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Neighbours Episode 5679 from 2009 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5679
Australian airdate: 30/04/09
UK airdate:
Writer: Jason Herbison
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Female Student - Laura Speedy
Summary/Images by: ~Em~/Graham
- Dan trying to convince Toadie that his play is really good and Toad telling him it's about him and Steph.
- Declan proposing to Didge with a keyring,
- Rachel's video message to Ty asking him to go and live in London with her.
- Cass telling Donna about her real dad.
- Cass making quite an exit.
- Donna talking to Lost Boy telling him her whole life has been a lie.
Number 28
Karl is throwing a hissy fit that Zeke didn't tell him about being Lost Boy but Zeke is too busy trying to get in touch with Donna. Libby tells him to give Donna a bit of time. Zeke's phone rings but Karl cancels the call annoyed that it's been ringing non-stop. Zeke wants Elle's number so Libby asks Dan to call Lucas. Dan seems totally spaced out. Karl thinks Susan chose an excellent time to go on a conference. Er, well she's been dealing with this for weeks while you've been away Karl. Ringo has been to Tool-o-topia and back since you left! Sunny comes in and dramatically announces that Zeke has been lying to them for weeks. She turns on Libby too remembering seeing her at the radio station. Zeke explains he asked her to cover for him and pre-empts her calling him something in Korean. Sunny yells that if she were Donna she wouldn't be able to show her face again. Funnily enough, Donna has just turned up. She leaves and Zeke follows her.
Number 22
Zeke apologises saying that he never set out to hurt Donna.
ZEKE: When you called up the radio station, I couldn't say who I was but I wanted to help you. I meant everything I said.
DONNA: Lost Boy? You couldn't think of anything more original?
ZEKE: Well I thought it was pretty good.
DONNA: Did it help?
ZEKE: Help?
DONNA: Yeah, when you came back?
ZEKE: Yeah it did.
DONNA: Well I'm pretty messed up, maybe I need a radio show!
They sit down and Donna wonders whether Zeke will stay on air, he doesn't know but what he said stands, she's not alone. They hug.
Number 28
Dan explains to Karl and Ringo that Lost Boy was Zeke's way of coping after the accident. Karl thinks he should have told them, Libby reminds him that he wasn't around.
LIBBY: Zeke found a way to express himself, I didn't want to take that away from him.
Zeke arrives back home and Ringo has a go at him for using Donna. Zeke tells him he didn't make her call the station, Ringo just can't stand the fact that Donna would rather call an anonymous DJ than speak to him.
RINGO: Well what about me? I lost my footy career because of you!
ZEKE: Well I didn't make you lie to your coach did I?
Karl steps in to break up a brewing fight. Ringo storms out and Zeke stalks off to his room ignoring Karl's request for an explaination.
Number 26
Bridget and Donna talk about the latest and last Cass drama and about how now everyone knows what's going on because of the radio show thing. Donna doesn't blame Zeke, in fact, she thinks he might be the only one who understands her at the moment. Bridget warns her not to get that mixed up with any other feelings, like thinking that she's falling for him. Donna says she's not, or doesn't think she is.
BRIDGET: After everything that you've been through with your mum you're bound to feel like you want someone to talk to. I just don't think you should rush into anything.
Donna nods mutely and then realises she hasn't asked how Declan is. Bridget tells her there's no news and carefully covers up her key-ring engagement ring. Donna agrees that you need to be in the right place before making decisions. Didge looks a bit uncomfortable and takes off the ring.
Dan and Toadie are talking about the play. Dan thinks that just going through with the wedding is a bit too safe, the previous ending was far stronger. Toadie reminds him he's trying to steer clear of making it obvious that it's a real life story and they glance over at the bar where Steph is chatting away to Lucas. Dan really needs the ending for tomorrow, Zeke coming clean only just saved him. Steph and Lucas join them and want to know more about the play. Dan changes the subject asking if Ty is about to help him with the music. Steph tells him he'll have to be quick because Ty is moving to London...tomorrow!
TOADIE: Tomorrow? That doesn't leave us enough time to organise a party for him!
LUCAS: I think he's trying to sneak away quietly.
TOADIE: Ha! When will people learn, that is not the Ramsay Street way!
They all laugh.
Number 28
Zeke is raiding the seriously tiny freezer for ice cream but when he gets there, the cupboard is bare! Sunny sullenly mushes up the remaining ice cream so Zeke shoves his finger in it. She can't eat it now, even though he says he'd washed his hands because she can't believe anything he says. He apologises again for the Lost Boy thing.
SUNNY: You weren't the one giving your secrets away in public!
ZEKE: Look, I didn't make you say any of that.
SUNNY: In fact you didn't give away anything. Not even your name.
ZEKE: That was kind of the point.
SUNNY: And making me think you were Kyle? Hilarious.
ZEKE: I didn't think it meant that much to you.
SUNNY: It didn't. You don't mean anything to me! Enjoy your ice cream.
Zeke is left with the guilts.
Erinsborough High
Play rehearsals are going on. There's a lot of breast-beating about the weather going on between Sunny and Ringo. Zeke comes in followed by a group of Lost Boy supporters who want autographs. Bridget is surprised he turned up considering that some of the kids aren't too happy he's Lost Boy - er, Didge, did you not just see the all the fawning and autographing going on?
Zeke asks Donna if she's made a decision about her dad, her real dad that is. Donna says he didn't want her when she was born, why would he want her now? She saw what happened to Bridget. Ringo and Sunny don't know why Donna has forgiven Zeke.
Miranda arrives with costumes and wants to know why Bridget isn't wearing her ring and asks if she's told anyone about the engagement yet. Bridget wants to wait until Declan is out of hospital and they can do it together.
Toadie pops in to see how Dan likes the new changes. Sunny is busy reading the script and sees that the new ending requires Jerome and Stella to kiss. She is adamant that she is not kissing Zeke. Dan tells her it's very important. Fishing for another reason not to kiss Sunny tells Dan that it's un-Korean. Nice one. She preferred the other ending which to her made perfect sense. Jerome would figure out that Stella was only marrying him out of pity.
SUNNY: There is no way he is good enough for her.
TOADIE: Ease up!
DAN: This is not up for debate. We need a new ending and this is it.
SUNNY: Well I'm not doing it. I quit. Thank you for the opportunity but no.
After the break we're back in the classroom and desperately seeking and new Stella. Donna volunteers to do it. Ringo obviously not wanting any Donna/Zeke action reminds her she already has a part. Donna gives her part to some girl in the background because it's just that simple. Toadie explains the new ending saying that the wedding scene is out and imagines they'd all agree that they're far too young to think about getting hitched. The camera, of course, pans to Bridget who leaves the classroom followed by Miranda.
MIRANDA: Sweetheart, what's going on?
BRIDGET: He was so nervous, and he's so happy now.
MIRANDA: Are you having second thoughts?
BRIDGET: Maybe, I dunno. I love him.
MIRANDA: But that doesn't mean you're ready for marriage.
BRIDGET: We're having a baby together. We wanna be together forever, I don't know why we wouldn't get married.
MIRANDA: When you get into things, without being honest about how you feel, well that's when things all go wrong. You need to talk to him.
BRIDGET: No, I'm being stupid. I love Declan.
MIRANDA: Well all the same, don't put that ring back on until you're sure.
BRIDGET: It's a key-ring, mum.
MIRANDA: It's a symbol of how you feel.
BRIDGET: Why haven't you taken yours off then?
Bridget goes back into the classroom and Miranda hesitantly takes off her ring and looks thoughtful.
Ramsay Street
Cover your ears because Ty's latest " band" are practising. Charlie proudly tells his mum that he can play the drums and Steph tells them they sound great. Callum thinks they need at least two more weeks practise. Um...wasn't this hot crossed buns malarkey meant to be for an Easter concert. Easter's been and gone mate. They start practising again and Steph tells Ty the kids are going to miss him, they all are. A cynical part of me feels that this storyline was only dreamed up so that someone would miss Ty. I'm a bad person. Ty says he'll miss them all too if he ever gets a flight. He's on standby for up to a week but the travel agent is trying to swing something sooner. Presumably that's them on the phone now. Hey, whatever happened to the Ramsay Street chipmunk that used to make calls?
Mickey wonders if Ty's getting an earlier flight and says he doesn't want him to go. Neither does Ben. Neither does Charlie. Callum thinks they need to come up with a plan.
Evidently Ty has got a flight as Steph helps him back his stuff into the car.
STEPH: Are you sure this is how you want to do this though? Low key?
TY: Yeah. I'll email everyone from London.
Yeah, an email is more personal than saying goodbye face to face. They close up the boot and Toadie sticks his head of the front passenger window.
TOADIE: Hey! Didn't think you were going to sneak off didy'a?
TY: Steph!
STEPH: W...it just kinda slipped out.
TY: Who else have you told?
STEPH: No-one...
LUCAS: (Also sticking his head out of the car window) Su-pri-ise!
TOADIE: Me on the other hand, I told everyone I know and even some people I don't.
Miranda runs across the street and tells Ty she's really happy for him and Rachel and gives him a hug. Well, he's got quite a send off party, hasn't he? Miranda asks where the kids are. Apparently they're in the house they were a bit upset. Ty does a double check for his passport and oh noes! It's not in his bag! Lucas suggests he maybe put it in another of his bags, but Ty knows he put it in his fetching yellow handbag,
TY: If I don't find this, I'm not going anywhere.
Number 26
Miranda is reminiscing about the time they missed their flight from Hong Kong but Steve seems lost in thought. He wonders if Bridget is having second thoughts. Miranda says that they're very young. Points to you for stating the obvious Miranda!
STEVE: Yeah, but Declan's a good kid. I reckon they can make a good go at it.
MIRANDA: Well I'm not the one putting doubts in her head. She's having them all by herself.
She hands Steve his freshly washed and ironed shirts and he notices she took off her ring. She thought it seemed like it was time. Steve supposes he should think about taking his off too.
TOADIE: Stop right there!
Callum, Mickey and Ben all run into number 26 and plough straight into Steve who wants to know what's going on. Toadie and Steph run in in hot pursuit and demand to know where Ty's passport is.
TOADIE: Callum?
CALLUM: Why does everything always have to be my fault?
TOADIE: Because it usually is!
MIRANDA: Have you boys hidden Ty's passport?
Steph explains that the boys don't want Ty to go which is understandable.... Yeah, I don't get it either.,.. Callum make a break for it and Steph and Toadie run after him.
Harold's Store
Toadie asks Lucas if he's seen Callum. Lucas says he was just....there...huh. Toad starts to explain that the kids stole Ty's passport when he notices a table shuffling across the floor towards the door.
TOADIE: (Clears his throat)
TABLE: There's a piece of chewie this big under here. (Callum's hand indicates the size)
TOADIE: Come on, come out of there please.
Callum emerges and asks Toadie why everybody he likes has to go.
TOADIE: I know mate, I know, it sucks. But that's life. People come and people go. You'll probably want to leave yourself someday.
CALLUM: Never gonna happen.
TOADIE: You know I'm not going anywhere. I'll always be here for you.
CALLUM: (Anguished) Not in public!
TOADIE: Hand it over please.
Callum hands the passport over and Toadie tells him that the best thing about passports is that if you've got one, you can always come home.
Ramsay Street
Ty is finally in the car and ready to go. Toadie apologises for all the fuss. As they reverse out of the drive the Ramsay Street youth choir give a very swooping rendition of "Unforgettable" with some new lyrics, it's not quite like my "instantly forgettable" version, but never mind. We're treated to possibly the final Unforgettable musical montage. It involves plenty of Ty kissing Rachel scenes. Toadie cracks up in the background as the primary colours brigade finish singing and Ty tells them it was a performance he'll never forget. The kids high five him and Steph drives him away to some happy plinky plonky music, which is nice. That's a nice way to leave. (Even if the leaving party was only Toadie and 4 kidlets.) G'bye Ty! Who will mow the lawns topless now that you have gone? Please let it not be Lou.
Number 28
Donna and Zeke joke about how mad Rachel will be if Ty doesn't make it to London. In the hallway, Sunny is trying to get her hair right and I think she's listening in. Donna asks if Zeke minds her playing his leading lady.
ZEKE: Course not.
DONNA: 'Cause I know we had that thing... but, y'know...that's in the past right?
ZEKE: Yeah. Of course.
DONNA: Ok, so the kiss will be a little bit weird but...you know maybe it would be less weird if we did like a test run.
ZEKE: Yeah. Yeah.
Donna directs Zeke over to the "rotunda" and reads the directions in the script in which Stella runs to the rotunda to get shelter from the rainstorm and who should be sitting there but Gerád. They kiss. Sunny chooses that moment to walk in and see them. They look like they're rather enjoying it. Sunny goes back into the hallway fighting back tears. Donna and Zeke pull apart and go a bit awkward concluding it wasn't so difficult or so bad. Lucky they're just friends then, they joke to END THE AWKWARDNESS. Sunny sobs to herself in the mirror in Korean and I think (from my vast knowledge of Korean) she's saying that she's ugly with braces and bad hair. Which is a shame, because she's not. Bless.
Later, Karl arrives home to find everyone's having a "Hoorah Ty has left" party, or maybe it's something a bit less mean. Zeke assures him everyone brought their own drinks. Toadie offers him one for free. Donna joins Miranda and Bridget wondering who will help her with her raps now but stops talking as she notices Bridget's key-ring. She puts two and two together and gets all excited and announces that Bridget is engaged. Because Bridget and Declan probably didn't want to do that themselves. Everyone politely applauds and congratulates Didge.
DONNA: You're going to be my first friend to get married!
BRIDGET: We were going to wait until Declan was out of hospital and do it together.
DONNA: But I'm just so excited, aren't you busting to talk about it? I am and it's not even my engagement! You're not mad at me are you?
Steve guesses it's official and Steph arrives. She chucks Dan his car keys and mentions that it's funny what you find in people's glove boxes. She glares at Toadie and asks how could he?
STEPH: No wonder you got all weird about that play, "The Girl Next Door". She's me!
LIBBY: Really?
DAN: Duh!
STEPH: All our personal stuff out there in some school play now! Making me look like a monster!
Toadie tries to explain that that was an old draft etc etc but Steph can't believe he'd do such a thing and storms out.
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Karl Kennedy, Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5679
Karl Kennedy, Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy, Zeke Kinski

Zeke Kinski, Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5679
Zeke Kinski, Donna Freedman

Ringo Brown, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5679
Ringo Brown, Karl Kennedy

Donna Freedman, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5679
Donna Freedman, Bridget Parker

Dan Fitzgerald, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5679
Dan Fitzgerald, Toadie Rebecchi

Zeke Kinski, Sunny Lee in Neighbours Episode 5679
Zeke Kinski, Sunny Lee

Ringo Brown, Zeke Kinski, Sunny Lee in Neighbours Episode 5679
Ringo Brown, Zeke Kinski, Sunny Lee

Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5679
Miranda Parker

Ty Harper, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5679
Ty Harper, Steph Scully

Charlie Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5679
Charlie Hoyland

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5679
Toadie Rebecchi

Lucas Fitzgerald, Steph Scully, Miranda Parker, Ty Harper in Neighbours Episode 5679
Lucas Fitzgerald, Steph Scully, Miranda Parker, Ty Harper

Ben Kirk, Mickey Gannon, Callum Jones in Neighbours Episode 5679
Ben Kirk, Mickey Gannon, Callum Jones

Mickey Gannon, Ben Kirk, Charlie Hoyland, Toadie Rebecchi, Callum Jones in Neighbours Episode 5679
Mickey Gannon, Ben Kirk, Charlie Hoyland, Toadie Rebecchi, Callum Jones

Ty Harper in Neighbours Episode 5679
Ty Harper

Zeke Kinski, Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5679
Zeke Kinski, Donna Freedman

Sunny Lee in Neighbours Episode 5679
Sunny Lee

Donna Freedman, Miranda Parker, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5679
Donna Freedman, Miranda Parker, Bridget Parker

Toadie Rebecchi, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5679
Toadie Rebecchi, Steph Scully

Dan Fitzgerald, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5679
Dan Fitzgerald, Toadie Rebecchi

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