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Neighbours Episode 6902 from 2014 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<6901 - 6903>>
Episode title: 6902
Australian airdate: 10/06/14
UK airdate: 24/06/14
Writer: Brooke Wilson
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Mark Brennan - Scott McGregor
Paige Novak - Olympia Valance
Laura Cleary - Jodi Flockhart
Kelly Merolli - Maya Aleksandra
Summary/Images by: Clare/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Brad and Lauren share a moment.
- Paige pays for her hotel room in cash and gives a false name.
- Matt suggests to Paul that Victor went after Kate in revenge.
- Mark tells Paul if it's all down to him Mark will never let Paul forget it.
- The police dig up a rifle and tell Paul it matches the rifle used in Kate's death.
- Matt tells Paul they need to track Victor down and arrest him.
Graveyard and Number 32
Paul is looking at Kate's headstone. Matt thanks Mark for coming over. Mark confirms there has been a breakthrough. Matt says they've managed to find the gun and they've got a strong suspect. Mark confirms he is talking about Victor. Matt says they now have to track him down. Mark realises he wasn't the target. Matt confirms this Victor was after Kate because of Paul. We cut to Paul looking at the flowers as the grave as Mark reflects he thought Kate died because of him. Matt tells him he doesn't have to carry it with him anymore. Mark says its Paul's burden now. It cuts back to Paul whom is weeping at the grave.
The Waterhole
Terese is wondering what she did to deserve breakfast out. Brad wants to know if hes allowed sometimes to spoil his wife once in a while. They haven't had a date night in so long so they're having a date breakfast instead. Terese loves it. Brad tells her he loves her as well and they kiss. Terese wonders why shes getting the special treatment. Brad says its guilt he hasn't been in the best head space lately. Hes kept things from her, asking Imogen to lie and hes made a lot of bad decisions. Terese says hes had his reasons. Brad doesn't think they were good enough. It all came to a head in Adelaide and it made him realise how much he missed her and the family. If he lost that, he wouldn't have anything. Terese tells him hell always have her and their family. Brad hopes so. Terese thinks she should thank Lauren for helping Brad get his head straight.
Paige comes in. When she sees them she tries to go out but Brad calls her over. He asks if shes going to the gym today. She is after her shift and he says she needs photo ID so he can sign her up for membership. Paige hasn't got around to updating her address yet. Shes happy to stay on as a casual. Brad says they can put Lassiters in the system with her old address. Terese asks Paige to confirm where shes from again. Paige says she didn't say and shes from Tasmania. Terese says Wine Glass Bay is one of her favourite places. Paige says shes not much of a beach person. Terese asks what she did there. Paige is quite vague. Terese comments that odd jobs pay pretty well. Paige makes her excuses and leaves. Brad isnt sure why Paige keeps putting off her membership as it will cost her so much more than casual. Terese doesn't think money is an issue for Paige.
Police Station
Lou confirms to Matt and Kelly his only involvement was that he owned the building (Lou's Place). Kelly thanks him for his help. Lauren is at the front desk and asks Lou why he is there she thought he wanted help picking out books on Cambodia. Lou does he was just sharing what he knew about the old pub and Coffee Shop burning down. Matt asks Lauren what the paper bag is on the front desk. Lauren tells Matt its lunch with all his favourites. Matt doesn't know what he did to deserve her. He thinks she should go away with Brad more often and they kiss. Matt asks for the name of the hotel in Adelaide. Lauren thinks it was the West Court Lodge. Matt comments there was a weird entry on the credit card statement. Lauren explains that Brad ended up paying. Lou confirms she means two rooms and Matt says hell fix Brad up when he sees him.
Terese comes in and comments its nice to see Brads not the only one keeping the romance alive. Lauren laughs awkwardly and tells Lou they'd better be going and leave. Terese asks Matt if he thinks its strange that someone insists on paying cash for an expensive hotel suite.
Lassiter's Lake
Paige tells Ethan by phone call shes not crazy. If she wants to stay here shell need fake ID. She wants to keep getting to know her family in her own time. She asks him to trust her.
Paige rings off and greets Brad whom is setting up for the yoga class. Brad apologises if he was pressuring her before. Hes just watching out for her back pocket. She understands but didn't expect Terese to ask about her life story. Brad says Terese was just interested. Paige thinks she was being nosy. Paige knows its weird shes spending so much on a hotel but shes genui and that's what they do. Brad asks if its genui to be vague about her past. Paige explains its just her. She doesn't like to talk about that stuff. Brad understands. Paige asks if hes always been in the gym business. Brad explains he used to be a PE teacher. Paige says she thought all PE teachers were overweight, ex-footy players with dodgy knees. Brad thinks its true. Paige asks why he gave it up. Brad explains about Josh's career and accident.
PAIGE: That explains why I kicked his butt so easily in the gym the other day.
Brad explains that's why hes working there. Brad thinks its a bit of a crooked path but it feels right. Paige thinks its better than trying to teach a snotty bunch of kids how to shoot hoops. Brad laughs and Paige heads off.
Harold's Store
Paige comes in to start her shift and Matt greets her. Paige tells him if hes looking for Lauren shes gone to do some charity stuff with her Dad. Matt knows this and asks her how shes settling in and hopes works not too boring. Paige asks why shes asking. Matt thinks she might have done more interesting stuff than waitressing before she came here. She asks him if hes asking her as a cop. Matt denies it and she wants to know why hes curious. Matt explains people see a lot of cash and they think something dodgy is going on. Paige points out the only place shes paid cash is the hotel. Paige works out Terese came to him. Matt tries to explain Terese is on edge lately. Paige doesnt care and she wants Matt to tell Terese to mind her own business. She tells Matt to do the same and walks off.
Outside Police Station
Paul comes out and spots a woman walking past. He is shocked to see her and catches up with her, calling her Laura. He asks what shes doing here as Matt catches up with them. Laura introduces herself as Victor Cleary's sister. She thinks she knows where Victor is.
First Commercial Break
Police Station
Matt confirms she is comfortable with Paul being in the room. Laura asks if he is involved in this too and he confirms this. Matt asks her to tell him more about Victor as Snr. Constable Merolli looks into the address shes given them. Victor figured out what Paul confessed to Laura several years ago. He wanted Laura to help him get back at Paul. Matt asks her what Victor wanted Laura to do. Laura didn't want to get involved and she didnt want to go into it. After what Nick and she did, she just wanted to put the whole thing behind her. Victor never could. Kelly comes in and confirms that the address is an Industrial Estate in West Warratah. Matt confirms this with Laura. Laura never went there. Matt goes to leave and tells Laura they'll have more questions for her later. Laura warns Paul if Victor really is after him Paul needs to be careful.
Industrial Estate, West Warratah
There is music coming from the cabin and the police are waiting outside. Kelly tells Matt it doesn't look locked and the radios on. It sounds like someones in there. Matt tells them to go inside. Matt knocks and nobody answers. Kelly confirms they are the police and they have a warrant. They go in and find the building empty. Behind a long plank Matt finds a wall of photos. Matt calls Kelly over. The photos are of Paul and Kates face is ringed in the picture of her and Paul. Kelly says they'll search the estate. Matt comments the papers are local someone must know something.
Lauren comes over carrying a box and asks Lou to give her a hand. Lou agrees but carries on sitting and reading the paper. Lauren isn't impressed. The box collapses and Brad comes to her rescue. He picks up the books and Lauren thanks him. Lou says Brads the bloke he was hoping to see. Lou wants to borrow some snorkelling gear if Brad has any. Brad has got some and asks if Lou's going on holiday. Lou is going to Cambodia to see Mai Ling. He thought they would hit the beach and get in the three Ss sun, sand and snorkelling. Brad is pleased to see people staying active and will drop the gear off this afternoon. Lou thanks him and invites him for dinner. Brad can watch the video of the vow renewal. Lauren thinks Brad doesn't want to be bored by all of that. Lou comments its a shame Adelaide got in the way. Brad will try and make it.
The Waterhole
Paige tells Terese in case shes curious, shes not a thief, a dealer or any other kind of criminal in case Terese thought that. Terese apologises she didn't mean to upset Paige. Paige wonders why she has it in for her. Terese doesn't but if Paige was in her position shed be asking questions too. Paige says she hasn't done anything. Terese points out she doesn't use credit cards or hand out personal details. Paige has plenty of money but shes crying poor.
PAIGE: Working for tips and crying poor are two very different things. Not that it's any of your business.
Terese says shes a guest at Lassiter's and that is her business. Paige says she should start looking for other accommodation. Terese comments its her choice. She points out Paige can't keep acting all mysterious and be shocked when people start asking questions.
Industrial Estate, West Warratah
Kelly comes in and Matt comments he hopes shes having more luck than he is. Kelly comments they've taken a statement from the only nearby resident and scoured the area - nothing. Matt wonders where hes gone. Kelly doesn't think anyone's around since they abandoned the estate. Kelly is questioning why they targeted Kate and not Paul himself. Matt thinks Victor wants Paul to suffer like Victor did when Gus died. That's why they've got to find this guy.
The Waterhole
Matt tells Paul he needs police protection. Paul thinks its rubbish. Cleary has had weeks to come after Paul if he wanted to. It would be a waste of valuable resources. Matt points out its not a case of cost cutting there's a dangerous criminal at large who's very angry with Paul. Paul says he understands but Matt doesn't think he does. He wants Paul to accept their protection but Paul says its not going to happen. Matt has to accept this but tells Paul hes crazy.
Terese (whom has been standing next to Matt) sits down and encourages Paul. She wants him to listen to reason surely he doesn't want anyone else to get hurt like Kate. Paul comments that Terese is worried about getting caught in the crossfire. Terese says not half as much as shes worried about her family and every other person in this place.
Sonya comes in and points out to Mark that she told him a walk has helped clear his head. She thinks they should get something to eat as Mark spots Paul. He comes over and grabs Paul by the lapels, forcing him to stand up. He starts blaming Paul telling him Kate's dead because of him Sonya and Matt drag Mark off Paul. Mark angrily Paul this is all his fault. Sonya tells Mark they need to go. Matt tells Paul he should reconsider their offer for his own safety. Paul still refuses and Matt asks why. Paul points out for once Brennan's right he deserves everything he gets.
Sonya tells Mark that this hatred for Paul needs to stop. Its empowering now but it will destroy Mark if he lets it. Mark tried to get past it but then he saw him and he lost it. Sonya points out whatever's happened in the past Paul is a victim in this situation too. Sonya insists that even though its hard to hear its true. If he wants any way of getting past this, he needs to let it go. Mark doesn't know how. Sonya suggests they forget their differences and focus on what they have in common. Paul's in just as much pain as Mark is. Mark points out that Paul's blamed him all this time. Sonya tells him if Mark keeps taking it out on Paul it wont bring Kate back. Mark realises this. Sonya says the guy who took Kate away is still out there and they'd all feel a lot safer if Mark started channelling his energy on making sure he gets caught.
Number 32 Backyard
Lou and Lauren are doing the gardening. Matt comes out and says hes got to get back to work. Lauren tells him not to be long as Sonya's organised a farewell barbecue for Callum. Matt says hell make it. Lou says there's no rest for the wicked as Matt says or for those trying to catch them.
Brad arrives with the snorkelling gear and suggests he tries it on to make sure it fits. Lou tries it on and asks if hell scare the fishes. Everyone laughs. Lou comments itll be nice doing something different with Mai Ling on this trip. He can still remember how excited he was to meet her for the first time not knowing she existed for all these years. Lou realises hes put his foot in his mouth and apologises. Matt says its foot and mouth disease a curse.
MATT: (To Brad) I wanted to see you actually. We need to talk about what happened on the Adelaide trip.
Brad and Lauren exchange one of many awkward glances which Lou notices. Matt laughingly tells Brad he didn't have to foot the bill for both rooms and how much does he owe him. Brad says Matt doesn't owe him anything. Matt checks and then accepts this. He leaves. Lou comments its a shame they went to Adelaide for nothing. Brad agrees and leaves.
Coffee Shop
Paige sees the ad for a new housemate on the notice board and realises its Marks ad. She comes over and confirms he lives on Ramsay Street along with Brad and Lauren. Mark confirms this. Paige asks if hes still on the market for a new housemate. Mark tells her hes not the best company right now. Paige doesn't think she is either and shes good with the rent. Mark doesn't think she wants to live with him. Paige agrees she points out he already has his sugars lined up. If that's not a warning sign she doesn't know what is. Mark comments he thinks shes a slob whom leaves wet towels on the bathroom floor. She admits she is. She says he needs a housemate and she needs to get out of the hotel. If she doesn't find a place in the next few days shell be sleeping in a skip out the back. She says shell bring home raspberry fronds. She comments he has another expression apart from brooding. He smiles and comments if she makes him smile he can't let her live in a skip. He asks her to be neat and tidy though. She agrees if he takes out the rubbish. He agrees to do it twice a day. She thinks they'll get on just fine.
Number 32 Backyard
Lou comes out and Lauren asks Lou if he sorted through the books they collected and he did. He thanks her for her help today. She doesn't think he sounds too happy.
He hopes hes not invading her privacy but he wants to know whats going on. Lauren doesn't understand what hes talking about. He asks what happened in Adelaide. She starts explaining about the search and Lou interrupts saying he meant what happened between her and Brad. Lou reminds her its him shes talking to. Lou's not about to judge Lauren but he knows somethings turning her inside out and he knows it involves Brad. Lauren doesn't know how he can possibly know that. Lou points out it doesn't take a genius. Ever since shes come home shes been very attentive to Matt and hes seen the way she behaves around Brad. Lou knows the signs hes been there more than once himself. He repeats hes not judging her but if he can give her any help or advice.
Lauren explains they had to share a room. They didn't plan it that way but the place was booked out. It had been a really long day. She was exhausted and emotional. She breaks down as she admits she kissed Brad. Lou comforts her as she asks herself what she has done.
Second Commercial Break
Paul takes some flowers to the grave. He finds a little white box and looks inside. Inside there is a (modern) Lassiter's card with some ashes. Paul looks around but there is no one there. He takes the box and leaves quickly.
Tomorrow on Neighbours
Libby and Ben return.
- Paul tells Daniel hes a kid whom doesn't know what loss is.
- Chris and Georgia put Kyles business on Facebook.
- Chris is reluctant to show Georgia something on the tablet.
- Lauren debates whether to tell Matt.
<<6901 - 6903>>
Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6902
Paul Robinson

Matt Turner, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 6902
Matt Turner, Mark Brennan

Terese Willis, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 6902
Terese Willis, Brad Willis

Lou Carpenter, Matt Turner, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 6902
Lou Carpenter, Matt Turner, Lauren Turner

Brad Willis, Paige Novak in Neighbours Episode 6902
Brad Willis, Paige Novak

Paige Novak, Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6902
Paige Novak, Matt Turner

Paul Robinson, Laura Cleary in Neighbours Episode 6902
Paul Robinson, Laura Cleary

Laura Cleary in Neighbours Episode 6902
Laura Cleary

Snr. Const. Kelly Merolli, Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6902
Snr. Const. Kelly Merolli, Matt Turner

Paul Robinson, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6902
Paul Robinson, Kate Ramsay

Lauren Turner, Lou Carpenter, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 6902
Lauren Turner, Lou Carpenter, Brad Willis

Paige Novak in Neighbours Episode 6902
Paige Novak

Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 6902
Terese Willis

Matt Turner, Snr. Const. Kelly Merolli in Neighbours Episode 6902
Matt Turner, Snr. Const. Kelly Merolli

Paul Robinson, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 6902
Paul Robinson, Terese Willis

Paul Robinson, Terese Willis, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 6902
Paul Robinson, Terese Willis, Mark Brennan

Sonya Rebecchi, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 6902
Sonya Rebecchi, Mark Brennan

Lauren Turner, Brad Willis, Matt Turner, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 6902
Lauren Turner, Brad Willis, Matt Turner, Lou Carpenter

Paige Novak, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 6902
Paige Novak, Mark Brennan

Lou Carpenter, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 6902
Lou Carpenter, Lauren Turner

 in Neighbours Episode 6902

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6902
Paul Robinson

<<6901 - 6903>>
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