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Neighbours Episode 5759 from 2009 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5759
Australian airdate: 20/08/09
UK airdate:
Writer: Peter Dick
Director: Gary Conway
Summary/Images by: ~Em~/Graham
- Declan preparing Zeke to babysit India
- Zeke freaking out when he can't find everything on the list of India's stuff
- Harry catching Zeke checking and double checking the breaks on India's pram.
- Harry questioning Zeke about his weird behaviour
- Toadie bringing home a guide dog puppy to train with Callum
- Declan finding his birthday present from Bridget in Ringo's bag.
Number 26
Declan arrives home and is happy to see his little girl. He tells Rebecca he's going to go back to school and is taking extra shifts at work - he's got to get on with life. He's also brought her presents - all the fancy toiletries from the hotel. She sees the present from Bridget and asks about it, but he brushes it off.
Harold's Store
Callum is wearing a blindfold and commands Rocky to lead him out of the store. Toadie comes in and tells him off for making games out of people's disabilities.
CALLUM: It's not a game, I'm training Rocky. If I had been a real blind person he could have led me out into the middle of the road.
Toadie says Rocky isn't ready for that yet and Callum wants to know why they can't just have a normal dog that he can muck around with. He also wants to have pizza for morning tea.
TOADIE: You should really have something healthy.
CALLUM: Fine, vegetarian pizza.
Toadie sighs and joins Rebecca, India, Susan and Sophie who is going to be Rebecca's flower girl. Rebecca also would like Susan to be her matron of honour. Susan realises that that means she gets to organise the hen's night. Rebecca tells her no "S.T.R.I.P.P.." and Sophie points out she can spell strippers! Susan is disappointed but says she'll come up with something and she and Rebecca go all gooey over India, who smiles....for the first time! It was so barely a smile though. A slight twitch really. The women's voices reach ultrasonic levels.
Number 30
Toadie is on the phone giving advice to a client when Callum arrives home with a dog in tow. Toad wants to know what's going on so Callum introduces Bullwinkle as a friend for Rocky.
TOADIE: Well, I think you can take him back to your friend Jerry and get your money back. We've already got a dog.
CALLUM: Yeah, a boring dog that can't even sit on the furniture.
TOADIE: That may be so, but I didn't say you could get another one.
CALLUM: But you did say it's my money and I can do what I like with it.
TOADIE: I said that did I? Well that's because I thought you were getting the new Zombie Force game.
CALLUM: Yeah I was, but isn't it so much better that I go out and get fresh air and exercise with my new buddy?
Number 28
Toadie pops around to see Susan for some parenting advice. She tells him that kids need boundries and maybe he needs to be less of a friend and more of a parent. She asks what worked for him when he was younger. He remembers that he had to learn things for himself and decides that's the best thing to do with Callum. That's not quite what Susan was getting at, but too late, he's off.
Number 30
Callum, Rocky and Bullwinkle are rough and tumbling on the couch (which he knows he shouldn't be) when Toadie returns. Toadfish allows Callum to make up his mind about whether Bullwinkle stays or goes, as long as he understands that he's Callum's responsibility. In fact, he thinks there are too many rules in the house and he can make up his own mind about stuff from now on.
Erinsborough High
....which is looking totally different from the outside today. Inside, Zeke is straightening his books and files on top of his locker and making sure it is firmly locked. Declan joins him and says that he's coming back to school and will do year 12 over two years. Like Bridget, Zeke notes, unsure whether he should mention it or not. Declan says he likes people to talk about Didge, it keeps her memory alive. He thanks Zeke for looking after India yesterday.
DECLAN: She didn't give you too much stress.
Zeke has a flashback of him imagining the pram rolling out into the road, but shakes it off and says it was no problem. They both leave in opposite directions, but Zeke soon doubles back to check his padlock, which Harry spots. He apologises for hassling Zeke earlier. He knows where he was coming from and was wondering if he could help him out with some maths. They arrange to meet later in the afternoon and Zeke quickly checks his lock again.
Number 26
Rebecca wakes up a dozing Declan to hand India over while she goes off for a hair and makeup trial for the wedding. She asks him if he's maybe taking on a bit too much, but he says he doesn't have much choice and wipes the sick India is dribbling everywhere with his sleeve (and I'm pretty sure James and Jane are trying to prevent the baby from cracking a smile). Rebecca tells him he doesn't have to do it alone and he replies that he was planning on doing it with Bridget. Rebecca asks who the present was from.
DECLAN: Bridget. She gave it to Ringo...I'm saving it.
Rebecca hands India over to get ready to go. Declan jiggles her about a bit and she smiles at her daddy. And it's a proper cheeky daddy's girl smile, not that twitch at Harold's. Declan is over the moon that she saved her first smile for him. Rebecca's smile fades...
Harold's Store
Declan is trying to coax another smile out of India when Karl and Susan come in. Karl has been sending framed copies of his first "Ask Dr Karl" article to Mal and Billy to keep them in the loop. Susan goes to coo over India and you just know she's about to put her foot in it as India smiles again (she obviously likes Susan).
SUSAN: She must love this place, this is where she did it for the first time this morning.
Insensitive much, Susan?
DECLAN: No she didn't.
SUSAN: Yeah, yeah! [S/N No Susan, sssh sssh!!] Yeah, this morning with your mum....
The penny drops. Declan is quietly bummed out that he missed his girl's first smile. Aw, Dec.
Erinsborough High
Harry joins Zeke in the classroom for help with logarithms. Zeke gets his pens out and orders them all, making sure they're in line. Harry asks if there's anything wrong then accidently knocks the pens. Zeke hurriedly puts them back in order.
Harold's Store
Outside Harold's, Harry is using a borrowed school laptop. Karl returns Sophie to her brother and Harry quickly hides what he was doing. Karl asks about his homework and offers to help - after all who taught Zeke logarithms? But Harry declines. Karl and Toadie have a chat about Callum and Karl churns out a similar "time to be a parent not just a friend" speech as Susan. Toadie is going to give plan A some time to work. They got their separate ways and Sophie goes to get a milkshake letting us see that Harry is in fact typing a letter to "Ask Dr Karl".
Hi Dr Karl, I'm worried about someone...
Number 26
Rebecca arrives home to find a surly son who has decided he isn't going to work. In fact, he's quitting his job and won't be going back to school either.
REBECCA: Why not?
DECLAN: Because I found out you lied to me. I know why you did it.
REBECCA: Look, you can't be with her 24 hours a day, it's not your fault.
DECLAN: Yes, it was. I had my priorities all screwed up.
Rebecca thinks he is over reacting, but Declan thinks that Bridget wouldn't want him to miss out on India growing up either. Rebecca tells him to think of the big picture, she has no problem with him giving up a part time job, but school when he is on the home stretch is ridiculous because in the long term he's going to need a career. Declan maintains that he missed out on one of the most important moments of his daughter's life and he's not going to miss any more.
Number 28
Karl and Susan are having a quiet evening bickering session over Karl's tight-fistedness as Zeke makes a sandwich. Susan sees Karl has a new email and wonders if it's from his "female fan", but Karl explains that it's from someone who is worried about a friend who is exhibiting strange behaviour. He thinks it sounds like an anxiety disorder.
In the kitchen, Zeke arranges the Tupperware into straight rows and overhears Karl and Susan's conversation.
SUSAN: What kind of behaviour?
KARL: Repeating routine activities and tasks, or applying rigid rules to the placement of objects, that sort of thing.
SUSAN: Oh. And they do it because they're anxious?
KARL: Excessively anxious.
SUSAN: Sounds very debilitating.
KARL: Well it's something they need to get on top of. It can end up controlling them.
Zeke continues to straighten things in the kitchen and twitch a bit.
Number 26
Declan says he can do year 12 later, but Rebecca thinks it will be twice as hard to go back once he's left. She says that he owes it to himself to do the best he possibly can with his life. Bridget would have wanted him to stay at school because once he's finished the world will open up for him and then the world will open up for India.
REBECCA: It's what I used to tell myself when you were little. And it's what made the time that I did spend with you so precious. Declan please just don't lose sight of yourself.
Dec nods and sits down to think. He picks up Bridget's present and decides to open it. It's a journal, inside Didge has left an inscription.
For the brainiest, bestest husband in the world. Year 12 will be a walk in the park! Love Didge x
Declan feels emotion welling up inside him.
Number 30
Callum is lying on the sofa with a pizza box and Bullwinkle playing on his games console. Toadie comes in weighed down with shopping and dryly remarks that it's o.k. there's no need for Callum to give him a hand. Callum basically ignores him. Toadie finds a chewed shoe of Libby's and asks Callum about it.
CALLUM: Well I didn't chew it.
TOADIE: Yeah, but your dog did.
CALLUM: Don't blame it on my dog!
TOADIE: My dog has been outside all day, yours hasn't left the house!
CALLUM: Well maybe Libby should have left her bedroom door shut.
Toadie switches the TV off and tells Callum to go and see what else Bullwinkle has chewed, then peal some potatoes and then tidy up his mess. There's a new policy and it's called Toadie makes the rules. Callum doesn't think you can just change the rules when you don't like the way things are going.
TOADIE: You will do what I say.
CALLUM: Make me.
Number 26
Declan has shown Rebecca the journal and comments that Bridget always knew what to do. Rebecca asks if he's going to listen, and he is.
Number 30
Callum looks on in horror as Toadie packs away all his games consoles and equipment. They're going until Callum learns to speak to him with some respect. He's the boss and when he asks him to do something he should do it. Toadie admits he made a mistake letting Cal make his own decisions, it was unfair to him. As Bullwinkle is his responsibility Callum will have to pay for new shoes for Libby.
CALLUM: This sucks.
TOADIE: Yeah, I know mate, but I wouldn't be much of a dad if I let you get away with this.
CALLUM: Who made you my dad anyway?
TOADIE: I thought you did.
CALLUM: Yeah, well I must have been cracked in the head, because you're not my dad and you never will be.
Later on Callum is skulking off to bed when Toadie calls him over for another talk in which he pulls a really weird face.
TOADIE: I may not be your actual father, but I do have a legal obligation to look after you.
CALLUM: Whatever.
TOADIE: Let's not keep this going shall we?
CALLUM: Can I just go to bed?
Toadie asks if he's brushed his teeth, Callum says yes but his guardian knows otherwise, if he had he'd be able to smell toothpaste. He also knows that he hasn't apologised to Libby about her shoes yet. As Callum stalks off Toadie tells him it's time to take Bullwinkle seriously. Time to take a lot of things more seriously at number 30, it would seem.
<<5758 - 5760>>
Declan Napier, India Napier, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5759
Declan Napier, India Napier, Rebecca Napier

Callum Jones, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5759
Callum Jones, Toadie Rebecchi

Susan Kennedy, Sophie Ramsay, India Napier, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5759
Susan Kennedy, Sophie Ramsay, India Napier, Rebecca Napier

India Napier in Neighbours Episode 5759
India Napier

Callum Jones, Rocky in Neighbours Episode 5759
Callum Jones, Rocky

Susan Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5759
Susan Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi

Callum Jones, Rocky, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5759
Callum Jones, Rocky, Toadie Rebecchi

Zeke Kinski, Harry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 5759
Zeke Kinski, Harry Ramsay

Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier, India Napier in Neighbours Episode 5759
Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier, India Napier

India Napier in Neighbours Episode 5759
India Napier

Susan Kennedy, Declan Napier, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5759
Susan Kennedy, Declan Napier, Karl Kennedy

Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5759
Zeke Kinski

Harry Ramsay, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5759
Harry Ramsay, Zeke Kinski

 in Neighbours Episode 5759

Rebecca Napier, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5759
Rebecca Napier, Declan Napier

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5759
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Zeke Kinski

Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5759
Zeke Kinski

 in Neighbours Episode 5759

Callum Jones in Neighbours Episode 5759
Callum Jones

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5759
Toadie Rebecchi

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