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Neighbours Episode 5404 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5404
Australian airdate: 06/03/08
UK airdate:
Writer: Hamish Cameron
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Kirsten Gannon Nikola Dubois
Jackie Jones Kristin Keam
Summary/Images by: Elin
Elle telling Karl in therapy about not being able to think about the roof collapse
Paul and Kirsten arranging to meet for a drink
Steph telling Toadie she's going away for a bit
Vet surgery
Toadie asks Steph if she's going to just up and leave. She says no, but he was quite clear about how he feels about her sticking around. Toadie says he might have said some things he didn't mean, but that doesn't mean he wants her to go away.
STEPH: Toad, I need some breathing room. I need work out what I want us to be.
TOADIE: Us? Ah right, okay, so you get to decide, do you? How can you not know what you want after all this time?
STEPH: I know that I want you in my life.
TOADIE: Yeah, but only on your terms, right?
Toadie says he's not going to sit around and wait while she decides that they're just going to be friends. If she wants to go away to do some soul searching that's fine, but she should do them both a favour and not come back.
Law firm
Rebecca's working late when Toadie arrives. She wants to know how Bob's doing and Toadie says the dog's fine. When Rebecca wants to discuss some work related stuff with him Toadie asks her not to as he's in a bit of a mood. She insists this can't wait and hands over a confidential council document. It's the minutes from the decision to withdraw the security guards from the building where they held the rave. A look at the list of councillors who voted in favour of the motion shows that Steph's name is on there.
Valda's got her hand full when Steph comes in. She reckons she's got everything in control so suggests her granddaughter takes some time off. Steph agrees and tells Valda that she's taking Charlie with her to stay with Lyn in Shelley Bay for a bit. Valda says she's fine to take care of the bar in the mean time.
Libby appears and she and Steph have a bit of a chat about Bob. Steph says she feels bad about what happened, but Libby assures her Toadie will forgive her for what happened.
STEPH: Yeah, well, forgiveness is overrated.
Steph also admits she finally told Toadie about how she felt when she was up in Shepparton. She reckons it's probably best for everyone that she goes away for a while. Valda asks if she's sure and tries to make her granddaughter stay in Erinsborough by mentioning how Shelley Bay would be full of sandflies and out-of-towners at this time of year anyway so it wouldn't be a relaxing stay at all. Besides, what about Toadie? There might still be a chance to restore the relationship and Steph going away would be like shutting the door forever! Steph doesn't reply.
No. 22 Upstairs in Paul's bedroom
Paul and Rebecca are in bed fully clad and with pjs, a doona and four pillows despite the fact that it's the middle of summer. Rebecca's busy reading her work papers, but Paul's got other ideas for what they could be doing. He tries to give her a shoulder massage, but she shrugs it off. Paul wants to know if she's taking on too much work and comments that she shouldn't have to put in extra work just because Toadie and Rosie are slacking off. Rebecca says she's not, but it's to do with the roof collapse so it's important. Paul wants to know what's so important about this particular case.
PAUL: You know, I still panic about the fact that I could have lost Elle in that.
REBECCA: Well, it's not the same.
PAUL: Really? Why?
REBECCA: You wouldn't underst... (changes her mind) I'm sorry, this is keeping you awake, isn't it? I think I'll read this downstairs.
She grabs her reading materials and gets out of bed. Paul looks like he's feeling a bit abandonded.
Ramsay Street
Fitzy's leaving for school just as Libby's walking down the street. She offers to carry some of his books for him if it means she can walk him to school. They talk about how Steph and Toadie are going and Fitzy comments that at least they found out about their problems before they got married unlike some people. Libby says he sounds pretty cynical about it and gets on the topic of the girl he fancied last time he was in town, but can't remember her name.
The teen gang is also walking to school joking about Zeke's knowledge about English literature. Declan remarks that Rachel seems unusually happy and she says it's because detention is over. He on the other hand isn't very happy since thanks to his detention time with Rachel he's started to understand trigometry. She wonders why he doesn't study at home then and he asks why he should bother when there's TV! Rachel suggests they form a study group then, but Declan reckons that's lame. Unless of course no one was to find out, maybe Rachel could tutor him! Instead of answering Rachel runs ahead to walk with the other teens the rest of the way.
No. 22
Elle and Rebecca are having breakfast when Elle confesses she feels she's finally getting somewhere thanks to the counselling. Karl's been great, he just lets her vent and she feels she can talk to him without being judged. Rebecca wants to know how solving the Riley issues is going and Elle thinks she might need a few more sessions to do that, but she'll get there in the end. Her job's too important to let someone like Riley get in the way. Paul comes down and the ladies quickly change their topic to that of sales in the shops. Elle decides to leave for work and Paul comments that her not speaking to him is getting ridiculous. Rebecca says the only way for him to get to his daughter is to be less controlling since Elle needs to do things her way. Then Rebecca has to leave for work too and takes off without kissing Paul goodbye and we finish this scene with him looking like he's just been abandoned by everyone in the whole world.
Steph's doing some paperwork when Toadie comes in. They small talk about Bob before Steph says she hopes he can be understanding about her going away. She's not running away from the relationship. Toadie says that's not why he came over and hands over the confidential document from before that lays the blame of the roof collapse on the Erinsborough council. The building was to be demolished, signs were up to stop people from trespassing and then the council voted to have the security of the building removed. Steph says she can't remember that vote even though her name's on the document.
Steph tells Toadie that at the date of the vote she was sick, she wasn't even in there so gave her vote to Jackie Jones to vote for her. The new mayor (Jackie) didn't even discuss the matter with Steph, but now Steph will still be partly to blame for the roof collapse since her name is on the document granting for the security around the building to be removed.
TOADIE: Look Steph, this evidence is pretty damaging as it is, but this could really just be the tip of the iceberg.
Steph wants to know why he's telling her that since he's undermining his own case, but Toadie says he just wants her to know what she's up against. It means she's got a chance to clear her name before it's too late.
Erinsborough High School
Fitzy compliments Libby on her outfit as they're finishing up their walk to school.
LIBBY: There's nothing like retail therapy to mend a broken heart.
Suddenly Libby remembers the name of that girl Fitzy fancied years ago- Samantha! Libby wants to know what happened and works out that things obviously didn't go too well in the end.
FITZY: Why this sudden interest in my love life? Are you trying to crack on to me or something?
LIBBY: Of course not.
If this is indicative of traditional soap style I give them a month or two before something happens between them!
The teens have now arrived at school as well and Bridget comments on how close Rachel and Declan are these days. Rachel wants to know what that's supposed to mean and says there's nothing to tell on the subject. Come on, as if she'd be interested in Declan anyway! Bridget says she just thought something might have happened in detention and Rachel says it did- she got writer's cramp!
Zeke's been texting Taylah and now wants to know if they all want to come along to see a movie that same afternoon once Taylah gets back home. Declan makes up the excuse that he and Rachel can't tag along since Fitzy extended their detention and Rachel plays along.
Steph fills Valda in on the issue of the council document granting the security around the roof collapse building to be removed. She takes out some engineer's report from months back that reveals the building had major structural defects which is why it was to be demolished. How could the council agree to remove the security when they knew the building was unsafe? Steph wants to know and to call Jackie to hear what happened. Valda points out though that if she's been concealing stuff before she probably won't be truthful now.
Paul's working in reception when Kirsten comes up to him. She reminds him about how the manager told her that there might be a job going and was supposed to get back to her, but then he never got in touch. Paul tries to explain it by blaming it on being very busy. That's why Kirsten's there though, she wanted to save him making the phone call. Paul says the hotel's cutting down on staff at the moment, but Kirsten won't have it. If he doesn't want to hire her or have a drink with her he should just say. She's a big girl, she can handle it. Kirsten quotes some magazine that said never to trust a guy who stands a lady up and says that's very true.
KIRSTEN: Shame it's the kind of guy I find so right.
As she leaves Paul's gaze follows her and he seems a bit tempted to go after her, but doesn't.
Steph's having a drink of OJ with Jackie the mayor, accusing Jackie of betrayal. Jackie would have known that Steph never would have voted to remove the security from the unsafe building. Jackie says their job is all about compromise. The money they could save on security would be available for other projects such as women's shelters and hospitals. Steph points out that people died in the roof collapse, but Jackie says there were still warning signs up which people should have paid attention to. The council made a decision which they have to stand by now. Steph says she won't. Jackie reminds her that even though she gave her vote to someone else Steph is still legally responsible and suggests Steph keeps quiet about the reports for everyone's sake.
No. 28
Zeke and Ringo are eating ice-cream just as Bridget arrives back after checking up on Declan and Rachel at the school. The two of them weren't there at detention and Fitzy said they'd finished it last week. Zeke and Ringo try to think of logical explanations, but Bridget says she checked the library as well without luck. The boys want to leave for the cinema, but Bridget wants them to keep looking for Rachel and Declan. Reluctantly the boys agree to come along.
No. 22
Rachel and Declan are working away on their Maths stuff. Declan complains and says they could be at the movies, but Rachel points out that it was him who wanted to do extra school work. They share a little moment with some suggestive music playing in the background as Rachel passes Declan a pen and their hands touch for a second or two.
Kirsten checks the new rosters and notices that her hours have been cut by a lot. She'll struggle to make ends meet now. Valda says she'll have a talk to Steph about it and leaves, just as Paul hands Kirsten a glass of champagne. He says he owes her one from the night before when he stood her up. Plus, Paul wants to offer her a job since he admires her tenacity. They need people like her at Lassiter's and he thinks the sky's the limit to what she can do. Kirsten's stoked and gladly accepts. They have a bit of a toast.
Steph checks that everything at the bar is OK before she leaves and Valda asks if she could up Kirsten's hours at all. Steph says Kirsten barely pulls her weight as it is, but maybe she'll have other options anyway as she notices Paul and Kirsten happily chatting away over drinks. Jackie comes in and wants the file with the engineer's reports back or they're all finished.
STEPH: For God's sake, Jackie, kids died! We have to take responsibility!
JACKIE: Is that what you're going to tell your son when you're in jail?
No. 28
Libby and Steph are saying goodbye when Toadie comes in. Libby leaves the room and Steph hands Toadie back the minutes he gave her earlier plus the engineer's report. He now has everything they need to be successful with their class action. Toadie asks if she's sure she wants to do this and Steph says she is. Ignorance is not an excuse for what happened. Steph has to go though as Valda and Charlie are waiting in the car. Toadie says that if she leaves now people will think that she's doing a runner, but she's not listening and just goes.
Ramsay Street
Valda's saying goodbye to Steph and tells her everything will be alright. Toadie makes it over to the car just as Valda's going back into the house saying he can't let them leave without saying goodbye. He tells Charlie he's going to miss him and for both Charlie and his Mum to look after themselves. Steph suggests he moves back into no. 32 while she's gone since he's got most of his gear over there plus Valda could do with the company. Toadie looks sad as Steph drives off.
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Libby Kennedy, Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5404
Libby Kennedy, Dan Fitzgerald

Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5404
Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy

Libby Kennedy, Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5404
Libby Kennedy, Dan Fitzgerald

Rebecca Napier, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5404
Rebecca Napier, Elle Robinson

Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5404
Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi

Libby Kennedy, Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5404
Libby Kennedy, Dan Fitzgerald

Valda Sheergold, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5404
Valda Sheergold, Steph Scully

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5404
Steph Scully

Zeke Kinski, Ringo Brown, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5404
Zeke Kinski, Ringo Brown, Bridget Parker

Rachel Kinski, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5404
Rachel Kinski, Declan Napier

Libby Kennedy, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5404
Libby Kennedy, Steph Scully

Steph Scully, Valda Sheergold in Neighbours Episode 5404
Steph Scully, Valda Sheergold

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5404
Steph Scully

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