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Neighbours Episode 5660 from 2009 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5660
Australian airdate: 03/04/09
UK airdate:
Writer: Perri Cummings
Director: Catherine Roden
Guests: Cassandra Freedman: Tottie Goldsmith
Tegan Freedman: Chelsea Jones
Simon Freedman: Mauricio Merino Jr
Melissa Evans (Phoebe look-alike): Kaela Hilton
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
Zeke entering Pirate Net HQ.
Cass moaning to Paul about spending her "winnings" and finding out it was a joke.
Cass annoyed at Rebecca "selling" alcohol to minors (Tegan).
Simon confessing to Donna that he wishes they had somewhere else to go.
Didge telling Tegan that it's not too late to tell someone if it was just a prank that went too far.
Cass wanting Paul to run the story in the newspaper about Rebecca selling alcohol to minors.
Cass telling Tegan that they have a date at the police station.
Harold's Store
Elle brings Rebecca a coffee and asks if she can help her with anything and Rebecca replies "how about run that woman (Cass) out of town!" "Believe me if I could I would" Elle sympathises with her before Rebecca leaves as Cass demands to know where her coffee is.
At the table with the Freedman's, Tegan doesn't want to go to the police station to make a statement but Cass is insisting she does and wants the kids home at lunchtime to do so.
Tegan chats with her brother about wanting to tell the police that Rebecca did nothing wrong but fears she'll never hear the end of it from their mum. Simon tells her not to go to the police and that he has a plan too, so the two of them depart.
Donna runs into Dan, pleased that the whole school can hear Lost Boy's pod cast from Pirate Net (she downloaded it and wired it up to the school PA) but he isn't and leaves so he can switch it off. Zeke comes over to her, secretly impressed that his pod cast is being played and that Donna likes Lost Boy's stuff.
Ramsay Street
The dog walkers (Libby, Miranda and Ty) return home with the pooches, talking about the alcohol incident and get a sarcastic comment from Cass about them taking up the pavement as she heads up the street behind them. They then stand and watch as Simon tells Cass that Tegan isn't going to the police station because they are leaving (the kids are in casual clothes with their bags packed).
CASS: Aren't you guys just a little bit too old to be running away from home?
She orders them to stop mucking around and to get into the car but Simon tells her again that she can't force Tegan to go to the police and instead of getting into her car, they walk off down the street.
CASS: What's this? I try and give you a secure future, a home you ungrateful brats.
SIMON: Yes bye mum.
TEGAN: I do love you mum.
CASS: (to the kids) Hey kids I am sorry. I... (To the RSR's) You enjoying the show?
LIBBY: No, not really.
Before heading up the driveway she tells the RSR's that "they'll be back" but they just stand and watch for a second before making their way into their respective abodes.
Bus stop
Simon's checked the bus timetable and tells Tegan that they've got a wait as they've just missed one. When he joins her on the bench, she asks if Cass meant what she said but he reminds her what she is like.
TEGAN: We're not coming back are we?
Elle then rocks up in her car and Simon whispers to Tegan not to tell Elle but she is one step ahead of them - Miranda called to tell her what happened and she asks that they talk to Donna before leaving (they were hoping to sneak off to head to their Grandma's without telling anyone) and offers to drive them to Grandma's if they still want to leave after their talk.
Donna's just got the call from Elle and shouts to Zeke to cover for her as she runs out of the school.
Libby brings Dan his lunch and volunteers to help with his marking but he tells her to rest. She then reveals that there is for another reason for the visit - Susan is concerned about Zeke sneaking off and Dan confirms that he's been missing a few classes lately. When they spot Zeke getting ready to leave the school, Libby talks Dan into following him.
LIBBY: We could be like Mulder and Scully.
DAN: So now you think Zeke's involved with alien conspiracies do you?
LIBBY: Maybe... I guess we'll never know.
They then decide to follow Zeke since Dan isn't teaching for another couple of hours.
Paul and Rebecca are talking about the consequences of Tegan being "served alcohol" and he promises to help her out with any fine she may receive, even if she is uncomfortable with Paul and Elle bailing her out.
PAUL: Rebecca, please know that I am always here for you.
Cass then rocks up and Rebecca decides to leave to go serve some customers and Cass mutters under her breath that she hopes Rebecca is checking their ID! Paul decides he is leaving too but Cass wants to talk to him about the kids leaving her.
CASS: I could really do with a friend right now.
PAUL: Well you see we're not friends. You and I, we had fun that's all.
CASS: She'll never come back to you Paul, not when she's got Andrew.
PAUL: Really? So why are you causing all of this trouble?
CASS: Karma because she caused trouble for me.
PAUL: What will it take you to stop this?
CASS: Well having a friend would be a really good start.
Paul replies that he doesn't think so and goes to walk away but Cass issues him with a warning - if he walks away she'll cause him so much trouble for his girlfriend.
PAUL: Cassandra this is not a game. If you hurt Rebecca you'll have me to deal with. Understand?!
CASS: I look forward to it.
PAUL: (gripping her arm) I mean it.
Steph the appears and notices that Paul is gripping her arm so Cass plays up to get Steph onside and Paul informs her that she is a "real piece of work" before leaving.
Outside Pirate Net HQ
Libby and Dan creep along behind Zeke and he remarks that it looks like a dodgy area. They spot Zeke letting himself into the HQ and wonder what Zeke could be doing here.
LIBBY: Cleaning?!
DAN: You're not very good at this detective business are you?
LIBBY: I don't see you making any other suggestions.
DAN: Well I'm more of an action man, somewhat like MacGyver.
LIBBY: Says the man hiding round the corner.
At that, Dan decides to spring into action and creeps forward to the door where Zeke entered, signally for Libby to follow him. However, when they get to the door it's firmly shut and no about of pulling is going to get it open. "What now action man" asks Libby.
DAN: Well I could kick the door down but I've got a slightly dodgy knee.
Libby spots someone approaching and tells Dan that they need to act conspicuous.
DAN: I'm standing in front of a locked door.
LIBBY: (getting ready to pash him) Pretend you're my boyfriend.
DAN: I'm your husband.
They then begin pashing and the random extra's smile at them before they enter the HQ and Libby catches the door before it closes. "Mmm, voila" she tells him whilst trying not to gloat and drags him inside.
Inside Pirate Net HQ
Dan and Libby enter the building and she tells him to quit the creeping around because "it's not Scooby Doo." Libby correctly guesses that it is a radio station, "a pretty dodgy one by the look of it" and she reminisces about UniFM adding "that I used to be cool once".
A Phoebe look-alike quizzes them on how they got in and Libby replies that they are here to volunteer - she is Libby K and he is Dan the Man. Dan tries and fails to be hip and look-alike points out that they are older than their usual audience before asking again how they got in.
LIBBY: I didn't but we are very keen and huge fans of Pirate Not.
DAN: Net.
LIBBY: Net. Pirate Net.
Look-alike is just about to quiz then on who they really are when Zeke appears and Libby says that they are with him. She disappears after telling Zeke to get rid of them and that he's back on the air in 2 minutes. Zeke isn't impressed at them following him but has a smile on his face when he tells them that he's a DJ there and is pretty good at it. He asks that they don't tell anyone about this and Libby replies "that depends" but the chat has to temporarily stop as Zeke needs to get back.
Harold's Store
Donna isn't impressed at her siblings planning on running out on her but Simon points out that she did that to them. Simon adds that she was right - Cass is out of control so they had to get out of there for Tegan's sake. Tegan nods her head to confirm what Simon has said and Donna hugs her sister and tries to explain why she ran off to Tasmania.
Elle appears and suggests that the siblings move into #22 but Simon points out that is still next door to Cass. Tegan suggests that Grandma could put them all up so they could be altogether for good and on hearing that, Elle asks for a word with Donna in the kitchen.
In the kitchen, Elle gives Donna reasons why she can't leave including a personal one from her that she has only just got Donna back and after they hug, Donna returns to confirm Tegan's question that she is staying in Erinsborough because she isn't prepared to let Cass drive her away. Simon is okay with her remaining and Donna reassures Tegan that she will still visit "now that we don't all want to kill each other we can hang out" and they all agree to have a thickshake before departing.
Miranda and Steph sign in at the gym and Steph spots Cass and wants to go over to talk to her but Miranda gives her a warning - "I don't know if I trust her". Steph tells her about what she saw at the bar with Paul and while Miranda heads into the changing rooms, she heads over and asks Cass if she is okay. "It's everything" Cass replies before unloading on her about Paul and that he went all weird on her when she told him that she didn't want to see him anymore.
CASS: He started following me and calling insistently and turning up at the house which really frightened the kids.
CASS: That's why they've gone and then this morning I got this.
She then hands over something for Steph to read and once she's read it, Steph asks if it's from Paul. Cass confirms it has because Paul's email address is there.
STEPH: Oh my god, this is creepy even for him.
CASS: I shouldn't take it seriously right?
Steph asks if she'd like her to have a word with Paul but isn't sure if he'll listen.
CASS: Steph it's so awful to be afraid of someone you loved.
This of course strikes accord with Steph and she replies that it won't be any problem to have a word with Paul.
Rebecca comes off the phone after chatting to Andrew and Paul asks "where Wally is". She reminds him that it's Andrew, he's away being a soldier and that she is coping fine alone thank you very much!
Steph enters the bar and going up to Paul asks what he is playing at. He is naturally puzzled and Steph accuses him of threatening Cass and shows him (and Rebecca) the email Cass received. Paul is oblivious and takes the email from Steph to read and once he has, asks where she got it from. Steph reminds him that she saw him threaten Cass earlier but Paul announces that this email is a lie.
He leaves the email on the bar before departing and Rebecca picks it up to read as Steph tells her that Cass is really scared of him. After reading it, Rebecca tells her that Paul isn't like that and Steph asks if she is "sure about that?" before leaving the bar.
Harold's Store
The Freedman's have finished their thickshakes and food, so Simon announces its time for them to leave to catch the bus. Donna replies that they won't be getting the bus as Elle is driving them before giving them a public farewell. She promises to visit next weekend and also adds that if they (or Grandma) need anything they just need to call.
Pirate Net HQ
Libby and Dan are impressed with Zeke as he does his stuff but ask that he comes clean to a worried Susan. Dan adds that Susan is going to be rapped and tell the whole neighbourhood but he'd prefer his anonymity so he can talk about anything. "Stuff Zeke Kinski can't talk about?" asks Dan and Zeke is quick to ask that Dan doesn't counsel him.
Phoebe look-alike comes in to ask Dan and Libby to go because she doesn't want Zeke distracted and they leave but Libby's parting words to him is that he can trust Susan and so to tell her.
ZEKE: If people find out about this I'll have to stop doing it. Don't take this away from me.
Ramsay Street
Cass is checking the mail when an annoyed Paul comes up the street just as Steph and Ty arrive home too.
PAUL: You! What is wrong with you hey? I knew you were sick but that email oh god that's something else.
Cass acts the part and runs into the middle of the street asking that he stays away from her. Paul can see that she is just acting and follows suit, telling her that she "is good, very good". Ty asks that he backs off and Steph tells him to leave Cass alone.
Steve, Miranda and Dan appear from their houses too and Dan asks what is going on and Paul asks Cass to do that.
CASS: He's been threatening me.
PAUL: Oh well I'm the bad guy now.
Miranda suggests she is getting a bit carried away and as Libby appears too, Cass tells the RSR's that doesn't mean Paul can hurt her. Steve suggests to Paul that he should to inside but Paul wants Cass to tell the gathered RSR's about the email. "It should be fresh in your mind since you wrote it" he adds.
Cass pleads that Paul won't leave her alone and he is trying to scare her because he's been in her houses and that things are missing. Sarcastically Paul asks if he is a thief too. "Its true" replies Cass so Paul offers, indeed insists, that the RSR's come in and search his house to disprove her suggestion.
PAUL: I'm not going to have this tramp throwing allegations around like that.
Dan says that searching the house might be going a bit too far but Steph leads the RSR's into his house after reminding them what a creep Paul is.
PAUL: Yes come on, I've got nothing to hide. (To Cass as the RSR's head into his house) You're so going to regret this.
Number 22
The Ramsay Street Residents are really raking through the house and Miranda reports that there is nothing in the kitchen although the "oven could do with a clean". Steve wants them to head up to the bedrooms next and Ty asks if it's really necessary and Miranda suggests that they should leave.
PAUL: Now do you believe me?
STEPH: I wouldn't go that far.
So Paul wants to lead them up to the bedrooms but Steph spots something that they've missed - his briefcase. Paul tells them that the only thing they'll find in there are some business papers and maybe a contract. Steph has a smile on Steph's face as she heads over to open the briefcase fully on the table and pulls out a black negligee. Paul protests his innocence and asks who put it in there.
STEPH: Well Paul, either you've developed a new taste in underwear or...
CASS: That's mine.
PAUL: Yes, of course it's yours, isn't it Cass. Put it in there didn't you?
CASS: No I did not.
PAUL: You know I'm really intrigued to know how you did this. Cut yourself a key or just picked the lock did you?
Cass leaves after deciding she can't handle this anymore and after throwing the negligee at Paul, Steph follows Cass out of the house saying she is going to call the police and Paul again tries to say he is innocent to the remaining Ramsay Street Residents.
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Cassandra Freedman, Simon Freedman, Tegan Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5660
Cassandra Freedman, Simon Freedman, Tegan Freedman

Zeke Kinski, Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5660
Zeke Kinski, Donna Freedman

Cassandra Freedman, Tegan Freedman, Simon Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5660
Cassandra Freedman, Tegan Freedman, Simon Freedman

Ty Harper, Miranda Parker, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5660
Ty Harper, Miranda Parker, Libby Kennedy

Elle Robinson, Tegan Freedman, Simon Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5660
Elle Robinson, Tegan Freedman, Simon Freedman

Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5660
Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy

Paul Robinson, Cassandra Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5660
Paul Robinson, Cassandra Freedman

Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy, Melissa Evans in Neighbours Episode 5660
Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy, Melissa Evans

Melissa Evans, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5660
Melissa Evans, Zeke Kinski

Tegan Freedman, Elle Robinson, Donna Freedman, Simon Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5660
Tegan Freedman, Elle Robinson, Donna Freedman, Simon Freedman

Cassandra Freedman, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5660
Cassandra Freedman, Steph Scully

Steph Scully, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5660
Steph Scully, Paul Robinson

Tegan Freedman, Elle Robinson, Donna Freedman, Simon Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5660
Tegan Freedman, Elle Robinson, Donna Freedman, Simon Freedman

Libby Kennedy, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5660
Libby Kennedy, Zeke Kinski

Miranda Parker, Paul Robinson, Steve Parker, Cassandra Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5660
Miranda Parker, Paul Robinson, Steve Parker, Cassandra Freedman

Cassandra Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5660
Cassandra Freedman

Cassandra Freedman, Libby Kennedy, Ty Harper, Steph Scully, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5660
Cassandra Freedman, Libby Kennedy, Ty Harper, Steph Scully, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5660
Paul Robinson

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