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Neighbours Episode 5600 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5600
Australian airdate: 05/12/08
UK airdate:
Writer: Hamish Cameron
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Kelly Katsis : Katrina Milosevic
Andrew Simpson : Peter Flanigan
Summary/Images by: Miriam/Emily
Andrew suggesting Rebecca ask him on a date.
Andrew kissing Rebecca.
Steph worried the cancer might come back, and what will happen to Charlie.
Steph riding a motorbike again and feeling fantastic.
Rebecca filling in for Steph at the bar so she can go ride a motorbike - Rebecca would love to run this place.
Steph announcing that she's selling Charlie's.
Paul offering to finance the purchase of Charlie's if Rebecca manages and runs it.
Number 32
Rebecca has offered to buy Charlie's from Steph, who seems keen that the bar goes into safe hands. They agree that they seem to have a deal, over which Rebecca almost wets herself. Libby stands at the kitchen sink, looking unsure. Rebecca suggests she open the bar up for Steph today, and disappears off with the keys.
Libby wonders if Steph is really all for selling her pub - just like that - and disappearing off to ride her bike. Libby reminds her that the bar is part of who she is, more than just about Max, but Steph insists that this is about more time for her and Charlie together. She tells her friend that this is done, now, and that's it.
Rebecchi Cammeniti
Rebecca is filing when Paul comes in, wondering if she's taking him up on his offer. Rebecca declines - she's taken another offer...from Elle. Things between her and Paul are too complicated for her to go into partnership with him. Paul is displeased.
Rebecca is sharing her ideas with Elle and Miranda - theme nights, music, food, drink, comedy...isn't this what a pub is already?! Miranda is thrilled that it's going so well for Rebecca, but thought she loved the law. Rebecca says it wasn't the law she loved, it was helping people - and she can still do that here. Rebecca runs off to serve her first customers.
Miranda bluntly asks Elle what's in it for her - this is totally out of character for Rebecca. Elle says it was what Rebecca wanted - and it was either her or dad.
Toadie comes in and tells Rebecca to get back to the office because he has work for her! Filing. She could not look less thrilled.
Rebecchi Cammeniti
Toadie says he can't live without Rebecca, but she retorts that there's more to life than filing and stapling. Toadie admits that he'll miss her. Rebecca confesses that her life was at rock bottom when she arrived in Erinsborough, and Toadie helped her pull it together; she won't forget that.
Number 26
Mickey and Callum are looking through Christmas decorations, and find one that Miranda's Great Aunt gave to her. Steve warns them to be careful, and the Decoration Death Knell is heard pealing in the background. Steve pulls out the lights.
CALLUM: Hey, I'd be careful with those. One of them blows, the whole thing goes WHOOSH!
STEVE: You're being a bit dramatic there, aren't you, mate?
CALLUM: *shrugs* It's your house.
Miranda says there will be plenty of room for presents from Father Christmas. Callum says that Santa doesn't exist, which Mickey clearly didn't know. They end up fighting and crush Miranda's beloved decoration.
Andrew and Libby are having a conversation at a table, and Rebecca is gazing inappropriately. Toadie chats away to her, reminding her not to perve on the customers. Libby is telling Andrew that she's concerned about the timeframe of the water rafting trip - before pointing out his admirer at the bar.
Paul comes in and asks for a drink. She apologises for taking the loan from Elle. Andrew comes over, and Rebecca runs across the bar to him - he suggests taking her to dinner for a meal to celebrate her taking on the pub. She quickly agrees, before going back to Paul to hand his drink over. Paul declines the drink, saying that he didn't realise she was so into a guy who likes younger women - and drops the bombshell that Andrew was given the flick by none other than Elle.
Rebecca is gobsmacked.
The General Store
Paul comes in, demanding to know from Elle what's going on between Rebecca and Andrew - and wonders if he can run some scandalous story on Andrew in the paper. Elle refuses, despite her father insisting that Andrew cannot be trusted. Elle tells her dad to stay out of it, before flouncing off, Apple Mac in hand.
Coincidentally, Andrew comes into the store, on the phone to an insurance company who won't sponsor the rafting trip. Paul offers to fund the worthy cause through the paper, as long as they can have a meeting about it. Andrew agrees, thrilled with the offer, whilst Paul's evil eye glints in the foreground.
Rebecchi Cammeniti
Steve has brought Callum in to see Toadie and Kelly. Callum explains that Mickey was taunting him, going on about Christmas presents and stuff. Toadie establishes that Callum never got any presents whether he was bad or good, so Father Christmas can't be real. Toadie admits to seeing Santa Claus, once, and Kelly says her ex once saw him, too. Steve thinks Santa stole his cashews.
CALLUM: You guys are full of it. I'm going home.
The General Store
Mickey is telling Miranda that Callum's a jerk, and wonders what's wrong with him.
Steph comes in, and Miranda asks after Harry. Steph replies that he's started chemo, and has Lou and Susan there 24/7, waiting on him! Steph asks Miranda to sign up to her new petition - free mammograms for women.
MICKEY: What's a mammo..man?
STEPH: Oh, that's very cute! It's a special health check that women have to have.
Well put. Callum walks in with Toadie and Kelly. Mickey deliberately walks past him and out the door. Toadie and Kelly sit down with Callum and tell him that Christmas is about making other people feel good - starting with Mickey. He shows Callum something in a bag, which Callum takes one look at before dropping his head to the table in resignation.
Rebecca comes in, to a huge WOWEEEE! from Lucas and Elle, who thinks she looks great. She says it's a long time since she put herself out there and is worried about it - especially as she's heard he dates younger women. Elle reassures Rebecca that nothing happened between her and Andrew, no matter what her dad said. Rebecca believes Elle, and goes to sort a few things out before her date starts.
Paul comes in, sees Rebecca looking gorgeous, and decides to ruin it all for his ex-fiancee by calling Andrew and telling him he can meet up with him about the school sponsorship - but only if he meets him right now, right this second.
Erinsborough High
At the school, Paul says that he has to see the FULL proposal, right now, as he has to see the accountant in the morning, first thing. Regretfully, Andrew concedes, realising he has no choice if he wants the school trip to go ahead. He calls Rebecca first.
Rebecca tells Elle and Libby that Andrew just called - he has an important meeting or something. They encourage her to not worry about it, at least he called her, and he'll be here later. Steph hands out her new mammogram leaflets, and sympathises with Rebecca stressing out over Andrew.
Number 26
Miranda and Steve are trying to cheer Mickey up but, making no effort to understand where someone else is coming from, he's not interested in anything other than his own self-pity. There's a knock at the door, and Toadie and Callum come in, dressed as Elves, with Kelly behind them wearing reindeer antlers.
Callum apologises for saying Mickey was a baby, and that Santa doesn't exist. Mickey disdainfully asks why they're wearing Elf outfits, and Callum says that Christmas is about making other people happy - and Santa works on a points system...elf outfits are worth 100 points. As soon as Mickey sees something in it for him, he decides he wants one.
Mickey runs off with Callum to go write a letter for Santa.
The adults laugh about the kids, and Kel and Toadie find themselves under the mistletoe. Miranda and Steve suggest they share a kiss, which reluctantly agree to - just the one.
The one small kiss quickly turns into one hell of a full-on pash.
Rebecca is still waiting for Andrew, and Steph and Libby sympathise with her. She should give him more time because he's obviously so into her!
Erinsborough High
Paul is still reading through the proposal, really taking his time and milking it.
Rebecca waits, disappointed, and decides to go home.
Erinsborough High
Paul tells Andrew that he has got himself a sponsor. Andrew is thrilled and says he has to run to his other appointment. Paul gloats and smiles.
Andrew arrives to an empty bar. Steph shakes her head at him, disappointed.
Number 24
Rebecca is in her PJs with a dressing gown and tub of ice cream. She sees something on her computer and I presume she presses 'play'. It's a recording of Oliver, Carmella and Chloe, together in Portugal. Carm waves with Chloe and they ad Libby a bit as the baby starts to cry!
They tell Rebecca that things are good, and she blows them a kiss, close to tears. Carmella tells Rebecca that she's going to stay there, at least for a while, and says she loves her. Rebecca says to the laptop that she loves them all back. It's a lovely video, very natural and ad-libbed. It's also blatantly obvious that David and Natalie are dating with all the affection that's going on in an unscripted manner...!
There's a knock at the door, and Rebecca thinks it's Andrew. It's not.
It's Paul, with wine and food. Rebecca thinks Paul may have come to gloat. He says he hasn't - he wasn't trying to buy her with the bar, he just wanted what was best for her. He says he's sorry that Andrew stood her up. She waves him in to the house...
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Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5600
Steph Scully

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5600
Paul Robinson

Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5600
Miranda Parker

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5600
Toadie Rebecchi

Mickey Gannon, Steve Parker, Miranda Parker, Callum Jones in Neighbours Episode 5600
Mickey Gannon, Steve Parker, Miranda Parker, Callum Jones

Mickey Gannon, Callum Jones in Neighbours Episode 5600
Mickey Gannon, Callum Jones

Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5600
Rebecca Napier

Libby Kennedy, Andrew Simpson in Neighbours Episode 5600
Libby Kennedy, Andrew Simpson

Lucas Fitzgerald, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5600
Lucas Fitzgerald, Elle Robinson

Andrew Simpson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5600
Andrew Simpson, Paul Robinson

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5600
Steph Scully

Callum Jones, Kelly Katsis, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5600
Callum Jones, Kelly Katsis, Toadie Rebecchi

Rebecca Napier, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5600
Rebecca Napier, Libby Kennedy

Oliver Barnes, Chloe Cammeniti, Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5600
Oliver Barnes, Chloe Cammeniti, Carmella Cammeniti

Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5600
Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier

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