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Neighbours Episode 5816 from 2009 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5816
Australian airdate: 09/11/09
UK airdate:
Writer: Sam Meikle
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Lyn Scully - Janet Andrewartha
Roz Challis - Janet Watson Kruse
Summary/Images by: Carly/Emily
Opening titles update: there's a Declan and India photo booth shot instead of Elle/Lucas and a new BBQ scene has been added to the end minus Elle. There's also a tiny polaroid at the end of Lyn, Charlie and Steph.
[This week on Neighbours]
(Toadie, Donna and Lou are at the Ramsay house)
DONNA: What happens now?
TOADIE: It's up to the DHS tomorrow.
(Harry and Kate wait for the DHS)
HARRY: This is it.
(Sunny and Zeke are kissing on the couch)
SUNNY: I think I'm ready.
(Zeke's stunned - they rush off to the bedroom)
(Libby talks to Lucas about her family woes)
LIBBY: I have to put it aside to keep our family together.
(The K's enjoy a board game but Dan looks suffocated)
(Susan has a showdown with Dan at some lookout thing)
SUSAN: You have no right to take my daughter and my grandchildren away from me. It's just selfish!
DAN: It's self-preservation.
- Harry promising Sophie the DHS won't split them up
- Dan asking Libby to move away from Erinsborough
Ramsay Street
Libby finds Dan outside looking at the 'Grace' plant. He wonders if she's thought about his proposal overnight. Libby says she understands how he feels but her whole life is in Erinsborough, and reminds him they have history here as well.
LIBBY: I don't want to leave that behind.
DAN: I don't either, but your history is killing me, Lib. We live next door to it and it's just going to keep crowding in on us.
LIBBY: (conceding) Alright.
DAN: Alright what?
LIBBY: If this is what we need I'm with you.
Susan emerges from #28 with some food and watches them share a hug before they return home. Susan looks perturbed.
Number 24
Susan delivers the food to Kate - she thought having food in the fridge would please the DHS. She offers to help clean but the Ramsays are already on the job, along with Declan and Callum. Donna's helping by putting together some outfits for the Ramsays - sensible for Harry, frills and bows for Sophie and 'trustworthy' for Kate.
HARRY: (teasingly to Sophie) Girly enough for you?
DONNA: Alright, laugh it up, but I'm actually considering straighteners for that mess you call hair.
Toadie swings by with some papers for Kate and prays that the messy house will be spotless by tomorrow. Kate promises it will. Kate then chats with Sophie and makes another promise that everything will be OK. Overhearing, Harry bails Kate out: how come she can make promises but he can't? Kate fidgets before confessing that she got them one-way bus tickets to Sydney. Harry thinks his sister's loco but Kate says they might not even need to use them.
Number 30
Susan spends her second drop-in of the day apologising to Dan (and Libby) for over-reacting about the Sunny situation. Dan appreciates the sentiment and leaves her to chat with Libby, who drops the bombshell about them leaving Erinsborough after the baby's born.
LIBBY: We just need some space.
SUSAN: OK well that's what he wants - what about you, love? What do you want?
LIBBY: I want him to be happy. I want our marriage to be happy.
Susan nods but looks upset.
Number 24
The Ramsays and their cleaning crew are playing an extremely loud game of Guitar Hero when Roz the DHS lady visits and shocks the hell out of everyone. Roz explains that the agency always does an unannounced visit the day before the actual meeting. The non-Ramsay kids split while Kate manages to talk Roz into putting off her official inspection report till tomorrow (but Roz doesn't look pleased). Kate sends her siblings off to clean the bathroom while she stresses.
Lassiter's Lake
Kate's chatting to her mum, but with the amount of ashes that are festering away in that scumbowl she could have a crossed wire with Bob. Anyway, Kate apologises to her mum about not being able to keep the family together - she's tried really hard. Kate says she doesn't want to run away but it's the last option she's got. She then begs her mum for some guidance.
Harold's Store
Karl asks Kate for a coffee but she shoos him away - she's too busy eavesdropping on Lyn's conversation with Roz. Lyn brags about how much help Harry's been lately, but Roz is on the ball and wonders if Harry's just easing his guilty conscience about harassing Steph. Flustered, Lyn says Harry didn't mean to hurt Steph and that he's a lovely boy. Kate makes herself known and sticks up for Harry too then realises the DHS decision has probably already been made.
ROZ: It's not just up to me.
KATE: Can you just tell me what's going to happen tomorrow? Please I really need to know.
ROZ: From what I've already established Sophie's adjusting quite well to your living arrangements. But Harry isn't.
KATE: What does that mean?
ROZ: It means that in all likelihood the recommendation will be that Harry should be taken into care. I'm sorry.
Kate looks devastated and Lyn puts a consoling arm around her.
Number 24
Kate bursts through the door and orders Harry to pack a bag - they're leaving town. Harry's confused so Kate relays the latest DHS news. The bus leaves at one and Harry's not allowed to tell anyone what's going on.
HARRY: You really think running's a good idea?
KATE: I don't really think we have a choice.
HARRY: It's my fault. You and Soph shouldn't have to suffer because of me.
KATE: No, we're family, we stick together OK? This is just what mum would have wanted.
Harold's Store
Susan's third drop-in of the day is to vent her spleen to Lyn about Dan and his crazy moving idea. Lyn's on Susan's side of course. She doesn't get what Dan's afraid of, but Susan thinks he's threatened by the K's being such a close family. Lyn thinks Susan needs to talk to Dan - and lo and behold, he's in the shop right now. Susan marches out but then loses her nerve and walks off. Lyn spies Toadie and thinks Susan needs to try another tactic and use her cunning. Toadie looks a bit freaked that they're staring at him.
Number 30
Toadie finds Dan looking up real estate on the laptop and tries to strike up an oh so casual conversation about the Kennedy family. But Dan's onto him pretty much straight away and knows Susan put him up to it, "She's out of control!" Dan believes that the sooner he and Libby move away the better.
Number 24
Harry tells Kate he wants to drop some books off at Susan's before they leave. Kate ignores a call from Donna just as Harry asks when they're going to tell Sophie. Kate wants to leave it till the last minute - like literally when they're on the bus - but Sophie just happens to overhear them talking and flips out. She doesn't want to leave Erinsborough. Kate tries to tell her it's for the family's own good, but Sophie won't have a bar of it. She's annoyed that they never tell her anything. It's Kate's turn to be annoyed when Sophie heads off to play with Callum, ignoring the importance of their bus departure.
Number 28
Harry returns the books to Susan, with Kate next to him giving him 'hurry the hell up' looks, but Harry is sad at the thought of never seeing Susan again. He says a very loaded "thanks for everything" and then gives her a big hug. Susan's touched but a little confused by the show of affection. Kate quickly rushes her brother out before he starts singing Unforgettable or something.
Dan storms over, wanting to tell Susan off for interfering, but Karl and Libby appear from the hallway wanting to see what's going on. Sick of the yelling and the drama, Karl informs them that he's booked a (cheap) beach house for a few days. They're all going to stay there together and work out their problems even if it kills them.
KARL: Some good old-fashioned communication is what's called for here. And some time away is just what the doctor ordered.
Number 30
Dan is extremely annoyed that they're being told what to do once again. "In the history of bad ideas this is right up there." But Libby's had enough of his ranting and raving and turns to walk away.
DAN: What? I'm the bad guy now am I?
LIBBY: I want you to do something for me. Can you do that? I just want you to consider that this might actually do some good.
DAN: It won't.
LIBBY: You're not going to give any ground are you?
DAN: I've given enough ground already.
LIBBY: Yeah and so have they. And pretty soon they're going to give us the most amazing gift anyone can, so how about you just cut them some slack.
DAN: Lib I'm sorry. I'm not trying to make it hard on you.
LIBBY: Family is everything, that's what started this whole thing in the first place. We wanted our family to grow. But I never wanted that instead of my family. Whether you like it or not they're your family too. So I'm begging you, please, can we just do this?
Relieved, Libby hugs him.
Harold's Store
Callum promises he'll buy Sophie weekly milkshakes when they're in high school, but Sophie can't raise the enthusiasm knowing she won't be around. Harry and Kate arrive and have to practically drag Sophie out of the store. They pass Declan and Toadie along the way, who are curious as to why the Ramsays are acting so weird.
Number 24
Toadie, Declan and Callum find the house empty of people. Callum finds a note on the table addressed to Toadie. Reading it, Toadie realises what the Ramsay kids have done. He is noooooot happy.
Bus Stop
Harry and Kate reassure Sophie they'll return to Erinsborough one day when they're older and it's safer. Sophie tries to kick up a stink again but this time Kate gets through to her about the importance of family and sticking together. The bus arrives and Sophie gets onboard. Harry double checks with Kate that they're doing the right thing. Kate says yes but can't help staring out the bus window in concern as they drive away.
[Tomorrow on Neighbours]
(Donna confides in Ringo)
DONNA: I think Saffron's had me blacklisted.
RINGO: There is no point stressing about things you can't control.
(Toadie gives Donna and Ringo a Ramsay update)
TOADIE: They Ramsays have gone. They've skipped town before their DHS meeting.
(Shot of Harry crying)
(Lou talks to Toadie in HS)
LOU: What happens when the DHS arrive tomorrow and find them missing?
(The DHS come a knocking on #24's door)
TOADIE: They go into foster care.
(The Ramsays and the other bus passengers hop off the bus for a break)
SOPHIE: No one else wants to talk about Harry leaving.
(Rebecca speaks with Paul)
REBECCA: Paul if the DHS split up those kids you will regret it for the rest of your life.
(Donna keeps talking to Toadie)
DONNA: They've got no family, they've got barely any cash. Where are they going to go to hide?
(The bus drives off without the Ramsays on it - they all freak out and yell for the driver to wait)
SOPHIE: What are we going to do? We need money.
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Libby Kennedy, Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5816
Libby Kennedy, Dan Fitzgerald

Harry Ramsay, Declan Napier, Sophie Ramsay, Callum Jones in Neighbours Episode 5816
Harry Ramsay, Declan Napier, Sophie Ramsay, Callum Jones

Kate Ramsay, Sophie Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 5816
Kate Ramsay, Sophie Ramsay

Kate Ramsay, Harry Ramsay, Declan Napier, Callum Jones, Sophie Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 5816
Kate Ramsay, Harry Ramsay, Declan Napier, Callum Jones, Sophie Ramsay

Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5816
Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5816
Susan Kennedy

Harry Ramsay, Kate Ramsay, Donna Freedman, Declan Napier, Callum Jones, Sophie Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 5816
Harry Ramsay, Kate Ramsay, Donna Freedman, Declan Napier, Callum Jones, Sophie Ramsay

Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 5816
Kate Ramsay

Lyn Scully, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 5816
Lyn Scully, Kate Ramsay

Lyn Scully, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5816
Lyn Scully, Susan Kennedy

Toadie Rebecchi, Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5816
Toadie Rebecchi, Dan Fitzgerald

Harry Ramsay, Sophie Ramsay, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 5816
Harry Ramsay, Sophie Ramsay, Kate Ramsay

Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5816
Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy

Harry Ramsay, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 5816
Harry Ramsay, Kate Ramsay

Harry Ramsay, Sophie Ramsay, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 5816
Harry Ramsay, Sophie Ramsay, Kate Ramsay

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