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Neighbours Episode 6859 from 2014 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6859
Australian airdate: 10/04/14
UK airdate: 24/04/14
Writer: Fiona Bozic
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Doug Willis: Terence Donovan
Hudson Walsh: Remy Hii
Dave Reilly: Lucas Lineham
Summary/Images by: Sarah/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Doug arrives and decides to help Josh
- Chris gets hit by a mystery assailant. Karl assures him there was nothing more he could have done
- The teens agree that the lake gives them the creeps and want to do something about it
- Paul cancels the permit for the celebration for Kate, and threatens to arrest anyone who turns up
Ramsay Street
Susan tells Paul that cancelling the celebration for Kate isn't fair. Paul retorts that Kate's death wasn't fair. Susan concedes that.
SUSAN: But dictating how people can grieve isn't going to help you. It isn't going to help anyone.
PAUL: I will be the judge of what helps me and I really don't care about anyone else.
Susan tells Karl about her conversation with Paul. He points out that Kate was Paul's niece but she says that it's not just Paul who's grieving. He suggests she rethink the venue.
SUSAN: But it's about the kids taking back the lake so they feel comfortable going there again.
KARL: I thought it was about celebrating and honouring Kate.
He goes off on his rounds, leaving her looking pensive.
Meanwhile, in another room, Chris finishes a call with Mark, who is at work. He asks Georgia if she knows anything about the investigation. She tells him not to feel guilty - nobody could have predicted what was going to happen. Sheila arrives and asks Chris if he knows a builder to cover for Kyle while he is away. Georgia tells Sheila that Chris isn't well, so she leaves, asking him to call if he needs anything, or thinks of anyone. Chris tells Georgia that his parents visited, but his mum freaked out. However, he's looking forward to a video call with Hudson later. He gets wheeled out for an MRI.
Ramsay Street
Doug and Josh are getting materials for the shoe rack out of the ute, when Doug spots Lauren, and he goes over and hugs her. He says he's come to help Josh, and Lauren comments that she could have done with help with her eldest a couple of years ago. Doug looks blank, then says they should all catch up. She says she's busy, and tells him to go and see Lou, as he's upset about Kate.
No 32
Doug and Lou greet each other, and Doug informs Lou that Pam is as cranky as ever. Doug offers his sympathy about Kate, and Lou says he's known her since she was a kid (which isn't actually that long ago). Doug suggests they should start brewing again - ginger beer, half alcohol, half soft.
Susan tells Imogen and Callum that the celebration is being moved to the school. Imogen says she's already planned it, but Callum points out the venue doesn't really matter as it's about remembering what an awesome person Kate was. Susan is just commenting that they can make it work, when Paul comes in and overhears. He reminds them that there's no way they can hold it at the lake, so Susan says they've moved it to the school.
SUSAN: It's what the community wants.
PAUL: And what I want means nothing, eh?
SUSAN: That's not true, Paul. But this means so much to everyone else, you can't stop it.
Chris arrives back late from his MRI, and Hudson is calling him. He says it's the third time he's tried to call and he's only got 12 minutes. They chat, but Hudson spends the whole time glancing anxiously away from the camera. Then the prison officer cuts them just as Hudson is saying he misses Chris.
Imogen, Amber, Bailey and Callum remember Kate.
Georgia has written a song for Kate, and Karl tells her he thinks it's beautiful. Georgia tells him that Paul's lawyer has written to her saying that if she sings it, he will sue her for breach of contract. Karl reckons it's ridiculous.
GEORGIA: Yeah, I get it. He's emotional, and he's obviously not coping.
KARL: It's not all about him, is it?
No 32
Lou and Doug are preparing for brewing. Lou comments that he can't remember what to do.
DOUG: Mate, all we need is a bit of common sense.
LOU: In that case, we're stuffed.
Doug goes to look for sugar and Sheila arrives to look for Matt. She hopes he can help cover for Kyle, but Lou says he's working on Kate's investigation. He introduces Sheila to Doug and she is delighted to learn he is a builder. She drags him off to give him a list of jobs.
Lassiter's Complex
Paul sees a builder (Dave) working outside Charlie's, and he asks what's going on. Dave explains that they are starting the "refurb".
DAVE: Some psycho lost it and trashed the place.
Paul wants to know who authorised it, and Dave supposes it was the owner.
PAUL: Here's a newsflash for you. I happen to be the owner and I most definitely did not hire anyone to do any "refurb". And by the way, I'm also the psycho who lost it.
DAVE: So who ordered the work then?
Paul looks round, and, as if by magic, Terese is walking past.
Paul asks Terese how she got the plans, and she says he rushed them through Council. He says she had no right to give the go- ahead.
TERESE: I am your manager, so it is my job to look after your business affairs until you are in a fit state to do so yourself.
PAUL: There is nothing wrong with the state I'm in.
She tells him he can't keep Charlie's as a shrine to Kate, and that attacking everyone is not helping. He says maybe he's happy how he is. She says he can't mean it.
TERESE: Kate was loved and... and adored by everybody in this community. You should be proud of that. She deserves better than this, and you know it.
School Grounds
Lots of random extras are milling round in the grounds where there is a large photo of Kate. Bailey is setting up a microphone. Imogen spots Paul arriving, and Susan goes to speak to him. An upset Paul says he can't believe she's gone. He asks about Brennan, who hasn't made it.
PAUL: He's the reason she's gone. He hasn't even got the guts to show up.
Susan says she hopes he will stay but begs him not to spoil it for everyone else.
Doug asks Josh to help him bottle the ginger beer. Josh sounds unenthusiastic and confesses that he is missing Amber. Doug asks Josh if he'll help with the building for Sheila, but he leaves for Kate's celebration.
Georgia and Chris chat briefly about Kate's celebration.
School Grounds
Callum says that Kate wasn't just a teacher: she was a friend, and she taught him the importance of family. Georgia's song is supposed to be next, but she hasn't arrived, so Karl sings it instead. Georgia arrives, and smiles in approval Susan comforts Paul, who is crying.
Later, Georgia tells Chris that she couldn't go through with singing the song without Paul's consent. She says she's glad Karl sang it.
GEORGIA: It felt like we were somehow connected to her. It made me think about how lucky I am... to have had her in my life, to have Kyle.
She asks him about Hudson, and Chris says that his call was rejected. Obviously Hudson doesn't want to speak to him.
CHRIS: Is this just how things are? Every time that something big happens, and I need him, I just have to deal with it by myself?
Chris says that four years is a long time, and asks Georgia if she would wait four years. Georgia can't answer, and Chris says he can't either.
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- Chris tells Georgia he didn't realise how tough it was going to be
- a male nurse gives Chris his phone number
- Brad and Terese discuss Josh
- Naomi tells Toadie they need to sign the Chilean contract
- Naomi tells Sonya not to say anything to jeopardise the contract; then reschedules the meeting
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Susan Kennedy, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6859
Susan Kennedy, Paul Robinson

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6859
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Georgia Brooks, Sheila Canning, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6859
Georgia Brooks, Sheila Canning, Chris Pappas

Josh Willis in Neighbours Episode 6859
Josh Willis

Lauren Turner, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 6859
Lauren Turner, Doug Willis

Doug Willis, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 6859
Doug Willis, Lou Carpenter

Susan Kennedy, Callum Rebecchi, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 6859
Susan Kennedy, Callum Rebecchi, Imogen Willis

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6859
Paul Robinson

Hudson Walsh in Neighbours Episode 6859
Hudson Walsh

Imogen Willis, Bailey Turner, Callum Rebecchi, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 6859
Imogen Willis, Bailey Turner, Callum Rebecchi, Amber Turner

Karl Kennedy, Georgia Brooks in Neighbours Episode 6859
Karl Kennedy, Georgia Brooks

Sheila Canning, Doug Harris, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 6859
Sheila Canning, Doug Harris, Lou Carpenter

Paul Robinson, Dave Reilly in Neighbours Episode 6859
Paul Robinson, Dave Reilly

Terese Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6859
Terese Willis, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6859
Paul Robinson, Susan Kennedy

Doug Willis, Josh Willis in Neighbours Episode 6859
Doug Willis, Josh Willis

Georgia Brooks, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6859
Georgia Brooks, Chris Pappas

Callum Rebecchi, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6859
Callum Rebecchi, Kate Ramsay

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6859
Karl Kennedy

Paul Robinson, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6859
Paul Robinson, Susan Kennedy

Georgia Brooks in Neighbours Episode 6859
Georgia Brooks

Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6859
Chris Pappas

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