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Neighbours Episode 5518 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5518
Australian airdate: 13/08/08
UK airdate:
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Lucas Fitzgerald - Scott Major
Angus Henderson - Jonathan Wood
Callum Jones - Morgan Baker
Amy Garven - Chanara Hyde
Waiting Customer #1 - Jacob Shotade
Waiting Customer #2 - Sandra Murphy
Lucas Fitzgerald (Stunt Double) - Brett Anderson
Summary/Images by: Sophie/Emily
-Dan kissing Libby in the school hallway.
-Dan telling Toadie about his obsessive brother.
-Elle kissing and slapping Oliver, by way of a goodbye.
-Oliver kissing Carmella goodbye.
-Paul giving Angus his business card as an invitation to tell his story to the paper.
-Libby telling Lucas about her bike accident.
The Waterside
Lucas leads Libby to the bike and tells her to close her eyes and wait. He comes back, places a helmet in her hands and allows her to open her eyes. She admits that she's terrified and he empathises, saying he felt the same way when he had to get back on. He guides her carefully to the bike, noting her racing heart and urges her to taste the freedom she used to feel when riding. He puts his spare jacket on her and promises to take care of her. Trusting him, she joins him on the bike.
Dan is venting a bit by playing darts. Toadie can't believe that Dan hasn't told Libby that Lucas is his brother just because she doesn't want to fuel her feelings that he's jealous (even though he is). Toadie urges him to tell her before Lucas does, but Dan is sure that won't happen as Lucas doesn't "give a toss" about Libby. Toadie thinks that the whole thing doesn't make sense, but Dan thinks he understands his own brother. Before going to get Callum, Toadie asks Dan, with a slight tone of fear, whether he thinks that Libby is in danger.
The Open Road
One would hazard a guess of yes, as she clings on for dear life to a racing Lucas on his bike. She says that she feels great and free and is in no hurry to stop. She is even daring enough to wake her arms around a bit and shriek a lot.
The General Store
Carmella is working hard at the till and simultaneously taking a phone call, whilst Elle is using a table as an office and isn't enjoying being jolted around. Elle comes behind the till, inquiring about table service, to be told that no staff are available. Elle is unimpressed, but Carmella's only response is to thrust an apron in her direction.
Number 24
With Rachel working in the background, Bridget and Declan discuss tattoos. Declan promises to have her name permanently inscribed on his body that afternoon.
Miranda arrives, clutching a tupperware box with some brownies for Bridget, who feels she doesn't deserve them. Declan gratefully takes them. Bridget feels bad that she blamed her mum when it was Steve's fault, but Miranda has no hard feelings and is just glad that Bridget is being looked after.
Rachel ignores her phone to continue typing. Miranda leaves, telling Bridget that she loves her.
The General Store
Angus isn't best pleased that Rachel is ignoring his calls. Carmella and Ella are still struggling with the workload. Elle's snide comments do not help and Carmella tugs her into the kitchen for a professional conversation (for professional conversation, read cat-fight). Carmella believes that the fight is really about Oliver, which provokes Elle to make comments to the effect that Carmella could have perhaps played the grieving widow a little better. The whole thing descends into a food fight, which is rather fun, if a little childish. Suddenly they're brandishing kitchen implements at each other, which they unwillingly relinquish.
Back out front, Paul again approaches Angus, this time with a quote for how much he would be paid for his story. Paul suggests they find some slightly illegal ways around Angus making money from his crime.
Number 30
Callum arrives home from school to find Dan on the couch in front of the television. Callum tries to leave the house, but Toadie sends him to get changed before going to see his gran.
Dan tells Toadie that he hasn't said anything to Libby yet.
TOADIE: Come on, don't you at least think you owe it to her to warn her.
DAN: I don't owe anything to Libby.
Callum appears in a costume, which Toadie reluctantly allows him to wear to the nursing home. Toadie is enthusiastic about the visit, admitting to Dan when alone that his gran wasn't well last time, so Callum hasn't been keen to visit again. They leave, not without Toadie once again imploring Dan to ring Lib.
Lucas and Lib's Cosy Hideaway
Lucas strokes Libby's hair as she sleeps in the boat. Her phone rings and she wakes to answer it, but then rejects it. Lucas realises that it's Dan and reminds her that she's free to answer it; she's not locked in. She reassures him that it's him she wants to be with. He informs her that he's just in it for the fun - he doesn't do the deep and meaningful thing. Libby is shocked that Dan's call could cause this much friction. He goes to leave, giving her the keys to the ute. He tells her that he's not upset, but that the trip just wasn't a good idea.
Tattoo Parlour
They're getting their money's worth out of this new set. Declan is a bit anxious at the sound of needles. The tattoo artist offers a word of warning about getting boyfriend/girlfriend tattoos (which is a little late for Bridget, also present) but Declan is happy to go ahead.
TATTOO ARTIST: It's your skin.
Declan goes a bit pale when he sees a sign saying "Instant Tattoo Removal", displaying an axe underneath. The tattoo artist tells him to hold still and he passes out as the needlework begins. As he comes to, he pretends the room is just stuffy, although the air con is on high. He hopes that they're almost done, only to be told that they're yet to start.
Number 24
A wimpy Declan sits much happier at home where Bridget writes her name on his arm in pen instead. She tells him that he doesn't need to get a tattoo, which pleases Declan. She shows him a dot that she managed to ink in before he passed out.
BRIDGET: Whenever I see that dot, I'll know that you love me.
DECLAN: Loud and proud.
BRIDGET: Loud and proud.
They kiss.
Elle joins Paul, who pitches a Rachel Kinski "Why I left my family to be with my criminal boyfriend" piece, written by Elle. Elle's moral side makes her not keen, but Paul is eager for her to go and conduct an interview and get some pictures. He notices something in her hair - coleslaw from her fight with Carmella. She is feeling let down and rejected after Oliver's departure. Elle isn't overly thrilled when Paul begins to offer relationship advice and finds it hard to believe that someone will come along. Elle reluctantly accepts the Rachel Kinski story, but not without some acrimony.
Angus's Flat
Rachel pleads with Angus not to make her do the story for the paper, but Angus reminds her that they can't pay him, but they can pay her. Elle comes in and makes sure that Rachel is familiar with the procedure. Angus tries to explain that she's nervous, but Elle says that she can't speak to him. Rachel is wary because of the press response in the past, but Elle assures her that she'll write exactly what she's said, but what the editor does, she cannot control.
Angus's Flat
The interview goes on, with Rachel admitting that although she couldn't be happier, it wasn't easy. She won't have any cynicism about their love story; she extols Angus's virtues and reaffirms that she trusts him. Elle looks unconvinced, but she and Rachel agree that it doesn't matter what she's thinking. Still, Rachel gets teary when she reveals that the thoughts of others, especially her family, make it much harder.
RACHEL: I love him so much. Have you ever felt like that? It may be good enough for you to think that this is all about some stupid girl making up fairy stories but that is not good enough for me. I want so much more than that. And I'm trying so hard.
She cries. A little later, she wipes away her tears and Elle comforts her. Rachel apologises and offers to finish the interview, but Elle insists that she has enough information to write a piece and that she won't write about her crying. The power turns back on, surprising Rachel, and Elle reveals that her father has a few short-cuts.
Elle looks down at her camera to see a miserable picture of Rachel.
Toadie, Dan and Callum are playing pool. Dan asks after Callum's gran and Toadie says that it was fine. He reminds his fellow-players that if he wins the game, Dan has to go round the table in nothing but his boxers. Dan tells Toadie that he called Libby and left a message saying that Lucas is bad news. Talk of the devil, he sees Lucas standing at the bar. Lucas tells Dan that Libby is driving herself home, having dumped her already, but not before he "sealed the deal". Dan grabs him by the collar and Toadie has to intervene to break them apart. Libby comes in, furious at Dan.
DAN: (to Lucas) You didn't tell her, did ya?
LIBBY: Tell me what?
TOADIE: They're brothers.
Libby looks between them, shocked.
Ramsay Street
Libby marches across the street and Dan jumps out of a car to grab her. She tries to walk on and then informs him that she is not a toy for Dan and his brother to fight over. Dan tries to tell Libby that Lucas is a liar, but she still thinks his behaviour has been inexcusable - storming into her house and trying to kiss her at school, but not telling her anything. She turns some of her fury to Toadie, who has joined them, asking how long he has known. He tells her it's only been a little while.
LIBBY: I'm so stupid. You know what, at least Lucas doesn't pretend to be honest. You're both gutless wonders, both of you!
FVO: Their illicit love affair ...
MVO: ... has just gone public.
The Kinski-Kennedys look at the paper with Rachel's story.
FVO: 6.30 tomorrow
MVO: Someone's out to bust up these forbidden lovers, for good.
ELLE: It's going to have everyone up in arms all over again.
MVO: Neighbours, 6.30 tomorrow.
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Lucas Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5518
Lucas Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy

Dan Fitzgerald, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5518
Dan Fitzgerald, Toadie Rebecchi

Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5518
Dan Fitzgerald

Lucas Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5518
Lucas Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy

Bridget Parker, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5518
Bridget Parker, Declan Napier

Miranda Parker, Bridget Parker, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5518
Miranda Parker, Bridget Parker, Declan Napier

Carmella Cammeniti, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5518
Carmella Cammeniti, Elle Robinson

Angus Henderson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5518
Angus Henderson, Paul Robinson

Declan Napier, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5518
Declan Napier, Bridget Parker

Rachel Kinski, Angus Henderson in Neighbours Episode 5518
Rachel Kinski, Angus Henderson

Rachel Kinski, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5518
Rachel Kinski, Elle Robinson

Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5518
Lucas Fitzgerald

Lucas Fitzgerald, Toadie Rebecchi, Libby Kennedy, Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5518
Lucas Fitzgerald, Toadie Rebecchi, Libby Kennedy, Dan Fitzgerald

Dan Fitzgerald, Toadie Rebecchi, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5518
Dan Fitzgerald, Toadie Rebecchi, Libby Kennedy

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