humiliating me. He is the most ruthlessly ambitious person I have ever met. He wanted to make principal by the age of thirty. He was not going to let me get in the way.
Elly apologises for not telling Susan sooner, explaining she left her last job off her CV because of how bad it looked. Susan says she'll have to investigate Elly's allegations against Finn.
Erinsborough Backpackers
Tyler is hanging out outside the hostel. Piper comes out and moans that all their food has been stolen. Tyler's worried, as they spent all their money on it, and now he's broke till pay day. Tyler gets a text from his boss, Maria, asking if he can work tonight. Piper suggests he could ask for an advance on his pay, and he agrees.
TYLER: Why are you staring at me like that?
PIPER: Because. I love you, idiot. And I'm happy. Being here with you - it's all worth it.
They kiss.
TYLER: Love you too.
Tyler heads inside. On his way, Paul turns up and asks if he's seen Magda, his tourist waitress, anywhere. Tyler points Paul in Magda's direction.
Paul asks Magda if she's available to work another shift at the Flame Tree tomorrow. She says she is. Paul asks her how she found out about the job; she says that Leo tipped her off about it.
PAUL: I'll make sure I thank him next time I see him.
But as Magda walks away, Paul looks anything but thankful.
The Waterhole
Susan comes in and finds Finn at a table. She explains she's spoken to Elly, and asks why Finn left out the part from his story about Elly accusing him of sabotaging her job interview presentation.
FINN: Because I didn't do that.
SUSAN: Still - why not mention it before?
FINN: I thought I was protecting Elly, and myself, from further embarrassment.
SUSAN: Is that why you pretended not to know her when I introduced you?
FINN: ... Seeing her brings back a lot of difficult memories. Look, I never thought I'd be the sort of man who cheated on his wife. But I did. Now when I realised how deeply I was falling for her, I panicked. I pushed her away, and tried to give my marriage another go. It turns out it wasn't worth saving. But I didn't know that at the time.
This was around the time of Elly's humiliation at the presentation. But Finn says that...
FINN: Elly wasn't rational at the time. She couldn't accept me leaving her. And I hate to say this, but when it comes to men, Elly tends to... overinvest. That, combined with the way she is with her female students...
SUSAN: What do you mean?
FINN: Well, I've seen the way she treats some of the girls in her classes. She rushes to judgement; she holds a grudge. I'm sure it was one of them who planted that photo in her presentation.
SUSAN: She maintains that only you could have had the photo.
FINN: The staff room was rarely locked. Any one of those students could've easily hacked her phone. Elly's accusations were thoroughly investigated. Nothing was found.
Harold's Café
Terese is talking to Brad and Lauren, asking after Paige and the baby. Jack is nearby, and looks uncomfortable. Terese congratulates Jack on fatherhood. He awkwardly thanks her.
Jack turns around to speak to Piper, asking if Tyler is around - he wanted to thank him for what he did to rescue Paige from the crashed car. Piper makes a point of replying loudly so Brad and Terese can overhear.
PIPER: That's Tyler for you. He'd do anything to help people he cares about. People he sees as family.
She tells Brad and Terese that if they ever want to thank Tyler too, they know where to find him! Her parents look uncomfortable - and once the others have dispersed, Brad and Terese moan to each other about the fact that Piper and Tyler seem stronger than ever, despite their financial woes.
BRAD: Piper is in love. Not to mention stubborn.
Piper, who is now at a table, then proves him right, by refusing when he offers her something to eat.
The Waterhole
Amy and Leo are playing pool and flirting. Paul turns up to have a go at Leo; he explains he's figured out that Leo was responsible for sending Magda for the job at the Flame Tree.
LEO: It's more complicated than you think.
PAUL: One of these days, you are gonna realise that you are not smart enough to take me on.
AMY: Dad!!
PAUL: And you - why are you even wasting your time with this guy?
Paul stalks off, and Amy demands Leo tell her what that was all about.
LEO: I've made a huge mistake. I got involved with Tim Collins.
Meanwhile, Susan and Elly are sipping wine at the bar. Elly is dismissive of Finn's 'angry female student' explanation for the presentation sabotage, saying he's never been able to prove it.
ELLY: You do believe my version, don't you?
SUSAN: Unfortunately, some of what Finn said does ring true. Elly, I've seen what you can be like with some students. You form premature opinions. I've also seen you let your heart cloud your judgement.
ELLY: I'm the first to admit I wasn't always fair with Piper. And my history with men isn't great. But that is not what's happening here.
Elly stands by her version of events. Susan says she'll contact Elly's former principal, to see if he can give her some evidence to support Elly's claim about Finn.
Erinsborough High School
Finn and Piper are talking about Finn's favourite vlog, 'Physics Girl'. He encourages Piper to watch three of the videos back-to-back, promising that she'll be hooked. Piper is sceptical, but agrees to give it a try. Piper says she has to go and retrieve her maths book from her locker.
PIPER: And if I show up to Mr Baxter's class one more time without it, the giant vein above his eyebrows is gonna explode!
Elly appears, and Finn tries to talk to her. He insists he didn't put the private selfie in her presentation - but Elly insists that he did.
FINN: I'm sorry. I'm sorry for -
ELLY: For what? For making me out to be a crazy ex-girlfriend, or trying to ruin my career?
FINN: For the way things ended between us.
ELLY: You think I still care about that? You're a manipulative creep, Finn. And I won't be happy until everyone knows that.
Elly walks away - but Piper is still nearby, and Finn realises she has heard the end of their exchange.
Erinsborough Backpackers
Brad and Terese run into each other outside the shed. Brad has brought a cake for Tyler, to thank him for rescuing Paige - having decided that Piper was right in what she said earlier. Terese has brought a box of food for Piper, meanwhile. They realise the irony of the situation.
TERESE: Look at us!
BRAD: Just to clarify, I still very much disapprove.
TERESE: Oh, me too. Wholeheartedly. I just want her to come home.
Leo appears, and agrees to deliver Brad's cake to Tyler when he gets home. Terese also gives Leo the box of food for Piper, but says it's perhaps best he doesn't mention it was from her, as she may not accept it. Leo quips that he's surprised Terese is asking him for favours.
LEO: You two are ridiculous - you do know that, right?
TERESE: Yeah. Can you take care of it, or not?
LEO: Consider it done.
Leo takes their gifts inside, and Brad and Terese sheepishly walk off in opposite directions.
Erinsborough High School / Elly's previous school
Susan is in her office, on the phone to Principal Harry Sinclair, from Finn and Elly's old school in Sydney. He acknowledges that they had a 'troubling time' of it.
SINCLAIR: Affairs amongst the staff are less than ideal, but they do happen. But what that student did to Ms Conway put her in a very painful place, and was embarrassing for her.
SUSAN: I was under the impression that no student came forward?
SINCLAIR: Well, we had a good idea who the girl was. We just lacked the evidence to prove it.
SUSAN: I see. Well, you'll be happy to hear that Elly's flourishing at Erinsborough High.
SINCLAIR: Oh, yes - well, she can be a fine teacher if she's in a good emotional place. However, with Mr Kelly, you'll have no such problems at all.
Susan looks worried, but says that's good to know, thanking Principal Sinclair for his time.
The Waterhole
Leo is rendezvousing with Tim Collins, who commends him for his good job framing Paul. Leo's worried that Paul will now pursue him, but Tim Collins says he won't get far with him in his corner. Leo says he wants out of Paul and TC's rivalry.
LEO: Really?
TIM COLLINS: Don't worry, mate. I'm not hurt. Just get me the cheque when you can. Well, obviously I'm gonna need my investment back.
Leo complains that he can't afford that while his business is still getting started. Tim Collins remarks that they are therefore 'still in business' until he gets his money back.
David comes in as Tim Collins leaves. He's heard from Amy about Tim Collins' investment in Leo's business, and offers to loan some money from his savings for Leo to buy TC out. Leo is reluctant to accept a loan from David, but he insists he wants to help Leo.
DAVID: No arguments. Let me do this for you.
LEO: Thank you. But it still won't be enough. The overheads at the backpackers' are already killing me.
DAVID: Maybe there's someone else who can help with that...
Erinsborough High School
Susan is talking to Finn in her office - and scenes from a separate, later conversation she has with Elly are interspersed throughout.
Susan explains to Finn that she spoke to Principal Sinclair, and that he has supported his version of events. Finn is relieved.
Elly angrily complains to Susan that Finn is getting away with it, while she's supposed to forget it ever happened. Susan tells her to remain professional.
SUSAN: You two have to find a way of working alongside each other.
In the parallel conversation, Finn says he's all for that - but that there's something else they need to discuss. He says that Elly threatened him this morning, and attempted to tarnish his reputation.
In her separate conversation with Susan, Elly denies this.
SUSAN: You called him a creep!
ELLY: Okay, maybe I did - but it's true! He is a creep!
SUSAN: Elly, you did it in front of a student!
We see Finn telling Susan that Piper saw the whole exchange.
Since Piper has since confirmed this, Elly responds, telling Susan she had no idea that Piper was listening.
SUSAN: You know I have to take bullying against a colleague very seriously.
ELLY: What, so you're on his side now?
SUSAN: No! But my hands are tied. There are no grounds to dismiss him, or even reprimand him!
Susan says she'll continue to watch Finn closely - but in the meantime, Elly must not confront him or defame him in any way; if there is another altercation, Elly will be held responsible and Susan won't be able to help her. Elly looks upset.
Erinsborough Backpackers
Leo gives Piper the thank-you cake for Tyler that Brad left. She's surprised. Leo gives her the box of groceries too, but true to his word, doesn't mention they're from Terese - claiming that the German backpackers who stole Piper's food earlier felt guilty, and sent her this in compensation.
PIPER: Well - if you'll excuse me, I'll just be up in my room, stuffing my face.
Erinsborough High School / Elly's previous school
Finn is now on the phone to Principal Sinclair, thanking him for talking to Susan earlier. Sinclair says Finn must be surprised that he landed up at the same school as Elly.
FINN: Shocked is one word for it.
Sinclair is also surprised that Elly dredged up her old allegations against Finn.
SINCLAIR: There's definitely no truth to them, is there?
FINN: No, of course not. She's still angry about the break-up, that's all.
Sinclair makes apologetic noises for having to ask. Finn butters up Sinclair, telling him he admires his dedication as a principal.
SINCLAIR: I don't suppose Ms Kennedy knows about...
FINN: ... No. No-one does. And I want to keep it that way.
SINCLAIR: Well, you can count on me.
FINN: Thanks, Harry.
Finn hangs up, but looks troubled.
The Waterhole
Paul has summoned Tim Collins for a discussion, asking him to destroy the photos of him paying Magda cash-in-hand - and in exchange, Paul will help TC in his campaign to oust Sonya as mayor. To prove he's serious, Paul gives TC a free tip.
PAUL: Deputy Mayor Jones - he's got a mistress on the other side of town who happens to have very expensive tastes.
TIM COLLINS: You don't say!
PAUL: Yeah - he's always open to a bit of cash, so why don't you grease his palm? I'm sure it'll go a long way.
Tim Collins is pleased with Paul's change of heart. But in exchange for his help, Paul also wants something back from TC. It is, of course - yawn - to help him bring down both Lassiter's and Erinsborough Backpackers.
PAUL: Well, you are one of the best, aren't you?
TIM COLLINS: Oh, Paul! They say flattery'll get you nowhere! Consider me on board.
Paul points out that TC's investment in the backpackers' will be at risk as a result.
TIM COLLINS: Very sweet of you to be concerned for me, but there's no need. Leo's just been in contact - he's buying me out.
PAUL: (...) I don't understand. How can he afford that?
Tim Collins smiles.
Back Lane Bar
Elly is enjoying a cocktail alone, while Tyler's boss Maria looks on sourly from behind the bar. (Appropriately, she's chopping lemons.) Elly is drunk, and when Tyler comes over to check on her, she leans on him and asks...
ELLY: Have you ever been in love with a married man?
TYLER: Err, no! No, I haven't!

Tyler mentions the friction between Elly and Finn (he's heard about it from Piper). Elly's unsurprised that Piper 'blabbed to Susan', and asks for another drink. Maria gives Tyler a look, and Tyler tells Elly they'll get her a water.
Finn comes in.
ELLY: Stalking me, are you?
FINN: A few people at work mentioned this was your bar of choice. Thought we could chat.
ELLY: You're kidding me, right?!
FINN: Can't we just leave the past in the past?
ELLY: Don't you think I want to? And here you are, standing in front of me.
There's a positive correlation between the increasing heatedness of the conversation, and the unimpressed look on Maria's face. Tyler suggests Elly call it a day, and Finn takes her arm to try and get her to leave with him.
ELLY: No, don't touch me! You're not gonna turn everyone against me like you did last time.
FINN: That's not what I'm trying to do!

Elly backs away, knocking a glass off the bar in the process. Maria looks even more annoyed. Tyler shows Elly to the door. Finn looks inscrutable.
Erinsborough Backpackers
We learn who the mysterious new investor in the hostel is - it's Amy! She's going over a contract with David and Leo.
AMY: So, with my savings and the winnings from Family Feud, I'll be able to take over the maintenance contract here.
LEO: Yeah. In exchange for a share in all the profits. It's all in there.
David says that Leo will then be able to pay Tim Collins back in installments. She's just about to sign when Paul rushes up to them, evidently having been tipped off by TC. Paul calls Leo a 'piece of work', accusing him of manipulating Amy into investing just to get at Paul.
AMY: That is not what happened! I saw a business opportunity and I went for it!
PAUL: Amy - he has duped you into this! Can't you see that?!

Paul accuses Leo of making it personal. But Amy signs the contract nonetheless.
PAUL: He is the competition! Don't you see that this has put me in an extremely difficult position?
AMY: I don't care! God, I'm completely over this rivalry between you two. It ends here - listen to me! I'm an investor now - so if you hurt Leo and the backpackers', then you hurt me and my business. Understood?
Paul nods grudgingly, but declines to come and celebrate with Amy and the twins! Leo smirks at a very annoyed Paul.
Back Lane Bar
Maria is cleaning up the broken glass when Tyler comes back in. He apologises for Elly's behaviour, saying she's full on sometimes.
MARIA: Trouble certainly seems to follow you.
TYLER: It does?
MARIA: First your brother causes a scene, then your underage girlfriend tries to get in. And now this!
TYLER: Yeah, but it wasn't my fault!
MARIA: Tyler, you're not a bad worker.
TYLER: So why are we having this discussion?
MARIA: Because this can't go on! I'm gonna let you go.
Unmissable Neighbours
- Brad asks Piper how she and Tyler will survive now he has no job
- Tyler promises a sceptical Brad that he'll look after Piper
- Lucas Fitzgerald is back, and doesn't look impressed
- Susan reminds Karl that 'Dee' took off the moment she got her hands on the Rebecchis' cash
- Steph assures a doubtful- looking Sonya that they both know Toadie can be trusted
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Susan Kennedy, Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 7560
Susan Kennedy, Elly Conway

Piper Willis, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7560
Piper Willis, Tyler Brennan

Paul Robinson, Magda Verbinska in Neighbours Episode 7560
Paul Robinson, Magda Verbinska

Finn Kelly, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7560
Finn Kelly, Susan Kennedy

Jack Callahan, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7560
Jack Callahan, Terese Willis

Piper Willis in Neighbours Episode 7560
Piper Willis

Lauren Turner, Brad Willis, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7560
Lauren Turner, Brad Willis, Terese Willis

Leo Tanaka, Amy Williams, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7560
Leo Tanaka, Amy Williams, Paul Robinson

Susan Kennedy, Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 7560
Susan Kennedy, Elly Conway

Piper Willis, Finn Kelly in Neighbours Episode 7560
Piper Willis, Finn Kelly

Elly Conway, Finn Kelly in Neighbours Episode 7560
Elly Conway, Finn Kelly

Brad Willis, Leo Tanaka, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7560
Brad Willis, Leo Tanaka, Terese Willis

Harry Sinclair in Neighbours Episode 7560
Harry Sinclair

Tim Collins, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 7560
Tim Collins, Leo Tanaka

Finn Kelly in Neighbours Episode 7560
Finn Kelly

Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 7560
Elly Conway

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7560
Susan Kennedy

Leo Tanaka, Piper Willis in Neighbours Episode 7560
Leo Tanaka, Piper Willis

Harry Sinclair in Neighbours Episode 7560
Harry Sinclair

Finn Kelly in Neighbours Episode 7560
Finn Kelly

Tim Collins, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7560
Tim Collins, Paul Robinson

Elly Conway, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7560
Elly Conway, Tyler Brennan

Finn Kelly, Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 7560
Finn Kelly, Elly Conway

David Tanaka, Paul Robinson, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7560
David Tanaka, Paul Robinson, Amy Williams

David Tanaka, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 7560
David Tanaka, Leo Tanaka

Maria Buraczek in Neighbours Episode 7560
Maria Buraczek

Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7560
Tyler Brennan

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