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Neighbours Episode 6918 from 2014 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6918
Australian airdate: 02/07/14
UK airdate: 16/07/14
Writer: Pete McTighe
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Daniel Robinson: Tim Phillipps
Paige Novak: Olympia Valance
Ethan Smith: Matthew Little
Skateboard Double: Ben Masters
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Lauren packs her bear away for safekeeping, while 'Lily' - or Paige - turns up with her own
- Imogen and Ethan kiss
- Bailey confides in Sonya that his drinking helped him to feel like he was someone else
- Amber and Daniel almost kiss...
- ... and Daniel and Paige actually kiss, while Amber watches in horror
Ramsay Street
Amber walks away from No 24 looking distraught. Josh shows up and she makes up an excuse as to why she hasn't retrieved her bag, continuing the pretence that she's not feeling well. After Josh reminds a distracted Amber to give him a goodbye kiss, he goes for a skate, while she goes home.
No 24
Daniel is clearing up, and Paige asks him why he walked off after their kiss - he assures her no offence was intended.
PAIGE: Okay, so what's the deal?
DANIEL: I'm just not into you like that, Paige.
PAIGE: Ouch! Embarrassing. Is it because you're interested in someone else?
Daniel doesn't answer, and hurriedly leaves the house. Ethan comes in.
ETHAN: Wow. Talk about chewing a guy's face off.
PAIGE: I was just confirming a theory.
ETHAN: About Amber?
PAIGE: There's something going on there. I kiss Daniel, she sees, freaks out - and he does pretty much the same thing.
Paige is worried for Josh, and decides that she should tell him what she knows about Amber and Daniel. Ethan suggests that's a bad idea if she's hoping to be part of her biological families, but she says her loyalty lies with Josh, and that he deserves to know.
Harold's Store
Bailey explains to Sonya that he's helping out at the store to give his parents some alone-time. It's clear he's feeling guilty about the effect on them of his drinking, and wishes he could make it up to them. Sonya says his best bet is to be there for them, and be honest about where he's at.
BAILEY: Thank you. I really owe you.
SONYA: Oh, well, you could start by making me a soya chai.
Susan comes in and joins Imogen at a table. She explains Miss Di Angelo the art teacher has got the school involved in the upcoming Women Artists of Erinsborough exhibition, and asks if, as school captain, Imogen would like to lend a hand. She says she'd love to. Susan also asks after Brennan's barbecue, and Imogen cryptically remarks that it was 'interesting'.
Power Road
Paige reminds Ethan to keep on the lookout for Brad, but he's more worried about her behaviour. He reminds her of some of her past exploits - including setting fire to her ex-boyfriend's car!
PAIGE: If he'd kept it in his pants, I wouldn't have had to.
Ethan expresses his concern about her plan to tell Josh about Amber and Daniel. Paige insists she'll approach the situation very carefully at the right moment. Suddenly, Josh appears and joins them, bragging about his latest scratch from skateboarding, and how he's trying to film himself so he can put video of his stunts on the Internet. Josh asks if Paige would help out by filming him, and she says she will - but Ethan leaves them to it, saying he 'can't watch this'. They head off to start filming.
The Waterhole
Amber has come in to deliver some milk supplies for the bar, but when Daniel tries to talk to her, she blanks him initially. When he asks why, she explains she saw him kissing Paige.
AMBER: You were all over her.
DANIEL: I wasn't!
AMBER: I have eyes!

Daniel insists Paige initiated the kiss, but Amber tells him how much it hurt to see that, after all they've said to one another. However, Daniel says it's unfair Amber's angry at him, given that she's still with Josh - and that he feels the same way every time he sees them together.
DANIEL: It's killing me. But that's how it is.
He stomps off.
Power Road
We see Josh skateboarding as filmed by Paige on a smartphone. She says his stunts are pretty tame compared to what he can do. She also asks why Amber isn't here filming him instead of her, and Josh explains Amber's not feeling well. Paige points out how Amber always finds excuses to be doing other things.
JOSH: I know you don't like her, but Amber is the best.
Josh tells Paige about how amazing Amber was when he injured his shoulder in the abseiling accident, despite him not making it easy for her.
PAIGE: How so?
JOSH: Well you didn't know me back then, but I wasn't good at thinking about other people. I was all about myself. I lashed out at her, pushed her away, and she just stood by me the whole time. She makes me a better person. I don't deserve her, but I need her.
Paige says Josh and Amber's relationship seems different from where she's standing, but Josh tells her not to worry - he almost lost Amber before, and he won't let it happen again.
PAIGE: Well if that's the case, you need to spend more time with her. Princesses need attention.
Lassiter's Complex
Ethan accosts Imogen outside Harold's with a lame chat-up routine, claiming he's 'bewitched' and 'needs taming'. She asks why he isn't with Paige; he claims he's sick of fighting with her.
IMOGEN: Then why are you staying with her?
ETHAN: Because she's my s... mate.
Imogen flirtatiously asks if Ethan wants to hang out with her instead, but he says he can't and suggests tomorrow. She explains she has school then, but he teases her for being a 'good girl', which rattles her a bit. She reaches for his phone and sends herself a message from it, so they have each other's numbers.
ETHAN: I'll never call you, though. I wouldn't want to corrupt such a good girl.
IMOGEN: Can you stop calling me that?
Ethan spots Paige arriving, and says he has to go. Amber is clearing tables, and Paige comes over.
AMBER: What do you want?
PAIGE: Checking my shifts, is that okay? Anyone would think you were mad at me. It's because I kissed Daniel, right?
Lauren, who is also clearing tables, watches the girls speaking from a distance.
AMBER: Why would I care about that?
PAIGE: I dunno. But I know jealousy when I see it.
AMBER: Yeah, you don't know what you're talking about.
PAIGE: Relax, I'm on your side. Or Josh's side, at least.
AMBER: Did you say something to him?
PAIGE: Not about Daniel. But I did tell him to make more of an effort with you. And I suggest you do the same.
No 32
The Turners are having a bit of a clear-out. Lauren admires the framed photos Josh made for Amber, and Amber goes quiet. Lauren admits she saw her talking to Paige earlier, and that it looked tense.
AMBER: Of course it's tense, it's Paige.
To cheer her up, Lauren suggests that she and Amber could work on a piece for the upcoming women's art exhibition together, as a mother-daughter team. Amber agrees to this idea, and goes to sit outside.
Matt and Bailey come in, having been sorting out junk to put out for the bins. Bailey insists he can finish the job, so Matt can hang out with Lauren. Lauren rescues Lily's Christmas bear from one of the boxes she's preparing to throw out, leading Matt to ask if she's having second thoughts about stopping the search for her daughter. Lauren says she may look again one day, but is putting her family first for now. Matt kisses her, and Lauren places the bear safely on the side.
Lassiter's Lake
The next day, Brad is running one of his yoga classes by the lake, which Paige, Josh and Imogen are all attending. Paige says she'd like to start attending Brad's boot camps as well, and he promises to give her mates' rates. He adds that he heard she had a friend staying, and that she could get an extra discount if she brought him along. But Paige gets cagey, saying it's not really her friend's thing, and asks how Brad heard about him.
JOSH: I told him. Imogen thinks he's cute.
Josh asks if Paige wants to join him for lunch, but she suggests he ask Amber instead. He says he will. Once Josh has gone, Imogen lays into Paige for sticking her nose into Josh's relationship. There's a brief stand-off between the two, and Imogen marches off to follow Josh.
Harold's Store
Imogen sits down with Amber, and asks why she looks so miserable - Amber insists she's not. Imogen admits she's waiting to hear from Ethan.
AMBER: Paige's friend?
IMOGEN: Yeah. The dumb one.
AMBER: Hmm. Well he might be dumb, but he's hot.
IMOGEN: The hottest. But I don't even really like him. Even though I did kiss him.
Imogen asks for Amber's advice about Ethan, but Amber is intermittently distracted by Daniel's entrance.
AMBER: Well, you can't help how you feel about someone. The connection's either there or it's not. Sometimes you've just gotta give into it.
IMOGEN: Even if it's a purely physical and totally superficial connection?
AMBER: Well if it was anyone else, I'd say, sure, if that's what you want. But you?
IMOGEN: I have told you I am done with having high standards for myself, and for guys. So if I want to enjoy some meaningless hook-ups with some hot, dumb guy, then I will.
As Daniel leaves, Paige comes in, and they smile at one another. Amber tells Imogen that she's sure she's looking for a more genuine connection deep down. Paige says good morning to Amber, but doesn't get a response - and Lauren remarks to Paige that she and Amber are glaring at one another.
PAIGE: We just don't get along.
LAUREN: Ah, it's such a shame.
LAUREN: Because I really like you, and I just wish you two could be friends.
But Paige and Amber continue to give each other evils across the room.
No 32
Matt is still clearing out junk, as Sonya turns up to ask how things are going with Bailey since Matt opened up to him. Matt says they're doing okay, and Sonya's glad, explaining how she was Bailey's age when she went off the rails and she doesn't want to see it happen to him. Bailey comes in, and Sonya asks if he's free for a chat later. Bailey agrees, and goes to fetch one of the boxes of junk to take it out for the trash. As he picks it up, Lauren's Christmas bear gets knocked off the side into another box of junk, which Sonya then takes out as well on her way out. No-one notices the bear.
Erinsborough High School
Imogen is in the yard when she receives a teasing text from Ethan, saying: 'Having a good day, "Good Girl"?' She sighs, frustrated. Bailey stops by, asking why Imogen's not in class. She explains she's waiting for Miss Di Angelo to help her with the art exhibition, but that she hasn't turned up.
BAILEY: Bit of a worry when the school captain's more dependable than the teachers.
Once Bailey's gone, Imogen makes a call on her mobile.
IMOGEN: Ethan, hey, it's me... Stop talking. Where are you?
Shortly afterwards, Josh is outside the school doors, showing off his skateboarding bruises to some extras. Susan comes out, and advises him to spend more energy on his studies rather than skating, to improve his marks, before walking off. Amber comes out, and expresses her own concern about Josh's bruises, but he says skateboarding has filled a hole in his life left by swimming.
Josh adds that a couple of people have told him he needs to make more of an effort with Amber. She quickly guesses that one of them was Paige, but Josh says that if people are noticing, he obviously needs to try harder.
JOSH: How about from now on, I just ditch the skateboard, and we focus on each other more?
AMBER: You love your skateboard.
JOSH: But I love you more.
He hugs and kisses her.
Lassiter's Lake
Ethan and Imogen are having a pash behind a bush, trying to keep out of sight to avoid her being caught wagging school.
ETHAN: So, is studying me more interesting than whatever you're doing in class?
IMOGEN: I'm undecided, but I'll let you know.
Imogen asks Ethan why he's hanging around Erinsborough with nothing to do - he claims he's taking time out to catch up with Paige. Imogen questions Ethan about growing up in Hobart.
IMOGEN: Anywhere near MONA?
ETHAN: Who's she?
IMOGEN: The Museum. Of Old and New Art?
ETHAN: Erm, no. We're on the other side of Hobart. I like art though, as long as you can tell what the picture's supposed to be. Like, what's with all that abstract stuff? A kid with a paintbrush could do -
IMOGEN: You know what? Let's not talk. It's not working for me.
ETHAN: Oh. Okay then.
They start snogging again instead!
Erinsborough High School
Bailey is having a one-way conversation with an extra about homework, when Josh comes out of the building. Bailey asks if he wants to have lunch later. Josh says he's eating with Amber, but promises to catch up later to go over Bailey's astronaut training programme. Josh goes back inside, and Susan comes out looking for Imogen. She gathers from Bailey's testimony of their conversation earlier that Imogen has left school without authorisation. Once she's gone, Bailey reaches for his phone to warn Imogen that Susan's looking for her.
Ramsay Street
Amber catches up with Paige, thanking her for not telling Josh about 'you know'. Paige says she kept quiet for Josh's sake, not Amber's - she doesn't want to see him hurt.
AMBER: The thing between Daniel and I, it's complicated.
PAIGE: I don't wanna know. But listen, if I see you guys together again, I'm gonna have to tell Josh.
AMBER: Yeah. I understand. You're a good friend to him.
As Amber goes into No 32, Paige spies the box of junk outside on the road - and finds Lauren's bear inside it.
No 24
Paige comes in and compares the bear with her own - they're identical. She looks worried.
Erinsborough High School
Outside, Ethan is teasing Imogen again, because she's all worried since receiving Bailey's message about Susan.
ETHAN: I knew it was all an act. Skipping off, wagging school...
IMOGEN: Just shut up.
ETHAN: It was worth it, though, right?
She smiles, and they kiss again - just as Susan comes round the corner! Ethan makes a quick escape, and Susan demands answers. Imogen claims Ethan was just dropping her back at school, but Susan concludes she's spent the day with him, and says she doesn't like being lied to. She adds that Imogen is supposed to set an example as school captain.
SUSAN: I'm not interested in your excuses. As of now you're stripped of the school captaincy.
IMOGEN: What?!
SUSAN: Just think yourself lucky that I don't suspend you as well.
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- Terese and Brad are concerned to learn Imogen's been skipping school with a boy
- Paige has a go at Ethan because Brad's annoyed, and can't know he's here
- Brad throws Paige out of the gym
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Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 6918
Amber Turner

Paige Novak, Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6918
Paige Novak, Daniel Robinson

Paige Novak, Ethan Smith in Neighbours Episode 6918
Paige Novak, Ethan Smith

Bailey Turner, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6918
Bailey Turner, Sonya Rebecchi

Susan Kennedy, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 6918
Susan Kennedy, Imogen Willis

Josh Willis, Paige Novak, Ethan Smith in Neighbours Episode 6918
Josh Willis, Paige Novak, Ethan Smith

Amber Turner, Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6918
Amber Turner, Daniel Robinson

Josh Willis, Paige Novak in Neighbours Episode 6918
Josh Willis, Paige Novak

Imogen Willis, Ethan Smith in Neighbours Episode 6918
Imogen Willis, Ethan Smith

Paige Novak, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 6918
Paige Novak, Amber Turner

Amber Turner, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 6918
Amber Turner, Lauren Turner

Matt Turner, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 6918
Matt Turner, Lauren Turner

Brad Willis, Josh Willis, Imogen Willis, Paige Novak in Neighbours Episode 6918
Brad Willis, Josh Willis, Imogen Willis, Paige Novak

Imogen Willis, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 6918
Imogen Willis, Amber Turner

Paige Novak, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 6918
Paige Novak, Lauren Turner

Sonya Rebecchi, Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6918
Sonya Rebecchi, Matt Turner

 in Neighbours Episode 6918

Bailey Turner, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 6918
Bailey Turner, Imogen Willis

Josh Willis, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 6918
Josh Willis, Amber Turner

Ethan Smith, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 6918
Ethan Smith, Imogen Willis

Bailey Turner, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6918
Bailey Turner, Susan Kennedy

Paige Novak, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 6918
Paige Novak, Amber Turner

 in Neighbours Episode 6918

Paige Novak in Neighbours Episode 6918
Paige Novak

Imogen Willis, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6918
Imogen Willis, Susan Kennedy

Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 6918
Imogen Willis

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