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Neighbours Episode 5511 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5511
Australian airdate: 02/08/08
UK airdate:
Writer: Kim Wilson
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Angus Henderson: Jonathan Wood
Sienna Cammeniti: Erin McNaught
Donna Freedman: Margot Robbie
Ian Rogers: Rod Mills
Josh Taylor: Liam Hemsworth
Amy Garven: Chanara Hyde
Damien Panadopolous: Brent Trotter
Schoolgirl #1: Kimberley Galea
Schoolgirl #2: Tallulah Lacey-Phillipson
Tattoo parlour customer: Simon Arandt
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/ShadowDan
Declan relieved his mum has finally left his room.
Josh meeting Didge at the rehab centre.
Elle trying to question Angus & Rachel on his release from prison.
Rachel pashing Angus in front of the cameras and telling Elle to stick that in her newspaper.
Angus sympathising with Zeke's position but hoping that he'll cut him some slack in time.
Zeke reminding Mr Henderson he wasn't just some guy, he was Rachel and his teacher.
Rachel discovering the graffiti on Angus' door.
Angus' flat
Rachel spouts off to Angus' neighbours about what has happened and that they are allowed to be together until he stops her to remind her that he's got to live there and in a teacher-like voice, tells her to go to school. "Or what, you'll give me detention?" she sarcastically replies back to him. He doesn't answer that, so she hands over the box of food and departs.
Rachel arrives at school and has a go at Zeke for the graffiti outside Angus' flat. He hasn't a clue what she is on about and in the background Ringo pipes up and says that is what Angus is, which Rachel doesn't take too likely to, and remarks back that she wondered why she ever went out with him before stomping out of the classroom.
Declan spots Miranda walking down the corridor and goes out to talk to her. She is there to hand over some lunch for Didge and he accepts it on her behalf commenting that Didge is with a teacher but just as he is about to go back into class with it, he calls her back to return the lunchbox and telling her where Didge really is - at the hospital rehab centre giving a speech.
Didge gives her speech to the gathered as Miranda listens in unseen at the door, telling them that she has inherited the family's stubbornness! She also adds that the family gave her tremendous support and just as she is about to laud them, she spots Miranda and changes tact to say that friends are more important than family.
One of the gathered asks if they can still have girlfriends and Josh replies saying yes, while she just looks at her mum.
It's gossip time in the school with the Rachel's kiss being all over the front page of the paper. Rachel goes to call Angus as she walks back to her locker but cuts the voicemail message off when she spots an altered copy of the photo on her locker with 'detention my house... midnight X X X' inside a balloon added to it.
Zeke appears and spots the altered photo and asks if she'll be okay and Rachel calmly replies "I will be" whilst trying to outstare the gossiping kids as she moves down the corridor.
Angus' flat
Angus tries to remove the graffiti as the neighbours stare on. Rachel arrives and assists in the process and waves to the staring neighbours.
The kids finish their maths test and as soon as the teacher starts collecting the papers, Zeke calls Rachel to see why she missed the test.
Ringo owns up and admits he was the one responsible for the graffiti to shock some sense into her but Zeke tells him it looks like it has had the opposite effect adding that Susan is likely to kill him.
RINGO: Death by Susan then Karl next week.
Ringo then walks out of the classroom and Zeke asks where he is off to.
RINGO: Off to get death by Rachel over with.
Zeke follows him out, telling him not to.
Angus' flat
Well it looks like they're resumed a physical relationship again given Rachel is lying on the floor wearing one of his shirts.
They banter about how to do his flat up and she assures him things will get better and just as they are beginning to pash, a brick comes flying through the window. Rachel must be such a magnet to them! Angus picks up the brick and 'PERV' is written on a piece of paper attached to it.
commercial break over and Angus runs out of the flat to see who threw it but only runs into Ringo instead, who saw nothing. Rachel comes out to show him her injuries (a gash on her leg) and Ringo wants to call to let Susan know what is happening but they beg him not to call her. Angus asks him why he is there but before he can reply, sends him packing with orders to go to the circus if he wants to see a freak show. Once the two of them head inside, Ringo takes out his phone and calls Susan.
Josh jokes with Didge that she stole his show but she tells him to write new material. She admits that she was surprised to be asked especially after they broke up and he jokes that although bounced from a big height, he's recovered pretty good... and invites her to join him for coffee. Didge turns him down and Josh spots that Miranda has arrived with the coffees telling Didge that her speech was good but she tells her mum that she just told the truth and perhaps she could try that herself sometime. Miranda suggests they go somewhere to talk but Didge announces that she is having coffee with Josh and while Miranda takes the news well, Josh looks happy stunned. While Josh goes to get his stuff, Didge works out how she found out about her being at the rehab centre (Declan) and announces that she isn't for sale when Miranda tries handing her some lunch.
The General Store
Steve sees Josh & Didge arrive and exchange pleasantries although he sounds a bit annoyed not to know that she was doing the talk on spinal injuries. He departs and Josh wants to know what is up between her and her parents following the second awkward Didge/parent chat but she brushes him off so he asks instead how her love life is.
DIDGE: You're really bad at small talk aren't you!
Declan, Zeke and Donna enter and he is quick to "claim" his girlfriend and kisses her on the cheek. The teens are stunned when Declan announces that he's paying when Sienna comes to take their order.
Angus' flat
Angus places a plaster on Rachel's gash (over a pair of tights huh.gif) and announces that she can't stay over at his place in case something happens to her. Just as they are about to go all lovey-dovey again, the cavalry, sorry Susan arrives demanding to see the injuries and wanting Rachel to come home but she makes it clear that she isn't going without Angus...
Number 28
...Angus thanks Susan for inviting him to her house but she makes it clear he's there for one night only and that is only so Rachel is protected.
Ringo asks Rachel if she is mad he called Susan (no) but she confesses that she felt better once Susan arrived. Susan asks if they've called the police (no) then tells them to, to make a statement that the vigilantes can't take the law into their own hands. Ringo is about to tell Rachel something when Zeke arrives home from school not happy to see Angus in his house. Susan explains why he is there and Zeke has a go at Ringo for what he did because it now means Angus is staying at their house.
RACHEL: What's that suppose to mean? What's going on?
Ringo takes out the can of spray paint from his bag apologising for what he did but adding that he didn't throw the brick.
ANGUS: And that makes it all right does it?
RINGO: I said I was sorry. I had no idea this was going to get so out of hand.
RACHEL: You're supposed to be my friend.
RINGO: I am.
RACHEL: (shouting) Friends don't hurt each other like this.
RINGO: (shouting back) He is no good for you.
Susan tells them to stop squabbling and that she is appalled at Ringo's behaviour and that Angus has every right to call the police. Zeke tells her she is making things worse by letting him stay and she reminds him that it's just so she knows Rachel is protected. He questions if Karl is going to be happy at him staying there and she is quick to reply that he'll be long gone before Karl returns.
ANGUS: Please don't talk about me like I'm not here. I hate this just as much as you do.
Everyone suddenly seems to leave so that it is only Zeke and Angus left. Angus tells him that he does care about Rachel and would never do anything to hurt her.
ZEKE: Well all I know is my sister used to be her own person but since she's met you she's been fighting with her family, skipping school... She cries herself to sleep every night.
Number 24
Didge brings up Declan's very deep pockets and tells him off for buying everyone's food at the store because he's got nothing to worry about. He thinks otherwise but she reaffirms that he has nothing to be worried about, so asks if she is planning on seeing Josh again. "Probably not" Didge replies before telling him to read her lips...
DIDGE: I love you.
He teases her by commenting that she didn't tell Josh that, she didn't, and is trying to jest with her by saying "when you say properly" but she gets the wrong end of the stick (or should that be crutches) because she picks them up and hobbles out of the house telling him that she is going to prove to him that there is no probably.
Tattoo connection
Didge is looking at tattoo designs when the owner asks what she is after and upon hearing that a guy's name is to be part of it does her best to put Didge off because they'll be on the rocks before the scab falls off. laugh.gif "Not us" Didge replies before agreeing to a 10am appointment the next day. The owner throws her by asking for ID and consent from her parents if she is under 18 but Didge replies back that she is 18 and will take the ID with her tomorrow.
Ramsay Street
Donna is trying to bring Didge up to date with the gossip on Rachel as she hobbles home but Didge isn't at all interested, more worried about her own problems - being underage to get the tattoo - and is told to fake it.
DIDGE: What call 1-800-FAKEID?
Donna replies no, and offers to do Didge's fake ID because she owes her before departing, leaving Didge to get a two-pronged attack from her parents.
Miranda reiterates what she said earlier at the hospital adding that she was very proud of her and Steve is annoyed at not being told about her talk there. Steve tells her to go home but she isn't going until he returns too. Miranda tells them both that they are welcome to return and Steve replies back that she knows how he feels. Didge hobbles off to do some homework whilst trying hard not to let them see how upset she is.
Number 28
Zeke patrols the windows just in case the vigilantes have followed Angus to Ramsay Street but Susan tells him its not quite "The Thunderdome" outside just yet, so he clears up the plates instead and allows Ringo the opportunity to throw away his barely-eaten sandwich without being noticed.
Susan sends the kids off to do their homework (although Ringo chooses to head to the library instead) before heading to her room to read telling Angus to make himself at home.
He spots a photo of Rachel with Karl & Susan sitting and when he picks it up to look at it more closely, we hear Zeke's words about Rachel crying herself to sleep (presumably going round Angus' head) so he picks up his bag and makes his way to leave when Karl comes through the door. He is not at all happy to see Angus in the house and tries to punch him before being restrained.
FVO: It's the kiss that should never have happened.
CARMELLA: What are you doing?
OLIVER: I'm sorry.
CARMELLA: How could you?
FVO: Is Oliver flirting with disaster and about to cross the line again? Neighbours tomorrow on Ten.
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Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5511
Rachel Kinski

Angus Henderson in Neighbours Episode 5511
Angus Henderson

Angus Henderson in Neighbours Episode 5511
Angus Henderson

Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5511
Rachel Kinski

Josh Taylor, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5511
Josh Taylor, Bridget Parker

Josh Taylor, Miranda Parker, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5511
Josh Taylor, Miranda Parker, Bridget Parker

Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5511
Miranda Parker

Angus Henderson in Neighbours Episode 5511
Angus Henderson

Karl Kennedy, Angus Henderson in Neighbours Episode 5511
Karl Kennedy, Angus Henderson

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