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Neighbours Episode 5593 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5593
Australian airdate: 26/11/08
UK airdate:
Writer: Anthony Morris
Director: Jonathan Geraghty
Guests: Samantha Fitzgerald - Simone Buchanan
Justin Hunter - Chris Toohey
Kyle Canning - Chris Milligan
Shane Gregory - Ryan Bate
Summary/Images by: Carly/ShadowDan
- Zeke thinking that Karl has cancer
- Steve not keen on Declan moving in
- Harold determined to keep his illness a secret
- Dan unsure whether the baby is his
- Libby inviting Sam to the BBQ
- Dan and Sam sharing a baby moment
- Libby calling off the wedding
Number 28
Libby and Dan are regrouping as best they can. Libby affirms that they're only postponing the wedding, but knows that it still doesn't make things easier. They share a sad smooch before Dan heads home. Libby stares at the wedding (cup)cake on the bench mocking her, and angrily shoves it onto the ground.
Number 30
Dan broods in the lounge room, getting a surprise when Ben appears out of thin air wearing his little wedding suit. He tells Dan that Mickey's been helping him practice his 'wedding walk', before excitedly giving Dan a demonstration. Ben can sense that something's wrong, but Dan can't bear to crush his spirits, so Ben sprints out to show his mum the walk none the wiser.
Number 28
Steph frets when she sees Karl and Susan helping Libby clean up the cake spillage and offers to fix it up. Ben walks in to find the mess and Libby lies and says Lennie did it. Grinning, Ben then shows off his walk which breaks everyone's hearts and Libby realises she has to tell him the truth.
Number 32/Number 30
Libby tells Ben that she loves him and is loathe to disappoint him - but the wedding isn't going to plan.
Dan and Lucas chill out on the couch with some beers. Lucas tells Dan he's going to make a great dad.
Ben tells his mum that calling off the wedding is stupid. Libby tries to explain the situation further to him, but he calls her stupid as well and runs off.
Number 26
All the teens (minus Rachel) are trying to set up a new double bed for Declan and Didge - in the lounge room. And this will fit through the hallway how? They're also having quite a lot of trouble following the DIY instructions.
ZEKE: Does anyone know Swedish?
DONNA: Only what I've heard in the ABBA songs.
ZEKE: They sung in English.
DONNA: Voulez vous.
DIDGE: That's French!
Steve walks in and is quite disturbed at the thought of his little girl sharing a bed with a big bad boy (bit too late now, pumpkin). Didge asks him to help them out but he makes up some excuse to vamoose. Declan then declares that it's food time as Didge asks Donna if her dad seemed weird to her.
DONNA: No, he acted just like any other dad would I reckon.
(Didge looks at her blankly)
DONNA: Didge what are we building here?
DIDGE: (she stares at the bed) But he hasn't said anything.
DONNA: Yeah doesn't mean he's OK with it.
Declan brings back some chocolate bars for everyone that he found hidden away, but Didge freaks because they belonged in her dad's secret stash. Declan tries to take them back but the guys have already scoffed them.
Charlie's Bar
Elle shares a drink with Sam and gently wonders if she has an ulterior motive for being back in Erinsborough. Sam states that she's always going to be bipolar and just wanted reassurance that her daughter will have her dad around when she can't be there. Lucas struts over and tells Sam she put on quite a show that afternoon. Sam glares at him.
Libby's Bedroom
Hanging up the phone, Libby crosses another number off the list of wedding cancellations. She slumps back on the bed just as Steph stops in to check on her, but Libby says she's fine. Steph leaves and Lib stretches out - finding a jewellery box hidden underneath her pillow. She opens it to find a pair of earrings and a note from Dan.
DAN VO: To my wonderful wife-to-be. We can't be together tonight but believe me, you're all I'm thinking of. Please wear these tomorrow. Yep, that's right, you're marrying a man who can accessorise. I can't wait for tomorrow.
She puts the note back and tries not to cry.
Charlie's Bar
Steph calls last drinks so Elle goes to get them all a coffee. Lucas takes the opportunity to bait Sam about her reasons for coming back to town on the eve of the wedding. Sam evenly says she just wanted everyone to know where they stood.
SAM: And who told me...
(Lucas fidgets)
SAM: So I knew when the wedding was. You better go tell them. While you're there you can tell them who told me about it. I'm sure Dan would never suspect you of trying to sabotage his wedding to Libby.
LUCAS: That wasn't why I told you.
SAM: And I didn't set out to break them up either. (Challenging him) So, what are you going to say?
They cease the conversation when Elle brings the drinks back, but she can tell something is amiss.
Charlie's Bar
Steph not-so-subtly packs up around Elle and Lucas. Elle surprisingly makes a move and gives Lucas the old 'want to come back to my place for coffee?' line, but Lucas is too distracted about the Sam dilemma to realise.
LUCAS: (dawning on him) Oh, you weren't just talking about coffee, were you.
ELLE: Well I am now!
He admits that he has information about Sam that Dan should probably know, but is hesitant to tell him because he doesn't want to break their already fragile brotherly bond. Steph then practically shoves them out the door, but not before cattily saying to Elle, "tell your friend I'm watching her".
LUCAS: So... Does that offer of coffee still stand?
ELLE: Coffee keeps me up. Goodnight.
Number 26 - Next Morning
Steve sees the big mess the teens abandoned in the lounge and looks conflicted. He flashes back to better times when Didge was still his innocent little girl, but then gets a grip and realises he should help her out. Sitting down with the instructions, Steve starts to build the bed.
General Store
The teens have stocked up on replacement chocolate for Steve but Declan isn't sure if they have the exact same ones.
ZEKE: It's not a good way to start with the in-laws, mate.
Declan claims that he doesn't care and starts to pash with Didge, making Zeke sick. Donna and Ringo then have a pash-fest themselves, further annoying him. He escapes to the other side of the store where he overhears Harold on the phone to Karl. To Zeke's ears, the conversation sounds like Karl is the sick one as Harold apologises for making a difficult situation worse. Zeke jumps on Harold as soon as he hangs up, all upset, so Harold takes him into the kitchen for a chat.
HAROLD: There's nothing wrong with Karl. He's not the one who's sick.
ZEKE: Well then who is?
HAROLD: That's not important. The important thing is there's nothing for you to worry about.
ZEKE: So you keep saying... It's you. What's wrong?
HAROLD: Oh, I have to have a small operation.
ZEKE: (getting upset) What is it, Harold?
HAROLD: I have cancer.
(Zeke's big brown cow eyes widen in horror)
HAROLD: But I have every faith that everything's going to be alright. Zeke?
ZEKE: I suppose you think God will look after you?
HAROLD: Well yes of course he will. And I'm having treatment.
ZEKE: Everyone I love either leaves me or dies!
He runs out of the kitchen. When did they become BFF? Did I miss that memo?
Street Somewhere
Zeke storms past Justin and two of his cronies (Kyle & Shane) hanging around a car. Justin mocks him, but Zeke is in no mood and talks back.
ZEKE: How about you get off that pedal car and bite me?
KYLE: Feisty!
ZEKE: You know you boys would look a lot more impressive if Justin's mum didn't have a 'magic happens' sticker on the back of the car.
Kyle thinks the "geek" is funny and invites Zeke on a little drive with them. Usually Zeke's spidey senses would be tingling, but he's in a reckless mood and gets into the car with them.
Number 26
Steve stands back and admire his handy work just as the teens arrive. Didge is delighted and gives her dad a big hug. Steve notices Declan with the choccies and tells him he already knows his stash was broken into. Declan frets, but Steve half-jokingly, half-seriously replies that no blood will have to be shed as long as Miranda doesn't find out about his sugar habit.
Ramsay Street
Sam notices Lucas waiting out the front of #30 for Dan (who is returning from a jog). She quickly heads over to interfere with any truth telling on Lucas' behalf, and regales them with stories about morning sickness and cravings. Noticing Libby collecting the paper next door, Dan uncomfortably goes inside to escape their little hell quadrangle. Lucas glares at Sam, and Elle joins them just in time to witness Ben have a barney with his mum on their front lawn. He has his bags packed and is on his way to stay with Nan and Pop because he's still mad with Lib. He screams, "Liar, liar, liar!" in her face a few hundred times before running off.
Number 28
Libby walks in with Ben's bag, apologising to her mum and dad, but Susan thinks it might be best if Ben does stay with them for a bit to give him a chance to cool off. Libby is at a loss as to what to do next, and wonders if her wedding really was cursed. But Susan tells her not to be silly - she just has to reassure Ben that the wedding is still going ahead sometime in the future.
Ducks on the pond! No, no subterfuge, they've just quite literally used ducks on the pond as the most disconnected stock shot ever to break up the scene. What is up with your duck fascination, show?
Cut to a short while later, and Harold has popped over to have a quiet word with Karl about Zeke getting upset. Not so quiet as it turns out, because Susan has heard Zeke's name and wants to know what's up. Harold confesses to Karl that Zeke heard about his operation, which confuses Susan.
SUSAN: What operation? What for?
HAROLD: Cancer.
SUSAN: (shocked) Oh Harold.
HAROLD: As I was saying, I'm afraid it might have upset Zeke.
SUSAN: Zeke will be fine - what about you?
Harold can't bring himself to answer.
Number 30
Dan is indulging in his favourite past time - staring (at his wedding ring this time, though, not a person) - when Sam stops in to keep him company. Dan isn't too keen to see her, and Sam wryly admits that she hasn't lost her touch for putting her foot in it. Dan replies he's happy he knows about the baby, but it was really bad timing.
SAM: You and Libby are going to work this out.
DAN: I can't lose her. I can't be without her.
SAM: ... Well I'm sure you won't be.
She reaches out to put a comforting hand on his shoulder, just as Libby walks in the door. Dan leaps up, but Libby doesn't make a scene, instead she just hands the jewellery box back to him. Dan freaks, thinking this is a sign he's dumped for good, but Libby just wants him to give them to her on their proper wedding day.
LIBBY: We're going to work this out. I want us to be together and I will do whatever it takes.
DAN: Me too.
They hug and Sam skirts around them to the front door, but not before stopping to narrow her eyes at Libby while her back is turned.
Abandoned Building
Justin parks the car out the front of the building and he and his cronies tease Zeke about being too scared to go in. Putting on a front, Zeke pretends he's totally cool with it and follows them inside (where they proceed to run and squeal like schoolgirls - totally macho there, dudes).
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Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5593
Libby Kennedy

Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5593
Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy

Ben Kirk in Neighbours Episode 5593
Ben Kirk

Bridget Parker, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5593
Bridget Parker, Declan Napier

Steve Parker in Neighbours Episode 5593
Steve Parker

Lucas Fitzgerald, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5593
Lucas Fitzgerald, Elle Robinson

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5593
Elle Robinson

Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5593
Lucas Fitzgerald

Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5593
Zeke Kinski

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5593
Harold Bishop

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5593
Libby Kennedy

Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5593
Dan Fitzgerald

 in Neighbours Episode 5593

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