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Neighbours Episode 6987 from 2014 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6987
Australian airdate: 07/10/14
UK airdate: 21/10/14
Writer: Fiona Bozic
Director: Scott Major
Guests: Dakota Davies: Sheree Murphy
Wendy Leung: Natalia Ko
- "Now That Were Alone" by Saskwatch
Summary/Images by: David/Graham
There are a couple of changes to the opening titles. Now there is a shot of Toadie, Sonya and Nell together (Callum has been removed), and Georgia has joined the Number 26 shot with Kyle, Chris, Sheila, Naomi and Bossy.
Previously on Neighbours
- Dakota asks for Pauls help setting up a bar and asks Daniel to be manager.
- Kyle and Georgia marry.
- Lauren leaves Matt at the wedding and tells him to have a good time.
- Kyles mother Sharon tells Matt that they are in the same boat. She places a key card to her room at Lassiters in his trouser pocket.
Lassiters Honeymoon Suite
Georgia wakes up on the bed, shes still in her wedding dress and Kyle in asleep in his suit. She tries to wake up her gorgeous handsome exhausted husband but he just rolls over back to sleep. She gets up and opens the card that Kyle sent her yesterday which is on the counter and starts to well up reading it. Kyle wakes up and smiles, hoping that those are tears of happiness. She apologises for not having time to read it yesterday, and tells him that she is so unbelievably happy. They kiss each other, and say there was something they didnt get to do last night. Georgia tells him to wait, as they didnt get to try on their wedding night outfits last night. She grabs a bag and goes to the bathroom to change.
Number 32
Lauren says to Matt he got in late last night. He explains that he stayed for a few drinks at the reception, but he doesnt specify who with. Lauren tells him she waited up for him. He apologises and should have sent a text. She tries to talk to him, but he interrupts her and says he needs to get some fresh air.
Lassiters Honeymoon Suite
Georgia takes off her robe to unveil her sexy nightdress to Kyle. Hes pleased and tells her it was definitely worth the wait. She gets into bed with him, and tells him its his turn. He just wants to get down to business, but she wants to see what his sexy wedding jocks look like. As he gets up, and opens his robe to show his boxer shorts, just as Sheila enters with a loud Yoo Hoo. Kyle covers up and leaps into the bed, while Georgia hides. Sheila starts bringing in wedding presents from outside.
SHEILA: Sorry, shouldve knocked.
KYLE: You think?
SHEILA: Did everything go off okay on the wedding night?
KYLE: Gran!
SHEILA: Oh calm down, were all adults here.
KYLE: What are you doing here?
SHEILA: Oh, well, I came to pick you two up for brunch so that we can open the presents like we planned.
GEORGIA (to Kyle): Did you organise for us to go to brunch?
SHEILA: It was your idea Georgia. You gave me the card so I could let myself in. We talked about it last night. don't either of you remember?
Kyle and Georgia both look blank. Sheila says Sharon was meant to come as well but she disappeared without even saying goodbye, she must have gone off with some random. Kyle tells Sheila they don't want to leave the room. Sheila realises that they both want to relax after the last couple of days. She tells them theyll order room service and open the presents here! Kyle and Georgia look at each other, then hide under the duvet.
Number 32
Bailey says hi to his mum, then notices shes not paying attention, as shes sorting out her and Matts clothes from last night. Bailey tells her hes going to help Amber but should be back for lunch. Lauren looks in Matts pocket and finds a key card for a room at Lassiters. Cue multiple extreme close ups on Laurens face! Shes in shock. Bailey repeats that hell be back for lunch. She tells him to have fun. As Bailey leaves, Matt returns. He sees her staring and asks her if anything is up. Lauren says shes just wondering how shell get that stain out of Matts shirt. Matt says its okay, and takes the shirt to wash it himself. Lauren takes another look at the key card and then heads outside.
Lassiters Exterior
Daniel arrives late for a meeting with Dakota and Paul. He apologises, and tells Paul he missed a great party last night. Paul comments that Daniel forgot to shower and dress properly. This managers position is a great opportunity for him, but it looks like he doesnt give a toss. Dakota gets a phonecall, while Paul continues to lecture Daniel. Dakota walks a couple of steps until she's out of earshot and speaks to Carlos. Shes told a time to expect a delivery, and asks him to make it out to Daniel Robinson.
Lassiters Reception
Lauren goes to reception, meeting Wendy, who asks Lauren how Mason is doing. Lauren says hes fine but hates the humidity. Lauren tells Wendy that she found a key card outside and hopes that no one was locked out of their room last night. Wendy checks the computer, and says Sharon Canning got back to her room safe and sound. Lauren asks if her partner lost his, but Wendy says she stayed alone. Lauren looks devastated but thanks Wendy.
Lassiters Honeymoon Suite
Sheila unwraps a present. Its a rice cooker from Auntie Jackie, Sheila calls Jackie a Scrooge. Kyle tries to give Sheila the hint that she should go, but hes interrupted by a knock at the door. Sheila opens it, and is surprised to see Bailey. Bailey says that hes brought over Ambers photos of the wedding, shes busy studying for her exam. Sheila thought itd be nice to look over the pictures, and asks Bailey to drag a table over to them so they can all look together. Sheila and Bailey place themselves between Kyle and Georgia at the end of the bed and look at the photos on the computer. Georgia and Kyle look at each other uncomfortably.
Pirate Net Exterior
Daniel is carrying boxes into the old radio station, when he stops to take a photograph of a flower for Amber. Paul catches him, and starts to nag Daniel again.
DANIEL: I don't need this. I actually preferred it as a bellboy
PAUL: Oh come on Daniel, you know you are better than this.
DANIEL: Youre right, I am, which is why I quit.
The Waterhole
Dakota is surprised Paul let Daniel quit, they need him! Paul says they don't need Daniels attitude. Dakota defends Daniel, he only turned up a little late on the morning after a mates wedding. Paul says if Daniel doesnt want the managers position then he can't force him to do it. Dakota doesnt want to come between Paul and his nephew. He says she isnt, this is strictly business. Dakota says it shouldnt be, its about family, and family comes first. If he doesnt convince Daniel to be the best he can, then who will? Paul agrees to ask Daniel to go back.
Lassiters Honeymoon Suite
Sheila and Bailey are looking at photos. Georgia tells Kyle that Sheila has to go, now! Kyle says he can't, shes having fun. Georgia asks him whats more important, her fun, or their fun (she says, showing Kyle her night dress again.) Kyle kisses her and asks her to distract Gran, while he calls Bailey over.
Kyle asks Bailey to get rid of Sheila, he and Georgia would like to have some alone time. Kyle explains that they havent had time to... (Kyle mimes with his hand but we and Bailey know he means consummate the marriage.) Baileys surprised, he thought that was the first thing they would do, smiling at Georgia, when Kyle pulls Baileys head away from Georgia and tells him again to help. Bailey asks to sit beside Sheila, and tells her that she has an eye for photography. Hed like her to help Bailey make an online photo album back at her place. Sheila wants to do it here but Bailey says he doesnt have his charger. Sheila says she wants to help Kyle and Georgia unpack for the honeymoon, but they encourage her to go. Sheila agrees and heads to the door.
SHEILA: don't you worry, I will see you both before you go.
GEORGIA (muttering under her breath): Not if I have anything to do with it.
Kyle and Bailey give a thumbs up to each other as Bailey and Sheila leave. Kyle and Georgia hug and rejoice, before Georgia realises about Sheila's room key. Kyle says its okay as he got it out of her bag before she left! Georgia says this is why she loves him. The two of them kiss and fall onto the bed.
Number 32
Lauren returns home and asks Matt if hell be home for lunch. Hes not sure, she asks if hes not sure or doesnt want to tell her. She asks where he was last night, and she wants the truth. She found the Lassiters room card.
MATT: Towards the end of the night, Sharon, Kyles mum, propositioned me, she asked me up to her room.
LAUREN: Did you go?
MATT: I thought about it, I did. But my vows mean something to me.
LAUREN: Wow, how long have you been waiting to hit me with that one? People make mistakes Matt...
MATT: Not people Lauren. You, you made a mistake!
Matt walks off.
The Waterhole
Daniel tells Paul he can't summon him, hes not his employee. Paul tells Daniel that while hes easily distracted, sloppy and has an aversion to rules, he is an incredibly creative thinker and a very good people person. Paul says that if Daniel agrees to have his job back, then hell take a more hands off approach. Daniel realises this was Dakotas idea, and tells Paul that she has his wrapped around her little finger. Daniel invites Paul around to his for dinner to celebrate, but Paul declines. Hes not keen on Daniel continuing to sleep in the back of his car, and neither is Charlene. Charlene also said that Daniels ex- girlfriend Rain popped in the other day and was asking about him. Daniel doesnt know why she would be doing that, then leaves to get back to work.
Number 32
Lauren has made Matt lunch, and wants them to sit down and have a talk. He says he wont and is about to walk off. She agrees she broke her marriage vows, no amount of apologising or feeling guilty can make up for it. But they can't go on like this, something is broken in their marriage and either they fix it or walk away. Matt is shocked with the suggestion. Lauren says they can't spend the rest of their lives like this, not talking to each other. She asks him what its going to be. Matt leaves.
Lassiters Honeymoon Suite
Georgia and Kyle are in bed kissing. Georgia laughs about how funny Sheila was, though she didn't think so at the time. Sheila was clearly still buzzing from the wedding. Kyles glad she had fun, and its not like she has anyone else to share it with. Georgia wonders if shell ever find a partner, and laughs that next time it could be them walking in on her! Kyle winces at the thought. Georgia says the best part of this is they still have the honeymoon to go. They kiss.
Number 32
Matt tells Lauren she is right. Something is broken in their marriage. He doesnt know if it can be fixed, but he wants to try. Lauren says theyll get there, they can make this marriage work. She and Matt hold hands.
Pirate Net Exterior
Daniel tells Dakota shes ordered a whole ton of Decaf, and hes not sure she understands Melbournians and their love affair with caffeine. Dakota says theyre organic, she thought hed be pleased. Daniel tells Dakota she means a lot to Paul, he went through a rough patch, but when she turned up hes become a much happier person and its really good to see. Dakota says Paul and Daniel are good people. She thinks that she and Daniel are going to have a long and happy association.
As Daniel takes a box inside, Dakota takes out her phone and reads a message. The message has the heading Rico Mistura Coffee and it reads We think youll really like the decaf. Underneath is a list of serial numbers. She opens one box and checks the serial numbers on each of the bags until she finds one which matches the list. She cuts open the bag and finds a small black bag filled with diamonds. She puts them back in the bag and smiles happily, before closing the box.
Unmissable Drama
- Paul asks Dakota why Brennan is hanging around. She says its completely one sided, shes not interested in him.
- Dakota flirts with Brennan while Paul watches on jealously.
- Paul asks Paige if she knows what her boyfriends been up to.
- Josh tells his mum that hes pleading guilty.
- Paige sees Josh at the garage and asks what hes doing there.
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Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6987
Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning

Matt Turner, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 6987
Matt Turner, Lauren Turner

Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6987
Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning

Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 6987
Sheila Canning

Lauren Turner, Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 6987
Lauren Turner, Bailey Turner

Daniel Robinson, Paul Robinson, Dakota Davies in Neighbours Episode 6987
Daniel Robinson, Paul Robinson, Dakota Davies

Lauren Turner, Wendy Leung in Neighbours Episode 6987
Lauren Turner, Wendy Leung

Kyle Canning, Sheila Canning, Bailey Turner, Georgia Brooks in Neighbours Episode 6987
Kyle Canning, Sheila Canning, Bailey Turner, Georgia Brooks

Paul Robinson, Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6987
Paul Robinson, Daniel Robinson

Dakota Davies, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6987
Dakota Davies, Paul Robinson

Sheila Canning, Georgia Brooks, Bailey Turner, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6987
Sheila Canning, Georgia Brooks, Bailey Turner, Kyle Canning

Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 6987
Lauren Turner

Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6987
Matt Turner

Paul Robinson, Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6987
Paul Robinson, Daniel Robinson

Matt Turner, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 6987
Matt Turner, Lauren Turner

Kyle Canning, Georgia Brooks in Neighbours Episode 6987
Kyle Canning, Georgia Brooks

Lauren Turner, Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6987
Lauren Turner, Matt Turner

Dakota Davies, Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6987
Dakota Davies, Daniel Robinson

 in Neighbours Episode 6987

Dakota Davies in Neighbours Episode 6987
Dakota Davies

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