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Neighbours Episode 7096 from 2015 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7096
Australian airdate: 06/04/15
UK airdate: 20/04/15
Writer: Elizabeth Packett
Director: Jean-Pierre Mignon
Guests: Nick Petrides: Damien Fotiou
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Imogen urging Daniel to marry Amber so her efforts in finding the ring don't go to waste.
- Nick describing Georgia as a highly strung drama queen!
- Toadie wanting to investigate Nick.
- Paul informing Nick the cancer centre application has been denied.
- Nick informing Paul that he has leukaemia.
- Paul reassuring Naomi he'll be fine alone then collapsing after she's left.
Penthouse suite
B2 works her magic and eventually Paul comes to after his collapse but he is very disorientated. He tries to call Nick but leaves a message asking him to come after getting his voicemail. Paul then tries to call Naomi but she's not answering her phone either.
Number 22
Imogen/Josh find out that Amber is back from Mount Isa but she's reluctant to head over to see her.
Penthouse suite
Karl rushes into check Paul out. When he pauses for breath after trying to find out why he collapsed, Paul discloses to him that he's got leukaemia. This is news to Karl and Paul explains about wanting to keep it quiet and the treatment he's getting. Paul though refuses to go to hospital, instead wanting to be treated at home.
Number 32
Daniel volunteers to do a shopping run and trades place with Josh. He explains that Imogen isn't coming as she's catching up on some reading but passes on her message that she's thinking of them. Paige isn't too chuffed at her non-appearance and tells Josh just that! After he asked, she explaining that Lauren/Lou are staying on at Mount Isa to spend time with Mason and wishes she'd met her other brother under different circumstances. Josh suggests that there's something they should see if they feel up to it after Amber commented moments previously that she was wrecked.
Road somewhere
Josh takes the three of them to where Matt was knocked down to see the floral tributes that have been left. Kyle happens to be there at the same time leaving flowers (on behalf of himself/Georgia) and tells Amber what a good bloke her dad was before laying his flowers.
Despite being with them, Bailey has been standing a wee bit away and when Paige calls him over, he walks off instead. Josh volunteers to go after him but Amber thinks it's best to just let him be.
Harold's Store
Imogen tries to ignore Daniel as she enters the store but he spots her and engages her in conversation. She asks how Mount Isa was (tough) and he explains that Amber is a bit withdrawn but expected after Imogen asked how she was. He suggests calling in and she agrees to, however before he leaves, asks if she's still dreaming about being trapped in the well. Imogen confirms she's having the same dreams too, and both dream that the other is there too although Imogen disappears from the ones Daniel is having, however Imogen is quick to say that in her dream nothing happens between them!
Penthouse suite
Nick arrives and sees Paul connected to a drip that Karl rigged up. Paul explains to Nick why Karl is there and wants him to be involved in his treatment too, commenting that after what happened he feels better knowing there is a backup.
Karl is somewhat hesitant as he doesn't want to stand on Nick's toes. Nick gives his approval to the plan, however seems rather uncomfortable when Karl wants him to discuss the experimental treatments he's trying on Paul.
Harold's Store
Imogen admits that there is nobody she can talk to about what happened. Likewise, Daniel is struggling to find someone to talk to too - given what happened to Matt he doesn't feel he can talk to Amber and since he's moved out of the Penthouse suite (to #32) there isn't Paul to speak to either (plus last heard he'd a virus that was knocking him about).
DANIEL: To be honest Imogen, you're the only person I want to talk to about this. You're the only person that understands what it felt like to be down there, thinking that we were going to die.
IMOGEN: Maybe we need to find a trapped down the well support group!
DANIEL: Maybe we could start one ourselves!
Amber and Paige walk into the store and when she spots them chatting, Amber doesn't look too amused. Paige walks over and has a go at Imogen for supposedly being too busy studying to talk to Amber yet she's got enough time to talk to Daniel. "I was going to come by later," Imogen says and Daniel explains that he was the one to interrupt her studying. The girls remark that Josh dropped what he was doing to take them to Matt's memorial and Imogen feels railroaded into agreeing to go back later with Amber (reading the messages helps her). Daniel adds that he'd like to see it too but Paige has a job for him - checking on Bailey. Moments after Daniel leaves, Imogen can't get away quick enough, lying that she needs to go to the library to get a book.
The Waterhole
Nick is treating Karl to a whisky to thank him for helping Paul. They discuss Paul wanting to keep his illness/treatment quiet and Karl asks if Paul is Patient X? Without actually confirming it, it's agreed that Paul is indeed Patient X and Nick wants Karl's help in keeping his identity quiet. When Karl wants to discuss Paul's treatment, Nick suggests that he stays away from Paul at the hospital as part of keeping Paul's identity quiet.
KARL: You don't think I can keep it confidential?
"I've absolutely no question about your integrity," Nick comments then adds that keeping Paul's identity at the hospital has been a mission and doesn't want it coming up now. "The fewer people hanging around Paul when he's into the hospital the better," but Nick does concede to Karl being his on-call doctor for emergencies.
NICK: But leave the hands on stuff to me okay.
Number 32
As he puts the shopping away, Daniel suggests to Bailey that he does some chores around the house to make it easier for the girls but he refuses and instead continues to play his games console. Daniel tries to engage him in conversation about that and Bailey now decides he'd like to mow the lawn.
The Waterhole
Georgia comes in to find out what Karl has managed to find out from Nick. Karl confirms that Nick isn't doing anything dodgy as he's seen Patient X and adds that while he may have doubts about him personally, professionally he hasn't. "Personal is professional," Georgia exclaims and seems mega peeved that he now isn't on her side. "I'm not on anyone's side," Karl replies and thinks what's happened to her has clouded her view of Nick and puts it to her that it could have been someone else who posted about the celebrity.
GEORGIA: There is no-one else that wants to ruin my career, it has to be him! You're going to have to help me expose him Karl.
Karl replies that he feels he's done everything he can; something Georgia simply can't believe and thinks he's siding with Nick because they're both doctors who stick together no matter what!
KARL: That's not it at all!
GEORGIA: Know what, I don't want to hear it.
Number 32 backyard
Bailey is having problems getting the mower started and isn't appreciating Daniel trying to help him, so much so that he blows up at Daniel.
BAILEY: Who do you think you are coming into my house and telling me what to do?! You're not my dad and you're not my brother okay, you're just some stupid hippy my sister was stupid enough to think she wanted to marry.
DANIEL: Look I understand you're upset.
BAILEY: No you don't! You don't!
"Get lost," he then adds before pushing Daniel out of his way and walking away, throwing the wheelie bin on the ground as he walks past it out onto the street.
The Waterhole
Kyle is lamenting with Georgia over Karl being unable to help her and their day just gets better when Nick comes into the bar and over to talk to them. "You're talking about me again?" he asks and Georgia tells him to walk away but he refuses to and instead tells her that he knows about the calls Karl has made about him done on her behalf.
GEROGIA: If I asked Karl to dig up dirt on you it's because you're dirty.
KYLE: More like filthy!
Nick just smirks at that comment and asks where Kyle was when she was falling over herself to spend time with him. Kyle looks ready to thump him after that comment but Georgia quietly says to him not to because he isn't worth it.
NICK: Just what I was thinking. You were never worth my time.
Kyle looks absolutely fizzing, fist clenched, ready to punch him.
Penthouse suite
Daniel is seeking some solace at his former home because it's rather intense at #32. Paul thinks he's right to help them after the support Daniel gave him after Kate died. Daniel still isn't convinced because Paul was family and isn't sure what the right balance is for Amber's family.
Nick arrives at the penthouse unannounced and when Daniel comments on it, Paul tries to say it's because they're working on the cancer centre until he points out that was dropped. Paul then decides its time to announce he's going to approach the council to have them turn over the disputed building to Nick for his cancer centre because it's more important than a housing development. "Uncle P that is awesome," Daniel remarks and Nick is happy stunned at the news too. Daniel asks about his change of mind and Paul doesn't give him the exact reason why, rather a generic "it seemed the right thing to do."
Daniel heads off to let them talk and Nick is grateful at Paul's change of mind for the building, commenting that "something good came out of this."
Number 22
Paige has finally caught up with Imogen after failing to find her at the library. Imogen explains she decided to come home after realising she could get the info online. Getting to the point, Paige asks why she's hanging out with Daniel so much. Imogen seems surprised by the question, so Paige comments on them being rather close at the store earlier.
IMOGEN: We were just talking about the well and stuff.
PAIGE: Okay, I know you went through a really traumatic experience together but seriously, you need to talk to a professional not each other.
IMOGEN: Why do you even care so much? Amber didn't seem to mind.
PAIGE: How would you know, you've been avoiding her like the plague. You're obviously guilty about you and Daniel.
IMOGEN: No, it's not that.
PAIGE: Okay, so what is it?
IMOGEN: I don't know how to act around her.
PAIGE: Act like a friend. Your problems are nothing compared to hers, so please just stay away from Daniel because she needs him more than you do right now.
Matt's memorial
Bailey approaches the memorial for Matt but instead of reading the messages, he starts lashing out at the flowers by kicking/stamping on them until they are scattered.
Coming soon
- Imogen telling Daniel that they shouldn't be hanging out together any more.
- Daniel asking if there is someone else.
- Danni pleading for Toadie's help.
- Amber furious at seeing Danni.
- Lauren asking Danni if she's crazy.
- Mark questioning Brad.
- Lauren wanting an explanation from Mark.
- Nick delivering more bad news to Paul.
- Bailey exploding at his mum.
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Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7096
Paul Robinson

Imogen Willis, Josh Willis in Neighbours Episode 7096
Imogen Willis, Josh Willis

Karl Kennedy, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7096
Karl Kennedy, Paul Robinson

Daniel Robinson, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 7096
Daniel Robinson, Amber Turner

Josh Willis, Paige Smith, Bailey Turner, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 7096
Josh Willis, Paige Smith, Bailey Turner, Amber Turner

Kyle Canning, Josh Willis, Amber Turner, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7096
Kyle Canning, Josh Willis, Amber Turner, Paige Smith

Imogen Willis, Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7096
Imogen Willis, Daniel Robinson

Karl Kennedy, Paul Robinson, Nick Petrides in Neighbours Episode 7096
Karl Kennedy, Paul Robinson, Nick Petrides

Amber Turner, Imogen Willis, Paige Smith, Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7096
Amber Turner, Imogen Willis, Paige Smith, Daniel Robinson

Nick Petrides, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7096
Nick Petrides, Karl Kennedy

Daniel Robinson, Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 7096
Daniel Robinson, Bailey Turner

Karl Kennedy, Georgia Brooks in Neighbours Episode 7096
Karl Kennedy, Georgia Brooks

Daniel Robinson, Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 7096
Daniel Robinson, Bailey Turner

Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning, Nick Petrides in Neighbours Episode 7096
Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning, Nick Petrides

Daniel Robinson, Paul Robinson, Nick Petrides in Neighbours Episode 7096
Daniel Robinson, Paul Robinson, Nick Petrides

Imogen Willis, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7096
Imogen Willis, Paige Smith

Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 7096
Bailey Turner

Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 7096
Bailey Turner

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