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Neighbours Episode 7067 from 2015 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7067
Australian airdate: 24/02/15
UK airdate: 10/03/15
Writer: Holly Lyons
Director: Jo O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Harold Bishop: Ian Smith
Tyler Brennan: Travis Burns
Dennis Dimato: David Serafin
Nick Petrides: Damien Fotiou
Summary/Images by: Matt/Graham
- Toadie discovers that Harold and Caroline have split
- Mark restarts his career from the bottom
- Nick Petrides arrives in Erinsborough
- Tyler realises hes been asked to strip Imogens car for parts
Bus Stop
Sat at the bus stop, Paige and Imogen discuss their pool party with Tyler. Imogen explains that she likes him now that she knows him better, but that doesnt mean she wants to date him. The man himself appears and says hes hit a small hiccup with his work, and subtly quizzes Imogen about her car until she explains that it was stolen. Tyler asks her if her insurance will pay for it, but Imogen explains that she doesnt care about the money, and just wants Hermione back. Feeling guilty, Tyler disappears and Paige tells Imogen that he definitely likes her.
No. 32 Backyard
Lou is gardening and Harold drops in for a chat, but Lou brushes him off saying that hes busy. Harold asks if hes been feeling neglected whilst hes been talking with Toadie, but again Lou gives him the cold shoulder.
No. 24
Mark and Naomi are putting their clothes back on, but Marks face is still covered in bee stings. Naomi fantasises excitedly that Mark could have died if hed had an allergic reaction, much to his disgust!
NAOMI: I'm sorry, but if a man dies finding me leaves and bark then that is pretty much on par with taking a bullet.
They tease each other some more before Naomi says she has to dash off, but Mark stops her explaining that he was trying to prevent her from disappearing in the first place. Naomi explains that she doesnt know if shes still angry at Mark, as she can't understand why one minute hell defend her and the next he calls her a liar. Mark tells her that shes more than a friend with benefits to him, but she wants him to stop shutting her out of his life. He goes on to explain that hes been demoted to Constable.
NAOMI: No, don't think about it like that! Every time you talked to me about getting back into the force, it was always so you could help people. Are you telling me you couldnt help people as a Constable?
MARK: You know youre not just a pretty face. Or a gorgeous body. Or a savvy business woman.
Naomi accidentally brushes one of his bee stings as they embrace, and quickly disappears as she really does have to work!
No. 22
Nick apologises to Terese and Brad in the kitchen for not getting off to the right start with them, but jibes at Brad for bringing up ancient history about his pre- wedding sabotage. He goes on to explain that he wants to repair the damage hes done in the past, so hes taken the job at Erinsborough Hospital. Terese is thrilled, but Brad looks very uncertain and warns Nick about accepting help from Paul. He tells him to make sure hes in control of any negotiations they have going on, and to make sure Paul is kept away from the Willis family.
Harold makes a second attempt to strike up conversation with Lou, but yet again he is brushed off. He demands to know whats bothering Lou, so he explains that Toadie has told him about Harolds split with Caroline.
HAROLD: I wasnt ready to tell anyone.
LOU: Even your closest mate?
HAROLD: I think I was embarrassed that my life wasnt perfect.
LOU: I'm your friend you silly old fool! I could never judge you. How could I? I'm single, I live with my daughter!
HAROLD: I'm single and I live in a motorhome!
They both agree to tell each other anything that happens in their lives, as Lou thinks of Harold as a brother. In order to make it up to him, he asks Harold to wait tables much to his joy. Harold is back in Harolds!
Grease Monkeys
Tyler tells Dimato that he hasnt got around to stripping the car yet, but asks instead if he could buy it from him. Dimato offers the car to him for $1,200, but Tyler asks how he got the car in the first place as his friends car was stolen. He then offers Tyler the car for free as well as payment for his job, in exchange for doing him a favour
No. 22
Terese explains the situation with Paul and Ezra to Nick. He defends Pauls intentions, but Brad criticises Nick telling him that he and Paul are just the same. Terese steps in and warns Nick to make careful choices with him.
BRAD: If you accept his offer, you will be his puppet. He operates the strings with everyone, and everything.
NICK: You really have no idea what my research means, do you? 130,000 Australians are diagnosed with cancer every year, a breakthrough in stem cell research could lead to a cure, do you know what that means? If I have a chance to find a cure with Paul Robinson, I will take it!
Terese tells Nick that he can't miss this opportunity, and he thanks her for the warning but he can manage.
No. 24
Naomi brings Mark a pot of honey for his skin welts. They start flirting about rubbing honey over Marks body and they both laugh.
MARK: I love your laugh!
NAOMI: Woah, nothing like the L word to ruin the vibe.
Naomi immediately backs down and insists that what they have is casual. They decide to ban the L word and Mark is conveniently distracted by a phone call hes wanted at the station to begin his constable duties. Naomi advises him that in order to gain more confidence, he should dress in his uniform. They kiss and Mark almost uses the L word again!
Lou and Harold continue discussing their relationships, and Lou insists that Harold is better off alone with his friends. Harold confesses that whilst he loves spending time in Erinsborough, everything he owns is still up north and it would take something special for him to move back. Just as he says this, Sheila appears with her cakes for the baking competition for tasting. Harold offers to try them for her and finds them both delicious! Lou introduces Sheila to his charming friend.
SHEILA: Oh, not THE Harold?! I've heard so much about you! And your wife of course, is she with you?
HAROLD: Oh no, I'm newly single.
SHEILA: Oh what a coincidence, I'm single too!
They both giggle and fawn over each other and Lou rolls his eyes.
Ramsay Street
Paige and Imogen discuss different modes of transport now that she doesnt have a car but to Imogens great astonishment Hermione is parked next to her house, fluffy dice and all! Paige finds the situation bizarre, especially considering they were just talking to Tyler about it.
No. 22
Terese and Brad continue to argue about Nick and Paul working together. She explains that she needs him in Erinsborough because hes the only real family of her own that she has left. Brad agrees, and Terese says shell book a dinner for them all. Imogen bursts in with the news that Hermione is back!
Fitzgerald Motors
Imogen and Paige roll up on the forecourt in Hermione to show her off. Paige is suspicious, whilst Imogen asks Tyler for him and Mark to check the car over. Paige gets a call from Lauren, and Tyler offers to take Imogen out on a date that evening when the car is finished. She rejects him explaining she likes someone else, but Tyler leaves the offer open. She proposes he dates Paige instead and thanks him for the work.
Nick bumps into Georgia in her uniform, and Nick introduces himself. Georgia explains that theyd already met at the Waterhole but he doesnt remember at all! As Georgia storms off in disgust, Sheila enters primping herself and starts flirting again with Harold about her cakes. She promises to see more of Harold at their joint stall for the festival. She leaves and Lou sweeps in to talk.
HAROLD: Lou, may I ask, what is the situation with Sheila? I know you say I'm a silly old fool, but I do recognise chemistry when I see it. And I notice there is something going on between you two!
LOU: If Sheila and I were the last two people on earth, I would die a lonely bachelor before we ever became a couple. Shes all yours!
The Waterhole
At their convivial meal, Brad questions Nick why he left London, and he confesses that he had to leave his old job as he didnt agree with his colleagues. Brad warns him that hes in for a shock with Paul! At that moment, Paul limps over and presents Nick with a bottle of whiskey as a welcome gift, and Nick invites him to the table. Terese says she approves of Pauls support, and they all toast to finding a cure to cancer.
Sonyas Nursery
Paige spots Tyler at the juice bar, and presses Tyler about how Hermione appeared. She doesnt believe that its a coincidence, but Tyler brushes off her questions. Paige thanks him for the nice gesture, and Tyler tells her that Imogen reckons they should date. They both laugh it off, but she gives him a serious warning to stay away from any more dodgy dealings.
No. 24
Mark has brought a full- length mirror to the living room and is checking out his new uniform. Tyler enters and tells Mark hes needed at the garage, but Mark explains that he has a job back with the police, leaving Tyler looking dismayed.
Unmissable Drama
- Tyler resents Mark re- joining the police
- Matt is involved again with Dimato
- Erinsboroughs biggest celebration ever: Janelle Timmins is back and Sheila has a big secret!
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Tyler Brennan, Imogen Willis, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7067
Tyler Brennan, Imogen Willis, Paige Smith

Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 7067
Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter

Mark Brennan, Naomi Canning in Neighbours Episode 7067
Mark Brennan, Naomi Canning

Nick Petrides, Terese Willis, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 7067
Nick Petrides, Terese Willis, Brad Willis

Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 7067
Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop

Tyler Brennan, Dennis Dimato in Neighbours Episode 7067
Tyler Brennan, Dennis Dimato

Terese Willis, Brad Willis, Nick Petrides in Neighbours Episode 7067
Terese Willis, Brad Willis, Nick Petrides

Mark Brennan, Naomi Canning in Neighbours Episode 7067
Mark Brennan, Naomi Canning

Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7067
Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter, Sheila Canning

Imogen Willis, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7067
Imogen Willis, Paige Smith

Brad Willis, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7067
Brad Willis, Terese Willis

Imogen Willis, Paige Smith, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7067
Imogen Willis, Paige Smith, Tyler Brennan

Georgia Brooks, Nick Petrides in Neighbours Episode 7067
Georgia Brooks, Nick Petrides

Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7067
Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter, Sheila Canning

Nick Petrides, Paul Robinson, Brad Willis, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7067
Nick Petrides, Paul Robinson, Brad Willis, Terese Willis

Paige Smith, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7067
Paige Smith, Tyler Brennan

Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7067
Mark Brennan

Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7067
Tyler Brennan

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