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Neighbours Episode 6303 from 2011 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6303
Australian airdate: 30/11/11
UK airdate: 25/01/12
Writer: Pete McTighe
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Dane Canning: Luke Pegler
Emilia Jovanovic: Freya Stafford
Peter Noonan: James Saunders
Jacob Stanley: Mick Preston
Guy Benga: Darcy Kent
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Graham
Rhys begs Martin for a second chance at the surgical program.
Noah breaks the news to Sophie that Mark has died.
Kate tells Paul that she's had enough of everything - teaching, looking after Sophie, the lot.
Lucas doesn't want to sell the garage.
Lou tells Toadie that they must persuade Lucas to sell.
Outside Dial- a- Kyle
A large hoarding has gone up behind Dane with a picture of the proposed shopping complex on it "Eastvale Shopping Centre". Apparently it will include at least two 30 story buildings(!)
Dane and Lucas are chatting. Lucas tells Dane that he's still not selling - he feels it's too much hassle.
Toadie's Work
Toadie's boss (Peter) is deeply frustrated at Lucas's refusal to sell. He tells Toadie angrily that he *must* convince Lucas, he has the developers screaming down the phone at him.
When his boss has gone, Toadie phones Sonya and suggests lunch at Charlie's - with Lucas and Emilia.
Harold's Store
Some kids are mocking Kate for kissing Noah. Jade comes in and asks Kate if she's alright.
A few moments later, someone comes hobbling through the door on crutches - and it's Kyle!
KYLE: G'day!
Jade is surprised but very pleased and runs over to hug him. Kyle explains that he's on crutches because he fell over his mother's dog(!) It seems his mum is better now, so he's ready to move back to Erinsborough. Kate welcomes Kyle home, then the kids start mocking Kate again. Kyle is oblivious to the reason for this mocking and tells the kids off.
Kyle's phone rings and it's Dane. They arrange to meet up at the school to remove some graffiti. In the background, the kids are still sniggering at Kate.
Jade goes over and snatches a note the kids were writing on serviettes. It reads, "Kate loves Noah".
JADE: Kate?
KYLE: What's going on?
KATE: I kissed a student.
Kyle and Jade are stunned.
KATE: I kissed Noah Parkin and I quit teaching.
Kyle and Jade just stand there, shocked.
Tash is warning Michael not to do too much and is bossing him about. Summer comes over and tells them that the exam went quite well. She and Tash head off down to the shop.
Summer is concerned as she hasn't heard from Andrew today.
SUMMER: He said he was going to call me before my exam today, and he didn't.
TASH: Oh my God! Did you call the police?!
Tash says he's probably too busy having a good time on Schoolies and it's nothing to stress about.
Michael is reading a paper in the front garden and Karl comes over to say hello.
The hospital rings Karl to ask him to cover for Rhys, who has called in sick. In the background, Rhys is unloading his golf clubs from his car(!)
Garden of No.26
Rhys has set up a net to practice his golf swing. Karl comes to tackle Rhys about pulling a sickie. Rhys is totally unrepentent and says he *is* sick - sick of work! Karl tells Rhys to stop sulking about the surgery programme - he can apply again next year. Rhys calls Karl a "suburban quack"!
Lots of graffiti has been sprayed about Kate and Noah. Dane is surprised.
Jade is grilling Kate about why she kissed Noah, but she doesn't want to talk about it.
Kyle and Dane survey the graffiti, then Kyle rather contrivedly finds the letter from Noah that Paul threw in the bin.
Kate is obviously upset so Jade tells her they'll go round to her place for a coffee and she promises she won't ask any more questions.
Kyle opens the letter and reads it. He focuses in on the words "boyfriend died" and looks shocked.
Fitzgerald Motors
Lucas is ranting at his supplier on the phone when Emilia drives up. She tells him that Toadie and Sonya have invited them to lunch. Lucas isn't keen as he thinks Toadie will want to talk business again, but Emilia talks him into it - she wants to meet the owners of the couch!
Toadie, Sonya, Lucas and Emilia sit at a table. When Toadie and Emilia are at the bar, Sonya tells Lucas that she thinks Emilia is lovely and Lucas agrees(!)
At the bar, Toadie tells Emilia that Lucas could really expand his business if he wanted to and says Lucas is silly to keep turning the offers to sell the garage down. but Sonya interrupts and tells Toadie off - it's meant to be just lunch with their friends, not a hard sell. Toadie looks a bit ashamed.
Later, the four are getting along really well. The conversation turns to Toadie's job.
EMILIA: I thought they [lawyers] were supposed to bleed their clients dry.
TOADIE: No, that only happens when they ignore our advice. Some people can be quite stubborn.
Lucas bangs down his fork.
LUCAS: You talking about me?
TOADIE: No...no I was...
LUCAS: You've been driving me nuts about this for weeks. I should have known today wouldn't be any different.
EMILIA: Is this about the other offer?
LUCAS: How do you know about the other offer?
EMILIA: Toadie just told me...
LUCAS: Unbelievable.
TOADIE: It was innocent conversation...
LUCAS: No, I am done!
He stands up and starts to walk out.
SONYA: I'm sorry, please...
LUCAS: No, you shouldn't have to apologise for him!
TOADIE: You are throwing away an amazing offer!
SONYA: Toadie, stop!
TOADIE: All this stuff about stress, that's rubbish, I know you!
LUCAS: Organising a lunch with Emilia so you could have another go at me? It's just pathetic.
TOADIE: If there's some real reason why you don't want to sell, just tell me!
But Lucas has walked out. Emilia gets up and says she'd better follow Lucas.
When she's gone, Sonya just looks at Toadie.
Kate and Jade are having coffee. Jade says there are worse things Kate could have done, but agrees not to talk about it any further.
Just then, Kyle rushes in (well as fast as he can on his crutches)
KYLE: Jade! Jade!...Kate...hi.
JADE: What's up?
KYLE:(to Kate) I know about Brenno.
There is a bit of a silence.
JADE:(looking from one to the other) What about him?
There is a pause.
JADE: OK...can someone tell me what's going on here?
KYLE:(taking out the letter) I found this at school. It's from Noah. He wanted to apologise.
Kate takes the letter.
JADE: Kyle!
KYLE: She kissed Noah... because she was upset. She'd just got bad news.
JADE: What news?
KYLE: Brennan's dead.
JADE: What?!
Kate runs out of the back door. Kyle starts to go after her.
JADE:(picking up the letter) Kyle, is this true?
Kyle thinks about continuing after Kate, but seeing Jade is upset changes his mind. He sits down on the sofa with Jade and puts his arm around her instead.
Kate walks into the garden rather aimlessly. Rhys is there playing golf and they just look at each other silently. After a few moments, Rhys wordlessly hands her a golf club. Kate sighs and takes the club.
In the kitchen, Jade and Kyle are sitting on the worktop. Jade starts to cry and Kyle comforts her. In the garden Rhys and Kate are playing golf.
Emilia drops Lucas at the garage, and there's a man waiting for him. He's introduces himself as an inspector from Work Safe Victoria. Lucas tells him that he had an inspection two weeks ago, but he has no problem letting him inspect again. But when he goes to open the garage, he finds the door is already unlocked - and inside Lucas's fire extinguisher and safety signs have been swiped. In other word - sabotage. The man explains that there was an anonymous tip- off and Lucas looks furious.
LUCAS: I've been set up!
He looks up and sees that the security camera wire has been cut.
Sonya is pootling around the house crossly and glowering at Toadie.
TOADIE: OK. I'm sorry. I may have been out of line. It's my job to get Lucas to sell.
SONYA: And I specifically asked you not to do it at lunch!
TOADIE: Yeah, I know, I know. But he was already mad at me, so I thought, what the hell.
SONYA:(crossly) Did you.
Just then, Lucas runs in without knocking and grabs Toadie by the front of his shirt(!)
LUCAS: What the hell do you think you're playing at?
SONYA: Lucas! What are you doing?!
LUCAS:(furious) Ask him! Ask him what he's done!
TOADIE: I don't know what you're talking about.
LUCAS: Don't give me that!
SONYA: What has happened?!
LUCAS: Somebody sabotaged my business!
TOADIE: What?!
SONYA: Who would do something like that?
LUCAS: They mucked up the garage, called Work Safe, I've been done over!
TOADIE: OK, whatever's happened, I had nothing to do with it!
LUCAS: You've been at me to sell. OK, now my parts are being stolen, someone breaks in and now I'm being hit with fines, it's not hard to make the connection!
TOADIE: Lucas, it wasn't me!
SONYA: He wouldn't!
LUCAS: No, cos you're the good cop, aren't you! OK, you've got the money and the sweet- talk, but that doesn't work. You send in the bad cop to do your dirty work.
TOADIE: OK, I promise, nothing like that is going on.
LUCAS: It wasn't you that organised it, it's the people you work for.
TOADIE: I don't think Simmons and Colbert are that sort of company...
LUCAS: Oh, just save it! Don't make yourself look any more gutless than you already are!
He stalks out.
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- Lucas telling Toadie that he won't be intimidated into selling the garage.
- Toadie's boss tells him that he needs to decide whether to keep him as a member of staff.
- Andrew tries to hide his tattoo from Summer.
- Summer is suspicious that Andrew had an affair at Schoolies.
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Dane Canning, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 6303
Dane Canning, Lucas Fitzgerald

Peter Noonan, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6303
Peter Noonan, Toadie Rebecchi

Kate Ramsay, Jade Mitchell, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6303
Kate Ramsay, Jade Mitchell, Kyle Canning

Natasha Williams, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6303
Natasha Williams, Summer Hoyland

Karl Kennedy, Michael Williams in Neighbours Episode 6303
Karl Kennedy, Michael Williams

Rhys Lawson, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6303
Rhys Lawson, Karl Kennedy

Jade Mitchell, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6303
Jade Mitchell, Kate Ramsay

Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6303
Kyle Canning

Lucas Fitzgerald, Emilia Jovanovic in Neighbours Episode 6303
Lucas Fitzgerald, Emilia Jovanovic

Emilia Jovanovic, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6303
Emilia Jovanovic, Toadie Rebecchi

Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Mitchell, Emilia Jovanovic, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 6303
Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Mitchell, Emilia Jovanovic, Lucas Fitzgerald

Kyle Canning, Jade Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6303
Kyle Canning, Jade Mitchell

Rhys Lawson, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6303
Rhys Lawson, Kate Ramsay

Lucas Fitzgerald, Jacob Stanley in Neighbours Episode 6303
Lucas Fitzgerald, Jacob Stanley

Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 6303
Lucas Fitzgerald

Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6303
Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Mitchell

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