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Neighbours Episode 7128 from 2015 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7128
Australian airdate: 20/05/15
UK airdate: 03/06/15
Writer: Sue Hore
Director: Kath Hayden
Guests: Ezra Hanley: Steve Nation
Constable Ian McKay: Steve Carroll
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Ezra appoints Nate as Sheila's new boss, but the pair team up to thwart his plans for The Waterhole
- Amber admits to Karl that she's been having headaches and blurred vision
- Josh continues to sniff around Amber, saying he loves her and wants to support her and the baby
- Daniel admits to Amber that he doesn't know what he'll do if Josh proves to be the baby's father
- In the dead of night, Amber leaves a note at Harold's implying that she's leaving town
A beach
Amber looks out to sea, all windswept and pensive.
Ramsay Street
Daniel comes to No 32 to find Amber with a conciliatory bunch of flowers, having spent the night at Off Air. But Lauren reveals Amber's not home, and says she thought she was with Daniel. Hermione the car has gone (Lauren points out that Imogen might have it), and neither of them has heard from Amber since last night...
A beach
We hear Lauren leaving a message on Amber's voicemail, as Amber continues to look out to sea.
The Waterhole
Sheila and Nate are in work early, having been summoned by Ezra for reasons unknown. They whinge about him a bit, until he turns up. Ezra asks for an inventory of all the furniture and fittings - but when Sheila asks what he's planning to do with the place, he just says 'we'll see'.
Once Ezra's gone into the office, Sheila and Nate reaffirm their plans to stop Ezra turning the bar into a 'hipster hangout'. In order to win Ezra's trust and learn more about his plans, Sheila tells Nate to be 'really mean' to her.
No 22
Having spoken to Imogen on the phone, Josh tells Daniel and Brad that she hasn't seen Amber, and she doesn't have Hermione - suggesting that Amber must have driven off somewhere. Lauren turns up having had a call from Margie, who's found Amber's note at Harold's, saying she's left town for a few days to clear her head. She asks if Josh and Daniel know why she might have gone.
An argument breaks out, as Josh criticises Daniel for letting Amber go home alone from her birthday party - while Daniel suggests that it was Josh turning up to the party that upset her. Brad and Lauren encourage them to calm down, and concentrate on finding Amber. At this point, Terese arrives home from her trip to Canada, and asks what's happened with Amber.
A beach
Amber gets a text from Lauren, saying she's worried and asking her to call. She's also had several missed calls from Paige, Josh, Daniel and Lauren. But she ignores them all and continues to look windswept and pensive.
No 22
Daniel is on the phone to Paige, who can't shed any light on where Amber is either. Josh has been phoning Imogen again, meanwhile, who has said that there's no point reporting Amber as a missing person, since she left a note.
Terese suggests Amber might need some space, but Josh and Daniel both seem determined to seek her out - and Lauren says she doesn't want Amber to be alone, given that she's pregnant and distressed. Lauren's already called Kathy, who hasn't heard anything, so decides to give Mason and Bailey a call to see if either of them have. Daniel leaves with Lauren.
Once they're gone, Brad apologises for Terese's lacklustre welcome- home, saying he'd been meaning to cook her a breakfast. Once Josh is out of the room, Terese asks what else has been happening. Brad looks sheepish.
The Waterhole
Sheila and Nate are watching Ezra from behind the bar, preparing to put their plan in motion.
SHEILA (whispering): Alright. It's time to get mean. Lay it on me, Kinski.
NATE (loudly): Sheila - you're too slow. I asked for that soda water about an hour ago, and I still haven't got it.
SHEILA (whispering): That was pathetic! Can't you do better than that?
NATE (loudly): And I'm sick and tired of you telling me what to do, and you have a real attitude problem.
EZRA: That's putting it mildly.
Nate moans directly to Ezra about Sheila now, saying she's unprofessional, opinionated and out- of- touch.
EZRA: I couldn't agree more.
NATE: And talk about a cougar! Hits on every good- looking bloke that comes in the place!

Sheila is now starting to look a little offended!
NATE: She never takes orders, she bullies the staff, and never shuts up.
Ezra falls for the bait, and remarks that he's glad he gave Nate the job as bar manager. He says they should meet up later for a drink, to get to know each other better. Sheila returns Nate's thumbs- up once Ezra's gone, but is still looking annoyed.
No 22
Brad has been filling in Terese on the situation with Ezra and Clem, insisting that he has been trying to help the boy. She's also concerned about the possibility of Josh being the father of Amber's baby, but conversation quickly moves back to Clem. We learn that Terese knew him in Perth, and she remarks that his recent behaviour seems out- of- character for him. Brad isn't surprised, since his parents have just split up and he's been dragged interstate by Ezra.
TERESE: He was such a sweet, well- behaved kid. Who knows what lies Ezra's fed him about us?
Brad is convinced that something's afoot regarding the text message that Clem received from Chloe, given how defensive Clem got when Brad mentioned Chloe's name.
BRAD: Lauren noticed it too.
TERESE: Lauren (!)
BRAD: Yeah, she was there when I spoke to him.
TERESE: Oh. Right.
Terese looks miffed momentarily, then suggests that she talk to Ezra about Chloe.
BRAD: I don't want you going anywhere near that slimebag.
TERESE: Ezra tried to ruin my career. And now he's using his son to ruin yours - I'm not letting him get away with it.
Terese leaves and Brad looks worried.
Lassiter's Complex
Daniel is agonising to Imogen over whether he should go and find Amber, or give her some space. Imogen mentions that Josh really wants the baby to be his, which doesn't surprise Daniel. He suggests that they go to the police and report Hermione as stolen, in a bid to find out where Amber has taken it.
Imogen says Amber needs time alone, and is unwilling to lie to the police, but Daniel begs her, pointing out that Amber never said she was taking the car. He also admits that he said to Amber he didn't know what he'd do if Josh was the father, and is desperate to undo the damage.
DANIEL: Please, help me.
The Waterhole
Terese marches in and confronts Ezra about the Clem situation, saying the Willises are worried about him.
TERESE: No matter how you feel about Brad, kids should never be used as a battleground for their parents.
EZRA: Save the lecture, I've got work to do.
TERESE: Oh, well maybe I should call Clem's mum? I'm sure she'd know who this Chloe girl is, and why he'd get so upset.
EZRA: Stay out of it. You have no idea about my relationship with my son.
TERESE: But what I do know is that he's changed. You know, the boy I knew back in Perth was a happy, well- adjusted kid. He would never have been discourteous to a teacher.
EZRA: Yeah, well, we only have Brad's word for that, don't we?
TERESE: He said that Clem was upset. And I believe him. You should be worried.
EZRA: You know, instead of dishing out parental advice, I'd be concentrating on my marriage if I were you.
TERESE: Excuse me?
EZRA: Well, Brad's been spending a lot of time with Lauren Turner while you've been away. In fact, even more so since he's been suspended.
Terese looks rattled, and goes to leave - but Ezra tells her that Brad's suspension is the least of her problems.
A beach
Well, what do you know? Amber is still looking pensive and windswept.
Erinsborough Police Station
Constable McKay tells Imogen and Daniel that the car's been spotted on a street in Portsea, and is about to be towed. Imogen quickly says they don't need to do that - claiming Amber's just texted her to say she took the car to Portsea. Constable McKay gives them a mild ticking off for wasting police time, and they apologise and leave.
Lassiter's Complex
Daniel delightedly thanks Imogen, since now he knows the street that Amber is staying on in Portsea. She tells him not to ask her to do anything like that again, but he just hugs her and starts running away to find Amber.
IMOGEN: I'm the best!
DANIEL: Yep, you're the best!
Imogen looks sad as he runs off.

The Waterhole
Ezra is impressed with Nate's inventory list, and has relaxed around him now he thinks Nate hates Sheila as much as he does. So he spills the beans about his evil plans to make the bar 'as profitable as possible' - by rebranding as a youth bar to compete with Off Air!
NATE: What about our regulars?
EZRA: Ah, there's too many geriatrics coming in. Let alone working behind the bar. Brings the hotel down.
Ezra also lets slip that he has a new marketing guru coming on board - she starts next week. Ezra says that if they can squeeze more profit out of the bar, they'll all get nice bonuses - and admits he needs one, as his son has 'expensive tastes'. Nate says he saw the vintage trading cards Clem had, and comments that they must have cost a bomb.
EZRA: There's nothing wrong with a few parental bribes. Especially when your kid's used to living with his mum. Helps make for a smoother transition.
Meanwhile, Josh is pestering Imogen about where Amber might be, asking if she's tried to call her. Imogen's keeping quiet, and Josh is surprised she doesn't seem more worried.
IMOGEN: I think you and Daniel are worried enough for all of us!
Josh realises Imogen spoke to Daniel, and she admits she reported Hermione stolen to find out where Amber was.
JOSH: Oh my god, that's genius!
IMOGEN: I lied to the police! I compromised my principles and no- one seems to care!
JOSH: Well did they find the car?
Imogen's unwilling to say where, but Josh plays the 'this could be my baby' card, and demands to know where Amber is.
Cottage in Portsea
Amber is on the phone to Lauren, explaining she's booked a cottage for a couple of nights - but insists she's fine and will let her know when she's heading home. She's no sooner finished the call than Daniel shows up on the doorstep with the bunch of flowers.
DANIEL: I had to see you. And you couldn't be alone on your birthday.
He wants to explain, and apologise for what he said about the baby not being his.
DANIEL: I'm gonna love this baby, no matter what. If it's a part of you, of course I will. I'll love both of you, always.
AMBER: This is so messed up. I don't know how to fix it.
DANIEL: Well, I think as long as we keep talking to each other, and we're honest about how we feel, then everything will be okay.
They hold hands.
The Waterhole
Brad and Terese are having a meal, but Terese has gone quiet. When pushed, she tells Brad what Ezra said to her, about him spending a lot of time with Lauren. Brad doesn't deny it, but says he pulled back when he realised Lauren was relying on him too much.
TERESE: So that's it? Nothing else happened that you haven't told me about? Because, you know what, I couldn't handle any more surprises right now.
BRAD: There's nothing.
Nate comes to collect their plates, and Terese asks how his job as bar manager is going. During the conversation, Nate remarks that Ezra thinks money can fix most things, which 'must be why he splurges on his son'.
BRAD: Spoils him, you mean?
NATE: Parental bribes - his words. He bought him this awesome set of vintage trading cards. Must've cost him a packet.
When Nate's gone, Brad wonders whether the bribe is more like a pay- off. Terese wonders why Ezra might be having to pay off Clem.
Cottage in Portsea
Amber explains to Daniel that she just needed time on her own to process things, as she was scared that all the stress would affect the baby. She says being at the beach has reminded her of her childhood holidays with Lauren and Matt - and made her realise how much she's already stuffed up the baby's life. Daniel assures her it's not the case.
DANIEL: When this little one comes along, we can bring them down to the beach and create our own happy memories, okay?
AMBER: Yeah. I hope so.
Daniel's bought Amber a present, so she opens it. It's a pair of pearl earrings, to match her ring. She says they're beautiful - but at that moment, Josh turns up at the door. Neither Daniel nor Amber look pleased to see him.
The Waterhole
Nate reports back to Sheila on Ezra's plans to turn The Waterhole into a youth bar, and says they now need to figure out how to stop him.
SHEILA: What for? I'm sure you'll fit right in. Can't say the same for me though. Because I'm completely out- of- touch, I'm unprofessional - oh yes, and I'm opinionated.
NATE: Hang on. It was your idea to bag on you.
SHEILA: An idea that you embraced a little too enthusiastically, if you ask me! But then again, what would I know? 'Cause I'm so busy fraternising with the male customers!
Nate admits he went too far, and offers Sheila the chance to hurl some insults at him to even things out!
SHEILA: Alright. You asked for it, Corporal Kinski. As an ex- soldier, you are way too wimpy. You let Ezra run rings around you, and don't even get me started on your manners.
NATE: What's wrong with my manners?
SHEILA: You're too polite! Yes, Mr Hanley, no, Mr Hanley - it's pathetic!
NATE: Okay, what do you suggest I do?
SHEILA: You're gonna have to drop the act. Nobody likes a suck. And if you want to manage a pub, you're gonna have to get more attitude.
NATE: Okay, more attitude. Gotcha.
SHEILA: And stop being a coward! You haven't dated a single bloke since you and Chris split up. And if you're hoping for him to come back, well, listen to me, girlfriend - that ship has sailed!
Nate says he realised this, so Sheila tells him to put himself out there again!
Meanwhile, Terese runs into Lauren, who tells her Amber's safe and sound. Lauren tries to manufacture a warm and fuzzy moment about her and Terese possibly being 'grandparents together' - and says she can't think of a better person to share it with. Terese doesn't return the compliment, just smiles politely and changes the subject. Lauren leaves and Terese looks worried.
Cottage in Portsea
Daniel tells Josh that Amber is fine, so he can leave - him being here doesn't help. This just escalates into another row about who will be the father of the baby. Daniel accuses Josh of wanting to be the father as a kind of 'sick strategy' to win Amber back, at which point they start screaming at each other. Amber loses it completely.
AMBER: Enough! I am so sick of this! I need to focus on taking care of this baby. And having you two argue over me like I'm some sort of plaything is not helping. Can you just leave?
DANIEL: You heard her, man.
AMBER: I was talking to both of you. I wanted to be alone, and neither of you are respecting that. Just leave! Go!
Josh and Daniel walk out.
Shortly afterwards, Josh comes back, to check Amber is okay before he leaves. She screams at him to leave her alone again, before promptly collapsing onto the floor. She appears to be unconscious, as Josh desperately tries to revive her...
Unmissable Drama
- Amber is still unconscious
- Daniel, Lauren and Imogen hear the news of her collapse
- Susan sticks her beak in by asking Terese how things are between her and Brad
- Paul is upset to see Naomi and Mark taking a trip down the coast together
- Terese speaks to Clem about Chloe, but he is tight- lipped and insists he doesn't need her help
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Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 7128
Amber Turner

Lauren Turner, Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7128
Lauren Turner, Daniel Robinson

Ezra Hanley, Sheila Canning, Nate Kinski in Neighbours Episode 7128
Ezra Hanley, Sheila Canning, Nate Kinski

Lauren Turner, Brad Willis, Josh Willis, Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7128
Lauren Turner, Brad Willis, Josh Willis, Daniel Robinson

Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 7128
Amber Turner

Terese Willis, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 7128
Terese Willis, Brad Willis

Ezra Hanley, Nate Kinski, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7128
Ezra Hanley, Nate Kinski, Sheila Canning

Terese Willis, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 7128
Terese Willis, Brad Willis

Imogen Willis, Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7128
Imogen Willis, Daniel Robinson

Terese Willis, Ezra Hanley in Neighbours Episode 7128
Terese Willis, Ezra Hanley

Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 7128
Amber Turner

Imogen Willis, Const. Ian McKay in Neighbours Episode 7128
Imogen Willis, Const. Ian McKay

Nate Kinski, Ezra Hanley in Neighbours Episode 7128
Nate Kinski, Ezra Hanley

Imogen Willis, Josh Willis in Neighbours Episode 7128
Imogen Willis, Josh Willis

Daniel Robinson, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 7128
Daniel Robinson, Amber Turner

Brad Willis, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7128
Brad Willis, Terese Willis

Josh Willis, Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7128
Josh Willis, Daniel Robinson

Sheila Canning, Nate Kinski in Neighbours Episode 7128
Sheila Canning, Nate Kinski

Lauren Turner, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7128
Lauren Turner, Terese Willis

Josh Willis, Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7128
Josh Willis, Daniel Robinson

Josh Willis, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 7128
Josh Willis, Amber Turner

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