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Neighbours Episode 6104 from 2011 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6104
Australian airdate: 24/02/11
UK airdate: 24/03/11
Writer: Anthony Morris
Director: Adrian Holmes
Guests: Jade Mitchell Gemma Pranita
Summary/Images by: Holing/Graham
- Tash telling Andrew that she is pregnant
- Summer and Andrew talking about how Andrew will need his father
- Toadie giving Rebecca the idea of a statement of no complaint
- Toadie volunteering to baby sit India
- Toadie lets Sonya know he wants a family with her but she tells him she doesn't want kids
Number 30
Toadie, Sonya and Jade arrive home as Callum is chopping somebody on a Nintendo Wii game (product placement). He was gaming with Sophie earlier - that is, until he slaughtered her and she went home.
TOADIE: Ahh, perfect host.
He reluctantly heads to bed and Jade quickly goes as well to give Toadie and Sonya some space. Things are a little tense and Toadie approaches the subject of children once again. He wants to know whether, given a little time, she could change her mind about not having children with him but she replies that having Callum is enough for her. Toad respects her decision and thanks her for her honesty but he is visibly hurt.
Rebecca says goodbye to the last staff member to leave while Michael waits around with her. Which is completely not suspicious at all, guys. He reaches for her face but she quickly tells him not to as the door isn't locked! His head is being done in (that sounds grammatically incorrect somehow) by the waiting but she says hopefully they won't have to hide much longer. Speaking of hiding, Michael quickly leans away when Andrew strolls in and thankfully he's too absorbed in his own stuff to find anything weird about Rebecca and Michael hanging out alone in the closed bar. Andrew is finding it hard to bring himself to tell Paul about Natasha - he says that he will do it, but he wants Rebecca to be there with him.
Number 22
Paul is chilling out on the sofa watching TV when Andrew and Rebecca get home. He quickly notices that the mood is sombre and questions whether the news is good or bad. Andrew doesn't really know how to answer that so Paul assumes that Andrew has done something wrong and it's bad. Andrew breathes in, gathers up courage, glances at Rebecca for support, and blurts it out - Tash is pregnant. Paul is shocked and then furious. Andrew is adamant that he will stand by Tash and have a career as well but Paul doesn't think he quite understands what he's getting himself into - a disaster. Rebecca looks very annoyed at Paul but he is equally annoyed at her for supporting Andrew in his decision. Let's just say it didn't really go down well.
The next morning everyone is having breakfast as Declan leaves with Indy. Andrew tries to make an escape but Paul tells him that they're all meeting up with Michael and Natasha after lunch to discuss the "mess". Andrew leaves and Rebecca tells Paul that meeting is a good idea, but perhaps now is not the best time. He insists that it has to be done though and in keeping to her plan to keep him onside, she agrees to support his decision. She tries to reason with him that Andrew is only a kid and he needs the support of Paul.
Outside Number 30
Cal and Toadie are bird watching but Callum is having a little trouble with the focusing on the binoculars.
TOADIE: That's why the bird was blurry, not because it was stuck in a time- rift.
Sonya comes out and Toadie ends the bird watching session after he and Callum come up with the idea that the street would be perfect for go- karting and research on it needs to be done. Sonya sits down and tells Toadie that he's great with kids...but there's a but. She reminds him how stressful it was looking after Indy and tells him that it would be hard to find time to hang out with Callum and take him places when there's a baby around. He reasons that babies grow up and you share other moments with them but she apologises that her view on the topic remains unchanged. Poor Toad is pretty upset.
Number 22
The great big discussion is underway. First and foremost, Michael wants talk about finances and living arrangements to be put on hold until later to minimise stress for Tash and Andrew has a list of what he can contribute budget- wise while he's studying and working part- time. Paul readily agrees that Natasha's health is priority and questions Natasha on when her ultrasound is since that should be organised, oh and a paternity test as well. Everyone quickly gets the implication - Michael and Andrew are suitably offended on the behalf of Tash. Natasha says that Andrew is the only one but Paul says that if that is the case, the test shouldn't be a problem. Rebecca puts a halt to the fight that's about to erupt and drags Paul off to the kitchen for a talk.
Paul is insistent that the paternity test is necessary because he is protecting his son. Rebecca can't talk him out of it so they return to the lounge room where Rebecca announces that she thinks it's a good idea and it'll give everyone peace of mind. Michael has had enough though so he leaves with Tash and Andrew.
Harold's Store
Declan is hanging out with Indy when Toadie walks in to return something he forgot the day before. Declan tells him he's welcome to baby sit again when he feels the urge to! Dec leaves with Indy just as Paul strolls in. He's on the phone trying to get legal advice but Tim Collins is holidaying somewhere. Paul spots Toadie, who knows plenty about paternity tests but doesn't want to talk to Paul because he's not his lawyer, and probably also because he doesn't like him.
TOADIE: Hmm...paternity, you say. Let me guess - you met her on the internet?
He's been getting all the one- liners today! He advises Paul that if the man is not the biological father of the baby, he can still have claims and responsibilities based on whether he has acted as one. Which is not legal advice - just Toadie advice, since he isn't Paul's lawyer. Paul says he should have expected that from someone who doesn't have children, and no, he is only a "father figure" to Callum at best. Nothing's thicker than blood.
Jade is entertaining Callum with a game of pool but he knows it's because Toadie and Sonya are having problems. Cut to Andrew and Tash who are having lunch, although Natasha isn't really taking part in the eating activity because she feels sick. Andrew knows the baby is his and he doesn't need a test. Tash worriedly says that Paul isn't one to give up which Andrew acknowledges - although he is surprised that Rebecca didn't back them up.
Meanwhile Rebecca is in the office trying to tell Michael that she is on their side. Michael is no longer Mr Nice Guy though. Well he's not exactly mean, but it isn't often that we see this kind of fire from him. He's fed up with waiting and he doesn't understand why Bec, a smart and intelligent woman, can't just leave Paul and walk away from the tough situation. He's put everything on hold - if she can't explain herself then he'll be taking himself out of the equation. Poor Rebecca is in tears but knows she can't explain it - she can only say sorry.
Number 22
Paul returns home and is surprised that Rebecca is home. She wants to have a talk to him and quickly launches into action - she lays it on real thick. She wants them to be together because they love each other - to get back to how they were before. She made a mistake that she'll always regret, and she doesn't want the whole pushing- you- off- a- building thing to be hanging over their heads. Paul says that it's in the past but Rebecca counters that it isn't - she could still be taken away if anyone found out. He kisses her hand as some sort of reassurance.
Number 30
More Nintendo Wii- ing is underway but when Toadie arrives home, Jade takes Callum outside for some cricket. Toadie sits down for another serious talk with Sonya. He loves Callum - he couldn't love him more even if he was his own biological son. So his suggestion? Why don't they adopt? Toad concedes that he is better with older children and there are plenty of children who need good homes. Sonya looks less than thrilled although she puts it down to the fact she had never considered it as an option. She promises to think it over.
Lassiter's Lake
Bec meets Mike on the bridge for a secret rendezvous out in the totally public and open Lassiter's Lake where everyone and his dog can see you from far away. Mike is continuing his directness from before as the first thing he asks Rebecca is whether or not she's left Paul. She doesn't respond so he guesses the answer is a no, and he wants to know whether she ever will. Rebecca wants to - SO much - and she comes clean, tearing up as she goes:
REBECCA: The night of Paul's accident, I found out that he had been threatening Declan, and I also found out that he had slept with Diana Marshall. I have never been so angry in my life. You know how that feels. So I told him that it was over, threw my wedding ring at him. He wouldn't accept it - he kept coming at me and...the night that he fell from the mezzanine - it was me. I pushed him. And he's been blackmailing me to stay with him. He said that he would tell the police that it was Declan who pushed him, if I left. I've had no choice. Please don't look at me like that, Michael. The last six months of my life have been hell. You're the only good thing that's come out of it.
The transcript does no justice to the performance of Jane Hall, really. Midway through Bec reaches out for Michael's hand (which is really sweet and really hilarious seeing as though they're in such a public place) but he lets go when Rebecca reveals that she was the pusher. He's surprised and shocked so he wordlessly walks away leaving Rebecca standing alone which is emphasized in a beautiful far- away shot. Where you can also see her really high heels.
Number 22
Paul is cooking an early dinner when a downtrodden Rebecca arrives home. She blames it on a rough day at work and he offers a shoulder rub. He starts rubbing away while she grimaces and frowns and looks close to tears all at the same time. That is until Paul mentions that he looked into what she was talking about earlier - there is an affidavit that he can sign which means he refuses the right to press charges. Rebecca looks hopeful. But then Paul says that he doesn't want to disrupt what they have now and dredge all that up again which causes the momentary hope that Rebecca had to plummet right down again. She forces a smile and tells him that she completely understands.
DECLAN (to Rebecca): He loves you mum, and he knows how much you love him.
DECLAN (to Michael): The only thing getting her through the last few weeks, is you.
(Tash sees Summer sitting alone)
TASH: Poor Summer, it must be hard.
SUMMER: I need to move on with my life now, Andrew, but I can't do that with you and Tash everywhere I go.
(Paul is talking to Michael at Harold's)
PAUL: Apparently these paternity issues come up quite regularly.
MICHAEL: I will not have the people I love bullied. (He gives Rebecca a look)
(Paul kisses Rebecca on the cheek)
PAUL: I just want us to be together as a family again.
(Rebecca on the phone and packing an overnight bag)
REBECCA: I've got some really good news. I need to tell you in person.
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Sonya Mitchell, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6104
Sonya Mitchell, Toadie Rebecchi

Rebecca Napier, Andrew Robinson, Michael Williams in Neighbours Episode 6104
Rebecca Napier, Andrew Robinson, Michael Williams

Rebecca Napier, Andrew Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6104
Rebecca Napier, Andrew Robinson, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6104
Paul Robinson

Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6104
Andrew Robinson

Callum Jones, Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6104
Callum Jones, Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Mitchell

Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier, Andrew Robinson, Natasha Williams, Michael Williams in Neighbours Episode 6104
Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier, Andrew Robinson, Natasha Williams, Michael Williams

Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6104
Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson

Toadie Rebecchi, India Napier, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 6104
Toadie Rebecchi, India Napier, Declan Napier

Toadie Rebecchi, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6104
Toadie Rebecchi, Paul Robinson

Natasha Williams, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6104
Natasha Williams, Andrew Robinson

Rebecca Napier, Michael Williams in Neighbours Episode 6104
Rebecca Napier, Michael Williams

Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 6104
Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier

Jade Mitchell, Callum Jones in Neighbours Episode 6104
Jade Mitchell, Callum Jones

Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6104
Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Mitchell

Rebecca Napier, Michael Williams in Neighbours Episode 6104
Rebecca Napier, Michael Williams

Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6104
Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson

Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 6104
Rebecca Napier

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