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Neighbours Episode 6801 from 2014 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6801
Australian airdate: 20/01/14
UK airdate: 03/02/13
Writer: Pete McTighe
Director: Jean-Pierre Mignon
Guests: Jacob Holmes: Clayton Watson
Elliott Holmes: Ryder Smyth
Marty Kranic: Darius Perkins
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Karl explaining to Susan why people aren't going to be voting for him.
- Terese trying to work out why Paul hates her.
- Jacob worried about dealing with his in laws.
- Jacob kissing Sonya!
Number 30
Sonya is very flustered after the kiss and tells Jacob that he needs to leave. He too is in a bit of a daze over what happened and apologises for it. Toad comes out from checking on Nell and persuades Jacob (who really does want to go) to stay for another beer and watch the cricket.
Harold's Store
Terese confronts Paul over the brochure she discovered and he explains to her that he wants to go it alone and thinks the name (Robinsons) has a nice little ring to it! He adds that he will let Lucy know soon (to start on the paperwork) and reassures Terese that she will still have her job as long as she can meet the targets and doesn't open his mail ever!
Number 28
Sheila barges her way into #28 to moan to Karl that Paul is even dragging her into the election, showing him some article in the local newspaper campaign (saying hes a father-figure to his staff) and demanding to know what he is going to do about it!
KARL: I can't lie!
With only one day left, Sheila wants him to do something because she doesn't want Paul to be their mayor (she is now backing Karl).
SHEILA: The man is a disgrace!
An idea comes to Sheila for a way to help Karl make up the points he is behind Paul (10% according to the latest poll) he could do a concert but really its a campaign rally. Susan is all for it too and Sheila tells him it can be held at Charlie's (sod Paul!) and he could also get some good publicity in the paper that would come out on Election Day too.
SHEILA: That's what you need, one final campaign push.
Number 30
Sonya is keeping herself busy scrubbing the cooker to death while the men watch the cricket. The game finishes and Jacob announces its time to leave so Toadie goes off to the bedroom to get Elliott allowing Jacob the time to quickly explain to Sonya why he felt he needed to stay. Toad is back before they can really talk and Jacob/Elliott depart and he then thanks his wife for forcing him to hang out with Jacob as he enjoyed it. He also mentions that he is going to be giving him information on visitation rights too.
Harold's Store
In the kitchen, Sonya is after advice (saying its supposedly for someone on her blog) on her Jacob dilemma from Lauren as to whether to tell Toadie or not and the roundabout advice is to tell as there shouldnt be any secrets and it would be worse if he found out from someone else.
Lassiters Complex
Jacob spots Sonya as she exits the store and calls her over. She apologises if she ever gave him the wrong idea (that she was available) but she is with Toadie and loves him. Jacob still can't come up with an explanation over why it happened but promises that it won't happen again and begs her not to say anything to Toadie. She wants to tell but he doesn't think telling will come to any good now. He does agree to Sonyas request that they don't see each other for a while and when spotted by Cal/Bailey, both suddenly put on their happy faces ward off any unnecessary questioning. The boys havent bought it though when the adults leave.
Number 30
Bailey thinks Cal is stressing about Josie not being in contact but he explains that he is worried about his mum and guesses its to do with Jacob. Cal also adds that he needs to apologise to Josie but refuses to explain why.
Lassiters Complex
Paul is making a last minute voting pitch when Marty appears causing him to immediately lose the happy face hes just had!
Paul and Marty head into the bar and he cuts straight to the chase what is Marty after. Marty wants $10k reimbursement for lying to the police during the Robbo investigation (hes hard up after a losing streak on the cards). You're dreaming! is Pauls reply to the request so he turns the screws by reminding Paul what he knows about his dodgy deals and his request to get rid of Robbo.
MARTY: I bet your electorate wouldnt appreciate it?
PAUL: I don't respond to threats.
MARTY: I'm doing you a favour, making sure you're secrets stay buried.
PAUL: You be very, very careful before you consider crossing me because I promise you, you will regret it.
MARTY: I'm still on the same number. Call me when you see sense.
Despite the persona he put on to Marty, when he leaves, Paul looks worried!
Number 30
Toadie asks his wife if shes heard from Jacob as hes is surprised not to have heard back from the text he sent him about access arrangements. Cal pipes up that he was at the lake and Sonya mutters about him going to get some shuteye, which is enough for Toadie and he heads off through to the bedrooms.
Alone, Cal comments to his mum that Jacob looked upset about something and that they were both acting pretty weird and accepts her explanation that they were simply both worried about Elliott.
Sheila is handing out Karls election leaflet with instructions to vote for him when Paul walks into the bar and isn't at all impressed. He takes the leaflets and rips them up before telling her that as she is his employee she won't be supporting another candidate!
SHIELA: Terese is my boss and unless she tells me otherwise, I can think for myself thank you!
Paul now insists that Karls sing along won't be held at Charlie's and Sheila reminds him that she took the money for the booking and its up to Karl what he does. Just at that, Karl arrives in the bar and Sheila tells him to go and set up on the stage.
PAUL: Go and do your worse because you probably will be. It will only cost you votes you know!
Karl isn't impressed at that and reminds Paul that its supposed to be a fair fight.
KARL: Theres no need to be rude!
Paul can't but help gloat that its a waste of time (because hes got it sewn up) before leaving the bar.
As Karl heads to the stage to set up, Marty calls out to him and Karl thinks that he recognises the face.
MARTY: Yes, I'm your guardian angel.
Karl is confused over that, so Marty explains that he heard Paul shooting his mouth off and he has information for Karl that could make life very difficult for Paul Robinson.
MARTY: That bloke fights dirty. If you want to win, you're going to have to play him at his own game. All you have to do is leak it to the press and then he won't stand a hope in hell of winning that election. The question is, how badly do you want to take him down?
Harold's Store
Sonya had texted Jacob to meet her and when they do, she tells him that she's going to tell Toadie about the kiss.
SONYA: I can't lie to my family.
She hopes he understands that she's got to put them first (he nods that he does) and adds that she feels like they can't be friends any more. Jacob explains that it wouldnt happen again but Sonya feels its for the best. So this is it? he asks and she replies yes. Looks like both are going to regret not being friends with each other but before she leaves, Jacob thanks her sincerely what she did for them.
Karl spots Toadie arriving at the bar and goes over to tell him about the conversation with Marty. You can't believe a word that guy says, is Toadies initial response but Karl seems to still be edging towards using him/his info. Putting his lawyer hat on, Toad dishes out the advice unless (Marty) says it on the record, it will just be classed as hearsay and not admissible in court. Karl asks about telling the police but Toadie doesn't think Marty would tell them and adds that Tim Collins would make sure it would never get to trial too!
TOADIE: You want my advice, stay clear of Marty and anything he has to offer. Its not going to get you anywhere.
Karls face now looks like hes discovered hes got to give up his last $10 note!
Number 30
Toadie returns with the six pack and just as Sonya is about to spill, there is a knock on the door its Jacob round to show Toadie the parenting order that his in-laws have taken out wanting full custody of Elliott. I need help to fight it, he asks and Toadie readily volunteers his services and goes to get his briefcase so they can start working on it immediately.
Before they start working, Toadie quietly speaks to his wife and given he knows how much that she cares for them, promises her that Jacob won't lose his son. Everything's going to be okay. He is then reminded that Sonya wanted to tell him something but she replies that it can wait.
Paul can't resist dropping by to see Karls gig and to (bluntly) tell him that he shouldnt have got involved in politics. Sheila uses her presence to separate the boys and when Paul leaves, Karl confides in her about Marty offering him information and Toadies warning that it wouldnt stand up in court.
SHEILA: Well this isn't about legalities, if Paul has done the dodgy, which wouldnt surprise me, people need to know.
KARL: But leaking things to the press, its not the way I want to run my campaign.
SHEILA: Oh and hows that worked out for you so far?! Look, you've always done things the right way but this is the way Paul plays. You should make an announcement on stage tonight and ruin his campaign.
KARL: I don't know Sheila.
SHEILA: You're never going to win this election by playing fair. This information needs to be made public.
Sheila then gets on stage to introduce Karl and that people should vote for him too. He then gets up on the stage and announces that before he starts singing there is something that he wants to say and well need to tune in tomorrow to hear what that is as the promo kicks in!
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- Kate telling Paul there is nothing to do now to change voters minds.
- Bailey recording Paul rant off at Terese.
- Sheila delighted with what Baileys captured!
- The election results are out.
- Susan asking Georgia if shes spoken to Kyle.
- Kyle rushing off with to meet with Georgia.
- Georgia telling Susan that she will tell Kyle about the baby.
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Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6801
Sonya Rebecchi

Jacob Holmes in Neighbours Episode 6801
Jacob Holmes

Terese Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6801
Terese Willis, Paul Robinson

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 6801
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Sheila Canning

Jacob Holmes, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6801
Jacob Holmes, Toadie Rebecchi

Lauren Turner, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6801
Lauren Turner, Sonya Rebecchi

Sonya Rebecchi, Elliott Holmes in Neighbours Episode 6801
Sonya Rebecchi, Elliott Holmes

Sonya Rebecchi, Jacob Holmes, Bailey Turner, Callum Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6801
Sonya Rebecchi, Jacob Holmes, Bailey Turner, Callum Rebecchi

Callum Rebecchi, Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 6801
Callum Rebecchi, Bailey Turner

Marty Kranic in Neighbours Episode 6801
Marty Kranic

Paul Robinson, Marty Kranic in Neighbours Episode 6801
Paul Robinson, Marty Kranic

Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Callum Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6801
Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Callum Rebecchi

Sheila Canning, Paul Robinson, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6801
Sheila Canning, Paul Robinson, Karl Kennedy

Marty Kranic, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6801
Marty Kranic, Karl Kennedy

Jacob Holmes, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6801
Jacob Holmes, Sonya Rebecchi

Elliott Holmes in Neighbours Episode 6801
Elliott Holmes

Toadie Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6801
Toadie Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy

Sonya Rebecchi, Jacob Holmes, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6801
Sonya Rebecchi, Jacob Holmes, Toadie Rebecchi

Sheila Canning, Paul Robinson, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6801
Sheila Canning, Paul Robinson, Karl Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 6801
Susan Kennedy, Lauren Turner

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6801
Karl Kennedy

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