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Neighbours Episode 6649 from 2013 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6649
Australian airdate: 23/05/13
UK airdate: 20/06/13
Writer: Alexa Wyatt
Director: Jo O'Shaugnessy
Guests: Stephanie Scully: Carla Bonner
Trev Barnett: Daniel Quigley
Baby Patrick: Basquiat Voevodin-Knack
Summary/Images by: Sarah/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Bailey likes Rani, but says Callum's his friend.
- Kyle doesn't want to let his clients down and Chris offers to help.
- Kyle is annoyed by Sheila's care
- Vanessa tells Sonya she doesn't know what she'll do to Steph if she hurts Patrick.
- Steph calls Lucas and wants his assurance they will be a family
Steph tells Lucas she's glad he came. He asks for a cuddle of "Adam". She ignores him and says she knows he loves her. He repeats his request to cuddle his son.
STEPH: He's mine. Adam is mine.
LUCAS: Yeah, I know he is, but he's both of ours, right?
Steph agrees, and tells him they're meant to be together. Lucas asks again to hold Patrick. Outside, Toadie tells Matt that he has to do something. Matt says they can't rush in, or the situation could get out of control. Lucas tries to persuade Steph to come out. She asks if he's leaving, and says if it's because of Vanessa, that she's all wrong for him. He asks her to come with him, but Steph wants to stay at the shed.
LUCAS: But we need to start our new life together now, yeah? Just you, me, and Adam.
STEPH: Oh, we're going to be so happy!
Lucas holds his hand out to her as Matt hides beside the entrance. Steph wants to enjoy the moment. Lucas suggests that Steph could put "Adam" down on the couch, so that he can hug her, but she doesn't want to let him go again. He tells her he wants to feel her in his arms again, so she agrees. Lucas hugs her, then as Matt rushes in, Lucas shoves her over to him. Then Lucas goes over to pick up his son. In the background, Toadie is telling Steph that she will get the help she needs.
No 26
Kyle is sitting on the couch. Georgia apologises that she can't stay long but has sorted him out some snacks. Chris comes in, and Kyle checks on a job that he did - which Chris points out he checked on earlier. Georgia has brought her iPod dock.
KYLE: No offence, but if it's a bunch of chicks with guitars whingeing about dudes.
GEORGIA: They are actually talking books and they are very popular amongst my elderly patients at the hospital.
KYLE: Thanks, but I'm not some doddery 90- year old, you know?
Kyle remembers that he has a delivery of timber arriving, and that it needs unloading, so Chris says he didn't have much to do anyway.
Dial a Kyle
Chris is unloading the timber. Lou arrives, saying he'd heard Chris was the new Kyle. He offers to help, but Chris says it's heavy work. Lou says he's fitter than Chris thinks. The grumpy delivery driver (Trev) says he's in a hurry. Then Lou does his back in lifting the first piece of wood.
Chris has taken Lou to hospital and Karl thinks it's a muscle strain, and want to keep him in overnight. Sheila comes in to check what he's done. She explains that Lauren's not in this episode still at work.
LOU: Since when have you cared two hoots about me?
SHEILA: Well, you were trying to do my poor grandson a favour, even if you did end up injuring yourself like an old idiot.
She asks Karl how bad it is, and Karl says he'll need constant care for a couple of days. Sheila decides she has to do it. Lou is horrified and tries to make excuses but she says Chris and Georgia can look after Kyle. Karl insists Lou needs help, so he's left with no choice.
SHEILA: Don't worry. I'm going to be taking very good care of you.
Lou does not look too happy at the prospect.
No 30
Bailey and Rani are rehearsing the play, with Callum interrupting, and Rani telling him she'd done some rewrites. She's uneasy about a romantic bit, and wants to try the costumes. Sonya tells her they'll be ready tomorrow. Then she gets "something in her throat" and Callum goes to get her some water. Bailey offers to quit, since Rani has been acting weird around him since what happened during the eclipse.
RANI: Nothing happened.
BAILEY: We hugged. And then we almost...
She tells him it was because she was missing her mum, then she goes off to look for Callum.
Vanessa carries Patrick out of a treatment room, accompanied by Lucas and Toadie, who remarks that it's good that Patrick won't remember any of it. A screaming Steph is dragged in by Matt and another police officer. She's saying that they've left her baby behind and they've got to go back for him. She spots Lucas and Vanessa with Patrick.
STEPH: There he is. There's Adam. Lucas, how could you let her take him away from me?!
Toadie tells her that it isn't Adam - he's with Dan, but Steph won't listen, and shouts at Vanessa.
STEPH: You! YOU! Give me back my baby!
Matt tells her it's not her son, and she shouts at Toadie.
STEPH: Toadie, please get my baby back!
In a treatment room, Steph tells Georgia and Karl she has to go home to look after her babies. Georgia tells her that Charlie is with Max and Adam is with Dan and they're doing a great job. Georgia offers to give them a call, and Steph tells Karl it's wrong that they're so far away. She sobs, saying she's stuffed everything up, and she wants to be with her boys. Karl tells her she needs to rest.
Karl leaves the room, and Toadie asks how she's going. Karl says a mental health specialist will work with her, and she'll be moved to a facility near Bendigo so that her mum can support her.
TOADIE: What type of facility?
KARL: A psychiatric hospital.
Toadie asks if she'll get better, which Karl can't say. Toadie says it wouldn't have happened if she hadn't gone to jail. Karl tells him he can't assume that, and Steph is lucky to have his support.
No 26
Chris tells Kyle about Lou. Kyle is annoyed that his problems are causing problems for other people. Chris notices that Kyle has a burn. It turns out that Kyle was trying to make dinner. Then he burnt himself and dropped the butter (which Bossy found). Chris offers to cook, but Kyle goes off, saying he's not hungry.
No 30
Rani tells the boys she'll see them tomorrow to try the costumes. Callum says he thought they were running twice through the play, but she claims she has other stuff to do before meeting her dad. Callum asks Bailey what's wrong with her. Bailey says it's obvious: she's missing her mother. Callum wonders why he hadn't thought of that. Bailey says he should have, after all he is her boyfriend, and he suggests that Callum should show her more attention.
Ajay is impressed that Rani's play is almost sold out, and says she'll have to take it on the road to the Opera House, London's West End. Rani isn't listening, but Ajay realises that she is thinking about the play. She says she's not sure about the end. She describes how Callum's character is safe, but doesn't make her heart race, while with Bailey's character, everything could go wrong, but it's like she can hardly breathe.
AJAY: I know what your mum would have done: she would have gone with her heart not her head.
Rani looks thoughtful.
Lucas and Vanessa's flat
Lucas and Vanessa arrive home, and Vanessa apologises for blaming Lucas. He admits he should have believed her when she said Steph was trying to cause problems. He says that knowing that Steph had been through cancer, he thought that dumping his feelings about his diagnosis on Steph would help save Vanessa from stress. She says that neither of them knew she'd had a breakdown, so he had no reason to doubt her. He tells her he didn't listen to the little voice in his head telling him he should.
VANESSA: Next time you will.
LUCAS: There won't be a next time.
No 30
Callum has invited Rani round for breakfast before they try on the costumes. He gives her a gift of payals, which she's thrilled with. She asks him why now, and Callum admits that Bailey had suggested she needed some special attention. She hugs him, but frowns.
No 26
Sheila, Chris and Georgia are trying to sort a rota for looking after Kyle, who overhears.
KYLE: I'm guessing this cosy little chat isn't about who's gonna be walking Bossy.
SHEILA: Oh jeez. I hadn't even thought about her!
Kyle says he doesn't need babysitting. They argue a bit and Sheila says he needs help and Kyle says he can handle it, and he wants them to leave him alone. Sheila says she recognises the tone and they should all go and let him learn the hard way. Sheila and Georgia kiss him on the way out, Georgia giving him warnings about staying away from everything dangerous.
CHRIS: Don't expect a kiss from me.
Kyle gets a bottle of juice from the fridge, picks up a plastic cup, knocks it off the counter, where it unexpectedly smashes like glass. Then he walks over it, and winces in pain. (Why he's barefoot, who knows...)
Community centre
Rani and Bailey are rehearsing, and evidently get to the end of the play. Bailey wants to rehearse the Taj Mahal scene again, and Rani agrees to a line read. They read the scene (which we know all too well) and end with the kiss at the end. They pull away, then kiss again. Sonya comes in and sees them.
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- Sonya challenges Rani saying she thought they weren't going to rehearse the kiss. Rani asks her not to tell Callum.
- Toadie says Mark is dead. Mason asks Kate if she's still thinking about Mark.
- Terese tells Paul that they need to pick up the standard at Lassiters.
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Steph Scully, Patrick Villante in Neighbours Episode 6649
Steph Scully, Patrick Villante

Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 6649
Lucas Fitzgerald

Matt Turner, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6649
Matt Turner, Toadie Rebecchi

Karl Kennedy, Lucas Fitzgerald, Vanessa Villante, Patrick Villante in Neighbours Episode 6649
Karl Kennedy, Lucas Fitzgerald, Vanessa Villante, Patrick Villante

Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6649
Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning

Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6649
Chris Pappas

Chris Pappas, Lou Carpenter, Trev Barnett in Neighbours Episode 6649
Chris Pappas, Lou Carpenter, Trev Barnett

Chris Pappas, Lou Carpenter, Sheila Canning, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6649
Chris Pappas, Lou Carpenter, Sheila Canning, Karl Kennedy

Callum Rebecchi, Bailey Turner, Rani Kapoor, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6649
Callum Rebecchi, Bailey Turner, Rani Kapoor, Sonya Rebecchi

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 6649
Steph Scully

Karl Kennedy, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 6649
Karl Kennedy, Steph Scully

Toadie Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6649
Toadie Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy

Chris Pappas, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6649
Chris Pappas, Kyle Canning

Bailey Turner, Callum Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6649
Bailey Turner, Callum Rebecchi

Ajay Kapoor, Rani Kapoor in Neighbours Episode 6649
Ajay Kapoor, Rani Kapoor

Lucas Fitzgerald, Vanessa Villante in Neighbours Episode 6649
Lucas Fitzgerald, Vanessa Villante

Rani Kapoor, Callum Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6649
Rani Kapoor, Callum Rebecchi

Chris Pappas, Kyle Canning, Sheila Canning, Georgia Brooks in Neighbours Episode 6649
Chris Pappas, Kyle Canning, Sheila Canning, Georgia Brooks

Bailey Turner, Rani Kapoor in Neighbours Episode 6649
Bailey Turner, Rani Kapoor

Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6649
Sonya Rebecchi

Bailey Turner, Rani Kapoor in Neighbours Episode 6649
Bailey Turner, Rani Kapoor

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